Sunday, October 10th, 2010 at 11:00 am  |  5 responses

UConn Admits Violations

The Connecticut Huskies were once a proud program. Now….not so much. Rivals reports: “The University of Connecticut has admitted its men’s basketball program committed major NCAA recruiting violations and has imposed its own sanctions, including two years’ probation and a loss of one scholarship for the next two seasons. But the university says the evidence does not support the NCAA allegation that coach Jim Calhoun—who has won two national titles with the Huskies— failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance. In a report released Friday, the school acknowledges its basketball staff made impermissible telephone calls and text messages as cited by the NCAA in a May report that followed a 15-month investigation. It also admits it improperly provided free game tickets to high school coaches and others. A hearing is set for Oct. 15 before the NCAA infractions committee, which could accept UConn’s decision or impose additional penalties. ’I am deeply disappointed the university is in this position,’ University of Connecticut President Philip E. Austin said in a statement. ‘It is clear mistakes have been made. This is a serious matter, and we have worked in full cooperation with the NCAA. We look forward to fully resolving these issues and restoring our men’s basketball program to a level of unquestioned integrity.’”

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  • The Philosopher

    I told y’all…

  • LD

    Pretty soon, the NCAA will make it a violation to win.

  • Balher

    Let’s be real UCONN just sorry they got caught. Alot of institutions are doing similar things as we speak. The NCAA needs to stop trying to take everyone’s money moreso than they already do. Athletes don’t get a dime for there efforts in college,so if you ask me free tickets isn’t too much to ask.

  • http://www.BigEventFundraising.com Clay Boggess

    Unfortunate for UCONN, they were the one’s who just got caught. Everyone’s doing it to some degree. They just haven’t gotten caught, yet.

  • BostonBaller

    I agree that most are doing the same thing but the big time schools do it more, better and get better results so lets not give UConn a pass on this. The players do not get paid but they have the OPPORTUNITY to get an education along w/ other things that college brings. Why aren’t these big time coaches getting hit harder and suspended like Dez did? The NCAA is the king pin pimping young athletes but that doesn’t give anyone the right to break established rules. If the NCAA starts to pay athletes how will they establish a pay scale? The better you are the more you get paid? You know that will not work… I digress……