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Contest: Win And Design A Pair Of Cons

Get creative with Converse’s Poorman and win.

by Chris O’Leary/@olearychris

It’s been a minute since we’ve given something away here, so let’s change that today.

The generous folks at Converse want to hook a SLAMonline reader up with a free pair of their Poorman sneakers. Next Wednesday, July 28, Converse will debut the Poorman Weapon at Converseone.com, allowing people to customize their shoe online, with the design-your-own feature.

You guys can all get the jump on everyone else by visiting this beta site and toying around with the customization options for the Poorman. Here’s some background on the Poormans:

- In the 1970s Converse introduced the modern basketball shoe to the world with the Pro Leather. The Pro Leather was worn by basketball greats like Julius Erving and later the Weapon came on the scene. Both were highly sought after.

- Back in the day when every kid wanted one of the leather pairs, Converse also used to issue simple canvas variations, which on playgrounds everywhere were dubbed “Poorman” versions.

- Today, Poorman versions of classic Converse basketball silhouettes are elevated to new heights with hybrids of the classics that include fresh materials and details that make what is an everyman shoe special.

So we’re gonna set someone up with a pair of Poorman Weapons. In light of the concept of the Poorman, tell us which famous basketball player you’re the Poorman version of and why. Keep the answers somewhat brief (a couple hundred words or so) and I’ll close the comments Friday night at midnight ET. We’ll announce a winner next week. Good luck, everybody!


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  • kevin

    I am the poorman version of Chris Paul. Never being the tallest on the court like CP3, I never let that deter me leaving an imprint on the game. CP3’s high basketball IQ combined with his above average on the fly decision making result in one of the most dynamic PG’s we have seen. At the end of the day, everybody in the NBA can go right, they can go left, they can shoot a jump shot, and everybody has a certain threshold of talent. But what makes him so special is his incredible tenacity and love for the game. Just like CP3, I bring the tenacity, never back down level of intensity to each game. I try to bring the level of leadership he brings to the Hornets to the squad I run with by understanding the delicate balance between getting teammates involved, riding the hot hand and taking over.

  • Rossman

    I am a poormans version of Dwanye Wade. Always underestimated but when it is time to play he is the best on the court. He and I both don,t talk trash and are not worried by what people say about us we just go out on the court and prove the naysayers wrong.We both take basketball very seriously and after a game we look at what we could have did better and strive to improve on our game.

  • ampd

    i am the poorman’s version of melo. i try to take his playful approach to every game i play in. he always has a smile on his face and is truly in love with the game, and i play with the same joy he has. both of us know how to rebound, slash to the basket, and hit the midrange, and the 3 ball is open if we’re feelin it. most of all, we’ve done a lot of maturing these past few years, learning how to lead a team and become a role model for the younger players

  • Migs

    While most of my colleagues in this contest will no doubt select a superstar from today’s era of flash and sizzle, I would like to bring forth a Converse-clad specimen from an era of fundamentally-sound basketball. To paraphrase, he is “a mountain of a man, disguised as an NBA player” – a man who’s complimentary skill-set, high basketball IQ, versatility on court, and his desire to do everything it takes for the team is matched by his spectacular wit and tremendous gravitas.

    The grace, the tenacity, the strength and versatility, the overwhelming flurries of adjectives and hyperbole… nay… the sheer presence of the man known as Bill Walton will forever be imprinted in my DNA.

    If Luke Walton ever became a shade of his father’s former self – a poor-man’s version, so to speak, then and only then would he be able to consider himself to be a success in the NBA.

    To take a further step along the descriptive path, I fashion myself as a homeless-man’s version of the big behemoth. Mirroring Bills rise to stardom, my career was marred by two back surgeries and several knee injuries since high school, forcing me to survive on court through my height, length, versatility, relatively high basketball IQ, and indomitable willpower and desire to succeed. Off court, I see myself as having a mere fraction of the descriptive impact that the big man of many words has. Struggling with a slight stammering issue as a youngster forced me to develop my writing skills and creativity to a point that is still several notches below that of Big Red. He is an inspirational figurehead to youngsters due to his willingness to overcome the odds, despite the many injuries that plagued his career.

