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O.J. Mayo vs. Corey Fisher: A High School Classic

Recap of the amazing duel between the two prep stars and their highly-ranked squads.

By Aggrey Sam

With apologies to Paul Robeson High School of Human Services’ thrilling buzzer-beating win over Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School in the first round of the Philadelphia Public League playoffs, the best high school game I saw Thursday was USA Today’s No. 1 team, St. Patrick’s of New Jersey vs. the No. 6-ranked team in the nation, Huntington High School of West Virginia. St. Patrick’s, who I saw play twice in the Primetime Shootout, features Villanova-bound point guard Corey Fisher and Memphis-bound swingman Jeff Robinson, while Huntington is led by power forward Patrick Patterson, the nation’s top uncommitted senior and future USC Trojan O.J. Mayo. Mayo can drop buckets on anyone he faces and might be the most talented guard in the country, but Fisher is also a big-game player who doesn’t force the issue and makes his teammates better. Although I hadn’t seen Huntington play yet, I was pretty confident that based on their discipline, team D and floor leadership of Fisher, St. Pat’s would win with ease—unless Mayo put on Derrick Rose vs. Oak Hill-type performance.

Fisher opened the game’s scoring with an and-one in transition, which was immediately countered by Mayo with a sharp left-to-right crossover for his own lauyp. The Bronx-bred Fisher’s NYC playground savvy, coupled with the crazy athletic Robinson showing off his perimeter touch and the Celtics’ smothering D looked to be too much for the West Virginia natives to handle in the first quarter. Mayo, with highly-touted soph Dexter Strickland checking him, made some shots, but looked to be forcing things and couldn’t get his usually-lethal outside J to drop. Robinson and supersub Quintrell Thomas, a 6-8 junior, pounded the offensive boards for St. Pat’s and helping to neutralize Huntington’s Patterson on the inside. St. Pat’s looked somewhat unstoppable at this point and even with Huntington sixth man Chris Early (a 6-6 swingman committed to Oklahoma) burying a trey to stop the bleeding, St. Pat’s held a 21-7 lead at the end of one.
The second quarter started like the first, with Mayo hitting a corner trey, followed by Fisher getting a steal and going coast-to-coast for another and-one layup. All of a sudden, Mayo started getting hot, Patterson finally got some touches on the interior and Huntington cut the double-figure deficit to 9. The Jersey squad, however, keeps striking back, with a Robinson three-pointer and a graceful Strickland transition dunk over Huntington’s Bruce Senior highlighting their own run. Speaking of Strickland, while he faced a daunting task in defending Mayo, he showed tremendous basketball IQ and effort for a young player. Thomas, an inside warrior, displayed similar traits, as he was all over the boards and did all the dirty work. Fisher picked up his third foul with about two minutes left in the half, but stayed in the game and continued to attack the basket and score. With the second quarter winding down, Huntington made another run, with Mayo hitting a trey from way out, Early making a steal and finishing in transition and another Mayo 3 right before the halftime buzzer to make it a 36-33 St. Pat’s advantage at the break. Mayo had 16, Fisher had 13 and Robinson had 12 at intermission.
The two stars continued their pattern of trading punches to begin quarters, as Mayo tied the game with a 3 to start the second half, countered by a Fisher trey. Patterson started to make more of an impact on the game, demonstrated by a nice pass out of a double team to Senior for a layup, then a putback of an Early miss later on. Robinson actually showed signs of possessing an in-between game, as the Celtics’ southpaw puts the ball on the floor and hits a nice lefty floater. At this point, it pretty much became the Mayo/Fisher show. Mayo made a tough baseline floater, Fisher comes back with a teardrop (’07 Mark Jackson) after a pretty spin move around Mayo. O.J. cuts backdoor off an inbounds play, then banks in a fadeaway. Fisher counters with a pull-up J from 15 feet. Fisher uses a fake to free himself, then steps back to smoothly hit a trey. O.J. beats a double team with a hesitation move, then knocks down a contested deep deuce. With the floor cleared out, Fisher goes right at Mayo, gets separation with a left-to-right crossover, draws the contact and hits a hanging and-one off the glass. Mayo pulls up on a three-on-one break and steps back to hit a 3, stops to tie his shoe, then commits a foul to stop play and double-knot his sneaker. High school basketball at its best. St. Pat’s held a 57-53 lead after three quarters of play.
Mayo opened the fourth with a tough drive, then found Early with a lovely one-handed bounce pass for a bang in transition to tie the game. Off a scramble, Fisher uses his court vision to dime it to Thomas for a wide-open dunk and on the next possession, feeds Strickland for a layup. After a Patterson putback, a wild sequence ensues—Thomas makes a save to prevent a backcourt violation, then Early punches Fisher’s layup—Mayo gets a finger roll on the break and the game is tied again. Then, Huntington senior guard Jamaal Williams gets a steal off an inbounds pass and cruises in for a layup to give Huntington its first lead with about four minutes left in regulation. The frenetic back-and-forth play continues, with some controversial calls going the Celtics’ way in between, until Fisher knocks down a trey from the top of the key and Strickland makes a hard cut to get a layup off a nice dime from Thomas to put St. Pat’s up five with about two minutes to go. Out of a timeout, the Celtics went to a 2-3 zone for the first time and Mayo misses badly a 3. After another crazy possession, punctuated by a great defensive recovery and blocked shot by Patterson, St. Pat’s stayed aggressive instead of milking the clock and after failing to score, Mayo hits a floater to bring Huntington squad within three. With under a minute on the clock, St. Pat’s holds the ball and eventually gets it to Thomas down low, but Patterson makes another outstanding block to give Huntington the ball back. The ball goes to Mayo, of course, and he banks in a trey from the top of the key to tie the game with about 30 seconds to play. Neither team can score again in regulation and the game goes to OT with both squads knotted at 70.

