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And1 Tai Chi Giveaway

The Tai Chi mini-series comes to a philanthropic end.

by CAND 1 Tai Chihris O’Leary

I’ve got good news and bad news for you guys.

On Tuesday, there was talk of a contest in the comments of my AND 1 interview. The good news is that we do have a pair of Tai Chis for a lucky reader.

The bad news—I wouldn’t call it bad news, so much as a clarification—is that we’re not giving away the SLAM-themed Tai Chi that was pictured in yesterday’s post. I mean really, if you’ve got a shoe like that would you want to give it away?

What’s up for grabs is a pair of the soon-to-be-released And1 Tai Chi in its red/white/silver makeup. Still a pretty nice pickup, if you ask me.

Hopefully you remember the story I told on Monday about why I retired my pair of Tai Chis. I’m curious as to what your greatest on-court conquests are. So share them with us. Tell me in no more than 200 words about the defining moment of your basketball-playing days. The best true story (note the emphasis on true) will get a pair of Tai Chis shipped out to them the week that the shoe releases on November 12.

I’ll close the comments section on this post at 2am ET Saturday morning. Good luck, everybody.

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  • carter


  • kevin

    My greatest on the court conquest would have to be the moment I held it down on the hot pavements of Washington Park. You see, this park is not your recreational YMCA nor does it have the significance of a Rucker park; however, this park epitomized where you went to showcase that you belonged. It was freshman year, and 5 of us went there. I’m not going to lie; we didn’t go there and cross up everyone. We didn’t break everyone’s ankles. It’s not a fairy tale story like some may post where we were the And 1 squad up in there. We rolled through there and won by being grittier, hungrier, and of course, sheer determination. But those games still play in my mind, and the buckets I scored still bring a smile to my face til this day. We weren’t playing for a trophy; we were playing for that respect when you give daps at the end. I proved not only to the neighborhood, but to myself, that the doubters in my ability were wrong. That day instilled in me a life lesson in confidence that not only applies on the court, but off the court.

  • matt

    My best moment ever was my senior year of high school at our equivelent of the state championship game. I went to an international school in Seoul Korea… But it was the championship of the Asia Pacific Athletic Conference tournament, and we were in the final against a team that was undefeated and had beaten us by 20 the day earlier. One of our star players got suspended and so my little brother who was a sophomore got the nod at starting forward. I was playing in the championship game alongside my brother, my best friend, my inspiration, and my hero. We played the two forward spots. At the end of the game the buzzer sounded and I saw that we had won the championship game by two in the hardest fought game I had ever played in. Winning alongside my brother in my final game as a high school basketball player was my greatest on-court conquest.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Man, the defining moment of my basketball playing days was during a camp I used to go to. It was actually my first year at the camp since I was introduced by some friends. Every year they would play some “Old vs Young” basketball game where any of the campers would face off against the counselors (or other elder staff) and Team Old would always win. (Note I was probably 16 when this happened, so not TOO young.) My friends noticed I had pretty good handles so they asked me to play with them. Although we did lose the first game, we held down the court and won every game after! I guess that first one was just warm up. I still remember sporting the And1 Spree Lows. That was probably my most memorable moment playing ball, helping a team get past what seemed like a mountain and holding it down. I hoping to get those red/white Tai Chi’s, cause those have always been my favourite colourway of THAT shoe!

  • Spencer

    It was in like 5th grade at the boys and girls club. My team usually won like 80-15 (no joke we were ridiculous and they all sucked) so we played up with 8th graders. they were huge and we were still tiny. We hadnt won a game all season but in the last game we were down 5 with a minute left. I was running the point and brought the ball up. Came of a screen and wetted a three from like 2 ft behind the arc ( huge back then). Then someone got the board on D and we came back down we ran a play and the best player on our team hit the three so we were up 1 with like 15 seconds. I was sticking their best player and he brought the ball up (wed been talkin all game and we hadnt stopped). I locked him up and he threw up some ugly 3. game. we won finally.

  • JChau

    The summer of 2006, 3on3 hoops tournament rocking in a nice town of Markham, Ontario (Canada). Fun-filled day; lots of people, lots of ballers, lots of activities. But we ballers all were gunnin’ for that championship title. Competition level is a definite no match with what’s to offer in the States, but it ain’t easy. I was rocking the And1 Tai Chi’s Low, white and black colourway that day. Never felt more comfortable, more confident, more savvy. It was like the sneakers gave me a mental swagger. Long story shorter, my team copped the champions trophy, and I couldn’t have felt better, rockin’ my Tai Chi’s low.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    I’ll keep it 100 from the start: I’m 5’7 with a decent handle and a suspect J, however I will get busy when the time calls for it. In 07 when I was visiting my family in the bay, my boys and I ended up staying (and winning) on the court against some cats from the Univ of Santa Clara hoop team. No one else at the gym wanted to play them but us. I proceed to channel Mike Bibby in the 97 NCAA tourney and went at these cats. Alley oops? Check. Mid Range pull up? Yep. Earvin’s? Pleasebelieveit. Everyone loves that feeling where you give a team the business and they start finger pointing and arguing with each other, while you and your boys are chest bumping, high fiving and talking mad sh@#. It was like cats won a mini championship. I went back to NY with the glow for weeks.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Size 9.5 btw….