    Throw it down big fella… throw it down.

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  • Abhishek Duggal

    I’m the Poorman version of Derek Fisher because like him, money can’t buy me. I stick by my team.

  • Joey E.

    Im going to be real with this. I didnt make my HS team. But i love the game. Anyways, Im the poorman Al Harrington. Look, Im not that great at defense, I’m only 6’0 so Im small in terms of a great team, but on the pickup courts im the big man. But I dont like rebounding or playing defense. I think my 3 is going in every single time when I have no shot at making it at all. Im going to keep on chucking. But I have a few post moves so Im not really Antoine Walker, but I never use them lol. When Im hot im a decent shooter, but when im not, that Wolf is not blowing down my brick house. Love Al. thanks for the opportunity SLAM and Converse

  • Scottie Pimpin

    im a southpaw shooter coming out of the New York state, versatile in my offensive game. im a poor mans Chris Mullin. just like chris im more athletic than meets the eye, you give me enough room and ill put it up from 3, always take it strong to the rim with good body control, try and block me, time my release with a tear drop(mostly with the left though) Chris was a shooter, but had crazy passing skillz; leave your man, or get caught sleeping, i’ll hit your cover with a fancy assist, eyes in the back of the head style, strong fast hands , and never gives up the play on Defense.

  • JordanD

    I’m the poor mans Tim Donaghy. I f the game up whenever I step on the court. Can I get my shoes now please???

  • Sandman

    I feel like I was a poor man’s Shawn Marion. When I grew up, my hands were so small, I couldn’t handle the ball well, so I had to resort to being able to make a play with the ball in a few dribbles as possible. I eventually came to learn how to shoot layups under the glass and hook shots from 15 ft out. Because I was blessed with arms five inches longer than my height at the time, I was able to defend 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s in middle school and high school. Because of my craftiness and cross country-bred stamina, I was able to play with greater talent and still be effective, despite my shortcomings and I was able to do similar things on the court with D-1 players in college.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    I am the poorman version of David Lee. Every time Lee hits the court, he plays as hard as he possibly can–like every game is his last. I play like that as well, because I know, as a teenager, that being able to play basketball as often as I do is a privilege that won’t last forever, and I want to make the most of it. Lee dives for balls. He hustles for extra boards. He plays the game that nobody else wants to, he grinds it out and does the dirty work. I do this as well, doing everything within my limits trying to help my team out. Lee and I are both built big, and we have a nose for the ball. David Lee has a smooth stroke from mid-range that few are aware of–I have this as well, which I use as a secret weapon when I’m not lined up at the Four. Lee’s athleticism will surprise you, even though he doesn’t look it. David Lee is undersized, but doesn’t back down from anything and he does whatever it takes, creating opportunities with hustle that normal players wouldn’t bother with. I try to do the sam, and that’s why I am the poorman version of David Lee.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    *I try to do the SAME, not sam. Sorry.

  • Jose

    I know he may not be as All-star status as most people, but i’m a poor man’s Udonis Haslem. Starting in high school, i was not looked at much by coach and spent some time on the pine,through the 1st 2 years i was put in as a Center because of my wide frame despite the lack of true center’s height.Coach liked my hustle but hustle wasn’t enough, during the course of these years i hit the gym and improved my boards and defense(especially against the taller, larger bodies) while thinning out and gaining some muscle, even came out w/ a nice mid range J. midway through junior year i was being put in the rotation as a PF hitting the open elbow shots or pick n pop at times, but mostly for my D that was great because of the irritant qualities i had, and finally becuase of my hustle i had since freshmnan year, diving for loose balls, running the break, fighting the bigger guyz for the reb. difference now was that now i had better skills and athleticism to match my hustle. Senior year i came out starting in some games, and i was just happy to be helping the team out, regardless of in i was put in the game much or not. Seeing UD play this game, i feel as if my game emulates his, which makes me like a poor mans Udonis.

