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Anthony Bennett Jordan Brand Classic Diary

The power forward checks in from Charlotte.

While he spends the week in Charlotte preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Anthony Bennett shares his experience with SLAMonline! Check daily to read up on his preparation leading to Saturday’s game. For more on the game, including info on buying tickets, visit the game’s official website, www.JordanBrandClassic.com.

As told to Sean Brown / @SBrown_

What’s up, SLAM?

It’s been a busy last two days, but glad I can catch up with you guys. It’s been an honor to be selected to play in the Jordan Brand Classic. I’ve played with and against a lot of these guys before and everyone here is talented. I’m anxious for game day so I can get out there with everybody and just play my game. I’m just relaxing and trying to have fun out on the floor, because this is my last high school game. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my college choice and where I’ll be playing. I’m just taking my time with the decision but what’s really important to me is the relationship with the coach. I also talk to one player from each team and just ask about their experience at the school and with the team and coaching staff. It’s all about what school fits my style of play and game. When I finally make a decision, I know it will be the right one for me.

Practice today was great, more intense than yesterday. The first practice yesterday was pretty light, they just wanted us to get up and down a little bit. Today we all pushed ourselves and ended practice with some competitive shooting drills I shot the ball pretty well today too. There’s been a lot of skill drills today, and we worked a clinic with some local younger kids on dribbling and shooting this morning, which was fun.

I was asked who I thought my game was most like in the NBA. A lot of people tell me a young Elton Brand. I like to think I have a complete game as far as shooting, passing, rebounding and defense. I’d describe myself as a high motor guy and a hard worker before anything else.

The whole experience down here in Charlotte has been great. I’m going to go relax before our banquet tonight. Tomorrow is game day and we’re going to put on a show. Thanks for reading and make sure to watch the game and I’ll check back with you guys tomorrow!

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  • http://www.yahoo.com/ado John

    Bennet, come to KY and be part of the beautiful cycle!

  • Rupp’s Runt

    Anthony: God has blessed you with an amazing talent to play basketball and I just hope you bring that talent to Lexington:) There are many other schools and then there’s………..KENTUCKY. No other school has more wins, more fans, more McDonald’s All-Americans, more NBA picks, etc. UK is only for the best and I hope you join Nerlens, Willie, Archie and Alex. Good luck tomorrow night. GO BIG BLUE

  • http://Slam Sharon H

    Anthony, thanks for the autograph today and like I told you today, we would love to have you at Kentucky. Thanks so much.

  • Cking

    Anthony we need you at Kentucky!! You would fit in perfectly on offense and defense, as you are so well rounded as a player!!! Come help the cats win a championship. Enjoy the game!

  • Cking

    From Jamal Magloire to Kyle Wiltjer, Kentucky loves Canadians!! Drake loves us too!!!

  • Rosalinda

    Anthony Bennett is such an exciting player to watch. We sure would love to see you in Kentucky Blue. BBN WANTS YOU!!!

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    LOL @ the “Drake loves us too”!

  • dpmukfan

    Come to Kentucky, where legends are made and never forgotten

  • Gil

    We need you to become a Ky Wildcat! At Ky you can have fun developing yourself for the NBA, continuous national exposure, winning a NCAA championship, and becoming a first round NBA pick. Kentucky is a fun place to be!!

  • N8Robinson

    Yo Anthony…You need to take your talents to UW. They’ll love you there and you’ll fit in great. Calipari once told me that he hates Canada and the people it breeds. He also hates hockey. Go to Washngton and avoid that greasy doot

  • UKFan

    Anthony. There is no better feeling that winning playing for a talented team like UK’s last year. I can only imagine the thrill of playing on a championship team, a team that everyone on the schedule highlight it as the main event. Rupp is a great place to play, BBN is the best. and Cal is a great coach and an awesome human being. What are you waiting for? Just ditch the other visits and tell the world you will be a Wildcat!!!

  • Wildcatfan

    Would love to see you at UK, your style fits perfectly with us, however, go with your heart and wherever you choose…..may you excel and enjoy the blessings of the talent God has given you!

  • UKFan

    MKG offered for Miller to start at his place and will still be drafted second. It is not the quantity of minutes that count, it is the quality and the exposure.

  • UK Cat Fan

    Anthony: Kentucky women are hot!!! And they love their Cats!!! Please join the BBN!!!!

  • Brenda1107

    AB we need you man! You are the last piece of the championship 2013 puzzle!
    Go CATS!

  • Neil

    Anthony, Why not go to a school that can offer you a great education, a wonderful and effective coach, being reunited with team mate Artis Dominic, and an up and coming basketball to match its football program in a 2013 powerful PAC-12? Clearly, the University of Oregon is the place to end up. Feel it, Anthony!

