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New Alleged Recruiting Violations Against Bruce Pearl

Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl is back on the front-end of another investigation by the NCAA for an alleged recruiting violation. Pearl recently returned to the sidelines from an eight game suspension for violations which included hosting a recruit at a barbecue in his home, lying about the recruit being present at the party and 96 impermissible calls to recruits. This time around, the violation being investigated involves an improper contact with a recruit for an alleged  2-3 minutes conversation with Jordan Adams, a junior forward at Oak Hill Academy, on September 14, 2010 before a team practice. Under NCAA rules, coaches can make casual greeting with players, but are not allowed to hold a conversation for a period of time on campus. Tennessee assistant Tony Jones was also present during the talk. During the summer, Pearl was cut $1.5 million from his salary over five years and was banned from recruiting off campus. Major sanctions could be on the way.

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  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    This is getting ridiculous. Over a 3 minute convo??? Really?

  • http://www.solecollector.com NDP

    This sounds like someone is just out to get him at this point, over the wording in a minor rule, at that. He should’ve just been fired the first time around for lying throughout the investigation.


    for a 2 min conversation. NCAA is going bananas. But I guess rules are rules right.

  • Roberto

    I agree, getting sactioned for a 2-3 minute conversation is stupid, but nowadays a lot can be said or inferred in two minutes. “So what kind of car do you drive…of thats nice, but the new 2011 blah blah blah is better (wink). I know thats a very extreme case, but it is not like we haven’t seen it before. Also with the lying he has already done it shoots his credibility that much lower so if he was truthfully having a “this is real nice weather” coversation” it is alittle harder to believe him.

  • Jeff

    The conversation probably went something like this.

    BP: Lovely weather we’re having.
    JA: Yes, it is a nice day.
    BP: It’s even easier to enjoy in a brand new convertible.
    JA: I can’t afford a car like that coach.
    BP: Not now, but there is a dealership in Knoxville who will sell you that car for next to nothing.
    JA: Really?
    BP: You can even get one for your girlfriend.
    JA: I’m single coach.
    BP: We can change that too. We have a buffet of girls for you to choose from.
    JA: Don’t you mean “array” coach?
    BP: Nope, all you can eat. *wink*