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adidas Nations Contest

Dress like you’re one of the best high school players in the WORLD.

Like Russ mentions in his new KICKS post about Derrick Rose and his lack of a signature shoe, adidas is focusing more on team than individual. To that end, much of the teaching at the adidas Nations event DeMarco ably covered for us (“Parts” 1 and 2) is focused on educating players and returning the game to a team-centric sport.

So, with a huge thanks to adidas for providing an amazing bag of gear (really, everything you’d need: shorts, pants, socks, tee-shirt, tank top, etc, all in a sweet duffel bag) and a pair of the official Nations Commander LT shoes you see at right, here’s the question you need to answer to win the prize:nationsshoe

What TEAM from the past was your favorite and why (could be any level of basketball, though we’re guessing NBA teams will be easier to judge)?

Put your answers in the comments section, and please keep them brief (approx 100 words max.) and include your shoe size. SLAM staffers will review the entries and pick a winner this week, so also be sure to log into SLAMonline with a working email address so that when said winner is chosen, they will be reachable.

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  • Kevin

    My favorite TEAM of recent memory was the 07-08 Warriors dismantling the No 1 seed Mavs in 6. Squeaking into the playoffs as the 8th seed, they exemplified true TEAM character. Bringing excitement to the bay area that hadn’t been there in YEARS since Webber and Timmy Hardaway, it was enough for even Jessica Alba to come out and support. It was no single play, no one guy, no one reason that propelled the Warriors to perhaps the biggest upset in NBA history. It was a true team effort and complete domination in all aspects of the game.

    SHOE SIZE: 10.5

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for the re-post, Kevin.

  • Connor

    My favorite team was the 1996 championship Bulls. They set the record for most wins in a season(72-10. They had hall of Famers- Michael Jordan, Scotiie Pippen, and coach Phil jackson. They had stars on the bench too. The 1996 Bulls had the deepest lineup that i can remember. SHOE SIZE- 8

  • shoval

    My favorite team that im very like fron the past is philadelphia 76ers of 01′.they were pretty weak team for team who made the nba final.ai was incredible and Dikimbe of course…
    even they lost trophy they were amazing and this nba final series is unforgettable.
    shoe size:11

  • http://freeswebstore.com/akshoes Kid Lebron

    My favorite team had to be the 06′ Phoenix Suns, with a 1-2 punch of nash and amare, they were killing it.

    sz 12

  • Taranvir Sandhu

    My favorite team has to Oklahoma Thunder from last year. This team was finally underway and it was the start of something new. This team wasn’t the best team, but they had heart. Since changing from Seattle to Oklahoma, it has been a hard process. They still overcame this all and played the season. Overall, during the season they showed will, teamwork, and determination. They haven’t been the star team, but in the future, they will work harder as a team and accelerate forward. True Team Spirit. Size 10.

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    My favorite past team is the 06′ Miami Heat. They won the first championship for the franchise lead by two superstars, Shaq and D-wade. This cast was supported by possibly the best role players/ex-stars ever. Gary “the glove” Payton, Zo Mourning, Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jason Williams and Jason Kapono. This was all while only one player (Shaq) was being paid over $10 million. It shows Miami won this championship for their love of the game, so role players/ex-star put their egos aside and did what they loved. Winning. Size: 9.5

  • COOL FRUM DA 419


  • ray

    My favorite team of the past was the 99′knicks they beat all the odds after becoming the 8th seed and made it all the way to the finals and had a lot of great moments during the playoffs. They nearly won it all. Shoe size: 11.5

  • Pic

    If you look up the word “team” in the dictionary, you should see the picture of the 2000 Orlando Magic. During the prior offseason, they traded away their franchise player for much lesser value – Danny Manning (who never suited up for the Magic and was traded for Armon Gilliam), Pat Garrity and some future picks. The Magic was consensusly picked to finish dead last in the league with a roster of no-names: Darrell Armstrong, Chucky Atkins, pre-Detroit Ben Wallace, Bo Outlaw, Monty Williams, John Amaechi and Michael Doleac. Midway through the season, they picked up Ron Mercer who quickly gelled with the team. They missed the cut for the playoffs on the 81st game of the regular season, falling one game behind number 8 seed Milwaukee Bucks, and finishing at .500. Ask Doc Rivers about the best team he’s ever coached, I doubt he’ll say his 2008 Celtics. Size 11 please.

  • http://itsadcthing.blogspot.com Squad

    My favorite team was the 97-98 Washington Wizards. That squad was not only a grab bag of hilariously random names from professional basketball history, but also the team that sparked my love for the NBA (I was 8 at the time). The year the Wizards ditched the thugged-out Bullets nickname for a shockingly goofy new jersey style, the team was goofy enough to match. They had everything: 2 of the Fab 5 (Webber & Howard), the token white shooter (Tim Legler), the fiery PG (Rod Strickland), the quirky hustler (Darvin Ham!), one of the twin rec-specs legends (Harvey Grant), and a dude named God. Sure, the Wiz missed the playoffs, but I’ll never forget that team, its transition to the Wizards nickname, and its eclectic roster. Size 9.5

  • dimitri29

    My favorite team from the past was the bulls when they had mj,pippen,rodman,kerr,etc…. and the greatsest coach of all time phil jackson, when they set the regular season record with wins that was amazing and no other nba team has done that by far.

