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Nerlens Noel Aims to Break Anthony Davis’ Shot-Blocking Record at Kentucky

Could Anthony Davis’ shot-blocking prowess at Kentucky really get surpassed this soon? Well, according to incoming Wildcat freshman Nerlens Noel, who some have already tabbed as the second-coming of Davis, that will be the case. Via CoachCal.com: “Analysts have tabbed Noel as a better shot blocker than Davis because of his leaping ability and knack for swatting shots with both hands, one comparison Noel doesn’t mind people making.  In his quest to create his own legacy, he wants to rewrite the records Davis set a season ago. ‘I’m going after that shot-blocking record,’ Noel said confidently. ‘That’s just something to motivate myself to keep playing hard on defense. You’ve always got to set a goal of what you want to accomplish, and I definitely want to go after that.’”

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  • cnn_fanatic

    Whoa! Whoa! Don’t set your standards TOO high! LOL. While I don’t think he’ll necessarily break AD’s record, he can probably be one of the best in the NCAA doing it.

  • Junior Taylor

    I think he has a chance. The guy reminds me of a very very poormans DRob.

  • RKJ92

    I dont think he will break it but maybe 4.2 blocks a game sounds pretty reasonable to me.. cant blame the kid for spirit though not a lot of players want things bad enough unfortunately :-/

  • MirChilly

    He’ll get a shot. Without the perimeter defense of MKG and Terrence Jones he will get more opportunities than Davis did. The issue will be when teams are driving will he pick up foul trouble or stay disciplined like Davis did.

  • Caboose

    MirChilly hit on it: Davis was a master of avoiding shooting fouls in the lane. VERY few college kids recognize that (Cousins, Favors, Monroe, Drummond, etc) and end up just putting up very good Per36 stats. Best of luck though Noel, and I hope to see you on the Magic pretty soon…

  • Nella

    I’d rather him just say he was there to win, and if the record goes down, then it falls. Hopefully while he’s trying to break this record his blocks start fast breaks instead of the somewhat useless blocks into the stands.

  • Caribbean cop

    I believe he can. he ain’t too interested with his offensive figures

  • cbb_fanatic

    I’m not blaming this guy at all. He has high expectations…go for it! But if what Davis was doing was supposedly so easy, then why was he the only one doing it. He had the highest among everyone in the NCAA and he was a freshman. So I wouldn’t really call it “reasonable” but if Noel can do it or surpass it (without getting into foul trouble while trying to do it) then it’s all the better.

  • Blakos

    Steven Adam all day long

  • TheKid

    Im sorry. You UK fans got to know your stuff. Yes, Davis was a phenomenal shot blocker but Nerlens is a bad dude. He swats EVERYTHING. His main calling card is blocked shots. Davis coming out of high school, people didnt say “Oh Anthony Davis the Shot Blocker” .When scouts think of Noel they think “SHOT BLOCKER” He has a chance to be one if not the best ever. Hes that good at it.