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Quincy Miller: Diary No. 2

Our dude Q is back with an updated college list, and proof that Roger Ebert’s job is safe.

October 7, 2010

by Quincy Miller / @qmillertime

Hey. Not much going on right now, just going to school and getting ready to start practice in November. I’m excited, because I think we’re going to be one of the best teams in the country. I got a shout-out to all my teammates in the next SLAM Magazine, so make sure you check that out in a couple weeks.

I never had a chance to talk about that Elite 24 game out in Cali. That was a great experience. I was out there with my brother Deuce Bello, and you know I helped him out a little bit in the dunk contest — make sure you check the video!

I definitely had some players on my team, guys like Brad Beal — I heard he’s in the new SLAM, too — and Kyle Wiltjer, so that was a lot oQuincy Millerf fun. Who was I impressed by? Definitely Austin Rivers, of course, that’s no surprise. That’s my guy. I like the way James McAdoo plays, Adonis Thomas, my little brother Quinn Cook, DaJuan Coleman, and Jabari Brown — I like his game a lot, too. I pretty much expected everyone to be good. Personally, I went out there trying show off my game, prove I’m one of the best players, but also just trying to have fun.

Then a couple weeks ago, we had this ScoutsFocus tournament down here in Greensboro. It was great. I had a little battle with some kid from down here. I guess you could say his “people” were on the sideline cheering him on, coming at me hard, and we were down eight or nine in the first half.

So then I went and scored 18 straight in the second quarter, and we won by 16.

I think he kinda got caught up in the hype a little bit, but it’s like that sometimes. Me? I love those moments.

What else? I saw The A-Team. That was real exciting, I liked it a lot. Oh, and I saw Takers, too, that’s a real good movie. The guys at SLAM asked me if I’ve ever seen a movie I didn‘t like, but you know I usually get suggestions before I go. Maybe one of these days I’ll go see something bad on purpose so I can give it a review. Oh, and I just got the Boondocks on DVD, too. You know I’m really enjoying that.

Well, that’s about it … what, you thought I forgot about my college list? Well, I got news: I got it down to five. My top five right now is Duke, Oklahoma, Marquette, Baylor and Louisville. My reasons? I mean, Duke is Duke. With Oklahoma, I played for Coach Capel with USA Basketball over the summer, and I think I could definitely play for him. Marquette is close to home — even though I’m down in North Carolina, I’m still a Chicago boy — and I feel like they teach well and go hard. With Baylor, I feel like Coach Drew is a genuine person, and he lets his guys excel. And Louisville, they’ve been recruiting me hard, and Coach Pitino is a Hall of Famer. So that’s where I stand. If your school’s not here, they’re not on my list.

Alright, check me out in the magazine in a couple weeks, and I’ll be back here next month.


Don’t forget: You can keep up Q on Twitter, and check out all his online diaries here.

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  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Love this kid. Thanks for breaking some news with us, Q.

  • http://www.crazie-talk.com/ JGS

    Thanks for the update, Q. Glad to know that Duke is still on your list! See you at Countdown to Craziness.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/blogs/farmer-jones/ Ryan Jones

    I recommend watching the video of him yelling at the hecklers during his personal 18-0 run.

  • http://slamonline GotHandles?

    kid’s a beast. that crossover right to left and back to the right is nasty.

  • Monstarzz


  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    If he goes to Duke…..Coach K has officially revamped the entire program….think about Kyrie, Austin, Curry, and Quincy….yuckkkkk

  • jarrett

    mix between amare and kd with a little less potential

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    BREAKING NEWS!!!! In a game that featured the best bbal club in America for 2010 and the best bball club in Europe for 2010 ,BARCELONA beat the LAKERS 92-88. Pau did his best and Kobe also tried to contribute but it was not enough. The (UNOFICIAL) title for the best bball club in the world for 2010 is brought for the first time in EUROPE!!!! (Olympiakos had lost from then NBA champs CHICAGO in 1997). I think this game should take place tihs year, in football this is a long time tradition, the best in Europe plays the best from Latin America to determine the best football club in the world (the best team in the world is determined in the WORLD’S ofcourse, just like in bball.)

