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KICKS 11: Kicksology

Who wore what last season?

By Konate Primus

There is no doubt in my mind that you haven’t bought KICKS 11 by now (remember, SLAM subscribers, KICKS will not becoming to you, so hit your local newsstand/Wal-Mart/Borders/wherever), and assuming you have, you know how great the issue is. As usual the “Kicksology” piece in the “First Step” section of the magazine, where we ran 30 of our favorite on-court shoes from this season, we promised to tell you what was what.

Open your copy to pages 20-30 and follow along below (“analysis” provided by yours truly).

01-Luis Scola-Li Ning Anta

02-Dirk Nowitzki-Nike Dual D-2k6 (AKA “Air come up short”)

03-Ben Wallace-Starbury Big Ben (AKA “Out of business”)

04-Shawn Marion-Nike Shox

05-Chauncey Billups-adidas pro model TS

06-Al Harrington-Nike Sharkleys (an Instant classic hoop shoe)

07-Amare Stoudemire-Air STAT (A.K.A “on or over?”)

08-Antonio McDyess-adidas NBA Professor

09-Al Horford-Nike AF25′s

10-Shawn Marion Nike Shox (so nice we ran it twice)

11-Kobe Bryant-Nike Hyperdunks (A.K.A Super lites)

12-Carmelo Anthony-Jordan Melo 4 (“DUI orange”)

13-Marcus Camby-Nike Team Elite (“Block party”)

14-Ray Allen-Jordan Dentro

15-Shaquille O’Neal-Dunkman

16-Louis Williams-Nike Zoom BB

17-Kevin Durant-Nike Air Flight School [pictured]

18-Stephen Jackson-Jordan III (“Inside out”)

19-Carlos Boozer-Nike AF25 All-Star makeup

20-Kenyon Martin-Nike-Zoom BB II

21-Paul Pierce-Nike Air Max P2 IV (“Can’t tell me nothing”)

22-Dwight Howard-adidas pro model TS (“Superboy becomes Superman”)

23-Lamar Odom-Nike-Team Elite (“Air Irrelevant”)

24-Kevin Garnett-adidas Commander (“arrrrrrgghhhgjhsjhl, or whatever it is that KG yells)

25-Allen Iverson-Reebok Answer XI All-Star makeup

26-Ray Allen-Jordan XX3 All-Star makeup

27-Carlos Boozer-Nike AF25

28-Tim Duncan-adidas Pro Model All-Star makeup

29-Chris Paul-Jordan CP3

30-Chris Bosh-Nike Air Max Elite II All-Star makeup

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  • loganlight

    Hate for the subscribers… boo.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    It’s not hate; it’s a totally different print run; KICKS has never gone to subscribers and it’s certainly not included in your subscription rate. It’s on stands for another two months so you have time to go buy it…

  • Niio

    The only beef i have with the last 2 KICKS issues is that there aren’t any tech break down of the signature joints anymore.. That was my fav part of the whole mag.. the shoe process and the tech involved. Step your game up SLAM!


    luis scola wear ANTA SHOES¡¡¡¡¡

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    I truly miss the old Kicksology website. THAT was the coolest, most informative B-Ball Kicks site on the net, hands down. i bought a few shoes based on the prof’s recommendations.

  • thesubwayconnection

    I think KG truly yells MAF*CKA! everytime he blocks someone.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Niio, I think Ken Link does a lot of that in the LeBron cover story, and we’d also spoken to a lot of designers so we gave it a rest this year…we’ll bring that back in the future.

  • toml11

    i was kind of disappointed at this year’s kicks issue, especially the quality of the shoes that are shown at the very end of the magazine. Some of the shoes is just straight rubbish

  • Hibachi

    same toml11

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    Ben yall need to do more about that Sneakerhead culture. Sure you did the thing where Chris slept outside for the Old Love New Love pack and before that, you guys had the Sneaker Battle. But i was dissapointed you guys really didnt have any written article about sneakerhead culture. But that STATUS section is a nice addition. Overall i give it a A-, but i couldnt have done any better so good job.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    JUAN PABLO: in the picture on page 20, he’s wearing Li Ning.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    @ toml11 and Hibachi, thanks for the thoughts; we try to show a ton of different brands so sometimes stuff gets in that might not be to your liking. Thanks for the thoughts though. @ BETCATS, Status was definitely created with the thought that we should cover KICKS-style stories every issue. I’ll take an A- since we are still trying to improve and refine it. Maybe we can get an A+ in a few months…

