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UNC’s Larry Drew II to Transfer

Just days after recording nine assists in 19 minutes in North Carolina’s 106-74 victory over Boston College, junior Larry Drew II (son of Atlanta Hawk’s coach Larry Drew) is leaving Chapel Hill and will take his talents elsewhere. The cause for his untimely departure remains unknown, but playing time (or lack of it) could’ve been a factor. From the AP: “In a statement issued Friday by the school, Drew says he was leaving because ‘it’s in my best interest to continue my education and basketball career elsewhere.’ Drew did not indicate where he might play next. Coach Roy Williams said in the statement that while he understands the guard’s decision, ‘I hate this for Larry and our team because he was such an important part of our team.’ Drew, a junior, recently lost his starting position to freshman Kendall Marshall and was averaging 4.7 points and 3.7 assists. Drew is en route to Atlanta where his father is coach of the NBA’s Hawks, the person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the school had not officially announced Drew’s departure. The junior had recently lost his starting position to freshman Kendall Marshall, a move that has coincided with the No. 23 Tar Heels’ rise to the top of the Atlantic Coast Conference alongside reigning national champion Duke. Drew’s departure means that sophomore starter Dexter Strickland, who saw time at the point last year, will have to take on more ball-handling responsibilities behind Marshall. The news of Drew’s withdrawal from UNC was first reported by ESPN. Drew has mostly struggled since taking the reins from Ty Lawson from the 2009 NCAA championship team. Drew started 36 games and became a subject of fan frustration during last year’s 17-loss season. He started the first 17 games this season before coach Roy Williams switched to Marshall.”

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  • Darkside

    Can somebody tell me what’s going on in North Carolina UNC can’t keep it’s players first the Wear bros, now Drew. Coach Roy better tighten up his shoes he may be in for a LONG walk before he and the tar heels finally get it together.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Collins

    Anybody else read this as “Larry Drew, Too?”

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    best move for him and the team. way too crowded in that backcourt, hope to see him getting some good minutes somewhere else

  • Mandy Frye

    Roy Williams recruits the best kids in the nation-it’s not about him being able to “keep” kids there.Drew’s move is selfish-the team has been playing great with Marshall at the point and Drew at back-up. He’s no Lawson and never will be no matter where he plays!Can’t wait to see where he goes!


    Bigger things were expected from him. He had enuff time 2 prove his worth. Won’t b missed

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @MandyFrye nothing selfish about this move at all. He’s a young man who wants the best opportunity to succeed, one which he simply was not given at UNC. Coach Williams loaded the backcourt and had no clue how to work in rotations, nobody was playing good basketball. Its only recently that some things have gotten better, and now he’s been left out of the equation. He made the move that benefits both him and the team. Now Dexter Strickland can expect more minutes and opportunity. Kudos to Larry Drew and like I said before I hope to see him balling somewhere pretty soon

  • mike

    Not exactly the best move for UNC as now they do not have a true back-up to Marshall. Williams prefers to use Strickland on the wing.

  • Greg Dye

    OK “Black Rick Kamla” aka Mr. Drew, this is the most selfish, childish move I have ever seen in college basketball. I have been watching UNC basketball for over 4 decades and watching it run under Drew’s leadership was the most painful, disjointed halfcourt I have ever seen the Tarheels labor through. As soon as Drew was benched, the offense flourished. He obviously thinks he is a lot better than he is. His lack of talent is only exceeded by his childishness and lack of ability to be a team player. He was a below average ACC point guard and will never sniff an NBA locker room (unless it is a ball boy on his Daddy’s team.) I feel sorry for whoever is foolish enough to gamble on him. He will quit on them just like he did on the Heels. He could have at least finished out the season and proven himself worthy of a shot at another school. He is not very good but what is worse he is a quitter and will always be remembered as a loser and a quiter. NBA aspirations–give me a break.

  • Mriss

    Loaded backcourt? With Larry leaving…there is no other true pointguard. Larry has been given every opportunity to succeed. Roy gave him a great chance being that he was considered by many to be ranked 75th at best as a prospect. Never have I heard of a kid quitting mid season…it’s unforgivable in my book…(unless of course there is some other health related problem that led to his departure). You don’t quit on your team, you honor your commitments and you see things through until the end. I wish more of the young people in this world were taught that. How is Larry going to convince his next team that he won’t quit on them too? This leaves the Heels in quite a pickle…I’m curious to see how they respond to adversity.