  • Pic

    reposting to make the 100 word max.

    2000 Orlando Magic. During the offseason, they traded away their franchise player for lesser value – Danny Manning (who was traded for Armon Gilliam), Pat Garrity and picks. The Magic was picked to finish last with a roster of no-names: Darrell Armstrong, Chucky Atkins, Ben Wallace, Bo Outlaw, Monty Williams, John Amaechi and Michael Doleac. They missed the playoffs on the 81st game, falling one game behind Milwaukee, and finishing at .500. Ask Doc Rivers about the best team he’s ever coached, I doubt he’ll say his 2008 Celtics. Size 11 please.

  • JMac

    My own personal favorite team has to be the 1991 Chicago Bulls. It was at that point in time that the NBA was (almost literally) passing the torch from the great period of Magic and Bird, to the hands of Mike and the Bulls. The Bulls had an imperfect team roster, but they made everything work through perseverance and trust within the organization. When Mike, Scottie, and Phil’s leadership culminated with the 1991 championship win against Magic and the Lakers, the whole NBA universe new that NBA basketball would never be the same again. (size 10.5)

  • JL

    03-04 Lakers. Perfect makeup of team. Two superstars in the latter stages of their careers sacrificing money for a championship in Malone and Payton. You have two mercurial superstars in Shaq and Kobe, respectively the most domininant giant and most dominant slasher/scorer. Legendary head coach Phil Jackson. Awesome role players in Fox, Fisher, and Grant. Like all Greek heroes this team was felled by Greg Ostertag falling on Malone’s knee (achilles heel of sorts). They also met a Pistons team that was just on fire. Stars, expectations, and a tragic fall. It’s the imperfect great teams that are the most intriguing. Size 11

  • TP

    My favorite team was ’08 Celtics championship squad. This team had everything you could ask for in a team. The Truth, the captain who is about to break through with his original team after battling stab wounds, bad teams and bad coaches in this same city. One of the GOATs of our day, KG, playing for respect and a chance to chill with the legends of the game. Ray Allen accepting his diminished role and stepping it up late in the playoffs. Rajon hitting his spots, playing amazing D and stuffing the stat sheet. Perk filling the lane on D and not giving away anything easy. James Posey as the defensive stopper, Eddie House as the gunner, PJ Brown as the big man who can spread the floor. This was a real team, top to bottom with some amazing talents and fun as all hell players to watch. Size 12

  • Tre

    My all Adidas Team in Live 08. Undefeated with them and I had all stars coming off of the bench. Rated higher than Team USA.

    Size 12

  • DDB

    My earlier post got lost in the reloaction so now I’ll go NBA team:

    My favorite team was the 93-94 Rockets. They had great veteran leadership with Hakeem Olajuwon and Kenny Smith (vital in controlling the volatile Vernon Maxwell). They also received huge contributions from young guys like Robert Horry (2nd year) and rookie Sam Cassell. This was rounded out with support off the bench from Mario Elie. Going into the Finals vs the Knicks, a lot of people questioned their physical toughness. They proved themselves to be up to the task. Several big plays and trust in one another, throught the playoffs, resulted in a Rockets title!

    Size 14

  • Connor

    My favorite TEAM was the 06-07 Spurs. They hade multiple stars in Duncan, Manu, Parker, Bruce Bowen,and Michael Finley. The whent 58-24 and defeted the Cavs in the Finals 4 games to none. This years Spurs were the best TEAM in the league. They had stars but they worked together as a team, not like the other teams with just on All Star doing all the work. SHOE SIZE- 8

  • Michael

    My favourite team ever was the 1999-2000 Toronto Raptors. This was a few years after I started reading SLAM and really getting into the NBA and this was the first time I ever cared about an NBA series when the raptors lost to the knicks in the first round. this was the year that vince carter and t-mac were both in the slam dunk competition and the raptors were just really really exciting. to see where they could go.
    Size 12.

  • Paolo

    The 2001-02 Nets are by far my favorite team of all time. Jason Kidd’s arrival changed the culture at the swamp. Instead of having a ball-dominant player go 1-on-5 while the rest of the team watched, they moved the ball well and got everyone involved in the offense. They doubles their win total from the previous year and made it all the way to the NBA Finals, where they had no answer for Shaq and subsequently were swept. Still, there’s no doubt that was a magical year for the Nets. Size 11

  • JoeMaMa

    The 05/06 George Mason Patriots team gave us a shining example of why we cheer for the underdog. No notable players have come from this team, showing the importance of the group over the individual. Coming from the sleepy Colonial Athletic Association, bearing a meek’n'mild 11 seed, the Patriots handled perennial contenders Michigan State, UNC, and the tournament favourite, UCONN. Despite losing to the eventual (and repeat) champion Florida Gators, George Mason shocked the hoops world and reminded us why we love to watch the greatest tournament in sports: for the last seeds in the bracket with a shot and a prayer.Size 11