  • Ken

    I’ve had good moments in intramural (sadly none in HS) in college, including a game winner, but my favorite on-court experience was playing pickup against some HS kids at a YMCA in Tucson when I was 25. I’d finished working out, when two scrawny kids who couldn’t have been older than 16 asked me to play two on two with them and their 10 year old little brother. I’m a small dude at 5’7, so I had fun playing with people my height for a change. Obviously none of them had ever played organized ball, because their fundamentals were terrible. I spent the whole game practicing streetball moves on them, including orbiting the ten year olds head with the ball so he didn’t know where it went. The highlight for me came after I threw it to myself off the backboard to get a layup. In awe they asked me, completely seriously, if I could dunk. The fact that I played well enough to make these kids believe a skinny 5’7 dude could dunk made me laugh for the rest of the week. Opening their eyes to the creative possibilities in basketball was one of my best on-court moments.

  • Migs

    I was the third-string Center in grade 9. We had two coaches – Coach A hated me; Coach B loved my hustle. We were playing a good team, and word was that their Power Forward was going to light us up. The locker room was tense that day. Our starting Center hurt his ankle, and Coach A had me kneel on the ground to hold his ankle so they could tape it. I’d never been so humiliated, kneeling down, holding this guy’s leg while everyone else listened to the game plan. I was pissed. The game started, and as predicted, their forward was tearing up our big men, resulting in foul trouble. Suddenly, Coach B calls my name, and tells me to stop the guy, or foul him. Fueled by the ankle incident, I played the best defense of my life, fronting him, not giving up position, and boxing out aggressively. We still lost the game, but I was a hero to my teammates for that one game, and an example for my great D.

    Due to my play, I thought I’d get more playing time when we faced them again. I was wrong.

  • asy

    I’ve always been that guy who loves to score but was ok with doing the dirty work too. Typically, my role has been offense. In one league though, I was surrounded by players much better than me and sucked it up and stuck to hustle and defense, because at the end of the day, I just wanted to win. Our team got all the way to the Finals. Just a few days before the finale, I tore my rotator cuff in my shooting shoulder in a car accident; fully de-hyped my life. But that first game came, I threw on this obnoxious shoulder brace and still played; I had to. I wasn’t going to miss the game I’ve waited for so long. Couldn’t raise my shoulder to get a shot up for the life of me, but 3 steals and 2 clutch blocks on their go-to player with my left hand will rank that game as one of the best games I’ve ever won, even if my stat line was pretty irrelevant. Scoring is dope, but this game put it into perspective. No matter how much you score, if you can hold down their best player, you can’t be stopped.

  • dapointgod

    My defining basketball moment was playing pickup at a the ymca where i live. I was playing and a pickup game with some of friends and a couple kids i knew and i proceed to come downcourt and my man was guarding me close and I hit him up with a decent crossover nothin special and he just fell everyone was laughing i ended up passing it off and hitting my boy off with a jumpshot which he made. funny part is the dude said he fell on purpose couple minutes later he was on the floor massaging his ankle becuz he just got sauced. real recongize real 1 size 8

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    I cant even explain how bad I want these.

    Greatest on court moment was last year. Day of my birthday. Just turned 22. Two days before I tore my ACL. I am 5 foot 9 (on a good day), and white. I threw and alley to myself during warm ups and threw down a pull back dunk. First time I have ever caught an alley from myself, and a pull back. No one on my team even knew I could dunk. Felt amazing, and if I never get back to dunking. That one moment was amazing.

  • far east balla’

    My best moment was when I was a sophomore in highschool.Our varsity team was very weak.We only have three tournaments per year in Japan, and we lost two of the tournaments.I’m only 6-2 but I was the tallest on the team, so I had to play center.I had to miss the second tournament due to injury, and was out for like two months.When I got back to the team, we only had a week until the first round, so I thought I would never play a minute.On the day of the game, the opposing team had a center who was way bigger than me.I was sidelined and the game
    .We were down by 10 in the first quater, so I was substituted.I was scared and it resulted with me only shooting 4-10 in the paint, but I was able to block 7 shots and we were able to win by 6.It was the first time we won a game in that season and we all cried with joy after the game.After the game I was nicknamed “little deke”.

