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McDonald’s All American Games To Stay in Chicago Through 2015

McDonald’s and the United Center just inked a deal to keep the high school all-star showcase in the Windy City for five consecutive years. Check out the full announcement from McDonald’s:

OAK BROOK, Ill. (Oct. 24, 2012)The McDonald’s All American Games will stay in Chicago through 2015. After Windy City fans shattered the event’s attendance record in 2011, and returned in-force for the 2012 Games, McDonald’s and the United Center agreed to a two-year contract extension, including an option to renew in 2016.

“This is a historic day for the McDonald’s All American Games,” said Douglas Freeland, director of the McDonald’s All American Games. “Fans throughout the U.S. can now make Chicago their ‘destination’ to see the greatest high school basketball players participate in this annual rite of passage.”

The 2013 McDonald’s All American Games will tip-off on Wed., April 3 at the United Center. Game times and ticket information will be available by early 2013, and will be shared on www.mcdaag.com.

“An invitation to the McDonald’s All American Games is what every prep basketball player dreams about,” said Jay Williams, 1999 McDonald’s All American and current ESPN analyst. “I’ve had the pleasure to both play in this game and call it on ESPN. There simply isn’t another all-star event like the McDonald’s All American Games, and there isn’t a better city for it than Chicago.”

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  • Redd

    Jay Williams didn’t lie, best city in the world & best sports town in America.

  • Lorne

    The only people who believe that are from Chicago. How many people around the world even know where the hell it is outside of the U.S? Very few, that’s for damn sure. I’d also take Boston and New York over it as a sports town.

  • Redd

    Um, a lot? A guy named Michael Jordan? kanye West? Obama? Yeah people know. And Chicago is the greatest city, period.

  • Lorne

    It’s not even the second most famous in the country (LA 2nd, Washington D.C third) and it’s located in flyover country. As someone who’s been around the world, trust me people can locate LA and New York a hell of a lot faster than Chicago. The most famous individual’s associated with Chicago are ALL transplants with the exception of Kanye, who doesn’t even live there anymore. Like I said, nobody outside of Chicago believes it’s the greatest city AT ALL. It’s nickname is the Second City, and even that isn’t true. Everything Chicagoans tout as a unique quality, another city rivals or surpasses it in that area (except murder rate lol). Sorry kiddo.

  • Lorne

    One question: If DC is the capital of the country; LA the entertainment capital of the country–possibly the world; NY the media, business, cultural, art, and fashion capital of the country–possibly the world; where does Chicago fit in to all of this? Murder capital, perhaps?

  • Redd

    You have no life you just wrote an essay I didn’t bother to read.. Pathetic.

  • Irishways

    Danm Right, Issah Thomas, DRose, DWade, Andra Igblayblay andsome history for yah George Mikan guy who put the lakers on the map

  • @SLAMonline @Ballislife

    Deoun Willams 6’4 Senior at Arsenal Tech will be there this year

  • KyleReeves

    You just got owned!

  • Lorne

    Yet you responded, which means you read it and have no real comeback, sucka.

  • Redd

    Or..I responded cause I didn’t read it…LOL.

  • Lorne

    “We don’t believe you, you need more people!”