  • Daniel

    How could you not root for the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets, they made easily the greatest trade of the season, aquiring Chauncey Billups. After making the blockbuster deal the Nuggets went on to their best season in franchise history led by Billups and Carmelo Anthony. During the first two rounds of the playoffs the Nuggets dismantled their opponents, allowing Carmelo, the butt of many Olympic jokes, his first trip to the second round. And who could forget the comeback of Chris Andersen and Nene from suspension and cancer respectively. Despite their loss to the Lakers in the Western Finals the Nuggets proved that they re finally a contender, and that is why they are my favorite team. Size 11.5

  • Dmanlian

    My favorite team is the 03-04 Detroit Pistons. They are one of the only teams I can remember that did not have a stand-out superstar, but embraced and embodied the “Team” concept completely. With Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun, and Sheed, they had an offensive weapon at 4 of their 5 positions. This was also one of the last years that Ben Wallace was still a defensive monster. Campbell, Okur Corliess, James, Hunter, and Atkins was a very nice bench too. By winning the title, they showed how far a true team can go.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    One of my favorite teams of all time is the New York Knicks of 1969-1973. They had one of the most talented teams ever seen, with a plethora of legendary personalities, such as “Clyde” Frazier, Willis Reed, Dave Debusshere, and Bill Bradley. In the 1970 NBA Finals, they demonstrated one of the most heroic acts in sports history. They were the underdogs to a hall-of-fame laden team, led by basketball phenoms Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, and Elgin Baylor. Add in the fact that Willis Reed was previously found unable to play by due to injury, and the Knicks were sure to suffer a blowout loss. But Willis embodied the spirit of a true hero, and I can still hear the deafening cheers of loyal fans, as he hobbled his way through the tunnel and out onto the court. He later hit the first two Knick baskets, prompting an inspired point guard Walt Frazier to deal one of the single greatest playoff performances ever seen. He scored 36 points and dished out 19 assists (in an era where assists were harder to obtain), giving the Knicks the Game 7 victory and their first ever NBA championship. That season, they possessed arguably the greatest team in NBA history, with Reed and Frazier making both All-NBA First team, as well as All-NBA First Defensive Team with teammate Dave Debusshere.
    In the 1972-1973 season, the Knicks retooled, adding playground legend Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, a sharpshooting giant in Jerry Lucas, and a scrappy, tough big man in Phil Jackson. That season, they possessed one of the most versatile line-ups ever seen on paper. Despite being written off yet again at the start of the season, every player managed his own ego, truly buying into the team concept. And again they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals for a second title. For New York, this was an era of basketball worth loving.

  • Stan Kurdziel

    My favorite team was the 95-96 bulls. Jordan was just about as dominant as he ever had been, Scottie was in his prime and the addition of Dennis Rodman added just enough drama and solidified an already tenacious defense. Triangle offense played to perfection eliminated the need for a “true point guard” and covered for any weakness at the center spot. The team won 72 games – the NBA record. Many blowouts; however, they always played hard and games were still fun to watch. They simultaneously exibited the offense of Phoenix suns at their prime and defense of Detroit Pistions at their prime. Phil kept the team on the same page – the most balanced and my favorite team of all time. Size: 12.5/13

  • Daniel

    Reposting to make 100 word max
    My favorite team is 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets; they made the biggest trade of the season, getting Chauncey Billups. The Nuggets went on to their best season in franchise history led by Billups and Melo. During the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Nuggets dismantled their opponents having one of the largest scoring margins in playoff history, behind huge shots from Billups, Melo, and JR Smith. And who could forget the comeback of Chris Andersen and Nene, from suspension and cancer respectively. The Nuggets exemplified TEAM in that they had the third highest scoring bench in the league to accompany the team’s stars. Size 11.5

  • Vince.T

    The 03-04 Pistons. There wasn’t going to be a 1 man,2 man,3 man or even 4 man team that could beat them Lakers. But unselfish players in their prime who had great talent and everyone sacraficing to win had a chance. Every team had couple guys who stood out. But this team had 5 guys. Nothing stood out about this team untill Tuesday June 15, 2004 while 29 other teams with big stat players watched from home and the 2-man team in tears watched from sidelines. The Pistons stood out. As 2004 NBA Champions. Shockingly dominating LA 4-1. Chauncey,Rip,Tay,Sheed and Big Ben proving it takes FIVE!!

  • Vince.T

    OH AND SIZE 12!!!!

  • Vince.T

    The 03-04 Pistons. There wasn’t going to be a 1 man,2 man,3 man or even 4 man team that could beat them Lakers. But unselfish players in their prime who had great talent and everyone sacraficing to win had a chance. Every team had couple guys who stood out. But this team had 5 guys. Nothing stood out about this team untill Tuesday June 15, 2004 while 29 other teams with big stat players watched from home and the 2-man team in tears watched from sidelines. The Pistons stood out. As 2004 NBA Champions. Shockingly dominating LA 4-1. Chauncey,Rip,Tay,Sheed and Big Ben proving it takes FIVE!! : Size 12.

