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Brandon Knight McDonald’s All-American Diary 4

Brandon’s ready for tonight’s big game.

Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight, one of the top prep guards in the country, hasn’t decided what college he’ll be attending this coming Fall. But he does know where he’ll be playing tonight: in Columbus, playing alongside two dozen of his best peers in the McDonald’s All-American game.

Taking a moment to exhale during this week’s constant activities, BKnight sat down to pen his final diaViewry for us. Here’s this week’s entry.–Tzvi Twersky

I am writing to you from McDonald’s All-American Game Week in Columbus, OH. I first arrived on Saturday, and we have been going non-stop since then! On Sunday we had the opportunity to visit the local Ronald McDonald House and brighten the day of the less fortunate. These families and sick children are going through such tough times, and it was awesome to bring a smile to their faces. That visit has been the best part of Game Week so far, and it’s amazing to know my participation in the 2010 Games will raise funds for the families I met.

Yesterday we made a lot of stops. First up was lunch at McDonald’s where our team had a chance to work behind the counter and serve up some McDonald’s menu items – surprisingly we did pretty well! After that we had a chance to visit the Columbus Zoo which is one of the largest in the country. We all went behind the scenes and got to see a lot of cool animals. I have to say, everywhere we’ve been so far all of the people have been so welcoming. The entire city is glad we are here and proud of our accomplishments.

Last night was the POWERADE Jam Fest. Did you catch it on ESPN2 Monday night? I didn’t participate, but I definitely did a good job watching and cheering on my teammates. It was nice to just relax last night and take it all in, without stressing about competing.

As I look forward to the game, I’m preparing the same way I would for any other game. I know it’s an all-star game, but I still want to win one for the West Team (even though I’m from the East). All the guys on my team are extremely motivating and we push each other – so I’m looking forward to playing together tonight. You can see me live on ESPN at 8 p.m. ET.

That’s all for now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write these journals for SLAMonline. I enjoyed sharing a little bit of my life as a McDonald’s All-American with you and hope you will continue to follow me as I start the next chapter in my basketball career.

– Brandon Knight

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  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Thanks, Brandon!

  • UKRockett6

    Look good last night Brandon. Heads up dribbling and draining the winning 3! The Big Blue Nation is excited for your mid April decision.

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    Lets see how your Big Blue performs next year when you lose your 4 best players. It shows that UK is willing to bring a coach that will do whatever it takes to win. He left UMASS and Memphis on probation. And he will move to his next gig in a few years and leave UK on probation. Brandon is a player of values and smarts and unfortunately UK can’t provide him with an honest coach and high academic standard. Brandon wants to go to Florida but his father and handlers wants him to be the next one and one at Kentucky. The gators will enjoy destroying the wildcats with or without Knight. Florida is destined to go to the final four you haters

  • http://suathletics.com German Nieto

    Come to SYRACUSE!!!! I’m from Coral Springs too.

  • kwame

    @big o…u jus pulled alll that from ur ass…i mean r u brandon knight? r u his dad? ok…

  • In the Know

    Big O….Brandon Knight has parents, he doesn’t have handlers and so far, it seems those parents have done a great job! 4.3 GPA, respectful, humble…seems like his parents have done a terrific job and are quite capable of giving their kid advice on what they feel is best for him. Handlers are for kids that don’t have informed parents, I don’t think that’s the case of BK. I personally know that the ultimate decision will be Brandon’s. Of course his parents will give their opinion but the final call will be his!

  • Da Cuse

    Nice in the clutch, Brandon. Could be even more special with Fab Melo in front of 34k in the Dome.
    Go Cuse!

  • L.A.Cuse

    BKnight’s upcoming decision all depends on what he wants to do with his college career. If playing for a hall of fame coach on the biggest stage in college basketball on a team that is in the best position to win a national championship next year (among the 5 schools on his list) is important, then I think the choice is clear.

  • RimRock

    I hope Brandon decides to do what is right for Brandon.
    He should listen to his heart and mind, and make the decision HE FEELS is best.
    Sometimes these scenarios get overrun with decision-makers, when it really should come down to the kid.
    Good luck, Brandon. Do what YOU think is right!

  • RimRock

    I hope Brandon decides to do what is right for Brandon.
    He should listen to his heart and mind, and make the decision HE FEELS is best.
    Sometimes these scenarios get overrun with decision-makers, when it really should come down to the kid.
    I have seen it firsthand. . . and whenver a kid tries to appease other parties, it does not end well.
    Good luck, Brandon. Do what YOU think is right!

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    listen up kwame, I hope your last name is not Brown, you loser! I call it the way I see it. I happen to be a BK fan. But how could he possible consider to go to UK, Calipari is a bad for college basketball. He only wants to recruit one and done players and everywhere he has been he has felt the program on probation. Florida or UConn is best best fit for him. If he comes to Florida final is basically a lock. He will team with the nation premier PG/SG in Boynton! now can you dig it! Florida will take Kentucky lunch next year with or without Knight.

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    In the Know, Your name sounds just as dumb as you. BK is the best baskeball player I see on the high school level right now. Yes, he has a 4.3 GPA, very talented on and off the court. Kobe Bryant is extremely smart, but has made mistakes in his personal life. No one is perfect! BK father Efrem wants him to go to UK and he wants to come to Florida. I’m not saying that his father don’t want the best for him. But it seems to me that the father is trying to live his dreams to his son. Handler don’t necessary means a bad thing, its how you approach it. Brandon do what’s best for you and come to Florida and put this program back on the map. Young, Tyus, Parsons, and Macklin down low. Boynton, Knight, and Erving on the perimeter. Can you day championship hater!! Go Gators

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    What do you Wildcats have to say about your big blue?You will never win a championship with one and done players and John “put my program on probation” Calipari. And don’t you act like you don’t know what I’m talking about! You gator haters

  • UKRockett6

    And I thought UK had retarded fans! This one is talking to himself.

  • http://yahoo.com Big O

    What’s retarded about telling the truth,yeah you can’t handle the truth, can you. Everywhere John Calipari has gone..he has left them on probation..that a fact you retard ..haha…lets see who is a retard now..The big Blue have lost their 5 starters to the draft.. gonna be fun when the gator nation beat your retarded wildcats by 25+ next year. Do you still think Brandon Knight will play for your retarded program? I be surprise if UK win 15 games next year!!

  • http://yahoo.com Big O.

    I’m waiting for a response from you wildcat lover! Let me hear some bragging rights on how you will sign Brandon Knight.blah! blah! blah! Bk can’t save you. When you’ll signed Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, and Orton, you talked trashed everyday. Now you are nowhere to be found! you cats are hiding somewhere in the bushes

  • Rock-Chalk

    LOL! How is that UK decision looking, Brandon?
    At least you were wise enough to sign something other than an LOI.
    Get out. . . get out while you can.
    Even if this whole mess works itself out, it is only the beginning. And really. . . do you want your name and recruitment constantly questioned and associated with this stuff?