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    quick recap (didn’t saw the game, just the highlights on the NBA site): the game was tense and ugly like those games usually are(at the same time that means that both teams,although not 100% ready, gave it all), the Lakers managed to take an 11 point lead at the third period but Barca fought back and then the game kept close till the end. Pau was the best from Lakers and Navaro for Barca. Kobe had a similar showing as the other great game he played this year (0/6 3′s in this one, ) and the Lakers were 0/14 on 3′s in general. Seems that both teams approached the game much more serious than an unofficial world final…Kobe who had said he’ll play just 5-6 minutes ended up playing more than Ricky (25-18) but it was still not enough….check Barca’s 55&56th point to understand what beautiful basketball (as coach K called it) means.Amazing!!

  • Realisticcardsfan

    Louisville and Pitino need you.

  • dmoore

    dude is like kevin durant

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    lol @ ‘Roger Ebert’s job is safe’

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @Antonsis stop trolling dude, TWolves just wiped the Lakers….guess they play beautiful basketball too huh???

  • P

    Please don’t go to Duke. Actually don’t go anywhere in the ACC unless it’s Maryland.

  • Diables_bleu

    Q, good list of schools to choose from. All are top quality programs. Just glad you’re not interested in UNC-Chapel Hill. LoL. I have a lot of respect for Marquette, Baylor, and Oklahoma. Big fan of Coach Capel too because of the Duke connection. Seems like Louisville is struggling a bit as of late although Pitino is a great basketball coach with great history.

    I love your shot-blocking ability and your ability to finish in the paint and elevate above the rim. You have sound fundamentals and a high basketball IQ. I think if you wanted to play at a high level all the time and challenge yourself against the best teammates, Duke would be your best choice. Coach K will help you make your defensive game sick like KG, Kevin Durant, and Lamar Odom.
    Y’all would basically pull off what Dwane Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh did for Miami this summer. except for NCAA basketball and Duke:
    Quincy Miller, Austin Rivers, Seth Curry, Michael Gbinije, and Kyrie Irving. Sounds like an amazing starting 5 to me. Plus as a strong wing player, you got to take of those knees. Wouldn’t you want players like Ryan Kelly, Josh Hairston, Tyler Adams, and MP3 to back you up with rebounding and giving you a break from the bump and grind.

    @Antonis Fotsis LoL. I know bringing in the Lakers and Barcelona is interesting because Q could be a future star in the NBA but I’m not sure why you couldn’t help posting this in response to Q’s diary. The Lakers are not going to risk playing their best players hard for a pre-season exhibition game. ROFL. He took 2 posts to make his point.

    Now I’m going long in my response. Young truth, I enjoy reading your updates and think you could be a media personality like Shaq someday after following some of your twitter feeds. Keep on keepin’ on. Hope you decide to play for the Duke Blue Devils. peace.

  • bigbluechris

    quincy must not like having competition. to much talent for him at kentucky. ( gilchrist, davis, wiltjer, teague, lamb, liggins, d.miller ) sounds like to me he doesnt want to be into a great team just a great himself.

  • baylorbear87

    Quincy, Baylor wants and needs you! You would definitely have a chance to make big contributions in your first year and we are a program that is definitely on the rise. Coach Drew is one of the most genuine and honest guys around and he definitely knows how to get a team to work together towards a common goal. I can speak on behalf of all Baylor fans… We would love to have you be a Baylor Bear

  • TSo

    Quincy Miller, Austin Rivers, Seth Curry, Michael Gbinije, and Kyrie Irving. Sounds like an amazing starting 5 to me.

    What?? Sometimes you gotta wonder if these posters even know anything at all about basketball. Those five would NEVER start for Duke: they’re all wings, or, in Q’s case – MAYBE – a four with wing skills. Try Kyrie, Austin, Q, Mason Plumlee, and Miles Plumlee for the traditional line-up. Or Kyrie, Austin, Andre Dawkins, Q, and either Plumlee for the small line-up. Q does not want to, nor should he play the five, which he would have to do in the hypothetical line-up you proposed. You can’t just gather the five best players or worse, the five best wing players, you can find, throw them on the court, and call them the best line-up out there. C’mon, man!