  • Ken

    I’m a poor man’s Rajon Rondo/JKidd during their rookie and sophomore years (before they could shoot worth a damn). While I play point, I get as many rebounds as my big men. I’m always looking to pass, and my whole team cringes every time I shoot a jumper. I like to push the defense by running on the break, and like early Kidd/Rondo, I often find the rest of my team hasn’t crossed halfcourt to join me when I do. Unlike Kidd/Rondo, I never got better…

  • EJ

    I’m the Poorman version of Greg Oden, cause I got a huge dick and he’s richer than me.

  • Neon

    I’m a poor man’s Sam Cassell. I’m slow compared to other guards but I’m money from the elbow. Mid-range all day, but I can also take smaller guards down the block and punish them with my back to the basket. I’m never the best shooter on the court but I’ll nail them when the game is on the line. Occasionally, I bust out the big balls dance too.

  • Timmie.C

    Im a poorman version of Lamar Odom. I play the 3 or 4. Im a versatile big man who can handle the ball and step outside and hit the three. Im the 6th man on my team and im not afraid to mix it up in the paint. I make bonehead plays sometimes and im better when i post up instead of taking outside jumpers. Im a hustle player who is willing to take a smaller role. I have a lot of expectations from my coach but i dont live up to them or my potential.

  • http://SLAM.com Lauro Jimenez

    I am a poor mans Glen Davis. I like Big Baby am an undersized post player that is heavy. Being a heavy player I use my weight to work in the low post and rebound. My big frame helps to keep more athletic post from the basket. Just a hard nosed player, I like to hold my own against taller more athletic guys. You could say my post game is ugly but gets the job done. I have great hands and catch all the passes that come my way and use a lot of well timed fakes to get my shot up. I’m good on the pick and roll with my soft touch and don’t give up on plays. I stay active on the floor with my hands and will occasionally put up a mid range j. Like Glen I have a lot of fun playing and keep my teammates loose.

  • logues

    im the poormans will perdue. haha

  • eshawn

    im a poorman of kobe after being on top with a team mate but when he left people thought i couldn’t win but i did just like kobe did without shaq

  • eshawn

    sorry i have more to say im a poorman of kobe after being on top with a team mate but when he left people thought i couldn’t win but i did just like kobe did without shaq. now people fear me my mid range jump shot even after my ring finger went back to 2 time in a game so IM A POORMAN OF THE BLACKMAMBA

  • RV

    I am a poor mans Manu Ginobili, Im lefty, got a big nose, unorthodox handles and driving ability. you know Im goin left but you cant stop me … u can try, but truly age is the only thing that can.. if i had my “poor mans” on you’d be toast homie. Believe dat! lol

  • JTaylor21

    I’m a poormans version of KG. I posses the exact turnaround J with the same form and release. I’m also a great rebounder with excellent wingspan which also me to gobble up every rebound both far and near. I’m also a great defender who is the ears, mouth and eyes of every team i play on. I like to be vocal when it needs be and i specialize in the rarest form of trash-talking. My love for the game like KG is one of a kind. If i can play ball on mars without an oxygen mask, dammit I will. Basketball is my heart and soul and I leave 110% on the court like KG does. Thats why I’m a poorman’s Kevin Garnett.

  • Charles Breen

    I’m the poormans version of T-Mac. I love to play basketball, and I give my heart and soul everytime I’m on the floor. I feel like I can express all my emotions when i’m out on the hardwood. I’m tall and thin like him and I drive to the basket with heart. I got a swagger to my game like him and I never back down. And we both got that wierd vain haha. Thats why i’m a poorman’s version of Tracy Mcgrady, one of my favorite players of all time.
    Thank you Slam and Converse for this opertunity

  • d-rav

    Me, i’m a poor man’s version of Gary Payton. Talented, good – looking, and an absolute pest on D. I’ll embarass you O, and i’ll make you cry on D. By game’s end, you’d wanna smack me in the face.

  • http://freewebs.com/galacreativa Gus

    I am the Poorman´s version of the Spree…here i come, pure speed, quick grip, one step, two, three, no one expected this, i´ll be no fear, style, weekend warrior without a spear, color to the eye, voltage thru the court like the cons he once wore, garden of hoop dreams shattered by the sound of a shot…clock, Chuck…all…no trophy, no money, but i got a pair and i got my hair…lace´m up, are you gonna be the one to throw the first rock?

