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Patrick Patterson Diary Week Begins

He’s here every day for the Jordan Classic.

While he spends a week in NYC preparing for Saturday’s Jordan Classic, Patrick Patterson shares his thoughts with slamonline Click on the Jordan Brand logo at the top left of the slamonline homepage to read Patrick’s diary all week.

As told to Konate Primus

Today is finally here after much anticipation. I’ve been looking forward to this week all year since I first found out I was going to be on the team. I did some research on it and I get to meet Michael Jordan and shake his hand. He gives you a ring and we get to have dinner with him. So, I am very excited. As far as the game, I’m excited about that too, but I’ll talk about that later.

Today I woke up about 4:30 and drove to the airport, said bye to my family and went ahead and boarded the plane. The first plane went to Charlotte then we had a layover for about 45 minutes to our next plane. The next plane was much bigger than the first plane we got on. While we were getting ready for take off the pilot got on the speaker and said there was something wrong with the steering of the plane so we had to wait a while. We ended up waiting a whole extra 45 minutes before we took off so there was a lot of confusion this morning. When we landed this dude got hit in the head with his suitcase and he fell to the ground. He was rolling all on the floor for a good minute before he got up. It was kind of funny.

Man I’m so thrilled to be apart of the JBAAC! This is my first time in N.Y, and so far I haven’t seen much. When we left the airport I went straight to sleep in the cab and then I woke up we were in front of the hotel. I plan on seeing a lot of the city though. We have a lot of free time so I’m going to get out as much as I can and enjoy the city. Until tomorrow that’s all folks

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  • Lindsey Hobson

    wonder if he really did “sum” research…and said “by” to his family.
    oh yeah FIRST

  • Alex

    Konate, bud, I’d take your name off that, because if this was told to you…yikes. Those mistakes are your’s.

    Anyone know where this kid is going yet? I’m pretty sure he had narrowed it down to Duke and Florida but damn it’s mid-April.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    My bad. I published it before it was ready to fix something unrelated up.

  • Shaffer

    He’s got six schools…Kentucky, Florida, WVU, Duke, Wake Forest, Virginia. UK and UF are the front runners for him and Jai Lucas…reported to be a package deal.

  • Bill Biehl

    HA HA. Patrick Patterson on the scene, you guys at slam finally listen to me? I’ve had the opportunity to watch Pat play in high school, and i CANT WAIT till i get to see him play some good ol college ball. If he hasnt made up his mind, can we talk him into going to Ohio State? He’d be a good fit, and he can finally get out of that shadow of that shallow juice guy. I hope he succeeds wherever he goes. Pat, those flights out of charleston always suck. GO HIGHLANDERS!

  • wildcatsgirl

    Looking forward to reading the online diary. Any chance you might mention your university intentions? Hint: take a look at my name. We’d love to have you here in Big Blue Country! You’d definitely get some playing time & lots of love from the fans :)

  • fletcher

    do u think duke has the best chance of landing this major recruit i mean josh mcroberts did horrible and now duke has a chance at him

  • Danny Armstrong

    Hey Pat! The Big Blue Nation has got a need for such a terrific talent as you. We’re close to home (as you know of course) and I understand you had a great visit with Coach Gillispie Monday night. Yourself and Jai would be awesome in the Blue and White! Come and be a star forever at the University of Kentucky! Good luck with your future endeavors. Go Big Blue!!

  • CatFan

    Good luck in the game and can’t wait to see wear the old Blue and White.

  • Tony

    Hey Patrick, Good luck in the Jordan Clasic. Leave it all on the floor! When you are finished, sign with KY.

    Wildcat Nation!

    PS: bring Lucas with ya!

  • Daniel

    I’d like to be the first one on here to say that I’m hoping and praying that you’ll end up at Kentucky next season! A Patterson/Lucas combo could help ressurect the “sleeping giant” that is Kentucky basketball! Best of luck in whatever you decide!

  • http://www.southeastcollegesports.com Brad King

    How great would it be to be Patrick Patterson for a day? Fielding phone calls from the biggest names in college basketball, roaming the streets of New York City, hanging out with the top talent in the country, and meeting Michael Jordan…..wow

    If I were Patterson, I’d come home and dream of wearing blue and white, playing for 24,000 screaming fans, and basking in the limelight of Rupp Arena…But wait wait..I’m not Patrick Patterson and I didnt even play HS basketball…

    Good times Patterson, enjoy it!

  • bigmike407

    He’s undecided on a school? Where are some of those good ol’ UF girls to sway his decision? Anyone remember the scene in ‘He Got Game’ when Ray Allen was on the recruiting trip? Joakim, C.Brewer, and the rest of those boys need to hook it up for Mr. Patterson!!!!

  • GoBigBlue!

    Those good ol’ UF girls left and man were they ugly–especially that Noah girl. Pat’s coming to UK by the way–he’ll announce it soon. What’s at Florida anyway? Billy D? Give me a break. UK is the past, the present and the future. Go Cats!

  • Brian

    Come to Duke, Patrick! We’ve got some really solid guard play for next year but we could really use the help down low. You would get immediate playing time for a national contender, and every single game is on national TV. Come and be part of the the most heralded freshman class at Duke since the JJ Redick/Shelden Williams/Sean Dockery/Shavlik Randolph class and bring back the national championship to Durham!

  • Jody

    We (Kentucky fans) read that your meeting with Billy G went well. We are very excited about Billy G and hope that you are too. Would be great to see you in CAT uni next year!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Bill, are you implying that if you hadn’t “told” us about Patrick, we never would’ve known to write about him? If so, you’re absolutely right — thank you SO much for the help. Who do I need to email to get this guy added to the payroll?

  • jsh2001

    You are leaving Kentucky off of the list he has narrowed it down too. It looks more and more like Duke is off the list too. From everything I hear it is a two-horse race between Billy D. and Billy G.

  • C will


  • http://www.catspause.com Tayshaun_Morris

    Whats up Beans, I went to you game against Catholic in Memorial. I know O.J. is you boy and all but you got to help him understand, that if he would feed the post more often for the high percentage shot it would equate to more victories.

    (Notice all the big guys UK has produced in there history = The All Time Winningest Program in All of Basketball)

    Hey man either way we love you and your family her in Lexington, and you will always be welcome just because of the respct that you have show us who have followed you recruitment on Catspause, KSR, KentuckySportsRadio…

    Be good.

  • Go Big Blue

    Good Luck Patrick, Hope you have a good game and thanks for doing this blog. And make sure to get Jai ready for next year too!

  • Tayshaun_Morris

    Whats up Beans, I went to you game against Catholic in Memorial. I know O.J. is you boy and all but you got to help him understand, that if he would feed the post more often for the high percentage shot it would equate to more victories. (Notice all the big guys UK has produced in there history = The All Time Winningest Program in All of Basketball)

  • Bill Biehl

    I’m sure i didnt introduce you to Mr. Paterson, but the only time you mentioned his name, and thats all you did was mention his name, was in the high school all star games review. This is verbatim what you said about him in the mag: “Patrick Patterson”, thats it. Now go check the HS posts you did on OJ, how many times did i tell you to stop looking at that oj punk, and give some love to PP?
    Do you hate me or something ryan? Geez, you are always messing with me.

