Monday, October 30th, 2006 at 6:36 pm  |  23 responses

Adidas T-Mac 6

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  • B

    the t-macs are always sick!

  • t dot j.

    these are aight, an all black colorway would be gangsta


  • kingstuffs

    dayum numba six all redy lol
    its been that long lol
    hmm not reely feelin the
    wannabe shox on the inside
    but otha then that these r dope

  • http://www.myspace.com/legit46 Legit46

    Mane I Love Athe Black n Whites Those R Killin Me To Buy dem, thet re tempting… but not as tempting as i wuz back in da days for dem t-mac3′s!!! those were da SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • DVLb0y613

    i like the black and whites better..i saw these at foot locker and i saw the black/white ones on the internet and they were better…

  • Fred

    Not bad

  • Dj

    glad they went back to real laces at least.

  • rob stewart

    respectable. Not a whole lotta extra garbage like some.

  • beantownz finest

    dose r hot.i like da tmac 5z nd 3z

  • koko

    N-I-C-E!!!!! i like it! dats d kind of shoes wen u sold dem, they sold like candies…..kip it up!!!

  • http://slamonline.com Justin H

    Better than last years.

  • j.l.

    t-mac is doing his thing on and off the court!


    I really like them I have to get 2 pairs. And I can’t wait to see what T-MAC is gonna do next.

  • Myk

    Sumthing must be wrong with the photo :D I saw these in person they look waay better in real life.

  • Miks08

    I dunno if it’s the colorway or the materials for the upper that they used, 6s sure look conservative compared to its’ predecessors. I’m sure intrigued with the formotion(?) technology used in the soles.


    they’re hot dhat’s all i gotta say.. anythang from t-mac is great


    i m gonna haftto buy thoose

  • Homeboy8

    those r the dopest shoes ever and any1 who dosen’t like em is dumb

  • balnpdx

    these are sick!! ur not gonna find a shoe that gives u more agility– those formotion pods give you lateral motion faster, quicker movement than any other shoe! the gil zeros got em too!

  • Master


  • snickers

    dese the shoes that i got for 130 bills…dey comfortable as hell

  • http://aol Mrs. Diva

    dese str8

  • Magic

    just bought me a pair of dem…. freakin sick, insane but man i wish i could pick em up here in australia as cheap as they r in the us.. bloody $280 australian…..sigh. but they off the hook man.