  • Mike Chambers

    UK does NOT have the most McDonald All-Americans, not even close.


  • Reed j

    Anthony don’t go uk go florida where u can be one of only stars on team & uk already has, 2 big, man u, have, nba game, anywhere u go

  • #1 Wildcat fan

    Anthony, you are such a talented basketball player. The Kentucky Wildcats need you to fill that last piece to the 2013 back to back National Championship Puzzle. We love our Wildcats!!! You’re such a beast on the court. Love to watch you ball. You’d look good in Ky Blue. Wish you the best of luck in tonight’s game. Go Anthony Bennett and Go Big Blue!!!

  • http://URL KMan24

    AB-Come and experience a fantastic life experience at the National Champions University of Kentucky.

  • Henry

    Anthony make the BEST decision and become a Gator. Big men who play in the Florida offense are more prepared for the NBA. You get the opportunity to learn pick and roll (pop) offense which is essential especially for power forwards in the NBA.

  • http://Canfielddevelopment.com Steve C

    Be the needle. Pick the CATS. There is only 1 king of college basketball. It’s KENTUCKY. We need you. Go CATS. BBN.

  • http://www.imobileus.com bradsgators23

    Come to Florida! You will be a perfect fit at Florida! GO Gators

  • cmoney gwap

    dont go to UK they already stacked….go to UNLV and catch lobs from Katin all day.

  • i bleed blue

    anthony, the big blue nation is absolutely nuts. We worship basketball in Kentucky. Come to lexington where you will be joined by a group of stars and led by a national championship winning coach. Kentucky is “The place” for you. I BLEED BLUE AND YOU CAN TO!

  • crswildcat

    I have 3 responses; #1, why would anybody want to play at washington!
    #2, who cares who has the most mcds all americans, we’ve won the 2nd most championships and if cal stays long enough we’ll pass ucla for no.1. We’ve won more games than anyone, more SEC champ., and we have the best fans in the country by far, we would probably be alot closer in the mcds all amer. race if Tubby would not have been there, cant believe people think he’s a good coach just because he won a national championship, I could’ve coached that team and won! #3, if Anthony B. comes to UK I believe we can go back to back, even without him we’ve got a shot, but with him I dont know how we can be stopped. GO UK!!!!!!!!

  • jell

    Kentucky provides more opportunity for you than anywhere. The best coach and staff, the best teammates who are selfless and the best opportunity to show your individual talent in a true team setting.

  • sckyfan

    Anthony, you’ll have fans all over the country if you go to Kentucky. Go ‘Cats!

  • n8wulf

    NC State is amped up this season. Come be a part of the PACK!

  • Mike

    Hey man…you would be the perfect fit for Cal, the Cats, and ANOTHER national championship banner…really…we really need you…and you need us!

  • will smith

    come to uf help us win another title and dethronne uk

  • Sean

    Anthony, please go to Kentucky. I really would LOVE for you to. You would do great there with Noel and the others. Come on you will do great. Good luck were ever you go.

  • Abe
  • Abe

    Geez, would you look at that. UW is the top academic institution of AB’s final 5 too.


    Maybe this isn’t such a tough choice after all.

  • pianiplyr

    UK would love to have you as part of our team. Great coach, great teammates, great fans….GREAT CHOICE!!

  • Brian

    Like Archie and Alex said after Nerlens announced; Come to Kentucky man! Your skill set would be great for the style of the Cats and would fill the mold of what should be a National Championship caliber team! Best of luck at the Jordan Brand and best regards to you wherever you decide! Go Big Blue!

  • Drelon

    Please come to UNLV,just think about it if you go to a school like UK to the world you’ll just be another great player that played at there school like you never even went there after you leave,but if you came to UNLV you would be adding to just a handful of legends and be talked about forever!

  • Adam

    David Lee, joakim Noah, al horford, mike miller, mareese speights, Matt bonner, Chandler parsons. Coach Donovan will make you a better player and a more prepared big man in the NBA.

  • Larry Davis


    The wild cat fans are hoping that you will wear the Kentucky jeresy , come join the BBN with your help we can march back to the final four next year and watch you cut the nets drown and ride the bus back into RUPP and help all the Wilsd Cat Fans hang a another banner from the rafters at RUPP . Come feel all the love that is waiting in Lexington .


  • Andrew

    Anthony, come to UF you won’t regret it! UF is loaded with talented young guards and is a big man away from the NC! Billy Donavon is one of the best coaches in the world and knows how to coach top talent (just ask Brad Beal). You can’t beat the sun, beautiful women, and an amazing campus either! Your the missing piece to win the NC after back to back elite 8′s!

  • BH

    Really didn’t see that Beal developed any his time at uf and MJ in his prime couldn’t win a NAT at uf this coming year what a joke……