Monday, April 12th, 2010 at 12:05 pm  |  13 responses

Rod Strickland Arrested for DUI

The University of Kentucky assistant coach was arrested for DUI around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. The former Knick might be let go, as this was his fourth DUI: “Lexington police arrested University of Kentucky assistant basketball coach Rod Strickland early Sunday morning. According to police reports, they arrested Strickland just before 3 a.m. at Tates Creek and New Circle Road. The report says an officer saw Strickland run a red light at the intersection, nearly striking another vehicle. Investigators say he failed a field sobriety test, including standing on one leg, walking and turning, and reciting ABCs. Strickland refused a breathalizer and had the smell of alcohol on his breath.”

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  • ENDS

    Surprise surprise surprise. First

  • Joey E


  • NDP

    Gotta be more responsible when Cal goes and gives him a cush way to stay involved in the game….then again…if there’s anyone that’d let a 4th DUI slide…it’s Coach Cal.

  • larrylegend

    this rod strickland?

  • Saku 39

    Another one-and-done for Coach Cal.

  • http://twincityslim@yahoo.com Jahi

    We will see Rod Strickland on the next season of Sober House reciting the 12 steps. He is an idiot, and should be yanked, 4 DUIs is negligence. In my state, he would have to do jail time for a 4th DUI.

  • Sparty’s Law

    You’re allowed FOUR? I can understand maybe getting a warring and a fine after your first, but there should be some sort of jail sentence after DUI number 2. At the very least he should never be allowed to drive a car again.

  • T-Money

    He should go to jail. No, seriously. It’s ridiculous to think that a fine will straigthen him out after 4 DUIs. Let him think about this for a while before he kills someone on the road.

  • The Philosopher

    It could have been worse.

  • http://myspace.com/weezyleezy337 GametimeWeezy

    it is pretty serious n im glad no one has gotten hurt. but Rod Strickland is still hands down and always will be my alltime favorite Point Guard

  • Mr. Robinson

    Awwww, Dammnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/PDXGayBBall dma

    and he adds another assist to his record

  • Stillballin

    Rod was getting drunk because 5 wildcats players left school early!!