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Giveaway: APL Concours

Leave a comment and win a pair of jump-enhancing APL kicks!

Want to enhance your vertical leap? Want a pair of free kicks? Of course you do. Here’s your chance.

Pretty simply, answer the following question in the comment section and you’ll be entered into the contest. Easy enough? The winner will receive a pair of APL Concours (pictured above) along with a dope free lace kit.

The question:

How would winning a pair of APL’s change your game?

We’ll choose our favorite comment and contact the winner, then send him or her the sneaks. Good luck!

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  • Jordan L.

    Winning a pair of APL Concours would transform my game. These shoes would increase my vertical leap, and allow me to make winning plays for my team.

  • http://www.rudetudesports.com Joe

    I need a +2 in vertical and +3 in athleticism if I’m ever going to boost my offensive rebounding rating. Real life works like NBA2K, right?

  • Erik Franke

    If I won a pair of these kicks, it would be insane. I am a 6 foot post with a vertical leap of 0. Hook me up with a pair of these and I would be able to grab more boards, score more points, and take home more W’s. Overall, it would take my game to a whole new level.

  • http://www.twitter.com/nflem41 Nicolas Fleming

    From slightly-above-the-rim-on-breakaways-type hops, to if-you-are-in-my-way-I’m-dunking-all-over-you-like-your-name-was-Shawn-Bradley-type hops.

  • Dannie

    How would winning a pair of APL’s change your game?

    Well, I’m white. So I could use all the help I can get.

  • Tommy Rodriguez

    I’m 5’9 and have an okay vertical leap. I can jump and touch the rim. What I can’t do is dunk the with ball in hands. With these kicks a below average ball player like me will probably be dunking the ball all day. I have an overall good game and I just need the dunk part!!! Plz pick me cause I’m to broke to buy new pair. I will also will be laughing watching my boys all go out trying to buy these kicks too after seeing what I can do with them haha.

  • Dannie

    A brand new set of kicks would allow me to ditch my old school Kobes and finally be able to dunk! Heres how my last attempt went http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXme25li3Vw&feature=player_embedded
    Think these shoes will help?

  • Keelan Shelby

    Look, I’ve never been that elite athlete like some of the cats I hoop with, so I just wanna see what that “air up there” feel like.. I just wanna really embarrass some cats.. Catch em on some sneaky, yea it was me who did you that type stuff.. I’m built like a Khalid El-Amin, ppl wouldn’t expect that from me at all lol..

  • Curtis

    Maybe now I can dunk or at least I can look cool trying.

  • Montrell

    I can dunk but not as easy as i should

  • Cole World, Make Way For The Chosen 1

    English Teacher: Kids, today we learn about analogies. Jermaine, I want you to give me an example of an analogy.

    Jermaine: APL’s is to weak hops as extenze is to weak c***

    English Teacher: Jermaine, I see a bright future as a rapper. Well done.

  • Jay

    A pair of these kicks would allow me to dunk in a game. I’ve been able to flush it in practice, but never in a game and that would just be a crazy rush to be able to do that. I’ve never been confident enough to even try it in game, but with a couple added inches to my vert, I’d definitely attempt to. I’m only 5″10, so that would be quite the accomplishment in my eyes.

  • Paul Austria

    Getting a pair of these shoes would make my life. I’d use em not only for basketball but also for volleyball. I’m 5’7″ and my vertical isnt bad, but these shoes would help me compete with all the other 6 footers in both sports. It would “broaden my horizons” for sure

  • Niklas

    Instead of making my opponents look like danilo Gallinari I would make them look like Timofey Mozgov yesssir!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2011/08/video-dyckman-slam-dunk-contest/ Mark

    Im going into my last year of high school and i can get my hand over the rim. I’m probably not going to play ball in college so it would be amazing to dunk in my last year of competitive basket-ball.