  • Hussman25

    The moment is not my greatest, but it was when I knew I belonged on the baskedball court. I was 12 years old and I played in a CYO league outside of Philadelphia. I played forward then and idolized Charles Barkley; so much so I cut my hair close (not bald, parents would not allow it) and wore a white armband on my left forearm like chuck did when he was a Sixer. Our coach at the time took us to play in an area that was “not too friendly to my kind.” Our squad was patched together and we only had our starting 5 and one substitute. Long story short, we got blown out of the water by our opponent, but my stat line was Barkley-like (and I remember it to this day… 28pts… 12rbnds… moms kept the books for my team and still got the stat book) I even had a Charles Smith like moment, but I converted the bucket on my third try by going glass and I heard someone in the croud say… “That boy there looks like barkley don’t he…” I shook hands w/ the other team and their players and the coach all gave me so much love; the opposing coach even wanted me to come and play with them in the summer, but I declined (not my parents). I was at the time 5’4” and a chubby kid, but all i ever wanted to do was play ball… This night I did that and more. That’s when I knew this game was for me. Now as a 28 yr old man, I still remember that game and smile, because it was there in that gym I knew I belonged.
    P.S. I didn’t grow too much more only making it to 5’9” but stayed stocky (imagine Kalid El-Amin) and played point guard in H.S. ; genetics suck… I should have been 6’9” and Power Forward! My story may not win, but I wanted to share anyway… Thanks for jogging the memory banks SLAM!

  • Richie

    I play in the Urban Professionals rec league in NYC. It was last spring season, and our first game. I was having a solid game off the bench (at the half I had about 10 points) but we were down double digits. Thanks to full court pressing (and a smaller high school sized court) we cut the lead down to 2 with about 20 seconds left. It was our possession out of a time out. We planned to look for an easy 2 inside, so I dumped it to out big down low who was doubled and quickly threw it out to me on the 3 pt line. I put up a high arching shot over the defense fell to the floor and SPLASH, nothing but net. After they took the ball full court and missed their last attempt, we came out victorious. Final 45-46. At the end of the season they ended being the best team in our division, we made the playoff but came up short. You haven’t fully experienced basketball till you hit a shot like that. The Kicks were the Air Zoom BB 1, white grey red colorway, awesome underated ball show.

  • Ken

    Last line of Migs story made me laugh out loud. That sucks, but great story.

  • Philip

    I was in 8th grade and my team was in the semis of our town’s tourny against a team that had beaten us twice already during the season. Down by 7 with 50 seconds to go we thought we were done. To make a long story short, we tied the game and had possession with 2.4 left on the clock. I get the rock, take two dribbles and launch it from the other 3-point line… BANK!!! The crowd rushes the floor and we’re off to the finals. I dropped 34 with 16 coming in the 4th. Man… I’ve got goose bumps just thinking about it. Size 10.5 btw.
    The Proof…

  • Ken

    Just wanted to thank everybody who’s posted. I’ve really enjoyed reading these.

  • Poohbizzle

    My greatest moment of playing was back in middle school. We had this thing in gym where everyone formed into teams of 3 for round ball ruckus. We played regular season games in our gym class, then a big grade wide tournament at the end. My team was the only undefeated one along with one other in our class. We had a tight game and tied, so we had a free throw contest to decide the winner. My two teammates missed along with the all the other team. With the rest of the class watching I drained it. Everyone went nuts around me. I was never a great player, undersized to be nice (I was about 5 foot and 90 pounds) and honestly my teammates were better. But for that moment I certainly felt like the best. Classic.

  • Double J

    It was my junior year of HS, 2006. We were slated to play one of the three private schools that annually destroyed our league. Catholic boys who had “God” on their side, and lucky for them, the ability to recruit. Their average height was 6’2, and sadly our tallest guy could barely look eye to eye with them. Nervous, I took my first shot from behind the arc instead of slashing inside as I’m accustomed to do. The three was wet, and a few plays later I stole the rock as if God forgot which team to help out; easy buckets. I finished the game 22, 11, 4, 3, 3. 100% from the field, the line, and three. We won by 20+ and the crowd went wild… I was later awarded, being named the Player of the Week by the Seattle Times. It was also the last time my school beat one of the “Big Three.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1214423506&ref=profile Arvin Lie

    It was at Resevoir Park, where me, a short average Asian kid came to a court with highly skilled high-school basketballers. Of course they would tease the only Asian kid on the court, calling me Yao Ming and stuff lol, but my game showed that day and I kind of dominate them. I scored three 3 pointers, couple of layups, and the greatest was when I tip a ball going up against I don’t know, maybe a 200 something pounds 6 footer (I was 5’4) and scored the game point.

  • Migs

    Thanks for the comment Ken… it’s 100% true too. As an aside, my cousin now goes to the same high school I went to (like 9 years ago), and Coach B is still there. Even though we have different last names, my cousin and I have similar features, so when Coach B saw him, he asked if he knew me. Same thing happened when my sister went there.