  • Diables_bleu

    @TSo Good point. With all the talent Duke has coming in next year, I wasn’t trying to sort out who was going to get drafted and who was going to stay.
    I guess I was thinking of Quincy Miller taking over the three/four wing like Kyle Singler did having to play four for a faster (small) lineup.

    If Kyrie Irving stays, your line-up of
    Kyrie, Austin, Q, Mason Plumlee, and Miles Plumlee would be a great core group of starters.

    However, if Kyrie and Miles Plumlee both leave for the draft after another championship run (along with seniors Singler and Smith) than Duke may have to go:
    Seth Curry, Austin Rivers, Quincy Miller, Tyler Adams and Mason Plumlee. (For a Big group)
    Austin Rivers, Andre Dawkins, Josh Hairston, and Quincy Miller, Mason Plumlee.
    I’m not sure if Q ever played with the Plumlee brothers, Ryan Kelly, or Seth Curry. (He may have caught video highlights of Curry though)

    I figured he’d be familiar with the play of the younger Duke basketball recruits like Josh Hairston, Michael Gbinije, Austin Rivers, and Kyrie Irving.

    Thanks @TSo for actually reading through my comments. I posted really early in the morning cuz I couldn’t fall asleep. Your lineups sound more likely for Duke if Q commits and Irving stays for more than a year. Peace.

  • Card for Quincy


    Come to Louisville not just because of Pitino and because the coaching staff has been recruiting you.

    Come because basketball is huge in this city. It’s even bigger now that we have new arena. The nearest pro-team is over 100 miles away, meaning that all the nearby fans love college basketball.

    Louisville fans in particular have been waiting for championship every year since 1986. We’ve been even more eager since Pitino came in 2001. If you come you will be idolized by the entire city for years to come. Darrell Griffith from the 1980 Championship team still has his picture in Cardinal uniform on the side of one of our buildings.

    Moreover, if there ever was a year to come, your freshman year would be the year. Pitino has put together a great freshman class for that year, plus Peyton Siva well be a well developed point guard in his junior year who will able to get the ball to you when you want it.

    To sum it up, come to Louisville because of the support you’ll receive from the city and because you can win a championship here. Don’t come just because Pitino is a great coach, although he did just take a 3-star recruit and help him develop into a NBA small forward who had a triple double in his rookie season.



  • Diables_bleu

    Whether you go to Louisville, Duke, or Baylor take care of yourself man. Keep working on your game daily and remember to do things daily that remind you that you are a human being first even before you are a athlete and a basketball player.
    Identity is a big thing in life and it changes throughout the journey.

    Oh yeah, and ignore the bitter haters like this guy above @Brandon You sound so mad that Quincy Miller is not going to UK. Maybe it has something to do with bittersweet results from last year and how shaky your program looks with Calipari at the head. I’m glad neither Deuce Bello nor Quincy Miller decided to suit up for UK.
    Hell even Tony Wroten came to his senses and decided to be a man and play near the home town crowd.
    @Brandon very clever name calling btw, Loserville. no imagination what so ever. Although Pitino has his own issues I respect him as a basketball coach.

    So back off @Brandon and leave the young man be. All you care about is your silly school pride and reputation and put down talented prospective young athletes to get your rocks off.

    Peac out.. Q and enjoy the journey.

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  • Diables_Bleu

    Congratulations to Baylor University for getting 2 more talented basketball players: Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello.
    They’re going to dominate the Big 12 with their up and coming team. Don’t underestimate chemistry.
    Peace. Hope to see those two representing some day for USA basketball again sometime.

  • Janie

    This kid is great! I love his diaries SO much! I have read this guys blogs since the beginning! He should go to Louisville1 All the greats have gone there. What about Rondo.

  • lando

    I’m really excited to see this kid play in college.