  • Kisporoly

    Well, I live in a part of Europe where it’s not easy to get these kind of shoes. It’s very hard to find one pair which is good for you and you have to pay a lot for them. I only have one pair of shoes which is a little bit wore out. I’m not the best on the court, actually one of the worst but I’ve got the love of the game in my heart and always want to just go out there and play some basketball. I’m that type of guy who is short (at 5’9”) and big (200 lbs) at the same time but I go out there every day, trying to work on my game and lose some weight. These kicks could help me get better while getting me some confidence to go in the right direction.

  • Ajun

    first off i need new kicks ive hadd these nikes for way to long. if i were able to get these apl’s id probably land my first dunk other than getting rim stuffed every time. Also not only will the APL’s make me have more of an athletic edge but it will give me more swag wearing them.

  • seann rubinek

    If I won a pair I would give them to one my players who can’t afford shoes and then he can be the best he can be !seann south africa !

  • Jer dawg

    All other shoes promise “supreme elevation,” but if a sneaker banned for “competitive advantage” to already a league full of gifted athletes I can only imagine what the APL can do for an average Joe like myself! I would most definitely do more defensively challenging jump shots, rebounding, and blocking lay ups. When I give heart and hustle on the defensive end I need an advantage in order to fight for a win. I KNOW these APLs will help my game!

  • Parker

    If i had a pair of these shoes, I would definitely be a shocker to my High school team. Nobody thinks that i can jump all that high, even though i can touch rim, and then to see their faces when I either throw it down in a game or at practice. That look will be priceless… But none of this will be possible without those APL Concours.

  • alex80

    It helps me to jump across the border. :)

  • Will

    im 5’9 and I could grab rim since 8th grade.. I just graduated high school and still cab not dunk.. ive tried just about everything.. with these I know id be able to throw down some dunks.. finally

  • http://www.n4e1.com WC

    Winning these APL’s could take me back to my highschool days and let me experience throwing it down again on something other than a Nerf Hoop(and look good doing it too with all those different colored laces). They should call their tech the “Flux Capacitor” instead of the Load N Launch cause it’s the closest thing to a time machine for me! 1.21 GIGAWATTS !!!

  • themis

    It would make me “believe I can fly” and “believe I can touch the rim”.

  • Peat

    I’m that (APL Shoes) close to dunk on a regular basis..
    I can’t even tell you how this (dunking) would make me happy!
    Dunking is probably one of my main goal in life.. Way before work And girls!!

    Slaaaaaaaaammmm !!

  • Charlie

    If I had a pair of these shoes, yeah I would try them out. Yet I wouldn’t keep them for myself. I would definitely have to give them to my brother who use to be able to fly, yet due to being laid off work he has had no motivation to play basketball or do anything. Thus he has started to lose his ability to jump. Now he can still get up, kinda. Yet I feel if he had these shoes he would be able to at least dunk and possibly give him some confidence to do something with his life again. It wouldn’t change my game yet it might change my brothers life.

  • T-Wat

    it would make me cool… kinda

  • Valentin Faure from France

    Well .. Winning a pair of APL will allow me to fly from France to USA in order to realize my dream of playing in a college team.

  • Tobias

    Basketaball has always been a important thing in my life.Ive always wanted to know what it was like to dunk a basketball..being on a team with other kids who can dunk has always made me want to feel what it was like throw it down. If I had these shoes not only would i get the boost in my vertical i need but I would also gain confidence for try-outs for my college team in october.

  • Anouar23

    I just turned 35 this year, and have been playing for 21 years. BUT, my game seems to be showing some cracks……usually i’ve been killing these young cats on my j’s ,but lately i’ve been operating below the rim and my normal ups have seem to be lost with the years. Slam, I’m begging you “PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY UPS!!!” ;-) Sincerely yours, Mister below the rim ;-) snif………

  • dan

    let me get some, i need all the help i can get for jumping

  • http://designislife.de jim knopf

    I got mad love for the game and those APL´s seem to be really working. I would love to try them and show these cats here in germany how high you can get. i already have a 40′ vertical but i`m only 5.11. It´s always nice to dunk during the warm-up but i would love to do some nasty stuf in the game! so please hit me with the good stuff!!