  • NAS

    last game of the season, if we win we are in the playoffs, if we lose we are out in the cold, down by one point i had the ball with 20 seconds left, milking the clock i juke my defender left and go right and pull up for a J, the defender fouls me with no time left on the clock and send me to the charity stripe, trying to control my nerves i step up to the line and concentrate on the task at hand with the crowd in complete silence, i swish in the first shot which let me give out a huge sigh of relief, the refs hands me the ball for the game winner and nuthin but net….. in my TAI CHI baby blue and navy blue makeup – I couldn’t have done it without you

  • NJ4Life

    The year was 2007, my junior year of HS. I had started on the freshman team for my school, but injuries and my height cost me the rest of my school-playing career. So believe it or not, my greatest moment was in rec-league play. I’m a 5’7 pg and as a Nets fan I’d idolized JKidd. My game was all about passing and making my teammates better. Unfortunately, much like my idol, my jumper was shaky to say the least. But this day was different. The week before, my freshmen coach had told me, “Gaudio, if you’da been 6’0 ft you coulda’ been the best player to come through this program in a long time.” At first I had taken it as a compliment. But as I thought about it on the ride to my rec game that weekend I became more and more insulted. Why couldn’t I have been that player at the height I was? I loved the game, I worked harder than anyone I knew, and my game was predicated on running and seeing the floor. By the time I reached the gym, thinking about this the whole way, I could feel my blood coursing through me. I was pumped, and ready to take out my frustrations on everybody on the opposing team. Normally in shoot around I was laughing and loosening my teammates up. That day, I was stone faced, silent, and couldn’t take my eyes off the rim. We got ready for tip-off and in JKidd fashion I went to the opposite foul line and squatted down, taking in the whole court before me, envisioning passes I wouldn’t make for another 5, 10, 25 minutes. We won the tip and I passed the ball around the horn. Untraditionally, I called for it back. I squared up and fired the three. My normally sporadic shot hit net, and I knew it was one of those nights. I hit three more treys, and ran the break as often as I could, rewarding my open teammates with dimes through legs and over outstretched arms. At one point, on a two-on-one, I put backspin on the ball threw it past the lone defender and it spun BACK towards my target for the assist. I continued my hot play with the sound of my coaches voice echoing in my ears, “you COULD have been the best…”. As the game went to the fourth my team had a nice size lead we were cruising. But in the final minute I made a careless mistake. After getting the inbounds pass, I forced one cross-court to a teammate. Bad idea. The nearest defender picked it off and was running towards the hoop, equal distance from the hoop as myself. I cursed myself under my breath for the carelessness, but I was determined to redeem myself. Like many shorter players, I’m very fast and I came up behind him around the free throw line. He had assumed he’d beaten me and went for the layup. I leapt and the adrenaline launched much higher than I’d expected, evidenced by the fact that I could have guaranteed I was going to block it with my entire hand. As my face brushed the net, I caught the ball in my armpit, and landed with possession, letting out a KG-like howl. My coached called a timeout, and players from the OPPOSING team came over and congratulated me on the play, to which I could only smile and wonder just how I had accomplished such a feat. I finished the game with 18 pts, 6 asts, 4 rebs, 4 steals, and 1 extremely gratifying block. But I think the most satisfying part of the night was when the opposing team’s coached came over to me and said “I know one player who should be playing for the school team”.

  • http://yahoo.com Logues

    senior year in high school,playin at rockford, who at the time were undefeated and ranked second in state. i played for kimball, we were not even in the top 100, and prolly not even close to that. but anyway,that year won like ten games, which was the best for our school in like ten years. my junior year we won six games and the previous two years combined for ONE win, so our school sucks at basketball. rockford was loaded, way better than us, we thought we would get killed by atleast 30. we came out and played a really good first half, and we couldnt believe we were only down by ten at half, but we figured they would be pissed and prolly gettin there a**es yelled at in the locker room would pull away in the second half and still kill us. but we played hard for the entire 40 min and ended up winning by only a few points. it was one of the best feelings ive ever felt as a ball player. they played us at home later in the season and beat us by like 40.

