Thursday, December 28th, 2006 at 6:10 pm  |  28 responses

Nike Shox 22

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  • matty p

    I like em

  • http://slamonline.com/online/2006/07/sneaker-wars/ big jeff

    are these igodala’s shoe? i think there hot tho

  • http://www.nuggdoctor.blogspot.com Nick The Nugg Doctor

    Does that say AI? Couldn’t….

  • http://www.nuggdoctor.blogspot.com Nick The Nugg Doctor

    The other AI, numb nuts!

  • me

    iggy’s shoes, nice!

  • Chief

    Igoudala’s got some hot kicks
    Wanna see what Vince’s look like

  • Yaro

    What a low & cheap way to get attention. Using the same initials to create a false buzz. Shame on them!!!

  • j.l.

    screw u all, andre is sick and so are his kicks

  • Ekam

    Iggy better enter the dunk contest this year and he better not get fuken robbed bi some 5 foot cocky annoying ass BENCH WARMING miget. This miget took more time on his through the legs dunk then he got play time in the whole season hahahaha

  • Chris O’Leary

    Careful what you say about lil’ Nate. If he can chase off Melo, he’ll step to you too.

  • J R

    i like iggy but i dont like these that much. and nate might step “to” you, but then you can step “on” him.

  • Ekam

    hhahahah good one jr

  • MiKeN

    I think you guys are being a little hard on Nate, there. I’m sure that you can’t possibly be playing the ‘short’ card on Robinson. Short for the NBA, maybe but I hardly can call 5’10 as being tiny. But sweet kicks nonetheless.
    BTW, Ekam: there’s a “d” in “midget”.

  • J R

    i think 5’10 is being a little generous.

  • beantownz finest

    dose r nice
    iggi nd nate r mah boyz

  • http://www.crips.com rollin 60 crip

    da alight but they look like vicks UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://aol Mrs. Diva

    I wit J R the whole way. Iggy tite, but these shoes aint tha hottest on tha bloc. And honey, u rite 5’10 is bein a lil generous. HA! I thought I stepped on him yestaday.(lol. jk)

  • http://slamonline za904

    Not bad loocking, but if they did not look so much like a missile or a rocket I would probably cop deme.

  • http://hagreen513hotmail.com Andre green

    Nate is a real 5’9″ come on people I thought this was for players and fans not just ill sighted shoe critics. A decent kick til Philly’s AI gets a logo then it’s off with the Swoosh (that’s the “check”, for you clowns disrespecting the shoe biz)

  • Bobby

    Why are they 22′s? are they for Tayshaun too?
    They are nice though

  • Beeka

    Does anyone have any idea when the new Vince Carter is release or how it looks like??

  • skippa

    when are they for sale in the aus?

  • http://aol Mrs. Diva

    Andre SHUT UP. everybody got they own opinion.

  • marcorafael

    aren’t these called the shox testify?

  • bryan

    well for those who thought that AI means ” ALLEN IVERSON ” instead of ” ANDRE IGUODALA “, dd u see iverson rockin #9 on his jersey.. and tell me if ever denver nuggets will have that black and red jersey, i’ll get them asap.. wtf!

  • bryan

    he’s stl wearing his signature shoes and haven’t changed them eversince.. i think he’s contract with nike has already ended.. id love to see carter wearing adidas.. for sometime.. lols!

  • J. Riggs

    AI9 iggydala…nice

  • http://slam q

    yo these are hot