  • BE.water

    I’m 5’7 and 3 quarters. My bounce is already stupid, but I need these APL’s to reach that last echelon & start cramming on peoples noggins.

  • rand33p

    I neeeeed new APL’s because with them i’ll go from barely dunking to dunking crazy and with that comes a whole set of possibilities including: facials, crazy rebounds, offensive goal-tending etc. :)

  • Ashton Cheeks

    These shoes would help me in my training to get into college and enjoy the game of basketball to the fullest. I was able to dunk but broke my ankle and haven’t been able to jump as high since. Being at 5’9″ dunking and jumping is not as easy as it is to others and since I am own my trying to get in to college I need to be at my best physically, mentally, and athletically. I would really appreciate the help, but if not the dedication and hardworking will continue regardless. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luisayala Luis Ayala

    A pair of these sneakers will allow me to jump higher than what I already do.

  • http://www.RikDaddy.com RikDaddy

    It’ll give me the extra edge over bigger players. More explosive first step and leaping abilities to finish strong in the paint. Also, lightweight to keep me fast. I’ll also do a full review on these shoes in my blog with photos and video.

  • Joel Lodewyks

    You get the roc and you realize that you are alone on the break (for once). You take a quick glance at the rim and realize that it is a more imposing figure than any 7 footer. You speed up; gather your courage and liftoff, realizing that flying is the greatest thing in the world. There is a moment when everything melts away and time seems to slow down…just a little bit. You reach out, thinking this is finally the time it is going to happen. A feeling of dread washes over you…only your fingertips can get over the rim.
    You lay it up, jog back calmly and slap hands with your friend. The plight of all men enters your mind:

    If only I had a couple more inches.

  • ve-ball

    when i play all i want to do is grab rebounds, especially offensive rebounds to give my squad second chances and deflate the other teams defense- word to rodman. these shoes could help me achieve that, my hustle is there but my bounce isn’t.

  • http://WWW.SLAMONLINE.COM benn0

    A week ago my pet dog, LBJ666, passed away. I’ve been an emotional wreck since, and have lost the will to compete at any sport, so if i was to get these shoes, i would literally so everything with these shoe, sleep, work, shower, and i would play until there was no soul left on the shoe, and with me lacking the height depatment, then these shoes would be an added bonus to my game. peace out slam ””’

  • LeonardT

    I been wanting a pair of APL’s since forever i look at em on the web almost everyday .. winning a pair of APL will help me during my gym workouts with jumping ,rebounding and dunking and i believe they will also help me during game time helping me get a triple-double and APL would be the perfect shoe to help me get a nice dunk on somebody plus the bottom soles would look good in the air lol

  • Micah

    These shoes would keep me off the streets and in the gym! Change my life! ….and maybe give me that ever elusive extra 2 inches to my vertical to catch those alley oops

  • joetothemo

    This year on 11/11/11 I am turning 35.

    To mark this achievement and to welcome my first mid-life crisis, I am committing myself to finally dunk on a 10′ rim (within the calendar year).

    I’m a 5’10″ whiteboy with decent ups. I can still grab rim and palm a regulation ball. I feel like these APL’s (along with some hard work) may just put me over the edge.

    I’ll be blogging my journey throughout the coming year and will thoroughly document my progress with or without these kicks.

    Please pick me and I’ll do my best to throw one down in your honor.

    – @joetothemo

  • Ray

    It will make me play better defensively.

  • Jay-Ice

    Stay haven’t had the moment of an in-game dunk yet, but these will be a matter of minutes where it propels me to the next height in my basketball stage, figuratively AND literally!

  • wcf20


  • David

    I’m 5’4″ so being able to touch the rim would be a dream come true.