  • Bill Biehl

    And i wont accept anything less than six figures.

  • Bill Biehl

    And i wont accept anything less than six figures.


    Have fun with Jordan PP…….How cool is that? Michael Jordan……It all boils down to this….Wherever you end up going, you will make the program….Duke had a rough year, but do you really want Duke to be good? Florida will take a big hit losing all the seniors, and you could keep them among the elite. UK, winningest program, largest crowd, struggling of late. You could, by yourself, resurrect this program…..Good Luck with your decision….

  • ejinez

    Stay humble, Pat. Everyone knows you’re a great player. And we’re all wishing you success at the next level, wherever you go, whatever you do. Just remember to stay humble.

  • GatorFan

    Patrick Patterson is a media whore. Its unbelievable how much he has taken his college recruitment and turned it into a show. Yes, Patrick…we know you want the attention now, because when you score 7 points a game nobody will know who you are anymore anyway. Go to Kentucky or Duke, we dont need your haughty attitude in Gainesville.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Bill, did you read our Punks issue LAST fall? I did a feature on the NBPA Camp and raved about Patrick. Nice try, though.

  • Michael

    Patrick.. come to UK (not to mention the winningest program ever with the most passionate fans) this gives you jai and aj a chance to win a national championship together, and lord knows UK needs to win one, it has been way to long. You know Billy G is a great coach/person/mentor and will make yall the best players you can be. GO CATS!!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Ben said it before I had a chance. But I don’t hate you, Bill. I hate Oprah. I thought I’d already made that abundantly clear.

  • H to the izzo

    What else have you made abundantly clear in recent weeks Ryan?Say it again just as a reminder(even if its looking less and less likely)

  • 24,000 at Rupp EVERY night

    hey Patrick,

    we know that UK was on you before anyone else noticed. then come all these wannabes. come to a place where basketball is King, not where its second choice. Billy Gillispie + Patrick Patterson + Jai Lucas = the awakening of a sleeping Giant! Good luck Patrick and Go Big Blue!!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    WOW — it never occured to me (although I guess it should have) how many lunatic fans would come out of the woodwork to post when an as-yet-uncommitted top-20 senior wrote a diary for us. Given the delay of most of these posts, I assume a lot of y’all are newcomers? And y’all have y’alls “Patrick Patterson” google alerts set on the “as-it-happens” setting? As a gesture of good faith, can one of you at least share Ashley Judd’s phone number?

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And Izzo, to be accurate, I’ve been saying it for MONTHS, not weeks, and I will stick by it until I’m proven wrong… unless, of course, I’m right.

  • H to the izzo

    Your right Ryan,I’ve been saying it for months too so I’m taking some of the credit…..unless,of course,I’m wrong

  • Hoosyourdaddy

    Patrick Patterson, enjoy the ride! I can’t even imagine what it must be like for you right now. All the schools trying to lure you in think you can be a savior, and they may be right. Here’s hoping its the orange and (dark) blue of the Cavaliers. We’d all love to see Sean Singletary feeding you the ball next year in the best arena in the country on the way to a Final Four.


    Pat…please, please consider UVA. I know we don’t have the tradition that some other schools do, but we want it badly, and i think Leitao is the Coach to take us there. Now all he needs is the players with the heart and desire to achieve those goals…like you, Ed Davis, Elliot Willams, Sylven Landesberg, Henry Sims…and i like Mike Scott a lot in this years class too!! Anyways, after considering what’s best for you and your family, i hope that you give UVA, Leitao, and all the Fans serious consideration!! Regardless of what school you choose, i wish you the best my man!! Tear it up!! I love our new arena, and can only dream of much nicer it would be if you were playing in it next year with Sean Singletary and Co.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darrell Avery

    Hi I am deaf, I heard about you a lot that you’re very impact player I’ve been talking to my deaf friends about you so we want you Virginia….Virginia….Virginia…You’ll fit for Virginia. We need you play for Virginia next 4 years. It will definately for UVA win national champs…Go Hoos

  • Three Peat

    Patrick, how about you and jai come down to gainsville and go for the unprecedented three peat. Not even the big blue have ever done that.

  • Kentucky Fan

    Kentucky will rise again without you Patrick, same goes for Jai. Kentucky basketball is bigger than 1 recruit.

  • http://GatorCountry.com GoGators!

    Man these UK fans are pretty pathetic. One of them even posed as a Gator fan to bash Patrick. This is the mentality that led them to put for sale signs in front of Tubby Smith’s house and eventually drive him out of Lexington. Its insane. Anyway, Patrick, we want you in Gainesville bad. You could be the next Al Horford. GO GATORS!!!!!

  • Kentucky Wildcats!

    No offense Patrick but we don’t need or want you. You’re a Tubby Smith recruit and he proved what a failure he was. We need Billy Gillispie recruits and he will do better than you next year. Go somewhere else. Big Blue doesn’t need you. We will get back to our glory days without you. Just want to forget everything about the Tubby Smith era, that includes you.

  • ecogator


    I wish you the best of luck in whatever decision you make. You have some tough choices to make. You can go to a has been school with a history of racism, lying and drunk driving from their coaching staff or you can go to the hottest, brightest program in the market where we have a coach with a sound family background who will watch over you like one of his own. I know where I would go.

    No matter what you choose to do, the Gator Nation will wish you luck. However, if you choose not to go to UK look what kind of things they will say about you. Look how they are diming out Billy two weeks after they were begging for him to join their family. Hypocrites abound in Lexington. Come to UF and join the Gator Nation baby and get on the rocket ship that is Gator athletics.



  • sirchompalot

    Gatorfan, after reading your idiotic comments, I don’t believe you are a Gator fan.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Seriously, you people are AWESOME.

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    There are all kinds of recruiting violations taking place here today. This is turning into a really amazing look into the life of a top prospect and the choice he has to make.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    At the risk of using too strong a word, Sam, I would be tempted to substitute “terrifying” for “amazing” in your previous post.

  • GatorFan

    The last thing I would ever want to be known as was a Kentucky fan. All im saying is that you need to go ahead and make a decision. This is rediculous because you know where you want to go, you are just leading other schools on for the media attention.

  • ecogator

    It is clear from the way GatorFan writes and spells that he is not a Gator. We actually have academic standards at UF.

  • GatorAid

    Seriously I kind of agree, I love Patrick he seems like a good kid and all but you can tell he enjoys this “media circus”. I am not dogging him because I probably would too. I wish him well and none of this is going to matter because he is obvouisly going to be easily accepted where ever he goes due to his talent.

  • GatorFan

    Ecogator..proofread my Master thesis which on file at Warrington, dumbass.

