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Sportiqe Tee Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a dope (and free!) shirt.

SportiqeWith the NCAA Tournament in full force, our friends at Sportiqe hooked us up with some tees (pictured above) that we were given permission to give out to some of our loyal readers.

So, contest time. Simple rules: In the comment section below, tell us about your favorite NCAA Tournament upset of all-time. Provide as many details as you’d like—who, when, where, etc.—and let us know why it was special to you. Was your alma mater involved? Did you see it live? Were you watching it in a cool environment? You know, stuff like that. After we take a peep at the comments and select a few of our favorites, we’ll hit up the winners and give each a free shirt (and if we can match the team in your comment to one of the available shirts, we’ll try to hook it up).

Good luck!

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  • JayChau

    It don’t get better than the 2006 George Mason squad. Seeded 11th going in to the tournament, and a mid-major school, who would’ve thought they would do damage? It’s been 5 years, but I can remember it like yesterday. Kudos to them making it to the Final Four!

  • Mark Comer

    My favorite upset of all time has to be Vermont knocking off Syracuse in 2005. Vermont had American East POY, Taylor Coppenrath, Germain Mopa Njila, Martin Klimes, and David Hehn all starting but it was the point guard T.J. Sorrentine draining a three from, where Gus Johnson put it so perfectly, “the parking lot” with just over a minute left to win it. The game was in Massachusetts so there were plenty of fan from both teams. I was watching with about ten people in a friends basement and literally started bouncing off the walls when that shot went down. With the game going to OT there was even more nerves everywhere but seeing Tom Brennan throw his hands up after that went down was something I won’t soon forget. Hakim Warrick and Gerry McNamara led the Orange. Warrick ended with a triple-double due to his ten turnovers. Everything from being with people cheering for Syracuse to Gus Johnson announcing to the game going to overtime made this upset one of the most exciting games as a fan in my lifetime

  • Anthony Real

    My favorite upset had to be a recent one, Butler and Pitt. It was special to me because my roomates and all played in a “house” tourney challenge and it’s been very close so every pick counts. Well as the closing seconds were drawing near all of were glued to our small tv with snacks in our hands and intensity at an all time high. It was a perfect atmosphere to be in and this game was the definition of “March Madness”. We all know that butler won which has to be the greatest upset. All over ESPN everyone was saying that Pitt had the easiest route to the final four but when Madness is calling you better be there to witness. It was great to see Mr. Mack dropped 30 but almost lost them the game and now it seems Butler could have amnother upset in the near furure and I’ll be there with my closest friends to witness history.

  • Jay Hawk

    2010 NCAA very sad when Jayhawks lost to Northern Iowa 69, Kansas 67 :-(
    but Kansas wins it all in 2011 ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

  • Steve

    for me, the worst loss ever in NCAA’s was when ARIZONA who had the game WON, lost to Illinois 90, Arizona 89 (OT) in 2005. YAY, the ‘Cats won last night!

  • Hilary

    Was very sad when Kansas lost the 2003 title game to Syracuse 81, Kansas 78 :-(

  • Timothy Pete

    My biggest upset was when Michigan lost to Duke. I mean Cwebb and Grant Hill era. That was awful ow he called a timeout and just ugh yeah. Also when They lost again in the 2011 NCAA tourny again to Duke by 2 points. smh worst upset in my opinion ever

  • rob stewart

    I was in High School and I went around school telling everyone that would listen that Arizona was going to win the tournament. I was just a High School Junior(1997) at the time and Mike Bibby was my absolute favorite player. Not to mention they had Miles Simon and Jason Terry so the speed and excitement level was at an all-time high. Everyone at school thought I was totally crazy in predicting that Zona could/would upset the world by beating 3 number one seeds. But when they beat Kansas and Kentucky, all while Bibby was wearing the oh-so-fresh blue foamposites, I was proven a genius! I even made and wore a homemade Mike Bibby jersey and all of the laughs I had previously heard became cheers. Those were the greatest upsets I ever experienced. And of course I eventually got those blue shoes!

  • Garrett

    My favorite NCAA Tournament upset was Gonzaga’s 73-72 win over Florida in 1999. I was born and raised in Spokane, and I grew up following the Zags. Back in ’99, Gonzaga’s claim to fame was point guard John Stockton – the university wasn’t the household name that it is now. Just getting to the NCAA Tournament was a major accomplishment, and it was beyond most fans’ wildest dreams that the team would win a single game, let alone advance to the Elite Eight. Florida was as an amazing team, but the Bulldogs proved they were a worthy adversary. When Casey Calvary tipped in the winning shot against the Gators with four seconds to go, my wife and I were jumping up and down and screaming…I remember looking out our front window and neighbors up and down the street were celebrating in front of their TV sets just like we were. CBS announcer Gus Bradley memorably proclaimed “The slipper still fits!” It was a beautiful and an historic moment — something I’ll always remember fondly.

