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Taylor King Leaves Villanova

Villanova’s been in the news a lot this past week, for better—Corey Fisher’s 105 point game in the Bronx—and worse. What’s the “worse”? Shooter Taylor King is leaving the team and heading back to California, where he’ll enroll at USC, according to Philly.com: “Taylor King says that he loved Villanova and appreciated the two years he spent at the Main Line school, but that he needed to return to his home in Southern California to deal with personal matters. King, who withdrew from the Wildcats’ basketball team in June but had intended to return to Villanova this fall, said Thursday he has transferred to the University of Southern California, just a short trip from his home in Huntington Beach, Calif. The 6-foot-6 forward, who is entering his senior year academically, made the decision to move back west after he returned home following the end of summer school. ‘I just wanted to be back home,’ King said. ‘I needed to be back with my family. I have personal issues I need to deal with and I had to go back. But it’s all right. It’s good.’ King said he considered two NAIA schools in California, Azusa Pacific and Concordia, where he could have played immediately next season. But in going to USC, he’ll have to sit out the 2010-11 season as a transfer, and then have only one year of eligibility left… King played his freshman year at Duke, then had to sit out a year after transferring to Villanova.”

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  • Knowsitall

    I just want to know how my man has elgibility

  • Coney Islander

    3 different schools?! Damn!

  • Hussman25

    Played @ Duke, Sat out, Played @ Nova, Sat out, Will play @ USC… Those are his 5 years… Sad really…

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    What’s with all these Cali kids lately, heading to the east coast just to head back to Cali? Taylor King was from there, he heads to Duke then Villanova and now to USC. Alex Stepheson was from there, he went from UNC to USC. And the Wear twins were from there, and they went from UNC to UCLA. Note to kids from Cali: don’t committ to an ACC/Big East school unless you know you can be far from home like that!

  • BoyFromTheBlock

    @Enigmatic, it’s that Cali weed that brings them back home I swear.

  • http://slamonline moneymellz

    @boyfromtheblock I think your rite..

    Dumb decision tho should of jus stuck it out 1 more year..dis could hurt his draft status

  • Stickz

    What draft status?

  • http://slamonline moneymellz

    I mean if he had any chance of gettin drafted…not anymore

  • Mitch

    exactly. taylor king doesnt have any draft status…

  • asmaticasiatic2

    They need to remix that fool Asher Roth’s “I Love college” for this dude; might as well smash college shorties from the east to west coast….

  • el diablo

    hes one of the main reasons for their late season breakdown….thank god he’s leaving

  • Jupiter

    I hope Taylor settle down in Cali with the CUI Eagles where he can play immediately and be close to home. This won’t hurt his draft status because the eagles are a very competitive team and makes it to the Nationals every year.