  • ecogator

    Your Master thesis or your Master’s thesis. Thanks for further proving my point. Don’t be rEdiculous. Oh and dumb ass is two words there hillbilly boy.

  • GatorFan

    The only point you have proven is that you are a liberal arts student with no skills other than proofreading posts on the internet very rewrding. Yre obviiossly a kntucky rednck adnd thknk Warrington si a TV shoow


    PP, I truely believe you will be happiest at UVA. You will be getting a top notch education, start with the best point gaurd in the country in Sean Singletary, and a very good incomoing class with Mike Scott, Jeff Jones, Mustapha Farakahn and Sam Zeglinsky, not to mention a freshman of the year PG in Calvin Baker. We have enough people returning to compete, but enough room for you to start right away. The best arena in college, and no matter what happens if you have the prestige of a UVA degree, you will be fine in life. Good luck in whatever you choose Patrick. You are truely a interesting young man, and I think you would fit in perfrectly at UVA. Goo HOO’s

    2006/2007 ACC regular season champs.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    By the way, we got Patrick’s cell phone number to do this diary, and I’ve been texting him non-stop that he needs to go to UGA next year.

  • wildcatsgirl

    Just ignore these freaky fans who want to disuade you from attending rival schools! We know you’re a smart guy who waited to see what would happen with the coaching shifts. We’ll be honored to have you in the SEC, either way. But, it might do you some good to notice how many REAL CATS fans have posted on here~ it could give you a sense on how badly we want you to play for us. Florida will always be a football school, same as Kentucky will always be a basketball school. You + Basketball= UK!! GO CATS!!!! You’ll look great in the blue & white!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And it just gets better. I’m gonna print all these comments out, frame them and put them on my wall. Actually, no, f*ck that, I’m gonna sell it to an art museum as a piece of biting social commentary. I’ll title it: “Justification for Misanthropy.”
    Lang, the only way this could get better would be if you posted Patrick’s cell number…

  • Riles

    Patrick, I hope that you enjoy your time in New York. We would love to have you in Kentucky! Good luck in the JBACC.

  • Randal

    Join the UK family, be the cornerstone of great things under the leadership of BCG at the greatest BB program in the country!

  • UK

    Please come be a cat. All we need is a power forward. The sooner you come, the better we will be.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I heard Patrick’s least favorite actress is Ashley Judd.

  • http://catspause Cecil Baker

    Hello Patrick, I am a UK fan and want to tell you we want you as a wildcat. UK fans are the greatest and will love you even after you leave UK. I know Tubby is gone but we have a new coach that is a great coach also. You can help UK win the SEC and NCAA again. Bring Lucas with you also. Go Big Blue

  • Bill Biehl

    Print out the whole thing? not needed. Just frame my name and you have an instant classic.

  • axeman_12656

    Pat, The Royal Blue carpet has been rolled out for you and Jai. at UK you all can do now what Jamal Mashburn did. Restore the nations #1 program. All the peices are here. Just need our big guy and floor general to put it into action. then #7 and 8 come soon.

    Nice blog by the way. the focus seems to have been lost. Best of Luck


  • Jacob Ray

    I am a BIG Duke fan and I think the reason he should come to Duke is because he will be very good at Duke and Duke will be a much better team when it comes tourney time

  • Robbie Muncie

    Mr. Patterson,
    I`m a Kentucky fan and I would love for you to come to Kentucky, but if you choose Flordia, I can understand that too. Both are great schools, and I see why its taking you a long time to make a important decision as this. I would like to wish you luck, and I hope to see you in Kentucky Blue.

  • silkk

    Come on patrick you would start from day 1 at KENTUCKY, Florida has maurice speights, Alex Tyus, Dan werner, Chandler Parsons. Kentucky you have Perry Stevenson, a walk-on Mark Coury who never see minutes. So you would start soon as you get to LEXINGTON. Jai would start to because he will be the true point guard that we needed, to get things back to where they belong, the girls up here is off the charts.

  • ron may

    We are a basketball and football school at UF. Look at the last 10 years and recently 2 championships in basketball and 1 in football. And the most important fact is that we have Billy Donovan. We have an awesomme incoming class and with Jai and Patrick we would be off the charts.Patrick, the Gator Nation wants you to bring another national championship to Titletown.

  • MJ

    PAT needs to where ALL tha real playaz go. whats up with dem blue devils. mcroberts gone..your show man. make it happen. best coach ..best program..make it happen

  • Big Blue Forever

    Congratulations on the Jordan classic and good luck werever you decide to go to college. Sorry for some of our fans comments, but we are truly the best fans in the world. UK players are idolized forever in their hearts no matter how long their career. When your a cat your always a cat.

  • Caleb Epl;ing

    we need you at uk badly.come here ansd get us back where we be\long………..THE TOP

  • ThunderingWildcat

    Become a cat.
    Lexington’s where it’s at.
    Gillispie’s game is phat.
    You, Jai, and Alex Legion: What an ’07 class is that.
    Seriously, though. Look at all the other posts by fellow fanatics of the Big Blue nation. And then look at this by the GatorFan:
    Patrick Patterson is a media whore. Its unbelievable how much he has taken his college recruitment and turned it into a show. Yes, Patrick…we know you want the attention now, because when you score 7 points a game nobody will know who you are anymore anyway. Go to Kentucky or Duke, we dont need your haughty attitude in Gainesville.

  • Rick

    Patrick, thanks for the blog. I saw you play in Louisville. You shook my hand at halftime of practice, right after you threw down on Beasely. Please come to Lexington, home of String Music.
    GatorFan, You are not pretty enough to be a UK fan.

  • W1ldcat07

    Goodluck PP–I hope you come to UK and help get us number 8. You and your family have shown a lot of class in this whole process,(media circus). But stop the suspense!! let us know soooon!!!! WE WANT YOU!!! Come be a CAT DADDY!!

  • Wildcatfan3535

    The best practice facility, best fans (about 24,000 every game), best tradition, and great school all reside in Lexington. A great stompin’ ground along your way to the NBA. What more could you want?!

  • Maxbps

    Lang…Yeah right. Everyone’s favorite actress is Ashley Judd. How can you NOT love her!?! Now we KNOW your lyin’.

  • Maxbps

    Patrick…enjoy the ride, think through the decision with your God-given brain and then make the decision with your heart and continue to enjoy the ride. The next few years will be the best of your life! And, for God’s sake, help the guy with his luggage next time!
    Best of Luck. Go BBN – Go Kats!

  • NBA Fan

    Go to Florida. You can leave for the NBA after two years, just like Donovan.

  • Maxbps

    RJones…She only accepts calls from Kat fans so no we won’t share her # w/ you b/c you obv are NOT a Kat fan! You’d have to be lunatic to even think, wish, dream for a second that A Judd would want you to have her digits.

  • http://www.northminsterstudent.net Jonesy

    Live the dream, come to UK…the center of the basketball universe…Be a part of the Legacy!