  • Vince.T

    Sorry for the double post.

  • sideburn2go

    I have been a diehard Timberwolves fan my entire life. While I have watched them since I
    was very young, it was the 1996 Timberwolves that really began my love for the team
    and the NBA. I was 8 years old, and I remember sitting with my mom and dad watching
    this team. With a core of Kevin Garnett, Tom Gugliotta, and a rookie Stephon Marbury
    this wasn’t the most talented team of all time but I loved them. This was the first
    Timberwolves team to win more than 29 games and also the first to make the playoffs. Size11

  • Collin H

    In the mid-90s, there was no other team for me but the Orlando Magic. Aesthetically speaking, the expansion blue in 92 comes to mind whenever I see the old school Orlando font. Led by a smooth-as-silk under the radar, multi-faceted player in Penny, and at the time the most physically dominating big man the NBA had seen in years (Shaq Diesel), this was my TEAM as a youngster growing up. Between Blackstreet videos with Lil Penny and a thin, agile, backboard OBLITERATING Shaquille O’Neal bringing more attention to the game, their significance is big. And personally, before Spike did his take on a Coney Island baller’s path in He Got Game, Blue Chips was the realistic ball joint, starring both these players. To me, I can’t imagine the allure of D12 existing without nostalgia ripping at my heart strings, as I think of a rookie Shaq.

  • Stephen

    The Olympics: there really are only two USA teams: 1992 and 2008. The Dream team and the Redeem team. My personal favorite would have to be ’08 (I was born in ’91).
    After the sour taste left in my mouth from LeBronze and the 2006 squad (seriously, ITALY placed higher?!?), the US had to come back to be the best.
    The NBA is the best competition, but the ’08 team brought that competition together to conquer the world. Kobe and LeBron? Check. DWill and CP3? Duh. Dwight and Bosh? Why not? And of course, the return of DWade.

    Size 9

  • rated-O

    Remember when Geoff Petrie was considered a genius? He put together the hottest ALL-Style team in the past ten years. Flash back to: White Chocolate throwing behind the back off the elbow passes, Peja raining down that awkward slingshot fadeaway three, Vlade squirming and worming his way for a scoop hook or slinging the no-look over the shoulder dime, C-Webb w/ knees! So hot Tyra wanted to hit that! They even had a cat you loved to hate on in Doug “I don’t wear the pants” Christie. 00-01 Sacramento Kings was when keeping it real goes… right. Size 8

  • Gary Jiang

    I was only 4 years old when i started watching the 1995-96 Bulls play. Jordan comes back for his first full season out of retirement and boy, what a supporting cast he received along with fellow stars Pippen and Rodman. Luc Longley, Toni Kukoc Steve kerr and Ron Harper rounded off that flawless core that featured Jackson’s revolutionary triangle offense. MJ lead his team to an championship while capturing a scoring title and Finals MVP. I have to say.. each time I turned on my TV before gametime, I was never prepared. The 95-96 Bulls were pure magic.

  • http://i41.tinypic.com/34e7xmu.jpg NuggetsFan

    ’97-’98 Los Angeles Lakers

    Talent wise, this team could stand up with any team in the league at the time. Hell, they blew out the Bulls in MJ’s final game at the forum. Nick Van Exel throwing lobs from half-court, EJ doing lay-ups from a foot inside the 3-point line, Shaq dunking on dudes then pushing them to the floor, and Kobe stealing lobs clearly intended for EJ. All 4 were all-stars, then you had Rick Fox, D-Fish, Horry & Elden Campbell. This team was immature, but pure entertainment and had so much young individual talent. Let’s not forget Van Exel getting into it with Del Harris all the time, too.

    Size 9

  • Gary Jiang

    oh yeah, size 8

  • http://www.twitter.com/dmngz Edgar Dominguez

    Since they drafted Jason Williams, the Sacramento Kings have been my favorite team, but my all-time favorite squad was the 02 Kings. Being a die hard Kings fan in Los Angeles was hell during those years… It still is. That was the only year where I thought we could finally beat the Lakers and I could finally talk trash, but nope… Heart broken after the Robert Horry game winner in gm 3 and the 27 freethrows given to the Lakers in the 4th qrt of gm 6. I still love em tho… and I still get shitted on…

    Shout out to Laurence Funderburke…

    Size 9.5

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    “Ubuntu”: “I am because we are”. Ubuntu was the 2008 Celtics philosaphy. Ray,Pierce,KG. The Big 3. Had done everything but win a Ring. They put in work, sacraficed stats. All averaging under 20 ppg. Pierce was still Pierce, Ray was always clutch and KG put the D in Defence. Their bench was amazing. Doc controlled everybodys egos. They played amazing TEAM defence. Full of passion and drive. TOGETHER they dominated and frustrated superstars like Kobe and LeBron with their Defence. They won 66 games and 2008 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. They showed the world how hard it is to win a championship. KG gave us goosebumps screaming “Anything is Possible!!” It was an amazing season. But it took Blood,Sweat and Tears. It took Ubuntu. It took WE NOT ME!. Size 12.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dmngz Edgar Dominguez

