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Rodney Purvis Still Not Cleared by NCAA

Rodney Purvis, arguably the most high-profile recruit in a very strong NC State class, is still awaiting clearance to attend fall classes. The NCAA eligibility center is examining Purvis’ high school coursework at Upper Room Christian Academy, with no timetable for a decision to be made. This very unsettling news for the Wolfpack, as the 6-4 combo-guard is expected to have an immediate impact on the court, if and when he is cleared to play. More details, via FayObserver.com: “If a prospective student-athlete attends classes while the review is ongoing and then doesn’t receive clearance, he or she could be responsible for tuition as well as room and board. This year, Purvis isn’t the only incoming freshman of note to deal with the NCAA. Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel received academic clearance last week, and UCLA’s Shabazz Muhammad won’t travel with his team to China later this month because the NCAA is still investigating whether he received improper benefits.”

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  • Da Real

    Just let these kids play! Top level AAU/HS is not clean and we all know it.

  • Iforgotmyname-again

    Dude FAILED 8th grade and then tried to graduate a year early. Case closed. NC State…what can you say?

  • http://slamonline.com KDub503

    Here’s the thing. AAU may or may not be clean. But in Shabazz’s situation, we should know that EVERY team has connections with not so clean individuals. Somehow, along the way, a benefactor probably isn’t just some dude in an office cubicle. In Noel’s and Purvis’ situation, it’s a clearinghouse thing. Purvis didn’t fail any grade, he reclassed to give himself a better opportunity and ranking. He wanted to come back to his original class when he realized how high he was ranked (when he knew he’d still be McDonald’s). My thing? Let the kids play.

  • PackRox

    “NC State…what can you say?”

    That you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Adam Wiggins

    Thank you KDUB I was about to set this UNCheater straight. The article I read said Rodney’s mom discovered he had a learning disability when he failed a placement exam to get into Ravenscroft in 8th grade. She made him repeat 8th grade against his wishes even though his grades were good enough to pass. She promised him if he worked hard and proved he could do the work she would let him reclassify with his original class.

  • Iforgotmyname-again

    @CrackRox and Adam Wiggins – hahahahahaha that’s hilarious. Being from the state of NC originally, I can tell you this regarding NC State. They won a NCAA title with ineligible players like 30 years ago. Ask a woofie, they’ll tell you all about it. Best athletic accomplishment in school history. Also, they have ZERO respect throughout the state. The campus is horrid, all brick and the student population is like 80% guys. They are in TOTAL AWE of UNC and Duke basketball and were trying to leave the ACC b/c they can not compete in that league. They got rid of the best coach they had (maybe ever) in Sendek (JimmyV was a good motivator, but he was nothing but a cheater – any respectable school would want nothing to do with his coaching resume), to bring in a guy who DIDN’T EVEN HAVE HIS DEGREE in Sidney Lowe Expectations. Then, they fire him (basically) and bring in a guy who was fired from Alabama for sleeping with a student(s). Now, as I said, NC State…what can you say?

  • ncjoe

    iforgotmyname – NCSU best accomplishment was winner the NCAA in 74. UNC athletics is the laughing stock of the ACC right now. The NCSU campus is far from horrid and the population is closer to 50/50. I would guess you are a UNC wanabee like most of the Carolina fans I know. Never attended UNC or else couldn’t cut it.

  • RevDAB7

    Walmart UNC fans like yourself are the ones that Real UNC fans can’t stand.
    You spout out out a bunch of non-sense with no real sources.
    As skeletons continue to fall out of the closet in Chapel Hill; UNC’s reputation in this state is going to drop.
    I have no problem with UNC fans who actually talk facts but people like you just prove how pathetic a majority of the UNC fanbase really is.

  • Iforgotmyname-again

    As is typical with NC State fans, everything revolves around UNC. I am from NC, but moved out of that state before I went to college and have lived in Arizona for the past 16 years. Why does everything about your school have to be compared to your bigger brothers in CH and Durham? I didn’t even mention UNC. Again..typical.