In overtime, Fisher starts the scoring with a tough layup on the break, followed by a deep Mayo trey ball to put Huntington up one. Fisher then penetrates, draws the D and finds Robinson for a power dunk to get the lead back for St. Pat’s. With the athletic Robinson now guarding Mayo, he uses a screen to hit an ever deeper trey to give Huntington a two-point advantage. Fisher comes right back with a pull-up J in the lane to tie the game at 76. With about a minute left, Huntington elects to hold the ball, but Mayo passes it to teammate Michael Taylor, who turns it over. Fisher ends up with the rock, pushes it and finds Robinson for a layup on the break to gain a two-point lead. With St. Pat’s not yet in the bonus, Mayo is fouled and hits a tough shot—but it happens after the whistle and doesn’t count. Huntington inbounds the ball with less than 30 seconds left and has multiple attempts from deep to win it—Mayo took the final shot—and after Thomas corrals the final board, St. Pat’s throws it long to run the clock out. Game. St. Pat’s wins it, 78-76.

In the end, even though Mayo came up huge, Fisher’s almost equal performance, St. Pat’s mettle and timely contributions from the other Celtics were too much for the home team to overcome. For Huntington, Mayo finished with 47 points, including nine treys, and six boards, while Patterson contributed with 10 points, 12 boards and six blocks. For St. Pat’s, Fisher had 37 and six dimes in his mano a mano matchup with his good friend, Robinson dropped 23 and Thomas chipped in with 8 points and 12 boards. Next up for St. Pat’s after defending their top national ranking is the New Jersey state playoffs, where they’ll most likely have to face Bob Hurley Sr.’s undefeated St. Anthony’s squad, the third-ranked team in the country. Huntington will attempt to win its third consecutive West Virginia state chip.

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  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Corey Fisher=new-age Mark Jackson

  • Rich


  • http://basketballrevolution.podomatic.com/ Basketball Revolution Podcast

    Did anyone ask O.J. why the hell people should care about this game if he really doesn’t?

  • Boing Dynasty

    You know your ragging on a high school kid, who also jus dropped 47, right?

  • Washington Union Balla

    Omg Oj dropped 47 on Fisher

  • http://slamonline.com storm coneyisland

    oj mayo is nice but corey fisher is illmatic he will be top 5 in the draft no question

  • Derms

    Fisher is the man, he is the epitome of NYC point gods. Can’t wait to see him at the next level. Mayo was better when he was 15, he has aged like cheese.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    That St. Pat’s team is just ridiculous. So loaded.
    You must be a huge Fisher fan then, eh Ben?