    Since they drafted Jason Williams, the Sacramento Kings have been my favorite team, but my all-time favorite squad was the 02 Kings. Being a die hard Kings fan in Los Angeles was hell during those years… It still is. That was the only year I thought we could beat the Lakers and I could finally talk trash, but nope… Heart was broken in gm 3 when Robert Horry hit the game winner, and the 27 free throws given to the Lakers in gm 6… I still love em tho, and I still get bagged on…

    Shout out to Laurence Funderburke….
    Size 9.5

  • http://www.shoenut.blogspot.com ShoeNut

    It has to be the Lakers. I can still remember back in the days when I was about 5 or 6, my dad took me to my first Lakers game at the Great Western Forum. It was the best experience of my young life. It was funny because my dad only had one ticket and he thought kids don’t have to pay. Luckily, the staff let us in. We sat up at the top and nobody was there. During halftime, we actually went down to the lower levels. I became a hardcore fan of the Lakers and the NBA ever since.

  • Thunder Dan

    The 08 Memphis Tigers. This team not only captured and united a city bulging with racial, economical, and political tension but also managed to disprove popular opinion. Thought of as being under-coached and over-hyped because they played in a weak conference, the U of M out-hustle and out-worked every team they played in the NCAA tournament. And even after falling apart in the last minutes of the national championship, they managed to reestablish pride in Memphians and and bring national respect to Memphis.*

    Peace out, and thank you Tigers.

  • Thunder Dan

    size 13

  • rob stewart

    My favorite team of the past was the old school New York Knicks of the mid 90′s. This team was low on talent and high on heart, hustle, and toughness. I know they never won a ring but Ewing, Oakley,Mason and adidas wearer John Starks gave all they had.

    I wear size 11

  • Thunder Dan

    *did I mention they were sponsored by Adidas?

  • http://www.associatedcontent.com/sandydover Sandy Dover

    Honestly, my favorite team of the past was the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls. I say this because their re-arrival allowed for young kids who missed the greatness of the GOAT in his first triumvirate reign to be witnessed. They also lived up the saying about “aging gracefully” and their fitness was something to behold, so much that I literally became more conscious of my own personal fitness, and I was only 12. Lastly, that they could work together, despite the team having different tiers of talent, they were able to play roles that allowed for the team to dominate–and what better than for a fresher MJ playing on three quarters a night?! Oh yeah, and the Nike Air Jordan XI.

  • The Zen Master

    My fav team was and remains the 2009 NBA champions. They emodied how basketball is supposed to be in its purest form, how its meant to be played. Passion,Sacrifice, Drive and Focus are all adjectives that described the Celtics that year. They showed that-keeping with the adidas theme-that “Impossible is nothing” and that 3 superstars can coexist on a single team. How was this possible? By sacrificing and putting team first in order to reach that elusive goal much like the saying ‘we not me we are’ which was, once again, coined by adidas. I do not necessarily think they are the best team ever, but i definitely enjoyed their championship run the most out of any previous NBA team. I also think that it was great for the NBA becasue the Celtics were a very team-oriented bunch and they showed the world how each of their 3 superstars had always lost prior to that season, but once they did all those aformentioned things they became champions.

  • The Zen Master

    Size 10.5

  • Mitch

    Of all the teams i thought about, the only true answer i came out with was this past seasons UNC Tarheels. Four guys pretty much guaranteed to be picked in the draft passed it up to come back for one last push for a championship ring. The Tarheels played out of their mind come March, especially in the big game against the Spartans. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of UNC after Dean Smith’s departure (actually a UConn guy now), but this team showed everything that TRUE teams show: heart, hustle, a bond only brought about by playing together for such a long time, and the will to win.
    Shoe size: 12.5

  • Pasc

    As a young basketball fan and a huge Cavs fan since Lebron came into town… I have no choice but to pick the 08-09 Cleveland Cavaliers. That team had it all… the passion, the skills, the determination and a true family-like relationship. From the very silly pre-game photo shoots, to the bench players going crazy after a Lebron James dunk, they did everything to capture the city of Cleveland and the entire basketball world’s hearts. How could you not like watching basketball players, playing for millions a year… enjoy the game with a passion that is really, just incredible. The year definatly ended like a bad dream, but looking at the big picture… last season was actually a fantastic dream for a city that is really dying for a championship. With a rebuilt roster and geared for another adventure again this year, I am sure the Cavs are ready, as a team, to finally taste the glory for themsleves.

  • Pasc

    ** size 9 please.. sorry, I forgot to mark it down

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Sorry, forgot to say: size 11.