  • Bob Johnson


    I am a Tennessee fan at heart and I only got on here to say that you need to make a decision soon so that other schools can have a chance to recruit other (possibly better) players. If you wait until May 15 as you say, then you will be watching UK and Florida and Duke on TV because they are going to fill their rosters with great players much sooner than you think.

    Best wishes however

  • Maxbps

    Interesting how the ONLY two negative KY posts surround gatorboy who then accuses UK fans of posing as gatorfans to make disrespectful posts. Then comes along ecogator to sling uneducated lies about the BBN and our coaching staff. Classy! REAL CLASSY! Let’s focus back on the man of the hour, Mr. Patterson, shall we!?!

  • trueblue

    Have a great weekend, show em what you got!
    With posts like most of these , if he reads them, no wonder he hasn’t made a decision.

    We are only a short drive down I64 if you should decide on the Cats. Billy G has brought a whole new excitement to KY fans. We have a great tradition, history and the geatest fan base in the nation.
    We are not to be judged by a few who post on message boards. There are Cat fans across the nation supporting the Big Blue.

  • lovethosecats

    I wish you the best of luck! Can’t wait to see dressed in Kentucky Blue for Midnight Madness!!!!! GO BIG BLUE!

  • G

    Okay dog! You love the women. UF babes are indeed pretty hot, but it is one school. Come run with the Devils, where you will always be a topic of discussion. Besides, N.C. State, UNC, Shaw … a couple of women’s colleges, N.C. Central are all within a forty mile radius. Do your unning on and off the court in Durham and the Triangle. See you here.

  • http://cubmail.cc.columbia.edu sara canby

    you know that no other program will treat you as well as kentucky. we have the best facilities, coaches, fans, the works…take this change and join the winningingest program ever. be the catalyst that turns uk around and brings it back to the glory days. think about it, nothing less than the stuff of legend.

  • Vaughan

    dawg u gotta come to lex

  • UK sophmore

    Patrick- Florida has already signed 3 forwards in their upcoming class 07′, they signed 3 forwards in last years class 06′ and one in 05′ – how much playing time do you honestly think you are going to get – Billy G is not bullsh*ting you unlike Billy D at florida.. UK has a starting spot open all yours for the taking man, jump at that, I guarantee billy g will bring a national championship while your here and will be your coach for all your stay in college, its his life man- the team is his family since he has none (how much more dedicated can you get than that) – billy D will leave for the nba (miami or knicks because hes pitino assistant and we all know how much pitino profited from the nba) – Women are hotter at UK anyway man (3rd on playboy’s list) and we bleed bball man- Florida bball is a Fad man – Kentucky bball is a way of life, don’t mess around with greatness and come to lexvegas – after you leave UK the NBA will “Show you the money” and i think i would rather practice in a 30 million dollar practice facility everyday – its pretty nice –

    Just dropping some knowledge

  • wayne

    Patrick I hope you enjoy your visit to the Big Apple very much. I hope you and Jai will have time to sit down and have some serious conversation and whatever school you two decide on, I wish you well. Always rememner when discussing schools that basketball players that chuuse Kentucky are worshipped for life, unlike say Florida where basketball is seconf to football

  • Caleb Stratton

    Ok i want to start off with saying yes i am a kentucky Fan. I also want to say You have many great programs on your final list of schools. Duke reguardless of the Christian Laitner Fiasco has proven on several occasions to be a formidable school. Sorry to piss all you other kentucky fans off. Billy Donavon seemed to do some awesome recruiting by gettting fourfreshmen that though the may or may not have been more talented then Kentuckys previous #1 Recruiting class seemed to play successful team basketball. And yes Finnally my favorite of course Kentucky Though they have dropped off a little for kentucky already has many perspective recruites for the next couple of years and i believe you reguardless of what Jai does would see that a great future would lie here at kentucky for you but same could be said about any of the other schools as well hope you make whatever decision is best for you. If im lucky ill see you wearing Kentucky Blue next year. Hey is Michael Jordan as cool as he always seemed to be? I bet hes super Nice.

  • mchrdn

    Hey,PP do what you feel is the right thing. You will get plenty of playing time at UK and opportunities to score that is a given. A new coach, a chance to be highly loved, 24,000 screaming fans chanting your name every night. At UK you will get more publicity than any where else and know that the coach isn’t going anywhere. At Florida you never know when Bill D. will be going to the NBA until he does. Uk not even in the Final four this year and got more attention than Florida and they won back to back championships. If that doesn’t tell you where the fame is then nothing will. Just ask Mashburn, Mercer, Walker, Prince, and Bogans about playing in the NBA. They will tell you UK played a major role in their development. Good luck to you.

  • ecogator

    UF Baby. That is where it is at. Titletown USA. You name the sport, we dominate it. If we don’t now we soon will. No better commitment to athletics and academics in the country. Billy graduates his players and turns non McD All Americans into first round draft choices in the NBA. Just think what he can do for a man like you with your game. Can’t wait to see you in the Orange and Blue.

    GatorFan is not a Gator. I can tell from his complete and total lack of communication skills. My JD tells me that. Look that one up GatorFan.

  • AirForceOne

    What MJ did for Carolina basketball…..YOU can do for Kentucky. This is your opportunity to make YOUR own mark on college basketball history.

    Kentucky gives you the best stage to write your play. Tradition….second to NONE. The spotlight…..more nationally televised games than any other program period (that includes Duke, Florida, Carolina and UCLA). The ball….in your hands from DAY ONE.

    Double-P…Greatness lies before you. Make no mistake, Florida and the others are fine programs, but Kentucky gives you such a unique opportunity at such a PERFECT time in the history of the program.

    Why would you want to go to Florida on the coat-tails of Noah, Horford, Green and Brewer’s accomplishments? It was THEIR championship…not yours. You would forever be compared to them. Something they built…not you.

    Imagine the impact and fame you will have by coming to Kentucky at the dawn of it’s new begining. By Kentucky standards, the program has been down. Who better than YOU to lead them back to glory. Imagine the profound impact that will make on NBA scouts.

    Now is your time to “Be like Mike”. It’s your golden ticket to greatness. NO other school gives you this shot at glory like Kentucky will. You can make Kentucky YOUR program as MJ did for the Bulls. YOUR program, not a program you would inherit from Noah or Horford. YOUR team…..YOUR National Championships.

    Be Great, not just good.

    Be Your Own, don’t ride in on the dust of someone else’s accomplishments

    Be A Leader, not a follower. Your program. Your place in history.

    Be A Champion. It will happen for you…at Kentucky.

    Be Forever Blue….Go CATS!!

  • http://catspause jennie uk fan

    PP,you are a good player and we wish you the best where ever you choose.All the schools are great,but Kentucky basketball will always be the greatest.Its exciting,famous,Most big players do really great in the NBA.Prince,Mashburn,Delk,and many others.Hope you really consider blue/white

  • ecogator

    Air Force One

    Sounds like the same arguments we used to try and convince Billy D to stay at UF instead of heading to the tired, old, has been, out of date UK program.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Damn near 100 posts, and the consensus here seems to be… Kentucky. Congratulations, Wildcat fans! I can only imagine how proud you’ll all feel when Patrick is asked, at the press conference, why he chose UK: “All those shameless and not-at-all creepy posts on my slamonline diary really convinced me that Kentucky was for me,” he’ll surely say. “And the fact that all those wonderful compliments about what a great player and person I am would immediately turn to hate and scorn if I didn’t choose UK doesn’t bother me in the least.”