    OJ needs to go play at the college level. His skills are so advanced that they make him almost seem lost out there, yeah, on the way to 47….The Pac-10 is at its best right now, so he’ll get all he wants from the comp out there.

  • matty p

    St, Pats is sick, but how did they lose to Linden???

  • lucci

    yo my boy said that oj was a bum at nationals, and just shot threes, and then watching this game i realized the same thing, he just bums out and jacks up threes

  • oliver

    some people like old cheese….

  • dez

    i need to see a proper video of this kid. how is he so good? who in the league does he play like? a DWade who can shoot 3s? or a shorter Joe Johnson? Who?

  • a. sam

    Matty: Linden is very underrated. They’re unselfish, they play together, great team D and guards who can stay in front of Corey and sacrifice their O to concentrate on limiting him.
    Dez: I think the best-case comparison of OJ is Chauncey Billups. Strong scorer with good size and excellent range, but who needs to work on becoming a true point (like Chaunce in his younger days).

  • Harlem_World

    I can’t believe people are hating on Mayo. He had 47 points against one of the best teams in the country. Again. 47 points against one of the best teams in the country. Sam, Billups is the best pro comparison, no doubt. Billups used to be more 2 guard when he came into the league. Mayo is the same way. Fisher is nice, but Mayo is the better pro prospect long term.

  • Bill

    ….47 against one of the best teams in the country!

  • bmajic

    OJ mayo can kill even thoough they lost Huntington had some key blocks and shots

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Harlem_World, I must admit that I was a O.J. hater. I just thought he was too over-hyped for his position. The LeBron James comparisions are far-fetched, but I can see him as another Billups. O.J. just impressed me with his entire game. From the pull-up jumpers to the nice drives to the baskets, he is an all around good player. I mean, for goodness sakes, he almost scored 50 on the top team in the nation! That is pretty damn good, but Corey Fisher is my new favorite high school player. You can just see that NJ swagger that he carries around with him. He may be small for his position, but with those handles and quicks, I sure wouldn’t want to mess with him. Don’t sleep on Jeff Robinson, either. He and Derrick are going to kill it for my team Memphis next year. play wit it.

  • http://none NY

    mayo is real,but all i saw in him was jack 3′s and force alot of shots…over the years his game will mature n he’ll become an all around better n team player,his potenial to be 1 of the all time great is off the charts…….alough i still dont believ e he’s overall a better b ball player then me!!!

  • http://aol.com larry garnes


  • Z. Fogle

    you guys are hating on mayo for 47 but when gordon dropped 43 on both of jordon’s kids it was all praises and he was the future.
    you say you have a problem with him jacking up threes? he shot over 50% and anyway he has no one else to relay on for scoring. Patterson is pretty much all D.
    now stop hating on oj, hes the best in the class no doubt and i’m not putting down anyone else in that class its just that he’s that good.
    so everyone take a glimpse of the future.

  • http://landmarkhs.org Javon Wade

    oj mayo, and corey fisher has nothing on me.Im only a somphore avergeing a triple double…Look out in the psal playoff’s for landmark high school. we taking the chip.

  • bigmike407

    I can honestly say that I’m not an O.J. Mayo fan. If he’s so good, why is going to USC? Why not UCLA, Arizona, UF, Wisconsin, or any other ranked college in the country? He may stay one year and bounce, but he could go somewhere and learn the game for real and be prepared for the League,even if he is only gonna do one year. And what kid calls a coach and tells him he’s coming to that school? I promise you he would NOT do that to Bobby Knight, Jim Boeheim, Gary Williams, Billy Donovan, or any other self-respecting coach that has been successful and is not hungry for one recruit that may give him a 20-win season. He’s a good offensive player, but where’s his D? I just hope he goes to college with an attitude to learn the game and improve, and not just thinking, ‘I’m good already, this is just a short stop’. If he does, his career and play will show that.

  • Mark

    He dropped 47 — so what — look how many shots that kid took in 32 minutes of regulation time and OT…. Look at that percentage – Heck, I dropped 48 in a game in highschool and I only took 22 shots. 11 Threes baby….. Mayo’s stats are like AI’s or Kobes –took — far too many shots to get his 47 and left his boy Patterson uninvolved and disinterested.