  • DexB

    @ Black Rick Kamla, how can you say that Drew was never given a chance to prove himself? Granted his freshman year he was mainly a back up but his sophmore year he was given EVERY opportunity to run the show and he failed badly! Maybe he doesn’t deserve all the blame for last year’s team but a team goes its point guard goes. Can you honestly say that the Heels looked good while he ran the team? I think Drew will play somewhere else but the results will be the same.

  • Clos1881

    @black Rick kamla obviously you don’t watch the Heels Larry drew is the worst Carolina guard since Brian Morrison and Adam Boone. Marshall had out played drew all season but stuck with drew as long as possible. His skills are that of a backup can’t shoot bad decision maker can’t make free throws turnovers. A lot of tarheel fans are rejoicing !!!

  • http://nobulljive.com/ Enigmatic

    Damn, was this piece linked on a Tar Heels fanatics page or something?

  • Jeff

    He’s a junior and he had his daddy call for him? Be a man and talk to coach yourself.

  • http://www.slamonline.com LLW

    I have to say that this is a very odd choice for Drew. I can’t understand what he hopes to get out of quitting at this point. Particularly when the team is just starting to perform as was expected earlier in the season. If I were another coach I’m not sure you can gamble on a player who left his team high and dry as they began to find their chemistry. It looks from the outside like a temper tantrum … and like all temper tantrums … he does more to hurt himself than others. There’s a good reason why this doesn’t happen much. It’s not that smart. What’s more baffling is that as a star defender he was guaranteed a large chunk of minutes every game to prove himself down the stretch. Particularly in key games. – All I can say is that it’s weird. Very weird. Perhaps he has decided he’s not NBA material and wants to transfer to and Ivy League school for a more prestigious education. Though I have to say UNC is a fairly good school. I can’t believe I’m writing this much about this topic. It’s just so weird.

  • http://slamonline.com Jon Jaques

    Understand the move, not the timing. Should’ve done this a year ago

  • Beast

    The kid is a quitter. I can’t see any other school wanting him on its basketball team. But the real problem is his parents. To think that they would let him quit in mid season and let his teammates down is unthinkable. They need to be sent to parenting school.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    smh about this move by Drew. He finally found a role that suited him and the team and he got selfish because he still thinks he’ll make it in the NBA. He got beaten out by a freshman so he quit on the team. He could have at least help the team make a run in the tournament come March, but instead he quits. Must be hard to be the coach for a team when players make these sorts of decisions.

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    Hahaha, Enigmatic, I was wondering something similar.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    I don’t blame Drew, I think Roy Williams is an overrated coach anyway. All those years with Kansas and did nothing. I feel the offense is stagnate and Barnes looks awful in that offense. If I was a top recruit I would go to Duke or Kentucky over UNC. UNC will not do anything this year, nothing but fools gold going on right now. BOOK IT!!


    Coach may b slightly overrated,yet he’s brought 2 titles 2 my heels. Granted, the 1st was w/matt doughtery’s players, but the 2nd wasn’t. Those were players he recruited and they meshed well. He has sum talent on this team and there just starting get sh*t 2gether. If barnes stays, a BIG if, we got serious title hopes next yr. BOOK THAT!

  • NC VET

    Selfish move he was clearly not getting the job done and wasnt progressing in roy williams system his system success relys on a point guard that will run and look up and can push the ball and put pressure on the other teams defense Drew could’nt do it marshall is the number 2 rated point guard outta high skool so u knew the switch was coming soon I say good writtens he clearly is not cut out for the NBA unless his dad drafts him so bad move Iam pretty sure teams are not drooling for his talents especially after the unclassy departure from NC

  • NC VET

    I think it will work for the best I think we just seen a glimpse of what the heels can do against a big time opponet like duke and marshall played basically the whole game with no rest if they can just get dexter strickland to give marshall a few breathers through the game and continue to push they will be ok that is the only kink I see in what they are doing now I think roy will realize that and fix it though look out I see a run in the big dance brewing and them beating duke at chapel hill and winning the ACC mark my words