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And please, UK fans, understand I’m only picking on you because you’ve got numbers… I’ve got enough pity and mockery for everyone!

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    What the flip Patterson? Florida 2 National Championships, Duke 3 National Championships, Kentucky 7 National Championships. What’s so hard about this decision? Vote for Kentucky, Kentucky offers you its protection. Don’t vote for Summer Wheatley and her happy hands gator chomp. Your mom goes to college. Is your Screen Name XPAT2001.

  • Ped dro Sanchez

    If you can’t find any gator girls I’ll let you dance with Deb for a few songs. You could also ride my bike to practice if you come to Kentucky, It’s a sledgehammer.

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    If you need to use any of my skills, I can do whatever you want. Plus I could be your bodyguard or secret service captain or whatever.

  • Uncle Rico

    Can I interest any of you in some nylon polymer what about you Patt.

  • Kip Dynamite

    I’m running late for some prime rib, but I thought I let you(Patt) know LaFawnduh is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m a hundred percent positive she’s my soulmate. Patterson I’m sure there’s a babe out their for you in Lexington. Peace out.

  • Ped dro Sanchez

    I built you a cake.

  • Ped dro Sanchez

    Your wildest dreams will come true if you come to Kentucky.

  • Rex

    If you come to Kentucky I will teach you my eight week program that I developed over two seasons of fighting in the octogon, It’s called Rex-Kwan-Do. With Rex-Kwan-Do we use the buddy system no more flying solo, you need somebody watching your back at all times,so bring Jai with you.

  • Napoleon Dynamite

    Did you go to scout camp summer ’03? I made like an infinity of keychains.

  • Ryan

    Christian Laettner fiasco??? The same fiasco that won them 2 national championships in a row? Seems pretty formidable to me.

  • GatorFan

    look at this personal private email from Ecogator:

    “Dude, tell me honestly, are you a Duke fan? If so, we need to stop bickering and work together to keep Patterson from going to Florida or Kentucky. I live in Durham and we know we dont have a chance at him. Im a Duke fan posing as a UF grad and got the sense you were too. Either way, i agree with you Patterson is a media whore and should just go ahead and pick a school. We both know Florida is done for and Duke only recruits white kids-email me off line-Ecogator”

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Seriously, just tell me — is there anything I can do to help you people get lives?

  • CATS

    Gators won’t make the NIT…Come to Lex Vegas Patterson we need you!

  • H to the izzo

    Ryan if you made World of Warcraft an outdoor event-then they could possilby get lives or you know introduce them to a girl(a real one)

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Thanks for droppin by, Izzo. I was starting to feel real lonely in here…

  • H to the izzo

    Honestly I would be ashamed if these were actual Slam subscribers.Where did these fraks come from??And anytime Ryan

  • Maxbps

    RJones…”the concensus SEEMS TO BE” DP should go to UK…that’s brilliant. Try a remedial math class (remedial means “the correction of faulty study habits and the raising of a pupil’s general competence”; i.e. it means you need to go back and re-take first grade math)
    As the person w/ the most posts, the most TIME on here you say others need to get a life??? Again BRILLIANT! Glass house dwellers…

  • joe(crazy for cats)

    Patterson should definitely commit to kentucky. We really need him here in big blue country. Hed get to play and cat fans everywhere will be happy

  • Jason

    PP come on baby we need you. Were in need of low post players and we have the guys that will get you the ball and if it is true that jai will be going where you go then your touches well rise even more then what Billy G. has told you. Kentucky and our new facilities will be waiting for you

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Clearly, Max, you’re a f*cking retard, but I commend you for owning a dictionary. Also: I get paid to write for SLAM, and I’m guessing you get paid to say “Would you like fries with that?”

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    And again, let me say once again, you people are AWESOME.

  • WVU

    Let’s go Mountaineers!!! Patrick Patterson + Huggins + Current Players = National Championship!!

  • H to the izzo

    Maxbps you have been called out!…..and may have already lost

  • Wildcatz


    We need you here in Wildcat Country. You and Jai plus the addition of Billy Clyde, the town of Lexington will be back in its prime once again. Can’t wait to have you hear brother helpin us wun championships. I think you know the kinda love Kentucky Wildcat fans will show you next year. You will be the big man on campus. Heck the big man in all of Lex Vegas for that matter. Go Cats!

  • Maxbps

    RJones…Obviously you don’t get paid very much to write for Slam as you have a vocabulary equivalent to a dead uga fan. And your ‘come back’ quotes are stolen from CBS Sportsline boards…”frys w/ that”…how original. Buy a dictionary and try writing ABOVE the 1st grade level. It may take you years but it worth having as a lifetime goal!

  • Maxbps

    Izzy…I was called, I smacked him down into the hole he crawled out of, and I left gasping for air and wishing he would have never opened is lackluster, cry-baby mouth. Lost? I won the moment rj was born…actually nine months prior but we won’t go there as I would never claim him as my own so someone else must have “won”, too!
    PP…Ignore these ramblings! I tried to get this board back on track, focused back on you but, apparently, a WRITER FROM SPAM would rather talk smack! Go DP! Good luck in all you do, regardless of where you attend college!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    “…but it worth…” Yes. Thank you, professor.
    Hey izzo, I’m gonna go home and go to sleep now and dream of a better world where people like this don’t exist. Hold it down in my absence.

  • Allen

    Hey Patrick! Why in the world would you want to go anywhere else but UK? 1.UK is close to your home(mom will be able to come to more of your games and your friends also)2.You will be the star,you will help revive the program just as Ricky P said of Mashburn 3.We want you here 4.Your name will be known state wide (you will not get that in Fl) 5.Get the chance to beat Louisville, Fl, NC, IU,and UT all in the same year! Come on!

  • Maxbps

    rj…run and hide, run and hide. It is funny how “people like this” are precisely what makes your life/profession even possible yet you have so little respect for us and the young man you are supposedly hosting. I have tried multiple times to guide this discussion back to where it belongs and all you do is spout off at the mouth proving your lack of skills, abilities, or class. Thank God, Coach Gillispie was 1000x the host you are. Speaking of which…

    Patrick…What did you think of the Coach’s visit? I would sincerely like to hear what you have to say in your own words (instead of those of, well – frankly, someone like rj)???
    Best Wishes to you and your family, Patrick!

  • Ed Jones

    Come to Kentucky and become an instant star. Would love to see you and Jai in the Blue and White!!

  • Greg

    Hey Patterson, looking forward to those 16-20 shots a game next season. You’ll love the sound of C-A-T-S Cats! Cats! Cats! reasonating over 24,000!