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    As the bible says “Judge not, and ye shall not be Judged”

  • http://Fullcourtpresscoverage.blospot.com Eazy Yi

    the idea of subscribing is so you do not have to go out and cop it. I live in the UK and I go into Manchester WH Smiths around once every four month. So please don’t tell us we’re being unfair when we’re being held out on with our apparent profit eating subscriptions

  • http://Fullcourtpresscoverage.blospot.com Eazy Yi


  • andrej

    i got a litle less then half here kicks>>>>>>olympics(alothough that was nice too)>>>>>>>>>>streetball(its ok but played out)

  • ancarr

    they should’ve put a pic of jkidd’s “Peak’s”

  • ancarr


  • B. Long

    Those Laker colorway hyperdunks are fugly. Kobe, gold and purple don’t work on every shoe. Mostly black or white only this year homie.

  • chintao

    Slightly off-topic. Does anyone know what some of the Aussies were wearing at the Olympics? The shoes were Gold and Forest Green, possibly Nike?

  • r1seaboveall

    will amare have a new nike STAT 3? how about the pictures

  • http://www.nba.com Dacre

    does FILA still exist?

  • http://www.nba.com Dacre

    dunlop volleys!!!

  • rob stewart

    Man Kevin Durant’s legs are extra skinny!

  • Niio

    Ben, Aiight thanks for hearing me out. I just dig the whole tech break downs b/c it makes me appreciate the shoes more and gets me more geeked to buy them.

  • Nash for MVP!

    @chintao: they were wearing hyperdunks, i think it was an aussie makeup.

  • iain.

    They were the Hyperdunks, Team Australia colorway.

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    @chintao: hyperdunks for the aussies. Nike used Beijing to really LAUNCH that shoe, Kobe be damned. They had country specific colourways for a lot of the teams (germany, china, obviously team usa etc…) Reminded me of Sydney and the Introduction of Vince in the Shox BB4′s. Then he proceeded to dunk allover the comp. and give Freddy a Lipton. Smaller launch, HUGE effect. Personally, Vince made me start wearing Shox, and i’ve worn every version there is in the normal range (Vince’s were always too out there for me). But since all types of player positions wore the hyperflight’s i’m getting curious about this shoe. Might get a pair.

  • chintao

    Thanks guys.

  • chintao

    LOL. Darksaber knows a teabagging when he sees one.

  • chintao

    @ Dacre ==> I had to google that one. Funny isht.

  • Harmony

    I love Kevin Durant and everything about him, even his shoes, but especially the inspiration he gives off and his smooth, sweet plays…but I like him as a Sonic, not a “Thunder”…can anyone not agree?

  • http://nike.jp/basketball/bg/home.html asmatic asiatic

    I was alittle skeptical myself about the hyperdunks, with all the “hype” and basically knowing that everyone was going to grab them; but after hearing all the good reviews it maybe time to cop a pair…I’m not really feeling the regular colors though, need to grab one of the olympics versions

  • will

    anybody know roughly how long it will take for this to be in Australia?

  • will

    And whens issue 122 coming out?


    ben luis scola is wearing ANTA che it http://www.anta.com/chinatour/equip.html#shoes2

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    JUAN PABLO; no more arguing from me. Luis Scola wears Antas. I will fix it. Thanks.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    To answer some other questions…Fila not only still exists, but they’re doing well selling vintage-style clothing and footwear, at least here in Manhattan. KICKS should be in Australia anyday, but if you’re getting anxious you can order it at anytime at primediabackissues.com. SLAM 122 will be debuted on the site Thursday, which is also when it will hit newsstands in New York. The rest of the country should have it by the middle of next week. As usual, the cover is fire, as are the features inside.

  • Brandon

    How can i get kicks in New Zealand.. ??

    They just don’t sell it here! could you have an offer in slam so that people could subscribe??

  • Joe P.

    So, are the Starbury-line of shoes dead after two years? Well, Big Ben could always go back and rock And-1′s right?

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Brandon, see my post above; you can order it from primediabackissues.com. Also, any place in NZ that sells SLAM should sell KICKS as well.

  • shawaan warr

    those shoes were worn by kevin durant