  • Chuck

    As a 12 year old kid, the first NBA team I cared to like was the 1982-1983 Philadelphia 76ers. When Julius Erving came to Philadelphia prior to the 1976-77 season, an NBA Championship was predicted for the 76ers. While the 76ers did make three trips to the NBA Finals in Dr. J’s first six years with the team, the title continued to elude them.
    After coming close for several seasons with Caldwell Jones and Darryl Dawkins at center, the Philadelphia 76ers decided prior to the 1982-83 season that if they were to go all the way, they had to upgrade their pivot play. So they went after the best: Moses Malone, who had led an otherwise weak Houston team to the NBA Finals in 1981 and was coming off a year in which he had averaged a career-high 31.1 ppg and a league-leading 14.7
    rpg for the Rockets. The 1982-83 76ers are considered one of the best teams in NBA history. Led by Moses Malone and Julius Erving this team could go inside, outside, and could completely shut down opponents on the defensive end. With players such as Bobby Jones, Andrew Toney, and Maurice Cheeks they were a handful for most teams on any given night. This was a team which was exciting to watch every time they stepped on the court. Size 15.

  • Lkav

    my favourite team of all time would have to be my junior team from this year. half are team couldent even dribble. but by the end we started playing as a team. and we went on to win the city championship. I learned what it takes for me to be a team player and the relationships you need to make with your team mates to become a true team. by the way are school only has 250 kids and we play schools with 2000 kids!!!!
    shoe size 10.5

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Anton

    My favorite team are the 2009 Hyperizers. While other teams use 5 players, the Hyperizers keep it real by using 4, which is really all you need. But greatness does not come without adversity, as this team often gets the criticizin but they just keep on hyperizin. Haters don’t like their style, they say that they too wild, but they just gon do it like every day-ey. Chief Blocka lays down the stuffs and dunks on your muffs, Velvet Hoop always takes opponents on a loop, and Fog Raw almost makes love to the rock..HOT. Add some Ice-O on that hotness and you get the best team havin fun. How much fun? I said hella fun, listen hun, Hyperizers are the heaven, the size of my tires is 11.

  • Knicks

    My favorite team is the ’99 New York Knickerbockers. This team had been to the second round of the Playoffs in 1998. They started the season with a championship attitude. This would not last long as they had a tough shortened regular season. Entering the Playoffs as the 8th seed in the East they faced their main rivals; Alonzo Mourning and the Miami Heat. In every single series they played in ’99 they were the underdogs. But they exceeded any expectation by reaching the NBA Finals. Once there they were no match for the San Antonio Spurs. (lost 4-1)
    This Knicks team showed heart and toughness. They never gave up even though everyone was a doubter. With unbelievable chemistry, teamwork their undefined leader Larry Johnson (and the help of some very clutch shooting by LJ and Allan Houston) took the Knicks back to the NBA Finals.

    They were everything the current Knicks squad doesn’t have, that’s why the ’99 New York Knicks are my favorite team of all time.

  • Knicks

    shoe size is 11.5

  • Marcos Zapater

    Definitely the Lakers team from the 80′s, with Magic running the show. That was the best example of superstars (Magic, Worthy, Kareem) and role players all in synergy, getting the best out of each other, proving that you don’t have to go all iso on every play. That team made basketball what it is today. Size 8,5.

  • Maurice

    ’04 pistons without a doubt!!!! they had so mush heart and soul for the game passion is the main ingredient to win a championship and they had plenty, size 12

  • Maurice


  • Lonnie Long

    My favorite team from the past by a landslide is the 1974-75 Golden State Warriors. Barry, Wilkes, Beard, Charles Johnson,Clifford Ray, swept Washington for the NBA championship,when they were the team that was supposed to get swept. Barry averaged 30 ppg. and the Bay went bannanas. They were underdog-over-achievers with talent(this years squad may have a similar personality). Don nelson(current GSW coach) played against Al Attles(74-75 GSW coach) in the ’64 NBA Finals..Its fate. shoe size 13

    ps and the kicks are GOLDEN..!

  • JAcker

    My favorite team is the 2006-07 Florida Gators, a team that returned all five of its starters to defend its national title. As the NBA-caliber upperclassman moves his way up the extinction list, that squad epitomized what it means to be a team when its stars delayed the individual fame and fortune for another chance to cut down the nets together. Those Gators became the only team to repeat as National Champs with the same starting five.

  • NBB

    My favorite team is the ’04 Pistons. These Pistons exemplified “Team Play” as they had no true ‘star’. They did it the right way, winning with defense and an unselfish form of basketball on the offensive end. Though this team went 54-28 in the regular season (their best record since 1997) they had the heart of champions and proved they could handle controversy as they fought back from a 3-2 series deficit in the second round to beat the NJ Nets. Finally, in the finals, analysts and experts galore gave the Pistons very little chance to defeat the star-studded Lakers team featuring Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. As true underdogs, the Pistons felt they had something to prove and they did that on the floor, winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy in a dominating fashion, winning 3 of their 4 victories by double digits en route to a 4-1 series trounce.