  • Joe

    These fly shoes would finally give me the game to have that chance with Betty White that I have always wanted! :-)

  • Clarenzze Jude R. Navarro

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and we are die hard hoop fans! I’ve seen different kicks here but APL Sneaks? Never. It would be an honor to be the first Filipino to rock

  • Stephan Roberts

    It is not until about two weeks ago did I hear about these shoes. I am always looking for new ways to take my game to the next level.. and I don’t just mean dunking. I’ve done my research on these shoes and they are legit! I’m extremely picky when it comes to the shoes I play and train in but in all honestly, these shoes, from what I’ve seen on paper and videos, are it! I will be enrolled in a Division III college this year (playing basketball, naturally) and would love to give these a try. What college kid doesn’t want to try something BANNED! :)

  • Ryan.T.

    I’m gonna start by saying it’s been 10 since I graduated highschool.. And It’s also been 10 years since I’ve had great leaping ability. While I only stand @ 5’7″, it felt great knowing I had the ability to regularly get up near the rim. So having said that, and add the fact that I work out on a daily basis today, I’m hoping to get some of that edge back. These APL shoes would be a huge boost for my cause, both from a physical & mental standpoint.

  • Charles

    Need a new pair of basketball kicks badly!

  • David Moore

    My game is already at an “A,” but the quality of these shoes would enhance it to an “A+!”

  • Clarenzze Jude R. Navarro

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and we are die hard hoop fans! I’ve seen a lot of kicks here but APL sneaks? Not yet. It would be an honor to be the first Filipino to rock the APL Concours here! Awesome sneakers! Salamat and Mabuhay! (Thanks and Hooray) :)

  • chad

    I would love the feeling of being able to dunk a basketball. Its been a dream of mine my whole life and with these APL shoes, my dream would come to reality. I’m 32 years old and my basketball playing days are coming to an end shortly and dunking just one time would be the best accomplishment in my years of playing.

  • Myles

    More bounce for the ounce!!!

  • Raiko Annus

    I would like to finally dunk and i believe these shose are able to help me. I’m about 5’7 and i can grab the rim. I could also lose my old Adidas shoes and become faster around the court, because my shoese are pretty old and slippery.

  • Clarenzze Jude R. Navarro

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and we are die hard hoop fans! I’ve seen a lot of kicks here but APL sneaks? Not yet. It would be an honor to be the first Filipino to rock the APL Concours here! It would improve my confidence on the hardcourt and I could do things that I thought I could only imgagine. Awesome sneakers! Salamat and Mabuhay! (Thanks and Hooray) :)

  • Clarenzze Jude R. Navarro

    Hello! I’m from the Philippines and we are die hard hoop fans! I’ve seen a lot of kicks here but APL sneaks? Not yet. It would be an honor to be the first Filipino to rock the APL Concours here! It would improve my confidence on the hardcourt and I could do things that I thought I could only imgagine. Awesome sneakers! Salamat and Mabuhay! (Thanks and Hooray) :)

  • LT

    If I win these shoes my game will be taken to the next level!

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com zee!

    Haven’t balled in a minute, but joined a league at my local gym, as the game starts to come back to me, I’m going to need all the help I can get.

  • http://Slam Gerald Merriweather III

    There are some that already call me the (Air Walker), with these shoes I would walk in air, better!

  • Andrew Alberto

    simple…i’d be dunking over everybody…including my teammates!

  • Amin Vida

    Any shoe that the NBA ban has something magical to it!

  • Deuce2

    Dear Slam, I’ll get straight to the point.

    I’m 5’9, right now about 285 pounds. All my life I’ve been a big dude, always chubby growing up. The weird thing is, I’ve always played sport, I’m an active guy.

    If I wasn’t playing it in school or competition or in the backyard, I was watching it on tv or reading about it. I was always engaged. Cricket and Soccer when I was young. Tennis, Rugby then finally the love of my life Basketball dominated from around Grade 8-9.

    At that time I really got into the NBA. It was the year after MJ retired the 1st time and I remember watching the 94 Houston-New York finals on TV at 2 in the morning.

