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EXCLUSIVE: Derrick Williams Speaks on Joining the Under Armour Family

by Ben Osborne / @bosborne17

As we announced a few hours ago, Derrick Williams has signed an endorsement deal with Under Armour.

Having taken this exciting news public and preparing for a flight to the Philippines where he’ll join the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose on a four-day tour of the basketball-crazed nation, an excited Derrick jumped on the phone with us to share his thoughts about teaming up with Under Armour.

“This is the first big deal I’ve ever signed, and it’s a shoe deal, so it’s real important to me and everyone I’m close to,” the 6-9 forward says. “As soon as I declared for the Draft and signed with an agent [Rob Pelinka, who reps Kobe and many others], Under Armour started to put a lot of focus on me. They said they wanted two players from this class and went real hard after me and Kemba Walker.”

One of the big things for Williams, who had worn exclusively Nikes since the 9th grade until he started the process of feeling out brands to sign with, is the chance to get a signature shoe. “After I declared for the Draft and started hearing from the different companies, I spent a week with each of their shoes,” says Williams, who was the second pick in the Draft and will play for the Timberwolves once the lockout is over. “I was mostly wearing Brandon Jennings’ stuff from Under Armours and they were real comfortable. Then we talked more and we started talking about what I like in a shoe and how we can make that happen in the future. That’s probably half the reason I signed with them: the chance to give an opinion on the shoes and get my own.

“Growing up, I had a lot of goals in basketball, and one of them was to have my own shoe. Now that can happen. I’ve made a lot of my other dreams happen and hopefully I can keep making them come true.”

With that, the “RealDwill7” is off to finish prepping for his trip, which will feature him rocking a lot of UA gear. “Oh yeah, I already have crazy amounts of their stuff,” he says with a laugh. “And from today forward, that’s what I’ll be wearing.”

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  • http://www.insidehoops.com InsideHoops.com

    I think Derrick Williams should be the favorite to win NBA rookie of year, above Kyrie Irving and the rest

  • slamfan4life

    no one cares….

  • RunNGun

    Either him or Ricky Rubio…

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Sorry to hate, but Kemba Walker, Derrick Williams and Brandon Jennings won’t be taking your brand to the top anytime soon.

  • Sean B

    ^^^ It’s a start though, what you expect Under Armor to get some someone like D-Wade or LeBron? Gotta crawl before you walk.

  • Eric

    Besides, what if they do turn into stars? Then what? You got the top players using your product. Derp.

    PS. You do know that Kobe signed with Adidas before moving to Nike right? Dwade with Converse before Jordan. And Kevin Garnett with Nike before Adidas before moving on to I think Li-Nig? It’s not like they HAVE to stay with Under Armour their entire careers.

  • sean b

    Wow another sean b comes outta the woodwork and uses my name and says something fairly smart? I guess ill let it slide

  • Sickgame

    Not everyone warrants a sig shoe. He is a big man in Minnesota. He will not sell a thing.

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    BJ, Kemba and DWill are some dope players though.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Well, what can I say?
    Both Sean B’s are right.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @Eric – yeah, I know all that. What’s your point? How would these cats signing with Under Armour and then jumping ship elsewhere help out UA at all?
    And Walker, Jennings and Williams won’t be on the same level as those cats you mentioned. Not even close.
    Well, maybe if…nope. Not even.