  • Scott


    Please consider Duke. Great school, Great program, great incoming class AND of course you will get significant playing time, probably start.
    I know that your parents may have told you that there will be other considerations in life beyond basketball.
    My advise to any young person is- go to the best school you get into.
    Your Duke education will open doors for you the rest of your life.
    God luck and godspeed!

  • Shim

    Hit him in the head and he hit the floor, Man I would love to have seen that. Did you laugh at him while he was on the floor? I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Go Big Blue!!!!!

  • Caleb Stratton

    Just stating that weather Christian Laetner should of been in the game after the rib stomping Situation was in Question. Most players would be ejected from the game for such actions of Hostility so if you have any way of excusing Stomping on a Player that is on the ground let me know.

  • Gabe Gatlin

    Lay low, Patrick. This is no time to be worrying about basketball, colleges, or otherwise. There’s so much more important things than that in light of Virginia Tech’s trajedy. Perspective, that’s what is needed right now.

    But as to the lesser valued things:
    Kentucky — now that they have Gillespie, I’d say that’s alot better than T.Smith. So if you were considering playing for Tubby, why not Gill.
    Florida — be good to replace those guys that are leaving, but you’d have big shoes to fill and a lot to prove.
    Duke — Immediate need, like Florida, great coach, high expectations … all just like Florida, though Duke has a bit more of a storied program and arguably better education.

    BIG QUESTION: Do you want to play in the SEC or the ACC?

    It’s got to come down to Duke or Florida … near home or further away???

  • http://slamonline.com/online/2007/04/patrick-patterson-diary-week-begins/ UK man

    Patrick go to UK, at Florida you will have to compete for time. At UK you will start and be a star. You can be a guy who lives in Florida, or a God who lives in Kentucky.
    Best of luck

  • CatsFAN

    Go Big Blue Nation…..Patterson we need you down here in Lexington…with the new coach you will fit in perfect…and if you come here you know we are the best fans around….u will be loved by us all….GO BIG BLUE!…KY#1

  • Kelly

    Patrick, you would look great in blue and white…KY blue and white that is. Much luck to you.

  • Big Blue T

    Let’s go big blue!!! Can’t wait to see you throw it down in the blue and white.

    If you want to play in front of empty seats, go to UF.


    Come on Patrick the Bluegrass State is waiting for ya big man!!!!!GO CATS

  • Eric Cartman

    I would like to offer you my new CD Faith plus one, as long as you hire me as your agent after the season so I can have 10 million dollars cash.

  • Al Gore

    We must stop ManBearPig. The only way is if you come to Kentucky.

  • John

    Patrick Patterson looked very good in the games I watched on ESPN and ESPN2. Couldnt hardly do much with the ballhog Mayo not giving him the ball but Patrick looked great. Im 20 years old and I know a lot about sports, only being 5’8 and having an injury as a kid kept me out of basketball. Patrick, this is the University of Kentucky here…no forwards or nothing. You and Jai commit and both of you will be starters, for 4 years if you wanted! Jasper isnt a scorer and Gillispie has his PG’s scoring, Bradley isnt a true PG. Florida has PGs and PFs already. Look what Gillispie done with Acie LawIV and for someone to make it to the #1 basketball program all time in just a few short years, now thats what im talking about!

  • Brian Fantana

    Sixty percent of the time Kentucky wins everytime.

  • Brick Tamlin

    I have an IQ of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded and even I know Kentucky is the best college basketball program of all time. I love……Lamp.

  • Derek Zoolander

    There’s more to life than being really really good at basketball. Right now I’m looking at Florida’s practice facility. What is this a center for ants?

  • DB

    Think about this: Patterson, Stewart, Lucas…at UK(!) That freshmen class would IMMEDIATELY become one of the TOP 5 recruiting classes in the nation…If not TOP 3. Couple that with what UK already has coming back and the sky, literally folks, the SKY is the limit. There would be a final 4 in the near future for the ‘CATS if this all fell into place. My gut feeling says that PP will fall into the “2 time National Champion with close proximity to the beach and hott girls…a dreamland…” If that happens, I’d wager to say that MR. P will regret it, dearly, as he watches Billy G. take UK to new heights. Florida has had its run. The world of college basketball will soon “right itself” and you will most certainly see UK back in the hunt- sooner than later.

  • Jai Lucas

    You should go to kentucky. They lost 4 players from last year the starting Center and Power Forward along with the backup Center and Power Forward. If you go you will be a starter as a Freshmen and be the main inside option. Don’t make Kentucky fans suffer through another mediocre year.

  • Jim Steele

    Looks like Michael Sanchez & All-American Alex Legion are going to be signed by Gillespie soon. That leaves him with only 1 more scholarship and he’s looking at several other players.

    If you wait another month, Patrick, it won’t be open, so if you’re considering UK & Gillespie you’d better decide soon!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    How the hell have I missed out on this for so long? It’s like the worst parts of ‘He Got Game’ and ‘Blue Chips’ combined.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    And don’t mind Ryan–as a Penn State grad, he’s just frustrated over the recruitment of Jeffrey Jordan. Myself? I went to Delaware, where our pinnacle of basketball achievement was getting demolished in the first round of the NCAAs by the Nick Van Exel-led Cincinnati team that made it to the ’92 Final Four. So Patrick, don’t become a Blue Hen. Although I GUARANTEE you’d play every single minute you were there, at any position you wanted. In every sport.

  • nibroccat

    that is a very good question and i say no.
    lets talk of patrick and lucas. why have they not made a choice? have they noticed others that have interest? is that difficult of a choice, when you have all the info needed, to make such a choice. these are smart kids, talented kids, caution, i would say, is a wise trait. but when caution turns action into indecission, mistakes are made upon the choice.
    UK has history and more history to be made. they can be part of the. of 6 coches 5 have won national titles. 7 titles shared between 5. these are not the last for UK. it is tradition, it is the game UK surrounds itself around. its a simple choice…. UK.

  • RanManCatFan

    Ryan Jones, I’d go home and lay down to if I ever got punked out like you just did. I love how idiots like you and UF fans call everyone from KY rednecks and hillbilly’s when you’ve probably never even passed through KY. Come to Lex and run your mouth like that. Yeah Right. Come to Rupp and dominate PP.

  • http://UKsports.com Terry

    Come and get on the BIG BLUE Train
    at UK Pat. We need player’s like you and J. Lucas to help out Billy
    G. in his efforts to restore our
    tradition. You “WONT” regret the decision.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    It’s like an online, slow-motion car-wreck, Russ, only with less logic and more gore.

  • kydan

    Patrick, We would love to see you suit up in blue & white next year! UK will be in the running for several national championships in the near future and we could use a strong inside player like yourself. Even if you leave early for the NBA you would benefit from the experience at UK and will grow both as a player and person under the leadership of our new coach G. Regardless of where you go, I hope your college experience is a great one!