  • bball5southern

    O.J. I whatched you play live and you are the real deal and so are you Fisher but what the heck are you doing on defense and not gettin it into Patterson??!!??!!

  • Bballfan

    oj mayo is a beast he got a all aroiund game and alos corey fisher dey are the future of basketball

  • Bill BIehl

    Okay, im from the best city in the world, COLUMBUS, OHIO. But i currently live in Huntington, WV. I’ve gotten to see HHS play this year and they are a very good team. But thats my thing, they are a TEAM. It is not the OJ MAYO SHOW. Patrick Patterson is a beast too, and HHS could very well be in the same place they are now without OJ, because of him. Dont sleep on PP.

  • http://myspace.com/itsybitsyballa Devin

    ok first off mayo is gunna be great and cory fisher well that boy raw so i cant say nuthin bout him. this was the 2nd high school game of all time (bassy aginst dwight howard in 2004 was better)

  • Glenn Parson

    I hear all the hype,but mayo is not the best guard in America because he has not faced DJO that’s right Darius Johnson Odom. Raleigh,N.C. IS THE HOT BED FOR HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL

  • Magic

    Aight, here’s the deal. I know everyone’s hating on OJ Mayo, and I don’t wanna hop on the bandwagon. But the fact is, dude’s played 6 years of high school basketball. 6YEARS. He’s a grown ass man. Imagine taking a star sophmore or even freshman in the NCAA, say Kevin Durant or someone of that nature. Of course they are going to kill. Now, that being said, OJ Mayo is a straight up beast. Im not denying that. But his shot selection is suspect, and although he did shoot a good percentage, there are going to be nights when all of those crazy 3′s wont fall. Now Corey Fisher, that boy is a monster. He got jerked for the McDonald’s selections, his team was #1 in the country for weeks. Not to mention he is a multidimensional player who does what his team needs, be it a basket or creating for a teammate. Oh, and that swag of his- its not a jers thing like someone a few comments above suggested. That boy is from NYC. We invented The Swagger.
    PS Look for me in the PSAL next year, I’ll be a freshman at Beacon High School but I will most likely be playing Vars.

  • starhiem

    corey fisher is real and he should be a mcdonalds all american.he’s the truth.

  • Old School Baller

    OJ got his but he should have gotten his teammates involved throughout the game. When the game came down to the wire and someone else needed to make a play on offense, they were cold and tenative from not having been in the flow of the game. On the other hand, Corey Fisher’s 37 points came within the flow of the offense. He was intent on getting easy baskets, either for himself or his teammates. OJ got 47 against kids who are not as physically mature as him. What will he do when he cannot out run, out jump or out quick an opponent? He also didn’t show the same intensity on defense as he did on offense. Overall, Fisher and his team were more balanced and played “5-on-5″ instead of “1-on-5″ and that’s why they won.

  • BIll James

    Mayo is the man. Gordon is good, Mayo is the best. Unlimited range, monster handle.
    Who wants to bet Fisher is yet another over-hyped NYC wanna-be? Just like Bassy, just like Felipe Lopez.

  • Zach F.

    You say Fisher played 5 vs. 5 while mayo played 5 vs. 1, while this could be argued fisher is also playing along side w/ 5 other D1 players while mayo has himself and patterson and some other guy that is half descent. the coach said that mayo was there and was to do the bulk of their scoring.
    If the other players were cold then they shouldn’t have shot the ball when the game was on the line. Besides that point gaurd had the ball enough he wouldn’t of been cold, he was one of the ones dictating the flow of the game.
    Bill B. Amen. O-H-I-O IS THE PLACE TO BE.
    great balln’ in the state with some great competition.

  • O.J.’s #1 Fan

    Hey all you stupid OJ haters. You can’t argue with the facts. There’s a reason OJ’s #1 and Fisher ranked where? That’s what I thought. We’re a real high school basketball team. All of our players are from right here in Huntington. They’re not a bunch of stuck up prep school recruits who wish they were OJ.

  • Old School Baller

    To Bill James and Zach F., you both make a fair point. NYC does hype up a lot of kids, though in this case, believe it or not, Fisher is probably the one NYC product that has not been overhyped. Secondly to Bill James, your are right that St. Patrick’s is probably more balanced from a talent standpoint because unlike Huntington High, they recruit from all over. But I do think Mayo could have gotten Patterson and others more involved throughout the game.