  • Noc Nate

    I’m like Jesus Shuttlesworth because I can barely beat my dad.

  • kesef

    I’m the poor man’s version of Brian Scalabrine: I’m not particularly good and I’m poor!

  • Miguel

    Hey SLAM! I definitely feel I am a poorman’s version of John Wall. I love running up and down the floor and use my speed and ball handling to my ability. I excel on fast break opportunities. We’re both passing guards and I love setting my teammates up for an easy bucket. I do have some trouble scoring in the half court set, similar to John Wall, but when coach calls my number I’ll find a way to get the ball in the basket.

  • Ali Saadat

    I’m the Poorman of Antoine Walker. Early on it was about money for him and for me it was about scoring. Then later on he focused on winning and team play and that is the way I play now. I want to dish the game winning assist just as much as making the game winning shot. Like Toine I’m big and have a stroke from the outside. I also will go down and bang, post and get boards when I need to.

  • fernando oyarzun

    i am a poormans version of the entire los angeles clippers basketball team….. i suck

  • http://www.facebook.com/BLK.ATK.4 Elijah ‘AfroThunder’ Black

    At 16 years old and 5’6″, I’m one of the shortest players on the court most of the time. However, what i don’t have in height, I make up for with my explosiveness and shooting touch. I always keep my teammates pumped even if ain’t having the best night. I like to entertain the crowd with a sick cross or a dagger and maybe a little trashtalk. I even got decent hops for a person my size, which makes me the Poorman’s version of Nate ‘The Great’ Robinson.

  • gabriel herrera

    I am the poormans version of charles Barkely… I say what I mean, I do what I say. Im a rebounding machine on the court! I need these Cons. I like to gamble and Ima Beast! haha

  • Aran Plays

    I have been likened by coaches and teammates to Magic Johnson—all skills and all smile. Hopefully all-star in the near future. For now I guess I can own up to being a poor man’s version of Earvin— nowhere near 6-foot-9, but slightly more athletic and only a tad less Magical. I can play all positions like an experienced Kama sutra practitioner, drop dimes like a Mafia turncoat, and possess a feel for the game comparable to what Jimi Hendrix had on the strings. Above all else, growing up underprivileged and without a father instilled in me invaluable poor man’s weapons—an inclination to lead by example, and an attitude of not taking a back seat to anybody.

  • hoodsnake

    I am a poor mans Iverson. Im old and want a team to waste money on me.

  • Michael

    I am a Poormans Damon Stoudamire. Both 5’9″ 170,
    both light skined,both quick and got handles,both got the confidence and swagger on the court,both got a picture perfect J, both can put up 50(remember Jan 14 2005 vs Hornets) if we had to on any given night.Yes I am a Poormans Damon Stoudamire.

  • Gav

    I am a poormans Jason Kidd, i take over and dominate a game without the need to score a point, With an array of no-look and behind the back passes I try to get at least 20 plus assists every game, which isn’t difficult when I play with a lot of out of slashers that i can lay it off to, or great shooters I can drive and dish to. I use my stregth on defense to disrupt my opponents flow which leads to alot of steals. Just because I pass alot dosent mean I can’t score when my number is called, whether its taking it to the hoop for the easy lay-up or hitting the open three I can be counted on for some points here and there.

  • http://www.slamonline.com doyouwantmore

    I am the poorman’s Micheal Jordan, because I’m the man.

  • http://facebook.com/itsarvin Arvin

    I’m the poorman version of Kwame Brown. I’m a disappointing draft bust, who’s should’ve stayed in college

  • BostonBaller

    I was never a poormans gerry sitching or manute bol. lol

  • BostonBaller

    Did I mention that I was just plain old school poor?

  • jorge

    I’m the poorman version of “discrimination” really. I am trying to think who is “Brown” in the NBA and actually looks like just crossed the border …..nobody really. Everytime I step on a Gym, I don’t get picked up because they tell me to go play soccer. But when I start shooting my mid-range jumper, then it’s a different story.
    They tell me stuff like “Didn’t know they played ball in Tijuana”. Talk about underdog.