  • NBB

    Sorry i forgot to put this. SHOE SIZE: 13

  • dimitri29

    My favorite team from the past was the bulls when they had mj,pippen,rodman,kerr,etc…. and the greatsest coach of all time phil jackson, when they set the regular season record with wins that was amazing and no other nba team has done that by far. shoe size 12

  • NBB

    shoe size, 13

  • abel

    This one’s easy, and noone seems to have got it yet.
    Who was the greatest player in basketball history? MJ? Magic? LarryLegend? Maybe Robinson, Chuck, Glyde or Mailman?
    How about all of them? In one team?
    Got it, DREAM TEAM, the only dream team ever.
    And not only for individual talent but for the way they harmonized and worked together as a team. For how their opponents lined up for an autograph and a pic after losing to them by 40. This Team in the NBA would’ve won 98 games a season. Not fair? Maybe! Size 9.

  • Ron B

    Wow…My 87-88 L.A Lakers! Come on, Magic at 6’9 running the point (this will never be done again), a young Byron at the 2, smooth Worthy at the 3, honest abe Green at da 4 and none better at the 5….Kareem..now this is a team for the ages!!! size 11 playa!

  • Connor

    The 1996 Chicago Bulls team was the best in rescent memory. They had super stars in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. Also With Phil Jackson as coach they were headed in the right path. This season the bulls beat the Super Sonics in the championship in 6 games. They also broke the record for most wins in a season. I think the Bulls were so good this season because of their preseason acwasition of Dennis Rodman. He could rebound, defend, and braut a new attitude to the bulls. This sesons Bulls were the best because the had an all around game.

  • Owen Huff

    My favorite team was the 09 clippers because they were a perfect example of how talent is worthless if you don’t work together.

  • Connor

    SHOE SIZE 8 |

  • Connor

    shoe size 8

  • Connor

    The 1996 Chicago Bulls team was the best in rescent memory. They had super stars in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. Also With Phil Jackson as coach they were headed in the right path. This season the bulls beat the Super Sonics in the championship in 6 games. They also broke the record for most wins in a season. I think the Bulls were so good this season because of their preseason acwasition of Dennis Rodman. He could rebound, defend, and braut a new attitude to the bulls. This sesons Bulls were the best because the had an all around game. SHOE SIZE- 8

  • http://ballislife.com Moose

    My favorite team of all time is the 2007-08 Boston Celtics. After two stunning moves that brought in a pair of superstars and countless genius bench additions, the Celtics and the entire city of Boston was pumped for the season. The Celtics delivered, showcasing the most impressive turnaround in NBA history, improving by 42 wins. They muscled through the playoffs, and came out of the Eastern Conference with their confidence intact, though it wasn’t easy. They finished off the Lakers in six exciting games, bring an NBA championship while teaching the world what true togetherness in a sports setting is.

  • Connor

    shoe size, 8

  • http://ballislife.com Moose

    ^^^^^Size 13^^^^^

  • http://ballislife.com Moose

    And 100 words is hard. Had to make it EXACTLY 100 words. Sorry that my shoe size is detached, realized it afterwards.

  • http://aol.com Ben Baran

    My favorite team is the 08-09 Lakers. Lead by kobe, the lakers were able to overcome the hype of Lebron and steal the championship during “Lebron’s Year”. Kobe and the boys in gold and purple proved Mark Jackson and the other doubters wrong. It took them a while to string everything together, but they finally became the ultimate team. every man had a role, with guys like Trever and Shanon coming up big in unlikely moments. Most of all, they bonded off the court, as shown on the Jimmy kimmel show. These guys are real brothers.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Rain-Man

    2001 Sixers. Lead by Allen Iverson who was the best player in the league the Sixers were the ultimate underdogs. Nobody expected them to get to the Finals. But Iverson lead them there by pulling miracles every night. Dropping 40 and 50 in the playoffs. It was amazing. The thing with this team was they understood A.I. was the man and everyone understod their role. Nobody tried to do something they could not. Larry Brown knew how to coach this team. They shocked the world by beating LA in game 1 because of Iverson’s excellence. This team was not a 1-man team everyone did what they had to the best they could. It was so fun watching this team prove the world wrong. They were like the Little Engine That Could. And they ALMOST did.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Rain-Man

    Size 12!.

  • adbphilly

    ’01 76ers. This team wasn’t supposed to beat indiana, toronto, and miluakee, to go the Finals, have the best record in the Eastern Conference, have an MVP, Coach, Defensive and 6th man of the year ALL in the SAME season, weren’t supposed to have a MVP in Allen Iverson, and have supporting players like mckie and snow shut up the doubters who said that they couldn’t win with their “weak lineup”. werent supposed to be the most exciting and underrated teams in NBA history. They werent supposed to do all these things, but guess what? THEY DID.

    size 13

    side note: allen iverson summed the 01 76ers the best screaming into the nbc mic “we’re a team man! For the first time in my life I’m on a team!” Much love to the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers, a true team.