  • Nate(lake howell=state champs!!!)


    great players win games for their team. not so great players drop 47 but loose =\

  • Smitty313

    Corey Fisher had alot of help from his team. O.J. basicly took over by himself. If Patrick Patterson would have a least brough his B game, O.J.’s team would have won. They should have also passed the rock to OJ at the end of that overtime I think 2 or 3 other cats took a shot before OJ got the ball with 2 seconds left on the clock. OJ killed that Fisher cat. I thought OJ was overatted until I seen that game. He’s the real deal.

  • westcoast213

    All you these so called “new york” guards are overrated. You invented no swag, just media creation. Mark jackson, steph marbury, kenny anderson and sebastian now your hyping this guy fisher….Try this for cali point guards, gary payton, jason kidd, baron davis, marcus williams and gilbert arenas with the next coming in brandon jennings in 2008. New York is all hype and talk….Heard of So Cal allstars on da eastcoast?…….keep doin your thing OJ, can’t wait to see you in da 213 next year doin ya thing @ USC. Fisher is ok, but I smell some more new york bullshit. I heard Smush Parker is a legend in new york and that says it all.

  • Topmeoff

    Corey Fisher killed Brandan Jennings when he played for Dominiguez

  • Old School Baller

    To westcoast 213, your comments are mostly on point. Just about every NYC ball player benefits from hype so that’s why fans should let them earn their rep on the court. That said, I had never seen Corey Fisher in person but the kid did his thang against Huntington. He competed hard against OJ Mayo who also solidified his rep as the best in the country. Secondly, I think the “hype” has reached the west coast in the form of Jennings. Did you see him hide from Derrick Rose when they played Simeon? Lastly, not all NYC guards are overhyped. Ever hear of Nate “Tiny” Archibald? During the 1972-1973 season, Tiny led the NBA in points and assists — the only player ever to do it. Tiny’s feat is the one “meaningful” record (I don’t count Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak) in sports that will never, ever, “Never ever ever?” be broken. And forever is a very long time. Tiny is from the Bronx, was the original “Hot Sauce” and did it against top shelf competition and pros who actually played defense.

  • westcoast213

    Ok tiny archibald is a proven legend and hall of famer, the other guys I mentioned are all hype. Ill give fisher credit, he handled his business against huntington, but I still see nothin special about his game. I see nothing league about his game. Eric Barkley and Omar Cook ring a bell, God Shamgod and rafer alston more overrated new york pg’s. Westcoast players don’t get half the hype, but consistently puts out better pg’s. While you mention Tiny Archibald, maybe I should also include Dennis Johnson RIP from Compton who should be a HOF, another westcoast pg or Andre Miller though I’m not a big fan. Jennings consensus #1 pg is his class, crazy athleticism and passing, just needs more strength so he doesn’t get outphysicalled by guys like rose . He’s rated higher than fisher and they’ve played in the same camps. Derrick Rose is a great ball player, I can see him in the league but fisher looks like another jamaal tinsley or worse. I see Smush Parker everyday and want to throw up. I’m not a new york hater, but this whole idea of new york pg’s invented swag and are the best out there is a myth. Check the files.

  • Old School Baller

    wescoast213, I think you have politics in your future. NYC players in general are overhyped. I remember that Filipe Lopez was once ranked the #1 player in the country, the same year that AI came out of high school – that data point alone highlights the fact that you have to discount most ballplayers from NYC until you actually see them play. Yet you keeping making my point over and over again. “You mention that NYC pg’s invented swag and are the best out there is a myth”, as if you are correcting me. The typical politian, raise an issue that only you created, then solve it as if you are correcting me. I thought the “Spindoctors” was music group. Cut out all of the hot air and and the “I thinks” and listen to the facts: (i) Tiny Archibald (from NYC) had a season that noone will never ever repeat or even fathom of repeating; it was bigger than Maris’ 61 homers and Wilt’s 100 point game because it was a combination of individual play (scoring) and team play (assists); Archibald deserves a lot more recognition for his accomplishment given this era of “me, me, me . . . I, I, I” ballplayers (ii) NYC players are overhyped, just not Corey Fisher.