    Ever since then I followed and studied the league with passion whilst myself playing 1-3 times a week for the last 15 years. I now play and coach in a social team of workmates that wins it’s fair share of games. We actually won a season 2 years ago; the other team however did not show up for the grand final and we won by default! :S

    This season however has not been so kind. With one week left of the season to go and lots of late season injuries, our team “With Ourselves” just missed out on playoffs and will finish 5th out of 12. I however completed my first injury free season in many years and am proud of this fact. (it’s only 17 games instead of 82 but who’s counting!)

    Our defense is outstanding, league leading in fact. Our offense, not so good. We lack one or two things skill wise, but heart isn’t one of them. This is the best T.E.A.M. I’ve ever been on and it’s been a privilege to coach and play beside to them.

    In all my years playing this beautiful game from age 13, I’ve never enjoyed playing basketball more than I do right now, despite what my now 32 year old overweight body is telling me. I love the game, but time is short.

    So, what would getting the APL Concours do for me? The one thing everyone wants, needs and craves more than anything. Confidence.

    The confidence to go on one more injury free season and really make a go of it as a player. To maybe inspire my teammates to train a little harder, run a little faster. Because maybe if I had these shoes, I would be going harder too, doing all I can to Load ‘n Launch our team to victory!

    And if I don’t get these awesome, magical, cure all shoes???

    Well, maybe I’ll just do the extra work anyway? I’ll train harder, work smarter and be better. Ask me in 6 months time how I’ve done, cool?


  • th3darkhors3

    You people are lame.

  • logues

    I’m out of high school and don’t play college ball, but I still play in leagues and at open gym all the time. I’ve always wanted to dunk and have come VERY close many times, but just can’t quite get there. These APL shoes would help me finally reach that long lost goal that everyone dreams of since they were little kids. And also would help me be much more effecive by being able to rebound greater, and also being able to get higher on my jumpshot, allowing me to shoot over bigger defenders and take my game into the post more. They would also allow me to d-up more players than before, and get more blocked shots which is always a fun feeling.

  • http://none Kyle Turner

    Winning a pair of these shoes might not help my Basketball game, but it could help me improve “my game.” You want me to get laid don’t you? So score me so shoes, yo! LOL!

  • ajordanxi

    Winning a pair of APL’s will change my game because I will finally after all these years have that extra step to dunk! Been waiting my whole life and would love to do it just once!

  • Scott

    I would be the short Asian volleyball player with the siiiick vertical.

  • Hamond

    Winning a pair of APL’s will add athleticism to my game. I think I’m a pretty well rounded player, being able to shoot, get to the basket, and drop dimes. I practice certain moves and counter moves so defenders cannot just pick up on certain tendencies of mine and shut me down. But I’m not exceptionally quick and don’t jump exceptionally high. I think having a pair of APL’s will add an physical element to my game that I couldn’t achieve through practicing and enhancing my skills.

  • Shadojoker

    I’m 6’0 tall, 30yrs old and Michael Jordan was my favorite player growing up in the Chicagoland area. I have been able to dunk growing up but the years have caught up with me. Although I still play basketball, I haven’t been able to “get up” like I used to. Winning a pair of APL’s would enable myself to regain my leaping ability to throw down some nice Jordan-esque dunks and make an “old” man feel young again!

  • Double J

    I wanna be on that intramural grind, flying high in that black n’ lime, jamming on dons like their name was Bradley, Shawn. Slam is the man so give me a hand. Like a chick on the rag, i bleed for this mag. If Cheech needs a drag to get up, I need this bag of UPS to get up. So pass me the APL before you waste in on someone from the ATL, e.g. Whitaker, Lang.

  • Spectre

    Earlier in my career I was able to jump very high, but now my knees are worn out so my vertical decreased very fast. I could use an APL boost badly. A pair of APL’s would give me new abilities on the court.

  • alex

    APL’s would change my game because I’m the smallest player on the court everytime I play (I’m 5’9″), so the only thing to even that out a bit is to add 3 inches to my verticle. I’ve tried jumpsoles, the jumpmanual, everything. I need these shoes!

