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KICKS Extra: Just For You

One of the world’s premiere sneaker collector shows opens his shoeboxes.

by Come Chantrel with Ben Osborne

All the KICKS readers had to have their interests piqued when we promised in our recently released annual issue that Come Chantrel, profiled in First Step for his role as the creative genius behind the sneaker documentary, Just for Kicks, would take you inside his shoeboxes on our website. Take out your notebooks, sneakerheads.

Wu Tang Dunk (1997)
When Nike decided to re-release the Dunks in 1997, the program was launched with this very exclusive “Killa Bee” model, which was given to the members of Wu Tang Clan to celebrate the group’s second album release. It was the first Nike shoe co-branded with a rap act — though certainly not the last — and was never made for sale.

Patrick Ewing Adidas Conductor (Knicks colors) (1986)
Following in the footsteps of the Adidas Forums, the Conductor was a massive sneaker that looked like a Mack Truck. In 1986, nothing came close to it; it made the first Air Jordans look like a women’s shoe at the time.

Adidas Rivalry (one pair white/red and one pair white/light blue) (1986)
A simplified, cheaper version of the Conductor worn by Ewing, the Rivalry was the next best choice to rock with a leather goose down and some tight Levis.

Nike Solo Flight (one pair white/red and one pair Knicks colors) (1988-1990)
Alongside their cousins from the Air Jordan line, the Solo Flights were the best of the high-tech basketball shoes that came out in
the late 80’s.
Nike Force (white/black/marble/green) (1991)
If the Solo Flights were built like fighter jets, the Forces were M1 tanks, with this particular model using Pump technology borrowed from Reebok. Don’t waste your time trying to find deadstocks of Flights or Forces. These shoes were never meant to last for 20 years. Even new, the synthetic leather will fall apart and the bubble will explode if you wear them.

Adidas Run DMC (white/grey) (1987)
Adidas was the first brand to understand the marketing potential of Hip-Hop artists. In 1986, Run DMC became the first non-athletic entity to sign with a sports brand. Leather sweat suits and snake-skin high tops brought a revolutionary twist to athletic gear. Sneakers were now designed to shine at the club instead of on the court.

Nike Glacier (white/white) (1982)
It’s hard to imagine how high tech those running shoes looked in the early 80s. At the time, Nike was still just a baby brand…

Nike Foamposite Penny Hardaways (1997)
The Foamposite was the heir to the Air Jordan throne. Made of a one-piece foam shell, at $200 these shoes were the most expensive athletic shoes made. This particular pair is an original without the Nike Swoosh.

The Nike Foamposite Kevin Garnett (black/green) (1998)
Between the reflection of the color and the Alien design, this was the hottest shoe in New York when it came out and one of the hottest basketball-shoe designs of all time.

Reebok Alien Stomper / Just for Kicks Limited Edition (grey/red) (2006)
Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wore this shoe in Aliens, in 1986. The ad campaign stated that Reebok was soon releasing a shoe, which wouldn’t be out for the next 150 years. The Just for Kicks Edition is a small promotional run to celebrate the ultimate sneaker documentary. The design and look of the shoe was inspired by the industrial look of the space Marines fighting alongside Ripley in the movie.

Adidas Just for Kicks Shell Toes (white/white) (2006)
Since our documentary explores the amazing relationship between Adidas and Run DMC, Adidas thought that a Shell Toe promotional run was appropriate to celebrate the film. Only a few pairs were made available to entertainers and personalities in the film. The shoe was never made for sale.

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  • sush carter

    but have you ever seen polish/italian combo chuck taylors with the stars on the side?

  • Nadav

    What about the Jordan XX1 SLAM Edition?

  • Max Airington

    I can’t wait til they retro those Penny Foamposites in ’07.

  • Tim Dogg

    Being able not to see these shoes gives me a great ache inside (especially the Wushoes). It’s like if you said you had Scarlett Johannsenn nude, and then merely had an article describing what she might look like. I need to go lie down.

  • Ben

    You can get a little taste on page 19 of this year’s KICKS, in the story on Come Chantrel. I think the photog got some pics of the shoes, but he’s out of touch til next week. Maybe we can get some of the images up then.

  • Josh

    I had a friend in high school that took a trip to Mexico and came back with all kinds of conterfeit stuff including a pair of penny foamposites and nike branded belts, wallets and jeans. The shoes didn’t even fit him!

  • thesubwayconnection

    KILLA BEE DUNKS?!?! oh. damn. i only wish. . .

  • O’Nell

    Max, im with ya. I want to wear these everyday.

  • Come Chantrel

    I have a couple of pairs left and I’m thinking of selling one. I’m not sure how to put them on the market though (I hate Ebay)…If anyone has any idea, please let me know.
    Meanwhile a pair will be featured at The New York Museum from September 06 to March 07.

  • aknell

    So you put names of kicks put no pics. Thats bullshit. Everyone should learn from the book Whered you get those and show the love.

  • Come Chantrel

    Every sneakers mentioned above were photographed the same day as the photo shoot of the article in Kicks. I have no idea how to post pics on the site…
    Here is were I found each one:

    - Wu Tang Dunks. I used to do work with the L.E group at Nike while I was at Loud. I had been going to Japan for years. In 94/95, the Dunk was one of the hottest shoe and I kept seing it over there (not in my size)and was frustrated. When Nike finaly decided to bring it back, they aggree to do a Wu one. The Wu was on fire with the their 2nd, biggest album about to drop and their official color was blk/yellow. The blk/yllw Dunk was a classic and we thought of the Killa Bee Dunk to come out with the album. The Wu Dunk is on exhibition at the New York Museum from 09/06 to 03/07 (not kidding!).

    -Conductor. One of my favorite sneaker of all time. Found this pair last year in Ireland.