  • westcoast213

    First off, I responded to what other posters were saying so I wasn’t neccessarily objecting to what your sayin. We pretty much agree that these new york cats are overrated. While you mention tiny’s accomplishment, Oscar robertson averaged triple double for a whole season. That’s a all around ballplayer that doesn’t get enough credit either…..I don’t see corey fisher gettin too much better…..people in new york will still be talkin about his game in highschool against OJ 10 years from now and his point total in the game will increase by 20 every 10 years……here’s how it will read in 2017, “new york citys own corey fisher once scored 57 points on OJ mayo in a highschool game” Corey Fisher=Omar Cook, Mark Jackson @ best…….felipe lopez………***crickets***

  • Old School Baller

    If you can pretend that Oscar Robertson is from the west coast (he’s from Indiana actually) then why can’t New Yorkers pretend that Corey actually scored 57 points against Huntington instead of 37? I thought this was a west coast vs. NYC argument.

  • westcoast213

    I never said Oscar was from the west homey, I just stated his accomplishment was just as big since you wanted to compare Tiny records with the best in all of sports……averagin a triple double is a bigger accomplishment in my opinion…….Your really overhyping it or shall I say “new yorking” my statements now…I dropped plenty of names from the west and I never called Oscar a westcoaster, just gave him due props like you were doin tiny archibald…..get ya facts straight pimpin….I dropped numerous westcoast players and all you came back wit was tiny archibald……The Cali vs new york pg argument, I smashed that whole fake theory givin you a numerous list of garbage overhyped new york players …..That’s like me sayin you said derrick rose is from new york or simeon high school is in brooklyn…. even though you brought him into the argument, lets not be stupid homey…..You New yorkers are funny I’m suprised you aint brought in pee wee kirkland and said he touched the top of the backboard and grabbed a quarter while making a behind the back pass to himself for a reverse jam…. corey fisher 5 years from now will be playin on fat joes rucker team…….. Rafer alston, smush parker, starbury, kenny anderson, god shamgod, erick barkley, omar cook, sebastian, jamal tinsley, and kareem reid…..New York legends……SLAM been ridin these dudes nuts for years, its a funny to me……..

  • Old School Baller

    I never said I was from New York.

  • westcoast213

    I never said oscar was from the westcoast…………but that didn’t stop you from trying to put those words in my mouth…… Its all good though…………one

  • Magic

    Ok, westcoast213, dig this. You say that Starbury, Mark Jackson, and Kenny Anderson were all over hyped, but how do you figure? Steph-NBA All-Star. Mark Jackson- terrific NBA role player. Kenny Anderson- NBA All-Star. You also failed to mention guys like Chris Mullin, Bernard King, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Jerry Stackhouse, Ron Artest, Elton Brand, and, oh yeah, Kareem Abdul-Jabar. So before you shit on New York products, why don’t you do your homework. As far as Corey Fisher, he’s been UNDERHYPED. The reason he’s being hyped right now is in response to his performance. He got snubbed for the McDonald’s All-American game, and SLAM hadn’t really talked about him until they just recently threw him a few lines a couple of issues ago. In which, they mentioned that the boy Corey Fisher gave it to your man Brandon Jennings, so you should be swallowing your words on that one.  But its all good, money, cuz no matter what you say, New York is the consensus mecca of mutherfuckin basketball. So be eazy.

  • skiptomylou

    tha thing is nyc pg’s always have to tone down their games for tha nba thats why and to be clear who was overhyped besides bassy,rafer alston no picked in second round and is a solid nba player,starbury a two time all star,mark jackson number 2 all time in assists,all niggz talkin out yo ass corey fisher isnt hyped at all he is jus nice face it,he goin to villanova to buss ass

  • http://slamonline.com Amit

    Oj is tha shit, next A.I.

  • http://slamonline.com Amit

    Oj is tha shit, next A.I.

  • http://slamonline.com Amit

    Oj is tha shit, next A.I.

  • http://slamonline.com Amit

    Oj is tha shit, next A.I.

  • Magic

    word up, skiptomylou, i feel u.