  • nosmelone

    My most memorable moment playing basketball came very unexpectedly. I am Mormon and during my two year LDS mission I served in the heart of the West End of Louisville Kentucky. As a 6’2 155lb white kid in that neighborhood I stuck out like a sore thumb. I played some high school ball and have always played in rec leagues and church ball (if you live in Utah, Idaho or Arizona you know what that is) but I guess when you see a mormon missionary in the old white shirt tie and nametag its easy to assume the stickler personality. I made it a point to be in Shawnee park as often as possible to watch the “Dirt Bowl” summer league games. During the halftime a group of about 5 high school kids and a few people waiting to playing the next game were warming up playing some 21. I had been shooting around with them (white shirt and all) and held my own in the game of 21 (although I didn’t win). Towards the end of the game I caught a rebound that shot off the front of the rim and took it hard through the somewhat open lane, jumping and putting down a pretty hard one handed dunk (the only dunk in my arsenal)on a guy who was supposed to play in the next game who was about my same height. No sooner than I landed the dirt bowl commentator yelled on the mic “My Lord, I just saw a Mormon missionary dunk on like 5 guys!” I appreciated his excitement but truth was that it was only one guy. People watched us as we finished the game. People were giving me props and inviting me to come play on other nights. Two days later while knocking doors doing the missionary thing, I knocked on the mic announcers door. Although I didn’t recognize him, he knew me. He congratulated me on my nice dunk and invited us in for dinner (bar-b-que, the best in the ville). Although no missionary discussions ever took place we talked a lot of basketball and ended up spending a lot of time watching dirt bowl games and playing ball in Shawnee Park. Since then I’ve returned Mecca (SLC,UT if your mormon) and have never made it back to Kentucky. But I will never forget the day (and hopefully Louisville will never forget the day) that I was able to represent via white shirt and tie. Man I miss Louisville!

  • nosmelone

    I forgot to add that my dunk wasn’t in a pair of Tai Chi’s it was actually a pair of worn out dock martins. But just imagine if I’d have had a pair of Tai Chi’s?

  • MR4U

    Were these followed by the And 1 Chi Gong?

  • daniel

    About two years ago i was playing in a summer league tournament. Since being one of the younger guys (17 at the time) i wanted to go there work hard, play D get some good shots up and impress the coaches. There were players from youth league which is under/22 (my age bracket) to state league to ABA.(in N.S.W ABA is the best league other than NBL) We were in the grand final Vsing Ater Majoks team(yeah the same guy from Uconn) It was tight the whole game, and im not going to lie our 2 gaurd was hot all game and he kept us tight with them. We were down two, called a time out with about 6 seconds left…inbounded the ball to our 2 gaurd he attacked his man, they doubbled he kicked it to me for a deep two and on the buzzer i banked it in. OT we ended up winning, i cant remember by how much. First and only game winner I have ever shot.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jay-Singh

    After 9/11 It was difficult going to the US. That was if you were brown. I was a Sikh from Canada. Averaged 32 ppg, 5 assits, 5 rebounds in highschool. Nobody thought I could make it. I was super talented but I never got exposure. Summer 2002 we travel to San Diego for a Tournament. First game the gym was packed, I got racist looks, got laughed at and cussed at. People called me Bin Laden. I played for my self that game. It was the most hostile and scariest environment I ever played in. Surprsingly with 13 seconds left its tied. I have 38 points,6 boards,4 assits. 4 ticks left I pull up nail a 24 footer at the buzzer. I look at the crowd and smile. I had silenced everyone. While celebrating our victory 2 referees asks “Whats that on your head?” I reply, “My Sikh Turban.” “You can’t play in this tournament”. My life changed that day. Sadly my hoop dreams shattered because I looked different. We left the tournament immediatly, disgusted and dissapointed. Im 23 years old now soon releasing a book called “Ignorance verus Talent, Who Wins?”. Ignorance beat me in the best game of my life. But that GAME(40 minutes)was my greatest basketball conquest.

  • http://www.slamonline.com E33

    and 31,32 and 34. My number was’nt called I was number 33 at the tryouts and on the final day when the cuts were made my number was not called. I walked out of the gym with tears in my eyes along with the others who got caught. Difference between me and the others who got cut was I actually practiced. That night I watched Allen Iverson drop 40 points. I was 5 foot 6 and it inspired me. Next morning I woke up and went for a long run, skipped rope, got home from school MADE 800 shots. My hunger could not be described in words. I did this everyday untill next years tryouts. The final day of tryouts we scrimmaged. I played point guard. Coach was watching carefully. I was blowing by people and finishing with dunks, hitting threes and dropping dimes. 10 seconds left my team is down 2, I demand the ball step back hit a three. Everybody was amazed at how much I had improved. I just remember the monkey getting off my back and that feeling I got when coach called out 24,25…26. I was number 26 and I worked my ass off to get my number called. It was my greatest basketball moment ever.

  • http://Slam Smooth

    It was on a traveling team n we were in a tournement. My mom got hadn’t seen me play the whole season because of a stroke that put her in the hospital tha day after Christmas til the begaining of february. I wanted to do somthing special. I wrote mom on my shoes and went to work. I was on fire the whole weekend but we lost the first two games. We won the last two games, but the last game was was crazy. My mom wanted to see me dunk since she never seen me do it. On the last play of the game I stole the ball and took of for a two handed slam. It was the beat thing I did in basketball because it was for my mom.

