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Two MSU Players Accused of Sexual Assault

The accusations, reported by the Michigan Messenger, are horrific to say the least. What’s more disturbing, if possible, is that, despite one of the players confirming the girl’s story and support from the police investigators, the Prosecutor’s Office declined to pursue charges against the players: “The heavily redacted police report released by Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III alleges the two team members took turns assaulting an unidentified woman for nearly an hour in their Wonders Hall dormitory room late on Aug. 29 and into Aug. 30. The police report indicates that one of the two players corroborated the victim’s story in his statement to police. Although the MSU Police Department forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation that the men be charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct 1 — the most serious level of sexual assault under state law — Dunnings has declined to prosecute the case.”

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  • PapabearATL

    Confirm: Yes she was in their dorm, yes they had sex with her. That does not constitute a crime. How did she end up in their dorm room? Did she intend to have sex when she went there? Did she feel assaulted prior too, during or after the encounter? When exactly was the police report submitted? If it wasn’t on the morning of Aug. 30, why? I don’t mean to sound cold but, I know I guy who almost went to jail because the chick didn’t want her boyfriend to find out she cheated and so days later claimed she was assaulted.

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty

    You dont need to worry about sounding cold, you should work on not sounding like a creep/wierdo.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    sounds like they didn’t think they could prove it.

  • JTaylor21

    I remember the same thing happened to my boys in college too. The b*tch was a willing passenger on the chu chu train but woke up the next morning feeling like the biggest wh*re in the whole wide world and made up a story of how she was raped, BIT*H PLEASE.

  • PapabearATL

    @ Boing: I guess in your world all women are pure virginal goddesses with no agenda and unperturbable integrity, right? Well I live in the real world, and the fact that they didn’t press charges says a lot. Those were just questions that should have been answered in the story. If facts and truth creep you out then maybe you’re the weirdo…

  • BrooklynB

    @ PapabearATL: Who said all women were pure and virginal? Is the fact that one of the players corroborated the victim’s story really that hard to understand or are you that freaking dense? You do realize that in the real word the vast majority of actual rapes go unreported and don’t even come close to being prosecuted, genius? You do realize that even if a prosecutor decides NOT to prosecute it isn’t because the perps aren’t guilty, but because it may not be 100% provable in COURT. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And YES you sound like a creepy wierdo. Let me guess, you’re one of those guys who doesn’t believe no means no, right? I swear, some of you dudes need to get your women hating asses some serious therapy. Your comment is that of a rapist in the making.

  • BrooklynB

    @PapabearATL: Who cares how she ended up in their dorm room? Sex and rape or NOT the same thing. Get a dictionary if you don’t know the difference. No means No. If she said no or stop and they failed to comply THEY are rapists!! Get yourself some help because clearly you need to deal with your issues against women.

  • BrooklynB

    JTaylor21: . Unless you witnessed the act yourself–something I find suspect–your “boys” could have been rapists just like these two punks. Side note: I never understood why in the world a “straight” man would want to be inside of a woman right after another dude. Not that I’m against alternative lifestyles, (I live and let live), but you couldn’t pay me enough. Next step is wanting to be inside a a dude. Just saying…

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty

  • snasty10

    idk this whole situation sounds shady, in my opinion i feel like the girl felt like a whore the next day or her boyfriend found out so she is using this as a scapegoat, it happens

  • PapabearATL

    @ BrooklynB: I know that NO means NO. I also know that confirmation of FACTS is not an admission of guilt. I was just making a statement that it’s an incomplete story that leads to more speculation. Those were questions that should have been answered in the reporting. Maybe she was, maybe she wasn’t in the end, only the people in that room know. Point proven: The only thing you have to say is ‘what if’, and take shots at me. Far from a woman hater, if the story mentioned that she said no, I wouldn’t have even made a comment. Women lie, men lie e-punks try to assault your character with no basis.

  • Rich

    Kalin Lucas, Delvon Roe are my guesses

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    To the story and the comments.

  • MrGoodfellow58

    This wasn’t worth reporting. Not enough facts. Am I now supposed to look at the whole MSU team as rapist since they didn’t mention the names?

  • ai come back

    man if kalin lucas is taht messed up then msu is no longer on my list of colleges to watch care or even notice………cept for football

  • Will

    The comments are much more interesting than the actual story

  • dma

    they probably Eiffel Towered her and she’s pissed.

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com Clutch Performer

    rape happens yes and its sad it does but theres also women who lie about being raped which is worse because it takes away from the women who actually do and we may or may not believe them cuz of other women who make it up
    woman cheats feels bad says rape,
    woman whores out feels bad says rape
    or like in to kill a mockingbird, white woman has sex with black man, doesnt want anyone to know, calls rape, not calling this race motivated but those are examples, its not always what it seems. but if this is legit its sad cuz it happens alot in university girl whores out and feels bad calls,
    yeah i had sex with her, doesnt mean i raped her is what im getitng from this and they dropped it due to lack of evidence, she felt bad for having a 3 sum or running a train

    i hate kobe but remember happened with him? case got dismissed due to lack of evidence and it becoming blurred to whether it was actually rape after finding multiple guys dna in her underwear from that night. it happens.
    sad now if someone that campus actually gets raped from a person on a school team , and this was just a cover up for shame, no one will believe the real girl cuz someone cried wolf b4

  • Ronald

    Did anyone actually read story or did everyone just read the excerpt ? The excerpt uses quiet damning terminology despite the fact that there are no charges.

  • Ronald

    The story is:
    Girl meets two basketball players, they have conversations and both parties agree to bring the conversation into their room, in the room they start playing strip basketball which ends up with all parties naked and intercourse commences, at this point she wants to leave but the guys “convince” her to stay (article uses coax but I feel that’s because of the pro-victim discourse of the article) to stay. And at one point a another member enters then room (which actually is an important point which goes directly to one elements required). Yes, both parties corroborated the story but the world isn’t black and white. And, let’s remember that the group responsible for screening these cases aren’t cold blooded heartless a-holes.

  • DDB

    I have seen this happen before with no charges. I have heard of similar happening with no charges. I tried to keep myself out of situations like this during college because it is a roll of the dice. There are plenty of girls that are fine with doing stuff like this…but you might find the one that feels real dirty the next day. Too risky.

    Then again, the other side of the story is maybe these guys are real scumbags and they really assaulted her. Who knows, not enough facts?

    Anybody see the story of the girl at Duke who made a powerpoint presentation of all the athletes she banged while at Duke?

  • rich

    Keith Appling and Adreian Payne.