  • http://SLAMONLINE.COM kevin love

    O.J AINT GOT NOTHIN ON ME shiiiiit

  • westcoast213

    Yo magic, the conversation involved nyc point guards since so much is made of the so called “nyc pgs”…..you mention mark jackson, steph and kenny anderson. Now compare them to Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Baron Davis, Marcus Williams, Andre Miller or Gilbert arenas and who’s really better? Slam sucked Stephon off as the messiah and this and that for years and he turned out to be nothin more than a dude who scored a few points on plenty of bad teams and accomplished 0…..J. Kidd took New Jerz to da finals and steph aint been out the 1st round, how many times have the knicks beats the nets since j.kidd arrived?….Steph calls hisself the best pg, but aint won a playoff series…..haha, if that’s not overrated, I don’t know what is….If you are a knicks fan, can you honestly say your satisfied with stephs performance? If so, you just a nutt rider, a maximum contract with minimum results……kenny anderson turned out to be a real average baller, didn’t live up to the hype and sebastian, c’mon, he sitting on the bench for the celtics behind delonte west……Rafer has been on the cover of slam called “the best point guard in the world”………New York is all talk …jerry stackhouse is from kinston, NC but you gonna take credit for that? And the conversation was about pgs so I didn’t know stackhouse, mullin or artest qualified….Mark Jackson actually had a pretty good career, nothing spectacular…….Tiny archibald is the best and most legit pg, hall of famer….rest are overrated, everytime a game is on tv and a pg is from ny, you get “just another in the line of great pgs for nyc”……..Thats media creation and NY hype…..corey fisher had 24 when brandon played for compton dominguez last year, wow, he really bodied him and ended brandon’s career, he had a better game against OJ and my opinion still aint changed, I seen him play against LA fairfax high and wasn’t impressed at all ……They play @ the same camps and there no doubt who better, as I stated before, brandon is goin to the leaugue while Fisher will be a runnin wit fat joes rucker team, speakin of the rucker, Brandon, wrecked it out there last summer, NYC is overrated…….. Ill take Gary Payton

  • westcoast213

    Gary payton over Mark Jackson…..J.Kidd over Steph. Baron Davis over Kenny Anderson. Gilbert Arenas over Rafer Alston. Andre Miller over Smush Parker. Marcus Williams over “Bassy”. Brandon Jennings over Corey fisher……..lol two weak Cali points guards in Jacque Vaughn and Jason Hart play more than “Bassy” on better teams than the celtics……..

  • westcoast213

    Hey, skip to my who? Its funny how u guys tell half truths to hype your legends….Starbury is a “two time all star” but you forgot to mention in a 11 year career and hasn’t been past the 1st round of the playoffs….You woulda thought Steph was the next coming and he was compared wit Iverson coming out of college but Iverson had a much better career, a hall of fame career…….Steph is a over priced journeyman making superstar salary in the so called “mecca” of hoops….He’s overrated……”NYC pgs always tone their games down for the nba”? That’s funny, they were just overrated to begin with and just got exposed when the real lights, camera and action hit that asss…..

  • Andy

    I just got one comment for Westcoast213…how is it that you are comparing every point guard that came out of the entire state of California against the ones that came out of the city of NY? Just a question of your logic, and I’m a west coast guy so there ain’t no NY bias.

  • blknonfiction

    OJ is an all around player. I watched a few of his games. The ones televised and also others that weren’t. This young man is truly an offensive threat but a lot of people sleep on his defensive game and not to mention that he really hasn’t tapped into his point guard talents. There aren’t that many point guards in the NBA that stand 6ft 5in. with the ability to take over a game on both sides of the court. The only true point guards that I can say that are in the NBA at this moment are Steve Nash and Jason Kidd and I say this because they can score, drop assists, and rebound if needed. OJ has the same abilities. Time will tell the truth and OJ is the truth.

  • Big Lu

    Mayo Had 47 and almost 50 on the best high school team in the USA. Imagine if he played hard all the time against the regular high schools. He is bored of the hs comp right now. Just wait till he gets to USC. He is going to have a Durant kind of freshman year and me the 2nd freshman to be named player of the year and go number #1 next year.(That’s only if Oden decides to go pro this year!)Alot of people are jealous of the young man and they don’t even know him. Keep you head up and don’t listen to the critics. Do your thing and everything will work itself out!!

