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The Pump Turns 20

Reebok’s most widely-known sneaker is getting celebrated in style.

by Chris O’Leary/olearychris

There are a number of things enjoying a 20th anniversary this year. Along with Saved by the Bell and the fall of the Berlin wall sits a monumental sneaker development, in the Reebok Pump.

Reebok has just launched a site that’s all about the Pump. They’re also going all out to celebrate the shoe, with a documentary on the Pump by director Colin O’Toole that’s set to release on Nov. 20.

Reebok is giving away 20 pairs of limited edition anniversary editions of the Pump on their Twitter account (@Reebok). Visit their site and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the giveaways and their 20th anniversary. And be on the lookout for some fresh collaborations. (Sorry, no hints here, but you can get the latest at here.) And for old time’s sake, enjoy these two old Pump ads from back in the day:

First with Dominique Wilkins and friends:

And one from our favorite NBA analyst who I miss every time I hear Reggie Miller’s voice, Bill Walton:

And the specifics from Reebok:

As you probably know, twenty years after the first pair was launched, Reebok is collaborating with 20 of the world’s most iconic sneaker stores to create 20 limited edition versions of The Pump. Featuring retailers from across Europe, Asia, the US and Australia these collaborations celebrate the iconic nature of The PUMP while giving each retailer their chance to customize the design classic in a fresh and exciting way. The shoes will be available on November 20th. Alongside their limited-edition Pump designs, each retail partner will also offer bring backs of two of the original Pump colorways.

Reebok has just launched www.Pump20.com, which is the on-line home to all-things PUMP.  In addition, Reebok is marking this momentous anniversary with the release of a film documenting the history of The PUMP by cutting edge director Colin O’Toole. The film will bDee Browne released on November 20th.

So how can you keep up to date with all things PUMP leading up to Nov. 20? Follow @Reebok on Twitter.

Not only will followers be the first to know about everything related to the PUMP 20th Anniversary but followers of @Reebok will also have the opportunity to WIN a pair of the VERY limited edition bring backs of the original PUMP shoes.

There are less than 700 of these shoes being produced! Reebok will be giving away 20 (of course!) pairs.  One pair each day will be given away beginning November 1st.

In addition, followers of @Reebok will also get an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK AT THE ENTIRE 20 SHOE COLLECTION!

Here is what else followers of @Reebok can expect:
•    exclusive PUMP videos
•    A look back at some of the more iconic PUMP models throughout the years
•    PUMP trivia with t-shirt giveaways
•    Be the first to know about when new content such as the trailers for the PUMP Documentary are released on Pump20.com
•    A look back at some of Reebok’s PUMP ads, both TV and print from the 90′s
•    Photos from PUMP release parties around the world
•    Anything and everything related to The PUMP

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  • http://theghostofroyhobbs.blogspot.com Mo Charlo

    No mention of Dave Chappelle’s character in “Robin Hood: Men in Tights?” Tarnation!

  • Homie

    I remember my first pair…classic!

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    my generation has the Gerald Green version….

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    To all Lebron haters i ask one question: has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ BETCATS

    ^how did my Lebron comment end up here? Sh!t is werid…

  • angelino

    Remember Chris Rock in the Saturday Night live spoof ad “pumping” a turkey. Thats awesome.

  • Hoodsnake

    Stil dont understand the question BETCATS!?

  • ab_40

    man the pumps went stinky realy fast haha after about a month or so of playing in em they stunk like old shoes. cheap fabrics I guess.

  • http://slamonline.com Big D

    Here’s an idea Reebok, just release 1000+ to Foot Lockers and create some real excitement back in your depleted product line.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Dave

    Betcats: I don’t know, but I p#$%ed myself laughing. :D

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    Co-sign Mo Charlo. and BETCATS lol, I use to post that quote on my facebook. hahahh

  • http://shoenut.blogspot.com ShoeNut

    Pumps are a classic.