  • tealish

    Hm, testing to see if this comment goes through

  • tealish

    My moment happened in a summer league game back in Grade 8. There was a guy a year my senior on the opposing team with a terrible attitude — cocky, abrasive, dismissive, the works. Oh, he was the best player in the L. On one possession, he put on an array of crossovers before wrapping the ball around the back of my teammate’s head and sinking a 3-pointer 4 feet behind the arc. He shouted some nonsense. The crowd went nuts. My teammate felt terrible.
    Fast forward towards the end, my team’s up two. I’ve long ago switched to D up on him and he’d been shouting trash all game (not directed exclusively towards me because I don’t get into that stuff). Again, he decides to put on a dribbling clinic to set up whatever he was about to do (a step back 3, I presume). But this time as he crossed left, I’d stuck my hand down, deflecting the ball back through his legs. I ran around him, got the ball, went the distance for the lay-up. Sealing the victory was nice, but getting him back for my buddy was nicer.

  • tealish

    My moment happened in a summer league game back in Grade 8. There was a guy a year my senior on the opposing team with a terrible attitude — c*cky, abrasive, dismissive, the works. Oh, he was the best player in the L. On one possession, he put on an array of crossovers before wrapping the ball around the back of my teammate’s head and sinking a 3-pointer 4 feet behind the arc. He shouted some nonsense. The crowd went nuts. My teammate felt terrible.
    Fast forward towards the end, my team’s up two. I’ve long ago switched to D up on him and he’d been shouting trash all game (not directed exclusively towards me because I don‘t get into that stuff). Again, he decides to put on a dribbling clinic to set up whatever he was about to do (a step back 3, I presume). But this time as he crossed left, I’d stuck my hand down, deflecting the ball back through his legs. I ran around him, got the ball, went the distance for the lay-up. Sealing the victory was nice, but getting him back for my buddy was nicer.

  • tealish

    Lol I see now. Can’t write c*cky up in here

  • http://www.slamonline.com Balla-holic

    Being a girl I was always viewed differently on the court. The boys did not want to D me up and they thought they didn’t have to try on me. I remember it was an intramurals game at my school and you had to have one girl player on your team. Being the best girl at my school the two best boys chose me to play for them. I was always a streetball girl rocking Iverson’s and And 1′s and I had a killer crossover and a smooth jumper. It was the championship game and I remember scoring 25 points on the other teams best player. The crowd was going crazy and I just remember him having to actually D me up and me crossing him over. With 5 seconds on the clock we were down 2 and they set up a trap and I was at centre court they just needed one stop to win it. I inbounded to my teammate and he got stuck with 3 seconds he threw the ball back and I heaved it from half-court. SWISH. Crowd goes wild!!! I won MVP and was never viewed differently again.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dippa

    Damn Jay-Singh’s story. Im a brown Sikh from Canada aswell and I can relate to that it got really hard going to the States after 9/11 man. We are mistaken as different people because our people have turbans. I remember reading a newspaper article about this I can’t remember but it may just have been Jay-Singh but I can’t remember the players actualy name but I always thought SLAM should have ran a story about it. It was ignorant and racist telling someone they can’t play because of their religion. Way to light them up though sad to see your basketball career ended like that.

  • DJ Pierrot

    During summer 2K4 I was in Köln, Germany to watch the preparation game Italy vs Redeem Team (Team USA who won the bronz medal in Athens) and I saw for the first time the Question II on the feet of AI. As the biggest fan in France of AI, I wanted them badly so finally I got them for my bday few weeks after from wifey. Practi?e was starting end of august and just before the start of the season I was dropped from the team (new much younger people arrived in the team and we were playing in a higher division than the previous season). So I start the season with the 3rd team without my friends ! But they come to see me for the first game and I was wearing the Question II. Just after entering (I was not a starter cause I was new in this team) on a fast break I cross-overed a very young kid and made him felt on his butt. Just after dishing the ball for an easy 2, I stopped near my friends, looked at them, put one knee on the floor and cleaned my shoe on the I3 logo. They became like crazy. I wanted tho thanks them for their support and show people that I was fresh !

  • thegfunk

    I’m from a town in England and play with friends at the local sports centre in the north east area. It all changed this year in july. I attended a french basketball camp in paris called AMW for one week and learnt of hard work and watched serious ballers!. I was put in the low group out of 5 others but couldn’t believe my eyes when guys as young as seventeen were crossing it up and flying in for a dunk. I met so many people from africa and europe that i couldn’t believe i was on court with, it was hard as my French is terrible. My game needs serious work! I got to see tony parker and turiaf and batum! at a france vs hungary game and the whole camp got to meet alexis, the young bobcats centre! As well as florent pietrus! the courts in the gym right next the best players in the world at the stade de Coubertin, unbelievable! Good to learn from people that know their stuff! didn’t get mvp of course but now I’m on that school playground 3 hours a day now to try get a place on my university team September.