  • Big Lu

    Westcoast213 Do you even play ball?I played ball against the 97/98 St. Johns team(Ron Artest, Boosty Thorton, Postell, Grant ) and Eric Barkly. I am a good player. Real fast and can handle the ball like no other. I couldnt get around Barkly if my life depended on it. Only thru a few screens and picks did i finally get him off my ass to get a shot off. This is a dude who just rode the bench a few years in the league and disappered. So don’t be talking so much trash about all these NYC point guards because just to get into the NBA you have to be good. LIKE REAL GOOD!! And Bassy and Steph and kenny anderson and everybody else you mentioned are real good players. Im pretty sure they would wipe the floor againt you!!!!

  • Big Lu

    Westcoast213 I went to Francis Leweis HS and i played ball againt Rafer Alston when he went to Cardoza HS(he only played one or two years there) and he was the best ball handler I ever seen. It was it was connected to his hip! HE HAD SO MANY MOVES. The coaches dont like them moves in the NBA. That is why they dont use them.(And the Refs might call it a carry also!)
    He has Game!

  • Magic

    Ok, first of all, I never compared NYC players to Cali players, i just said to give the NYC players their due respect. And here you go with the comparisons. Second of all, like Andy said above, how can you take every player in the HUGE state of California and compare them to a tiny part of a much smaller state (NYC). Obviously, the fact that you feel so threatened that you have to keep pulling these arguements out of your ass keeps just confirms NYC’s greatness. And as far as Steph- how many times has KG made the playoffs? And would you say he’s a scrub, too? But Steph’s performances of late b4 his recent injury have been speaking for themselves. Its clear that he’s toned his game down to try and succeed as a team, and because of him being forced into a larger role due to injuries, he’s shown everybody the all-star calibur player he still is. And stop riding the Bassy bandwagon. Everybody knows he was hyped to be ready for the NBA when he wasn’t, and should’ve gone to Louisville. But if he was in Louisville right now, he’d be bustinn ass. And Rafer Alston wasn’t overhyped, just a street legend so everybody knew his name. How can u be overhyped and go in the second round??

  • beeyah

    I will take OJ Mayo over Corey Fisher, any day, he dropped 47 on one of the best hs teams in the country, he plays a pretty good all around game too, clearly several people that KNOW him say hes got a really good attitude, hes going to shine at USC, and he will definitely be one of the TOP 3 draft picks in the NBA, hes going to be excellent

  • Hollywood

    OJ is tha bomb quit hatin

  • Julez

    O.J. is a good kid, and he’ll have the same advantage that LBJ has, due to the hype he will be openly criticized. He will be able to perfect his game. He’s capable and has proven himself able in every aspect of the game. I believe he’ll be one of the greats. The Next Huntington player to have a street named after him. Hal Greer btw. To the dumbass that said he averages a triple double as a sophomore. You might wanna check out Juice’s stats from his Frosh and Soph years in high school. GAWDY. Keep doin ya thing FAM


    Nobody can handle Derrick Rose. Admit it! Look at youtube and watch how he rocks it over this dude for the and one. The possesion before that, son threw down a nasty windmill. Size+Hops+Quicks+Passing=1 nasty ass point guard. Just go to youtube!

  • http://bigfan.com Lance aka LJ

    MAn yall trippin Oj and Fisher did there thing out ther stop hatin

  • http://myspace.com @-r3x

    how does he get so good.Hes been gifted.but soo im going to be better.A freshman playing varsity basketball oh im the NEXT!

  • Jon Smith aka Best PG in L.I

    OJ nice but Corey is way better, he’s more competitive and confident. but 1 player is way better then both of them Derrick Rose

  • http://www.myspace.com @-rex

    yea yea me again .. telling all of you guyz that i did get that varsity spot look out for me this year.. yea yea u to who ever is reading this my year is my year !!!

  • http://www.myspace.com Francis spraus

    damm sometimes i dont get it why am i so good its like in my nature to be nice at ball like people look at me and say damm he aint good but then again i kill people of my jumpa or my fast break skillz off my very thing im just that good. yes am i freshman playing varsity … so u guyz in the merrimack valley betta look out im coming!!!