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones


  • Bobby Boucher

    Momma says Florida is the Devil!

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  • UKWildcat8860

    Patrick…..picture this…24,000 fans can’t be wrong… They will be screaming and chanting your name every game. The stands are always full. Television every game. Ever hear of Jamal Mashburn? He came in and turned the program around. You are a stud. Come to Kentucky and show the world what you can do on the best stage college basketball has to offer. We have a stud coach, a stud facility and will design our offense around you. You just need to make the commitment.

  • http://larrystrodeyahoo.com Larry Strode

    Patrick, I know your Mom loves you and wants the best for you because you are part of her flesh. I pray that the GOD that made the Universe will help you do what he wants you to so you can be a SYMBOL of Christ. Patrick in the FLESH I want you at Kentucky but ask for the will of the one that DIED for your sins , thats all you can do. May the LOVE and PEACE of Christ be on you, your Mom and family. A brother in CHRIST,

    Larry Strode . If you wish to pray call me and I will pray for you and your MOM. Patrick always seek wisdom from God as Solomon Gods blessings Young Man 865-693-2254 at anytime

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    If the posts in here are any indication, UK and UF are pretty much a push when it comes to academics.

  • Jerry

    Patrick…congrats on a great career at Huntington High. I grew up in West Virginia, and have watched a lot of great teams like Logan and Beckley and the dominate teams they had, but you guys did something none of them could ever do, and that’s win 3 straight state titles. That’s awesome! I had the privilege of watching a couple of your games on TV this season, and I have to say you guys are probably the greatest team in West Virginia history. As a life long Kentucky Wildcat fan, I would love to see you in a Wildcat uniform next season, but who have to choose the best place for you. Whatever your choice, I wish you nothing but the best, and I hope you have a great collegiate experience and a long successful career in the NBA. Most importantly stay clean, level headed and always do your best.

  • dez

    If the posts in here are any indication, there are a hell of a lot more weird people reading SLAM than previously assumed.

  • Maxbps

    Patrick…..How do feel about your SPAMonline host writing such unflattering comments about your diary that you were kind enough to write for their sorry web site? Not only did this ‘brilliant’ writer put this in his column but he cut/pasted it in the comment section of YOUR diary! Wow! How disrespectful can you be, rj? Here’s the proof: “First, I assume some of you saw these diary posts from Class of 2007 prep standout P*trick P*tterson. The diaries themselves aren’t really noteworthy”!

    Wow. Is a real editor paying a lick of attention to any of this!?! Attempting to slam a poster or two is one thing but slamming the young man nice enough to write a diary for your website? That’s the epitome of classless!

  • http://riccoblantonyahoo.com Ricco (Mr. Lexington)

    What’s happening P.Patterson (AKA Beans). Congrats on your high school success. Now it’s time to take it to the next level. I know you have a big decision to make in the upcoming weeks & I hope that decision brings you to Lexington. With all the chain of events thats surrounding our program as far as our beloved Tubby Smith. He had to do what was best for him & his Family. Tubby will always be a KY WildCat & we’ll hang a banner in RUPP to honor what he did for UK one day. You & I both know that there are haters out there & as far as us being KENTUCKY & WITH OUR TRADITION everyone wants to take a jab at us for the simple fact that our day is coming again & History will be written. So as we welcome our new Coach Billy G. I hope you & your buddy J.Lucas like what Billy G has to offer, because with him now ecruiting you guys (P.Patterson, J.Lucas, A.Legion, along with UK’s AJ Stewart M.Williams, & current Roster) you guys WILL help bring #8 to the UK. So the best of luck to you this weekend & continue to keep God first in all you do.

  • big blue 4 life

    Hey Patrick,

    I just saw a post that called Florida, “Title Town”. Are you kidding me!?!? How does putting on a jersey that represents 7 national titles, 13 final fours, 43 SEC championships, 40 sum odd 1st. team all-americans, oh, did I mention the MOST wins all time. Oh, I almost forgot about the most tournament wins of all time, and the most apperances. You will get to play in front of the most passionate fans in the world. We hold more people than Duke and Florida put together. We have no pro sports, so UK B-ball is all we have. Did you see our brand new pro style practice facility. Please come to UK and help us hang number 8 & 9 in our rafters. Come and play on CBS every saturday. Come practice in front of pro scouts that set up camp at UK. Just please come to UK, we really need you. Best of luck, patrick, in all you do.

  • http://slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Getting tired… so tired…

  • big blue 4 life

    Almost forgot patrick,

    what do all these players have in common? Jamal Mashburn, Dereck Anderson, Tony Delk, Ron Mercer, Jamal Maglore, Walter Mcarty, Mark Ppope, Nazr Mohammed, Scott Padget, Jeff Sheppard, Tayshaun Prince, Kieth Bogans, Chuck Hayes, Eric Daniels, Rajon Rondo, Randolf Morris, and hopefully patrick Patterson have in common? They all got to enjoy playing on prime time in front of 24,000 fans and then ALL went to the NBA. Did I mention the 4 final fours and 2 nat. titles. Oh yeah I think Florida may have sent like 3 or 4 guys in that same time.

  • http://none George Neal

    Patrick we want you, we need you, come join our new coach Billy Gillispie, be apart of rebuilding UK basketball, Join the 24000 UK fans for each game, UK will play top rated teams with excellent players, come with us to improve your skills (if needed) for the NBA. Wear the KY blue and white.

  • BigCat

    Wish you all the best patrick. Enjoy the festivities, you only get to do these things once in your life. Its a very exciting time for you now I am sure, its an exciting time here in Kentucky as well with the future looking bright. I hope you can be a part of our future and be a legend now and forever in the hearts of the bluegrass. No matter your choice, I wish you the best of luck in your careeer, you a great player young man.

  • nibroccat

    I think you are ready have fans at UK. why wait til may? come see the 24,000 sit arena. the fans that will want your autograph. the fans chanting patterson. the noise when we win. the cheers for a great effort if we lose a game. there is no downside to UK.

  • billy D

    I’m gonna level with you. I am going to the NBA soon.

  • mark

    You will be KING in Kentucky.

  • Steve Weoss


    Gainesville is the place for you. We are all Gators for life and you will have a blast when you are there. I am old – and when I was in school are team were not great. It didn’t matter because our fan base has always been wild and crazy Gator lovers and now that we have 1st class basketball and football its even better. This is the real deal and we need you!

    All the best and if you want to talk call me on my cell – 703 395 8191. BTW, I made it BIG in business and life and owe it to UF!! GO Gators!!