  • peter

    I’m the poorman steve nash. I always handle the rock and am pretty light on my toes. I’m a pass first pg with decent court vision and, if possible, look for the easy pick and roll. With no real physical edge, I’m a liability on defense, but I still give it my all every moment on the court.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BLK.ATK.4 Elijah ‘AfroThunder’ Black

    As a 5’6″ 16 year old, I’m usually one of the shortest players on the court. What I don’t have in height, I make up for with speed and explosiveness. I always like to keep the crowd entertained with a sick cross or a dagger from 3. As I am not one of my teams first scoring options, I spend some time on the bench keeping my teammates pumped while staying ready to step into the game when needed. The fact that I have decent hops and just transfered from a high school who’s basketball team is not respected to one who is expected to win the city championship help establish me as the Poorman’s Nate ‘The Great Robinson.’

  • rob stewart

    Im the poorman’s version of BJ Armstrong. I’m never the star of the team but I’m a sufficient guard. I play good defense and I can handle the ball a little bit but I seldom go out of my element. I know my strengths and weaknesses and stick to my game. And just like BJ I uasually run to the corner (the shortest 3 point distance on the court) and spot up and hit big 3′s. And like BJ people always think I’m younger than I actually am.

  • Logz

    I am the poorman’s version of Brian Scalabrine because the coaches are too scared to put me in (cuz I tear it up).

  • Hubert

    I’m the poorman’s version of Grant Hill. My wife sings a lot like Tamia. I’m a real gentleman. And most importantly, “rehab” revived my career. And yes, I’m poor also.

  • Paul

    Call me the poor man’s Paul Pierce. I like to act a bit when I get hit. I make a big deal out of every injury. But when the game’s on the line, put me in an iso play and watch me drain that step back mid-range jumper from my sweet spot at the top of the key. Well either watch me drain it or watch me toss a brick. Hey, I’m getting old…

  • kh

    I would be called a poorman if anyone caught me in a pair of CONS!

  • Aviel Shirian

    I’m the poor man Dennis Rodman. I crash the Board, Play Crazy Defence,and Defend their best player. I Get other plays techs and get other player kicked out of the game. I am the X factor on my team.

  • http://myspace.com/chrisbarrio79 C Money

    I am the poor mans Chris Mullen. I’m “white” I am not the tallest or the quickest/fastest or most athletic but i get it done. I want the ball in my hands in crucial spots or at the end of the game cause I want to make the best available play for my team. Be it i take the last shot or penetrate to the hole and dish out to a open man on the perimeter or find a big off the side on the block. I am the poor mans Chris Mullen cause I played ball and was always one of the best on my team as well as the “spot.” Mullen went to St Johns University I went to St Johns prep. Both in Queens NYC.I am the poor mans Chris Mullen because like him I cant lift and dunk on my man but I can shoot with and over the best of them and can create my own shot. I am the poor mans Chris Mullen cause I had spikey hair (more Brian Bosworth type) and my eyes were always chinky (due to playing while on that “P O T” which is close to Chris Mullen being a alcoholic)I am the poor mans Chris Mullen cause my name is also Chris and my first organized CYO basketball team sported the Yellow and Blue like the Warriors.
    Run TMC sounds like Run DMC and they are also from QUEENS NYC where I was born raised and still reside! And I am the poor mans Chris Mullen cause the poor mans Jordan (Abdul Fox/Rhode Island) called me “Chris Mullen” (well that or Mark Price)And last but not least I am the poor mans Chris Mullen cause I am poor.

  • Mike

    I am the poorman’s version of Kevin Durant. I’m tall, skinny, lengthy, athletic, and a pure scorer. Like KD I’m a silent assassin, killin’ them softly at the 3 or 4 position. Using my length and athleticism to my advantage, I’m a match up nightmare for anyone who guards me. Put a small guy on me and I’ll shoot over you. Put a taller guy on me and I’ll blow by and dunk on you. Not the best defender, but when its time, I step up to the challenge. Most of all I just wanna ball. No drama or BS, I let my game do the talkin’.

  • Marcos

    I’m a poor mans Bruce Bowen. I play great defense and I’m usually in the corner shooting a three. I usually end up taking the opposing teams best player. I’m also pretty good at drawing fouls. Only difference between us is that I don’t play dirty.