  • adbphilly

    ^^^that side note isn’t included in my entry, sorry i forgot to take that last part out when i was trimming my entry down

  • http://www.redsarmy.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    No question, the 2007-08 Boston Celtics. This team went from worst to first because they became a fine-tuned unit. KG, the ultimate team player and leader came in, and with Doc Rivers’ UBUNTU philosophy, this team took a rollercoaster ride to the O’Brien trophy. They were almost eliminated twice in 2 different 7-game series, but they pulled it together to end up routing the Lakers in a Game 6 SMOKING. When the season seemed like it was about to end against the Hawks and Cavs, this group of guys showed the true meaning of team and all contributed to the Celtics’ 17th championship banner…

  • http://yahoo.com Logues

    my favorite team is the 07-08 boston celtics. the nba is not too exciting to watch anymore, but i could watch the c’s play every day. they really demonstrated team play offensively and defensively, and noone was selfish and cared about stats, they just got the job done. they had all the pressure to win a chip, and alot of ppl doubted them the whole year(even you SLAM), even in the finals vs the lakers. i am from minnesota, so i miss kg, but i couldnt have been more excited for him. size 12

  • http://www.slamonline.com Suga Ray

    15 win 95-96 Vancouver Grizzlies(LOL).When I found out we were getting a team I was so excited. We drafted BRYANT REEVES!. Locally he had more hype than LeBron. We started 2-0!and lost the next 19. We SUCKED. But I still loved them. We were the joke of the NBA. My favorite moment was when the Bulls came to town. But Jordan wasn’t giving us what we wanted. The Grizzlies were up the whole game DAMNIT! I was sittin front row with my brother who said to Mike. “I waited my whole life for this, thats all you got?” 10 points with 6 mins left?” Jordan smiles at us and scores 19 points in 6 mins. Single handedly he beat us and we got the dirtiest looks from players,coaches and fans. Security had to take us out of the arena. We sucked and we were a joke but I was always their biggest fan. Since the Grizz left, my life hasn’t been the same. Size 12.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Suga Ray

    Heres the video from that game me and my brother were the reason Mike went nuts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoKuC6zrFVY

  • http://slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/fear/ Freedom Fries

    Mason & Oakley of the NY Knicks – 2 tough MF’s on a tough NY team who I call thugs with all the love and respect a person can have. They could ball AND they could stop you from ballin. They had the strength, conviction and confidence I could only dream of as a young-un. When cats saw them in the lane, they always had to think twice just how much they wanted those 2 points vs. their 2 front teeth. Hearts of champions and unwavering determination. The kind of role models I miss nowadays. 11.5

  • nate

    my favorite team is the 06 miami heat. this was the team that got me into basketball. the team just kept going and going and surprising people under the lead of one of the best players in the game dwyane wade. going down 0-2 in the finals, D-Wade put the team on his back and simply refused to let his team lose, and the heat won the next 4 games. but it wasn’t just him, Shaq and the other players played their hearts out in that finals and that season.

    size 12

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Great entries, everyone. Keep em coming another couple hours and then we’ll be choosing and contacting a winner.

  • Fred Bennett

    My favorite team of all time the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. They exemplify team work to it fullest. True they had “The Greatest Player Ever”,but the whole team was on one accord and knew the task at hand and what it took to accomplish that task.
    shoe size 9

  • http://yahoo.com Logues

    @ Suga Ray’s video: that was nice, and thats exactly why mj’s the greatest ever. that was incredible, even though the grizz did suck horribly bad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=814908451&ref=nf The Last Kings Fan

    The 2002 Sacramento Kings. Even after you guys crowned the Nets the best TEAM in the NBA, the Kings still had some of the best and probably most creative passing 4/5 combo in the league with Vlade and Webb. Doug Christie would lead Peja on backdoor passes with a one hand bullet. Mike Bibby might have been the worst passer in the starting line up. We didn’t need “ubuntu” when we could pass like that. Size 12

  • Rolle

    My favorite team was the 2000-2002 Sacramento Kings because they played the game how it’s used to: Have fun. They had the most entertaining game in the NBA while they succeeded really well (had the league-best record in 01-02 season). I especially wanna thank jason williams (who was later traded for mike bibby) Mike Bibby and Mr. C-Webb. Shoe size 9 1/2.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    A winner has been chosen. As soon as they get back to us we’ll announce them on here and close the contest. Thanks everyone for playing.

  • jai

    You can’t have a conversation about favorite teams without mentioning the 1991 University of Michigan men’s basketball team, aka the Fab Five. It took long shorts, five Top 100 recruits and some panache to inject some attitude and excitement into the game. Who else could have so drastically transformed the game other than a handful of teenagers?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    I think Suga Ray just won this contest. That video was insane. Mikes the greatest ever.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Huge congrats to our winner, Kevin, who was the first to enter the contest. Kevin, your package will be on the way as soon as we get your shoes. Thanks to all the entrants and, most of all, adidas for making the contest possible.