  • rob stewart

    hook me up with the Sun Devil shirt if possible

  • Jones

    My favourite upset has to be one that had me watching CBS replay the final 15 seconds of the game over and over again, wide-eyed with my jaw in my lap.

    “Heartbreak City” as Gus Johnson coined it, was the most gut-wrenching March Madness upset I ever witnessed. I was a huge Morrison fan, and was beaming ear to ear as they controlled the game throughout.

    Then it all fell apart.

    First Bautista’s foul (which was a terrible call). Then his turnover in the backcourt, a great steal and pass by Farmar, and an easy finish for Mbah a Moute.

    My shirt was either soaked in nervous sweat or somehow Adam Morrison’s tears had reached my living room. Either way, Morrison was blubbering, Gus Johnson sounded like he had just matched his Powerball numbers, and I was completely dumbfounded.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/college-hs/college/2011/03/sportiqe-tee-giveaway/ Noah

    My favorite NCAA upset was #10 Davidson over #2 Georgetown in the second round of the 2008 tournament. The powerhouse Hoyas of Georgetown were expected to dominate over Stephen Curry’s Davidson Wildcats, and for 25 minutes they did. Suddenly, with 15 minutes left in the game Curry, who at the time had only 5 points and found his team down 46-29, began to make it rain from outside, hitting 3 pointer after 3 pointer. Eventually, Davidson managed to come back and win 74-70. Many people expected the big men of Georgetown to overshadow Curry and push him around all game. But watching the thin, 15 year old-looking Stephen Curry really have to work for every shot he got was inspiring. Seeing him weave through picks and shoot over defenders bigger and stronger than him gave hope to all the little guys out there that hard work does pay off.

    If won, a Wisconsin Badgers T-Shirt would be great.

  • KD

    My absolute favorite March Madness upset has to be Santa Clara over Arizona in 1993. You got Steve Nash, the little white kid from Canada, leading the #15 Broncos to the biggest tournament upset in over a decade. I didn’t actually see the game myself, I was still just a little baby, but the stories that my family still tells to this day about those underdogs fighting against a powerhouse still get me hype to this day. Steve Nash helped put an entire country on the map. Now, that’s what’s up!

  • logues

    George Mason over UConn in 2006. NOONE expected Mason to get anywhere close to the final four. One of the Greatest runs in NCAA history. Ive never been so nervous and pumped at the end of a game that didnt mean anything to me or my bracket. My heart was thumping, and thats what the tourney is all about

  • Armzilla40

    The biggest upset to me was the 96 tourney where Umass and Kentucky faced eachother in the semi’s. The two best teams were put on the same side of the bracket and i was rooting for Umass hard that year since i’m from new england. Marcus Camby was player of the year and was killing it! Plus when you think about that team, he was the only player who went on to the NBA where as UK had a few future pros.

    Wasn’t exactly an upset, but it left me pretty damn upset. After that game i went out and shot around on my portable hoop for over an hour in the backyard to let off some steam.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Florida Gator me please!!

  • henry

    My favorite upset of all time has to be Vermont knocking off Syracuse in 2005. Vermont had American East POY, Taylor Coppenrath, Germain Mopa Njila, Martin Klimes, and David Hehn all starting but it was the point guard T.J. Sorrentine draining a three from, where Gus Johnson put it so perfectly, “the parking lot” with just over a minute left to win it. The game was in Massachusetts so there were plenty of fan from both teams. I was watching with about ten people in a friends basement and literally started bouncing off the walls when that shot went down. With the game going to OT there was even more nerves everywhere but seeing Tom Brennan throw his hands up after that went down was something I won’t soon forget. Hakim Warrick and Gerry McNamara led the Orange. Warrick ended with a triple-double due to his ten turnovers. Everything from being with people cheering for Syracuse to Gus Johnson announcing to the game going to overtime made this upset one of the most exciting games as a fan in my lifetime

  • C Hyde

    My favorite upset of all time was when BYU beat notre dame in the sweet sixteen in 1981 on the coast to coast drive by danny ainge. It is my favorite because it was on of the best shots in the tourney all time, i love BYU and cant stand notre dame, and it sent BYU to the elite eight. Unfortunaetly i was not alive at the time, but i have seen highlights of the play and it was simply amazing. Danny ainge is also one of my favorite players all time, but is slightly behind jimmer and a couple others.

  • Mat MacDonald

    The craziest upset of all time: Bucknell knocking off Kansas.

    Why? Because it powered a now Bucknell guard, Bryson Johnson, from one o the smallest towns in Canada to not only chase his dreams but to play for them. Considering the fact they made the tournament this year and he finished the season ranked 10th in 3-point field goals made and in the top 40 in the nation in 3-point percentage, I’d say that upset made a dream come true.