  • Taranvir

    comment sections doesn’t work!

  • Taranvir

    comment sections doesn’t work!

  • Taranvir

    My best on-court conquest was back in grade 6. During this time, there was a small boy named Jason Hezkall. Other students would make fun of him because he was small. No one wanted to play basketball with him either. I remember I came to the new school, and i really liked him. Me and him became good friends. He was also very good at ball. During that year for tryouts, i told him to tryout. He wouldn’t because he said he wouldnt make it. I pushed him, and he said ok. In the tryouts, I would make plays just to him. He showed his skills and so did I. We both made the team! It was like the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover. This was a good feeling for me, because i helped this guy out and it was all with the power of ball. Today our friendship is still strong, and he has come far. I always remember that as a great basketball accomplishment.

  • Voodoorock

    I was 13, 6 foot 4 and we were down by two with seconds left on the court, the shot went up from my team, miss mad scramble on the rebound, hook tip by me as the buzzer sounded. Slow white guy ie me ran sprinting down the court yelling my head off, in the madness tore my hamstring, missed the semi finals which started two weeks later.I’m 30 now, the knees are shot but I still remember that play and smile.

  • dennizyo

    When i play at my school during my high school days as a varsity player. I was the captain ball of the team with a goal of just to play and the exposure to compete. Our team joined a league and we played against the home court team and we were the underdogs, but we had tried our best we played down the wire and gave them a good fight. at the end of the buzzer we lost but not with a big margin but with just 5 points behind. the crucial moment their is that we stayed strong as a team that we mature on that game and each one us contribute although we were against a strong and experienced team. as the leader of the team i told my team mates that the game is played with the concepts of trust with each other and the love of the game regardless the outcome.

  • CDub

    My greatest conquest on the court was a seven year journey. Basketball has always been my first love. In high school I was a three sport athlete. It all came crashing down when my junior year I blew out my knee in a football game. It put me on the shelf for over a year and I suffered on the sidelines that year. I was never the same after that and had a disappointing senior season. I lost my quicks and hop’s. I then focused on football and ended up playing three years of college football. After FB was over I focused on trying to get lean and as I did I was playing ball like my old self. After my dad bribed me to try out my senior year in college I ended up making the team. My first game I scored six points off the bench and ended up being the six-man for the rest of the year. I’d have to say that first game was a fulfillment of a childhood dream and the defining moment of my playing days.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    The defining moment of my basketball days occurred during high school. I was a passionate athlete trapped in your typical nerd body – studious, shy, and unpopular. I played in recreation leagues and as years passed the talented guys noticed I could run with the best. With so few touches, half a dozen points and rebounds with a block or two was my game. Three years of high school went by and I hadn’t bothered to try out for the school team, instead playing soccer. I finally attempted to make varsity senior year. I was conditioned, stood at 6’5,” and figured I’d have a chance to at least get garbage time considering I was one of the tallest. After what I thought was a solid tryout, I was cut and frustrated with the popularity contest results. I later joined an adult league and my defining moment would come against an opponent the varsity coach played for. I rained threes around the arc, the coach switched to defend me, and I banked a three in his expressionless face. I finished with 28 points, a lifelong high. To this day I remember him saying “Guess I made the wrong decision with you.”

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  • Roy.z

    It was the first day of fifth grade and I rocked a Iverson jersey with And 1 Tai Chi’s. Both those items at the time were the most popular basketball items in the world. They may just have been bigger then the game itself. Everyone was talking about what I was rocking. They loved it. Except for Jerome. The star player in our grade and it seemed like he had more hype than LeBron did. Coaches loved him. He says to me, “You don’t play basketball so why do you dress like you’re me?” talk about ego. I was just a skinny kid who loved watching the game. So I challenge him to 1 on 1 at recess. “Ill quit playing if I loose to you”. He was laughing because I challenged him. My gameplan was to use my quickness and just shoot. I hit a three get the ball back drive it in and throw in a circus shot. Everybody was shocked. I hit 3 threes and won 11-0!!. He was crying after the game and I was the hero. He didn’t quit playing but his game DECLINED. I started playing basketball after that, I started and Jerome was my backup.

  • Suga Ray.

    In 8th grade I averaged 22ppg and 6apg. I was always getting into fights at school and a lot of people unfairly hated on me. Didn’t have many friends. The school was going nowhere basketball wise so when I cheated off that final exam and got caught I didn’t really care I wanted to leave. I was expelled. Next season my new school would play my old school first. There was so much hype to this game. I was going to light them up. I even rocked my Vince Carter jersey that day. When I got there I heard all the people who hated me, just booing and yelling nasty things. It was a hostile environment. I wanted to silence the crowd and everytime I would score that would happened. I even had a vicious dunk in this game. We played bad defence though and the game was actually tied. Than it happened. 3 seconds I take the ball splash a 22 footer. I dropped 33 points and won the game at the buzzer. I stared at the crowd and the principal with my finger on my lips like Kobe in 08 olympics. It was my greatest basketball moment. I felt like VC.