    -Rivalry. My friend Rob found a stash in a store’s basement in Harlem in 2000. He got me a pair wht/gold, red/wht and wht/baby blue. The were so cheap, he gave me 3 pairs as a present. Rivalry, in 2000, in your size, in NY, in # colors, cheap = priceless!

    - Solo Flights. I’ve been going to SD for ever and always knew about the China Man store (bought some Filas there in 1988). I found a stash of all kinds of late 80′s Flights in the (off-limit) basement in 96. I took everything I could physicaly carry back to NY. Nobody was interested in 80′s tech high tops then.

    - Run Dmc + Glacier. In 1994 in was touring mom’n pops records stores with groups on Loud. We always ended up in little towns malls. No chains were really in the hood yet and all the sneaker stores were family own Korean joints where they had tons of shit in the basement. Bobbito was the only cat who knew about one particular store. I used to take Japanese kids there and charge them $10 per pair they would buy. I went bck in 2001 and the spot still had a lot of stuff.

    Foamposite 1&2. I had a relationship with most sneakers brands in the 1990′s (my access to artists might have helped…). As one of the lucky few, I used to receive boxes of kicks in the mail. My favorite thing to do back then was to break out the new Jordans. I used to get them in summer and walk up and down Broadway. For some reason, cats from NY already knew what they were although they weren’t coming out til’ November. These were the real days of “where did you get those”. These Foamposites came from the same place and had the same result as the Jordans did.

    One Love

    p.s I’m thinking about selling a lot of my stuff, including some Wu Dunks (s 11).

  • randy

    i was wondering if any1 has an email address where i could contact SLAM or even calven fowler (the guy who is making the movie about jordan collectors) i have ALOT of jordan stuff, and i would love to see if he is interested in seeing my jordan collection…. please emai me back at rkerr3@cox.net, thanks!

  • http://goldenstateofmind.com dj fuzzylogic

    these shoes are hot… but what ya think about the Nike Dunk Cement Pros? In the words of TI, whatcha know about dat??


  • Chris

    Fuzzy, those Dunks are called Supremes and aren’t nearly as rare as half those shoes mentioned.

    The Wu Tang joints alone had only 10-20 pairs made.

  • Ben

    The pics are going up tomorrow, September 6th! Sorry to Come and all the curious readers for the delay.

  • Boing Dynasty

    The freshest kicks are still the Nike more tempo’s
    with the “AIR” covering the whole shoe.

  • boston’s finest

    nike dunks have came a long way. and look at where they are today? possibly, on the same level as AF1. whether it better gator dunks, heinekin dunks, denim dunks, even jordan styled dunks, it’ll be a while before those shoes get played out

  • http://xdfthb.com Chapizzle Cofodishizzle

    Run DMCs fuckin suck. Its like seeing one of yur teachers nude.


    i am looking for ADIDAS RIVALRY LOW …IN BLUE

  • http://www.lionzden.net Lionz Den Productions

    What’s really good? Got a call the other day from a fellow artist in Cali, talkin bout “yo you din’t tell me you was in a magazine”. Damn…I didn’t know. We had a booth at the ISB Atlantic City and mad people kept coming up saying they had seen my joker kicks in the magazine. Russ Bengtson & Brian Appio thanks for the mention!


  • Eric!

    Hey, I’ve been looking for someone to give me a little more info on those Adidas Conductors. I have the Ewing one’s in DEADSTOCK condition that I found somehow in some thrift store outside of Philly for 30 bucks! Im not kidding when I say never worn and the sticker on the inside is BRAND NEW. What are these guys worth? And who do i see to sell??? Thanks!
    Eric in Denver

  • http://slamonline.com marcus griffith

    Man when I saw Calvin Fowler in the kicks magazine I felt like someone in the business knew what was on my mind. Jordans are one of the most important shoe ever made.I been wearing them since high school and loved them since grade school.I have about 3 friends and we are hooked tell Calvin if he comes to chicago and do an interview I will meet him there.I stay in Rockford IL about 30min away.We want to be apart of the movie.I’m so hooked I get my two year old son all the ones I don’t get.

  • JLiG

    Those Wu’s are something else prolly one of the freshest and trill things Nike has done.

  • kaliko kahoonei

    those nike pump those are filthy if i could get those or a pair of solo flights some one hit me up if they no where to get a pair

  • Jaime wu

    I remembered Nike Wu Tang Clan dunk in 1997. It is so hard to find.

  • ilian

    Eric, send me an e-mail at ilian_celt at yahoo com – I am interested.
    what size?

  • david shadi

    hey whats up i love s.nash

  • MiKeN

    So basically, Mr. Come Chantrell, you’re telling me the only way to get ahold of any of these sweet kicks is to have connections and/or do work with the companies itself? Wow, talk about a heartbreak for this sneaker fan.

  • Dee

    Does anyone know where I can order the alien stompers now. If so hit me up at dwaynebernard@hotmail.com. Specifically the the color Ripley wore in the movie.

  • outpal

    mman i fall out man the alien i been look 4 them when i was 16yrs now iam 34yrs istill want a pair

  • Scott

    I am looking for some Patrick Ewing Conductors size 13 Please contact Scotteaa1@yahoo.com if you have info

  • Dave Gillarm

    Does anyone know where I can buy the Patrick Ewing Adidas Conductor’s? If so please email me as gillarmd@omegatraining.com.

  • http://emanthe1styahoo.com immanuel

    i need the patrick ewing adidas info too. email me at emanthe1st@yahoo.com

  • Nisanth.G

    da foamposite KGs are d asikest 1s dere

  • jemal

    does anyone know where i can find patrick ewing adidas conductors ? please email me at jemalhenderson@yahoo.com