  • Ian

    It was one of my first years watching basketball, I was only 8 years old, and my favorite team was Duke, a 1 seed. After Duke lost I saw that George Mason, an 11 seed, had advanced from the sweet 16 to the elite 8. I remember everybody talking about that team, and how they could tie for the lowest seed in the Final Four ever. When they did I was shocked at how far they went. Not being alive the first time an 11 seed went that far, it was the greatest upset I had seen. So many people talk about how great Butler’s run was last year, but even they were a 5 seed. George Mason’s was much more impressive because every game they played, they were the underdog. That is why they are my favorite upset of all time.

  • idrees

    kentucky lost last year, i went crazy, it was a HUGE upset on me and my classmates at school. i also made some bets (clean no gamble) with my friends that kentucky would beat duke. if kentucky would WIN against west virginia and make it to the final four that would’ve happened.

  • Charlie G

    Had to be the Fab 5 losing two years in a row. Just too see all the swag that team had, and the motivation to win and going against all the haters. Even though they played a powerhouse team in Duke, I felt it was a upset because that Michigan team had so much talent that they were expected to win, yet no matter how much talent they put out there they couldn’t win and the fairytale story ended in bitter defeat. Thats what march madness is all about, fairytale stories.

  • Cole

    It’s gotta be George Mason upsetting UConn in the Elite 8. For a school that nobody at ever heard about before, to win that game and advance to the Final Four put them on the map. UConn was a favorite to win it that year and they were completely shocked. I remember watching it with my whole family, and as it came down to the last few minutes we just couldn’t believe what was happening.

    -Thanks for the opportunity to win Slam!

  • Paddy

    My favorite upset of all-time was when VCU beat Duke in the first round. Being a UNC fan, i hate Duke with a passion. I was coming home from my weekly karate class where i ran downstairs to turn on the tv. I got to see the final three minutes of the game and went absolutely crazy when Maynor hit that shot with only 1.8 seconds left. Around 15 min later I went on ebay to purchase a vcu t shirt

  • maio

    I’m not leaving a comment, forget it.

  • Connor

    The best upset of all time would be George Mason University vs. Connecticut in 2006. I really like the Huskies so when George Mason won 86-84 in OT, I was devastated. The Huskies were the 1 seed so to lose to a mid-major school is humiliating. I was watching with my friends so when the game ended I was the laughing stock. When they left I almost cried. But I gotta give cred to George Mason, they did it.

  • Geek

    It was 1998. Bryce Drew of Valparaiso hits a game winning 3 pointer as time expired to beat Mississippi. Valpo was ranked #13 & Miss was ranked #4. Gorgeous shot followed by a dive onto the floor by Drew and then the huge dog pile of teammates, managers, coaches, and probably even the water boy on top of him. Priceless moment.

  • lucci

    For me it would have to be ’09 when Siena knocked off OSU. I know it was only an 8/9 matchup, but the whole country felt that was a generous seed for Siena and that OSU had a team capable of making a run. Siena was back in the tourney after knocking off Vandy the previous year (everyone knocks off Vandy so its not too great an upset). OSU controlled the entire game, until a late spurt forced overtime. Ronald Moore then took over, hitting the game tying three in ot with seconds on the clock, and then followed that with another three to clinch the game in double ot. I remember Coach Fran picking up Moore and carrying him off the court. Incredible moment

  • Vincenzo

    Vermont v. ‘Cuse. I was 13, just coming into my own as a ball player and as a guy. Me and my two best homies had the house to ourselves. We ordered like 50 wings, a huge pizza, and sunk into the couch, prepared to just chill. I must have got more exercise that night that during an average basketball practice, jumping, yelling, running around, womping on the one friend that was rooting for the Orangemen, and just going crazy in general as UVM continued to battle Syracuse, somehow not getting blown out like we were expecting. We went nuts for the unknown Mopa Njila as he kept battling, putting our Catamounts on his back. Then TJ hits the bomb! If ever there was a time for the Big Balls dance, that was it. I didn’t sleep a minute that night I was so hyped up. As kids from Burlington, VT (two minutes from UVM) who were just beginning to see ourselves as basketball players, we really saw ourselves in these guys as they took on the overwhelming favorite and kicked their ass. My boys and I, now spread out from New England to Afghanistan, still reminisce on that night whenever we get the chance to all get together.