  • Gator Chomp

    This article says Patterson was seen behind the Florida bench during the Uk/Florida game and doing the Gator Chomp as Florida began to take the lead. To me this should result in Gillispie taking away his scholarship offer to Patterson and all Kentucky fans should stop hoping he comes to Kentucky, because I don’t see why any Kentucky fan would want a player that was openly rooting for their biggest SEC rival in a game against Kentucky. Patterson, go play at Florida or Duke: You don’t deserve to play at Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kentucky’s class

    (I’m a Kentucky fan by the way) This is just in response to comments made about Kentucky’s incoming recruiting class. It isn’t that great, i think Tubby probably has a better class lined up at Minnesota. A.J. Stewart will not make an immediate impact-think Bobby Perry type career-going to be a year or two. Mike Williams-Will not make an immediate impact on the bball floor but will help fill a seat on the bench- he probably won’t have any impact in his entire career at Kentucky if he doesn’t transfer after one year. He’s built like a mini shaq but he has zero bball skills-just watch some of his game tape- Michael Porter (6′ not much more) could stop him defensively. If Jai Lucas comes he won’t play as a freshmen all Kentucky has is guards. Meeks,Crawford,Bradley,Jasper,Porter Lucas would at best be the fifth guard used in the first year. More likely to impact in 08 when Crawford, Bradley Graduate/NBA and Meeks leaves early for NBA. But we don’t need Lucas Kentucky fans PG/SG Willie Warren class of 08 is going to sign with Kentucky.

  • http://slamonline jasonnky

    i think u pp should go to ky cuz of all of the tradition, most passionate fans in all of sports, best practice facilites, beautiful town with all of the horses, 24,000 screaming fans that will worship u like god, great young coach who lives and breathes basketball, the most publicity, Kentucky is known for their basketball and u live closest to UK so it would be convenient for ur mom and others to come see u. florida is a football school and always will be. 2 years of success does not turn u into a basketball school. had we recruited cory brewer since he wanted to come to UK and tubby smith said he was too small to play in the SEC, florida may not have won the NCAA. Cory Brewer was the player of the final 4 after all. that is the past though. Thing is he wanted to play at UK and so did Chris Lofton. Put those 2 players on the team UK wins the SEC and goes far in the tournament. Poor recruiting has put UK in the position they are in and you can help put the program back to where it is expected to be year after year. We have a great foundation to do it. You are much more wanted at UK than every where else combined. Probably 95% of people on these message boards are UK fans. That should also tell you something. I think Jai Lucas prefers UK but will follow you wherever u go. I think he would have already signed with UK if it was not for you so please make the right decision and come to UK. There are advantages and disadvantages to whatever team u decide to play for, but UK easily has the most advantages.

  • nibroccat

    When it comes to basketball Kentucky is the big stage.

    It is a overwhelming proven fact that if you have played for Kentucky and left early or had the chance and turned it down; that you go from being in the spot light, being noticed, being the news to never being heard from again.

    For winning 2 national titles UF didn’t get awhole lot of coverage the following week. They got alot but just what was warrented. When UK wins titles it is huge headline news for several weeks or have you forgotten?

    In fact the whole week leading up to the Final Four the news was what? Kentucky

    During the Final Four the news was what? Kentucky

    After UF won their 2nd national title the news was what? Kentucky

    If Patterson and Lucas go to Florida they could very well become superstars. But if you look at all the history leading up to this point right now; the odds are they will never be heard from again. They overwhelming odds are that they will never be as big on the national media stage than they would have been at Kentucky.

    Just go look at all the history leading up to this point on guys who left UK early/transfered and guys who had the chance to play for UK and turned it down.

    Kentucky has the history, tradition, connections, biggest fan base, 23,000+ people at home games, 30 million dollar practice facility, the coaching staff, big time rivalries, plays against awhole lot of top teams every year, all over the national media, will play a huge amount of games (alot more than Florida) on national tv, KENTUCKY IS THE BIG STAGE. KENTUCKY IS THE NEWS.

    Lucas, Patterson, Legion want to play for a big time college basketball program with lots of tradition and history. KENTUCKY IS THE CLEARCUT CHOICE.

    Lucas, Patterson, Legion want to play for a school were they can show of their skills for the NBA, play on TV, be noticed. KENTUCKY IS THE CLEARCUT CHOICE.

    College Basketball doesn’t get any bigger than Kentucky.

  • Bulldog

    PPat I love your style of game dawg but dont let the WildCat and Gaor fans fool you, yes you can get play time at those places but they have NO supporting cast to get you where you wnat to go over the short or long term. The Blue Devils have it all except one thing and thats you. But where ever you go good luck to you.

  • Tubby Smith

    Patrick,you owe it to yourself to look at The University Of Tennessee,Coach Pearl is building a dynasty at Tennessee,so come be a part of something special!! best wishes wherever u land.

  • tike

    Patterson isnt even going to blow up… so stop riding him! Please?

  • traver rhys

    Man, if a basketball player doesnt want to play for the most winningest college basketball team ever then he must be dumb as a bag of hammers!!! Go play for Donovan who is only recruiting you so that Florida doesnt get beat to death next year by Kentucky-his glory years are over cause he will be out recruited by Mr. Gillespie-the only reason he won was because he had tired ol Tubbby to recruit against :)

  • traver rhys

    if UK offered me a scholarship, it would be a no brainer! I would rather play before 24000 fans in a NBA environment, we even get the piston’s MC to do Midnight Madness, than be just another player on a Florida team that isnt going to win anymore championships, let alone the SEC title-Donovan didnt come to UK because we would expect him to win four championships since he won two at Florida, I think UK has a 220-22 record against them by the way-UK is the new power in the SEC and if you cant see that Patrick then you are short sighted. And Duke, Coach K is about ready to get Alzheimers and everyone at the school knows it :)

  • nibroccat

    tike it is fun posting and if he reads he can get educated about the schools and the fans. he prob. already knows all this but for goodness sake he is waiting till may. that isn’t a good decession i think. but im not under the pressure he is. good luck patterson. make the right choice UK

  • Dolphinatik

    Good game way to clean up on the offensive boards Patrick. Please hurry and make a decision. Visit each school and go with your gut. I know you want to look out for Jai but you gotta do you. Seriously though If you want to stay for a year then go to the NBA then goto UK. If you want to have some fun for 2-4 years go to UF or Duke. But please decide so us grown people dont waste our times reading hundreds of posts a comment board on what you should do. :) Cant wait for the new season to start!!!

    Go Gators

  • GATOR94


  • German Reignman

    Ryan, sad to see you have already given up on this post …. i was waiting for the next “you guys are AWESOME”

  • http://feeltheburn27aim.com Kentucky Legend07

    Of course Patrick and Jai are gonna go to UK!!! Y would anyone pass up the greatest basketball school in the NATION!!!! the Big Blue Nation is waiting for u guys, so huury up and sign with UK so we can shut those F*cking gator fans up!!!!! Go UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randal

    Big Blue Nation Loves YOU!

  • hooville

    we would love to see you in hooville

  • Randal

    The Big Blue Nation is getting ready to explode, moving rapidly to crush all that stands in their way!

    With 23,000 fans showing up for practice cheering them on!

    Only at UK!!

  • Brendan

    Patrick Why didn’t you go to Duke. If you did you would have palyed under the best coach in college ever in my mind. Plus if you go an injury and never played basketbal again you would have a great job because you went to Duke