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Two College Players Turn Into Stick-up Kids

Feel confident in saying, if they in fact are guilty, that these two can be referred to as “ex-college” players. Philly.com has the complete story: “They thought they had a plan, a real good plan, one that just couldn’t fail. Jamie Harris and Kevin Phillip, two Drexel University basketball players, stormed into a female Drexel student’s apartment on Wednesday night brandishing guns, expecting to score a big stash of cash, police said. But the plan kind of fell apart – the young woman didn’t have any money – so Harris and Phillip grabbed her iPhone and took off, police said. Their getaway was caught on tape. Harris, the Dragons’ starting point guard, and Phillip, a backup forward, are now fugitives, wanted on charges that include robbery, theft and conspiracy, said Lt. John Walker, of Southwest Detectives. The two cohorts, both 21, are considered armed and dangerous, Walker said. The victim positively identified Harris and Phillip as the assailants from a photo spread, and arrest warrants were issued for the pair on Saturday, he added…The trouble started shortly before 10 p.m. Wednesday, when a surveillance camera recorded Bond, who was wearing a backpack, trying to open the door to a young woman’s apartment on Lancaster Avenue near 36th Street, Walker said.Bond paced back and forth for a little while, with a cell phone pressed against his ear. He bided his time in a nearby business, and then returned to the apartment at 10:30 p.m. This time, he rang the doorbell, and the woman answered. Walker said that the woman recognized Bond from Drexel – they both took the same business class – and as a friend of her male roommate, who wasn’t at home. She invited him in, and the plan started to kick into gear. As Bond entered the apartment, he was shown on surveillance footage sticking a piece of paper between the door frame and the lock, preventing the door from locking, Walker said. Bond and the female student made small talk for a few minutes, and then he announced that he was leaving. He didn’t get far. The woman told investigators that Bond marched back into her apartment moments later, trailed by Harris and Phillip, who were both brandishing handguns, Walker said. Bond was forced to the ground by one of the robbers in an attempt to make it look like he was a victim, too. It was all part of the plan. One of the Drexel basketball players began pointing at the woman’s bed and ordering her to hand over cash, Walker said. She stammered that she didn’t have any. The robbers grabbed her iPhone and warned the woman that they would return if they found out that she had been lying about the money, Walker said.”

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  • Toni Kukoc

    Mad Mad World…

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    I miss paragraphing.

  • Hussman25

    Knew this would end up here prior to the end of the day… SMGDH! Hope this dont cause “Bruiser” his job. Already on thin ice as is… Drexel hasnt been relevant since Malik Rose

  • total scrotal implosion



    I agree with totalscrotalimplosion. lol

  • unrel

    plan was over when they thought robbing a college student would have a big pay off.. idiots.. go get money from boosters and agents like the rest of college athletes..

  • Fat Joe

    No joke, these two were friends of mine. Didn’t know they were such goons. Hahahaha…..

    Drexel What Up

  • Fat Joe

    PS: They turned themselves in today.

  • Fat Joe


    It was drug money

  • Fat Joe


    It was drug money.

  • http://dez@nba.com dez

    get eams and goren on the case

  • http://thacorner.net/forums Kevin

    SMH at these two dudes. First off how you gonna rob a person with no money? Second you gonna blow your chance in college over some dumb s**t? Black folks stay doing dumb stuff

  • The Philosopher

    What did you say?
    The black folks that YOU KNOW stay “doing dumb stuff?”
    Oh, my bad…

  • The Philosopher

    Shout out to Puff Daddy.
    The ORIGINAL… college thug.

  • backboard

    haha, philo is such a loon….

  • JTaylor21

    Omar and his stick-up crew is that you. This is exactly whats happens when the university and NCAA fu*ks the athletes with no vaseline and makes sh*t load of money of their blood and sweat without the athletes seeing a dime. Pay these guys now because this is only the beginning.

  • mike

    last i heard , college athletes at this level get free tuition, room an board,books and meal plans . sayin that “this is only the begining ” is kind of childish. Im sure this is an isolated incident , by a few knuckleheads who will give drexel and college basketball players a bad name.
    @KEVIN. where in the article did it say they were black?

  • total scrotal implosion

    Omar come up empty? Sheeeeeett.

  • Fat Joe

    @mike. They are black

  • Scottie Pimpin

    “either you slinging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot”

  • paychexx

    Wow…they must be wack on the court, 2 must be dumb as hell in class, 3 worse as robbers….rob another college student? Must have saw that iphone and thought she had paper, when she prolly use fin aid to get the phone….straight dumb ass…now they gonna be playing for cigarettes and extra sandwiches….what a waste

  • LD

    “Is that you Raymond?”
    “Nah, nah, this ain’t Raymond!”

  • underdog

    LOL @LD. This story is way too dumb, though. Idiots. It’s amazing how people can’t appreciate what they have and the situation they are in.

  • DDB

    JTaylor….you’re kidding me? You’re justifying a robbery and blaming the system that doesn’t pay athletes? I was a college athlete and made it through without ever having to rob somebody.

  • lupe

    College athletes get MORE than they could justifiably ask for. The stuff they do get for free is a joke in and of itself. No wonder most are soft and whiny, they are pampered their entire lives, grow up children.

  • BostonBaller

    The NCAA system really sucks for top athletes who actually bring in the money but even if they never get paid a dime it does NOT justify robbing someone. These 3 guys were complete anal circles and deserve more than the jail time they may get. I get sick to my stomach when I read things like this!!!