  • Saku 39

    It was only an 8 vs 9 seed game, but Eastern Michigan beating Duke in ’96. Earl Boykins was awesome. One play, if I remember correctly, Duke guards tried to pressure Earl in the backcourt. Doing his best Curly Neal impersonation, Earl either slid or went to a knee to avoid the defenders. Earl was and continues to be an inspiration.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Mars

    This is easy. Florida State over Notre Dame (2011)And we won UGLY baby! First Regional since 93′ (we went to the Elite Eight that year)! Can you say Sam Cassell, Charlie Ward, Bobby Sura! Yeah I know, Damn son, it’s been a minute. It proves DEFENSE wins basketball games, just ask the Big East, point, blank period. Just think bout this, you know that guy not named Melo or Amare lighting up the scoreboard, Toney Douglas. He was a Seminole with Solomon Alabi who would have helped but never played and we made the tourney for the first time in 10 years, but this year by far we exceeded expectations, even though we always beat Duke and UNC. Anyhow I am currently deployed with a bunch Floridian hating Marines and they were all bragging about Big East this and that, I am probably the only on who had them winning in the first round. They were already hating on the Gators, but this is college BASKETBALL. Since there’s a pretty big time difference, we watched the game over breakfast, and nothing was sweeter than all those haters watching Benard James (former USAF) do his dirty work makin em’ lose their their appetites’. He’s an inspiration to all us military hoopers out there.

  • Josh

    I’m going to take Davidson in 2008 over Georgetown and then Wisconson. The Georgetown game was great as Curry put his team on his back when they were down 17 at one point. For me though, the Wisconson game was a bigger upset because that was to get to the Elite Eight. Curry outscored them BY HIMSELF in the second half, 22-20 and really put himself on the map as a big time player. I watch as many games as I can, and when I watched him put 40 on the Zags and then 30 on the Hoyas, I didn’t think he had another game like that in him. Then they dominated Wisconson led by Stephs 33. Great run by Curry and Davidson.

  • Josh

    By the way, those shirts are awesome, the black buckeyes one on the left is sick.

  • John Houghton

    My favorite upset of all time is Duke vs Arizona.. And not from previous years. Im calling it ahead of time, Arizona beats Duke this year for a massive upset.

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite upset of all time comes from the 2000 tournament and Wisconsin’s suprise run to the final four. Wisconsin, my favorite team and the college I am currently attending, despite being an 8 seed managed to knock off #1 seeded Arizona and then put a beat down on #4 LSU, and clung on against #6 purdue in back to back to back upsets. My favorite of these upsets was the Arizona game, watching my Badgers take down an extremely talented squad (featuring a couple future NBA stars Hibachi, and Richard Jefferson)

  • burnt_chicken

    1966. The third ranked team in the nation, the Texas Western Miners, defeat the top seeded Kentucky Wildcats for the national title. The Miners finish the season at 28-1. Maybe not much of an upset talent-wise, but an incredibly pivotal moment in the history of the game.

  • d-rav

    As a fan of cinderella teams, i gotta go with VCU’s upset of Duke in the first round in 2007. Eric Maynor’s performance in the last 1:30 of the game (in which he scored 6 points) was remarkably heroic, truly what separates ordinary players from superstars (well, in the college level anyway). Matched up against a Duke team loaded with mcdonalds all American, Maynor seemed unfaze, and instead played with a sense of swagger as if to announce to the world that big schools made a huge mistake for overlooking him. This was especially reinforced with his play in the final 10 seconds. With both teams at 77-77 (amid a huge roar following a game tying drive by Demarcus Nelson), the hot Maynor unsurprisingly took the inbound pass, dribbled down the court with unreal composure, sized up Greg Paulus with a hesitation move, then pulled up for the J, and……swish, nothing but the bottom of the net.

  • Michael Pulice

    My favorite upset is last year when West Virginia beat Kentucky to go to the final four. Kentucky had some of the best rookies in the NBA. West Virginia fought hard and beat the top pick John Wall. I think I should be #winning. It was special becuase WV is my favorite school and it made my March.

  • http://Slamonline.com Zach Barens

    My favorite upset of all time came last year. A little known team called Northern Iowa and a little known player called Ali Farokhmanesh. I watched this game with Kansas already highlighted on my bracket, thinking they were gonna win. Kansas being the number 1 overall seed had high expectations in the tournement some had them winning it all. Surprisingly Northern Iowa was up one with the ball. Instead of holding the ball my boy Ali nails a clutch 3 to seal the game. Northern Iowa won 69-67, the biggest upset in the tournement. I was mad but also happy, mad because i lost a game in my bracket, but happy a college star was born.

  • Jamal Pulice

    My favorite upset in NCAA tournement history is when Texas Western University when the Coach Don Haskins led them to win the championchip. They were the first school to start all African Americans. This is special to me becuase they broke the race barrier in sports and made a lot of people forget about color and realize talent and not be racist. I want to win because that movie made me realize how liffe used to be and it wasn’t good.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Locking comments now. Thanks to all who participated.