  • Stevey

    @Jay-Singh: Preety sad what happened to you man, when is that book your writing coming out and where?.

  • Stevey

    In highschool coach never gave me a chance I always warmed the bench. Coach didnt know I was a shooter. I used to go out and put up 500 shots a day atleast, you know just incase the coach calls me in so I can contribute. So one day when we were going to our game in taxis 3 of the 4 taxis went the long way and got caught up in traffic. The taxi I was in took the short route and had 5 people in it. As we got there coach told us 9 guys were going to miss the first quarter and that meant I was starting. The whole season I had 0 points. I played a calm Billups type game. First play of the game shot clock running down I had to shoot and I nailed a 3. On defence stole the pass and layed it in. We exchanged baskets and by the end of the quarter I had 12 points!. The rest of the team arrived and coach kept me in the whole game. I had 24 points by the fourth and sent the game to overtime with a game tying freethrow. We won and I became a starter. My greatest conquest.

  • Jason

    I’m a skinny white kid from Canada, 14 years old and about 6’2″ with mild hops and a silky jump shot. This past summer i went to a camp at the University of Michigan were the coaches there would teach us a few things but we mostly played games, and at the end there was a mini tournament with all the teams. Right off the bat during the games i was established as the shooter on my team and my coach let me shoot all the threes i wanted. During the semi-final game in this mini tournement i went off for 23 points, which is pretty good cause it equal playing time and the quaters were 8 mins. long, but there was one sequence that really stands out in my mind as a defining moment in my basketball career so far. And during this 30 seconds or so i got 9 points and this is what happened. the other team scored on us with about 30 seconds left and my team pushed the ball up and passed me the ball and i hit a three in my mans eye, then my team steals the inbounds pass and get it to me i finish strong by the basket and one, make the free throw and the other team comes down the floor with 10 seconds left but they think there is less time so they shoot with 2 seconds left and i get the rebound and shoot the ball from 3/4 of the court and .. swoosh. My team goes carzy , other team not so much. In the end my team lost but i did get some university coaches looking at my game. After that i knew that i wanted to go places in basketball and i play at least 3 hours a day, usually more, and make 800 shots at least.

  • Jamal Banks

    My greatest basketball conquest is my final game of basketball. It was an amazing game the kind you have in video games. I dunked it for the first time in my life in this game. It was the game where all those squats I did and all those shots I put up till it got dark payed off. I scored 34 points and grabbed 10 boards. I even dropped a guy with my crossover. There were 6 seconds and coach told the team to get me the ball and I stepped back for three and tied the game. In overtime we were tied at 74 and I stole it hit a 3, stole the inbound hit a three, stole the inbound and hit another 3. I scored 9 points in 14 SECONDS! The crowd went nuts and my team dog piled on me. It was the last basketball game I ever played. I still remember my final shot from the corner right in the defenders face. I didn’t want this game to end and I didn’t want basketball to end for me but I think I had one hell of an ending to a highschool career.

  • HangTime Hec

    My greatest memory in B-ball was a couple of years a ago. In the blazing hot city of santo domingo. Basketball is a lot different over there. There is a certain Team aspect that I rarely see around jersey. Well it was a timed 20 minute game and me and a group of friends and the “basketball coach” of the town decided to go play on a foreign court. It was hot. It was near noon, so no shade whatsoever. Two kids from the place to referee for us. So already I knew we weren’t going to get calls. This is the closest that I got to a “official game”. Our coach talks to us, tells us were warriors, tells us that were the best new blood our town has to over. I start center since am the tallest. Coach tells me, he believes in me, and he knows I will deliver. Everything else I remember is that I played the meanest D in my life. I ate rebounds as if i didnt eat any breakfast. We won with the help of two other cats making important buckets. We lift victorious from a 12 point deficit. I wasn’t jelous that I wasn’t hitting the big shots. I was happy that I got to play and earn the respect of the coach. For the rest of the summer they called me “that tall kids that eats rebounds” roughly translated from spanish.

  • Heatboy311

    My greatest moment in my basketball career was in NJB. It was the semifinals, and we were trailing by 1 with 9 seconds left to the top ranked Bruins(we were the longhorns). On the Bruins’ inbound a kid on our team stole the ball and shot a 3. He missed it, but got fouled. 1.0 left on the clock. Our guy missed all 3 free throws. I rebounded the shot and put it back up. I got hammered on my way down and missed the shot. 2 free throws.1 on the clock. I knockeds down both free throws and the last thing I saw was the scoreboard before gettin mobbed by teammates. We went on to win the championship. I had 6 points in that game and Ill never forget that day.