  • michael Langton

    I am 32 years old. I was a fairly good player in my younger years, but I never was able to dunk a basketball which has long been a goal of mine. Recently I joined a basketball league and i’ve been able to improve on most of my skills that had become a little rusty such as my dribbling, shooting and passing abilities. However, I still feel a little grounded when it comes to my leaping ability. It would be a dream come true if I could reach my goal of dunking a ball before I get into my late 30′s. After reading about the APL shoes I feel very confident in saying that if I were to win a pair, I would within a few months be able to dunk. That would be the greatest feeling to accomplish something now that I couldn’t do when I was young.

  • Josh Gemin

    I pride myself in being a pretty all around player. When I was younger, I wanted to score as much as possible, as younger players are wont to do. As I got older, I appreciated the talents of Grant Hill and Scottie Pippen, among others; guys who could and would do anything that their team required of them at the time. The one aspect of my game that has never been all that great has been my vertical. I’ve relied on a good basketball sense to rebound and gain position on opponents, but I’ve never been able to out jump anyone. I think winning a pair of APL Concours would help the last remaining aspect of my game that needs work.

  • http://slamonline.com Jordan Nafekh

    Last year my varsity team had 12 games, we won 1 and lost 7 by fewer than 5 points. It was not a great season. These kicks would let me get those few extra boards and points (I am an undersized center) to get us to the next level this coming season.

  • f12

    If I win these kicks I will win the local dunk contest and get some money to rent a good house for my folks.

  • Bill

    My overall rating in 2k12 would be boosted with a +10 in vertical and dunk.

  • Ramzi

    i wanna be like mike

  • AMPduppp

    I grew up playing ball in the driveway. I would play for hours on end, which may have helped my game develop but has been murder on my knees. Now, I’m limited in my jumping for fear of not being able to walk for a good hour. These shoes would give me the burst I need to soar over opponents with swooping layups, sky over the competition for garbage rebounds, and elevate over an inch off the ground for midrange jumpshots. Help a beaten old veteran out SLAM, my knees need these shoes!

  • StorminNorman06

    White men can’t jump right? Well with APL I will certainly be able too! Can get that poster dunk I always dreamed of…

  • killahsham

    I’m a 5’10 slashing point guard. Being able to penetrate and make plays at the basket opens up my game and my team’s game so much. Having a shoe that can enhance my first step and help me boost off the ground in the lane will help me be that much more effective, and will make me a nightmare for opposing teams. #teamAPL

  • rob stewart

    Winning these would change my life trmendously. I am about 1/2inch away from dunking regularly and guys clown around about me not dunking. Im a little guard, 5’10′ 162lbs and often underestimated. I would finally be able to throw it down and simply walk away from the haters without saying a word

  • Jimmy

    Well maybe with these I can prove Sidney Dean wrong with these.

  • Nolan Caress

    Im going into my freshman year of high school, and for the past 2 years I have been the starting center on my middle school team despite just one starter being shorter than me. Going into high school I fell like I wont be able to compete because even though I have good skill I feel like my height will give me a huge disadvantage especially since im pretty unathelic when it comes to jumping. Without APLS I feel like my modest hops will over shadow my skill and I would be so crushed if I couldnt play because basketball has been my life since I was a 4th grader. APLS are to expensive for me to afford so if you at SLAM give me these shoes it would be a life changer.

  • John

    Coupled with long hours in the gym, these shoes could help me take my game to the next level. As a fourteen year old entering high school, any edge you can get you need to take advantage of. When you have the dedication and the equipment, you have what it takes to succeed at any level.

  • easy

    im a junior in high school, & man…if i could jump-id be the reeall man @ the court. plus that gives me another dimension to my game,plus itd make it easier for me to get through the big guys.

  • brandon

    winning a pair of apls would enhance my game because of blocks and the WOW factor such as high flyin layups dunks or things that would impress people. THey would also help because if I could dunk I would be one of the only kids in freshman hs basketball in my county that could dunk. Getting APLs have always been my dream cause nothings better than kicks that were banned by the NBA because of high performance. -thank you

  • MarkyB

    Rather than only thinking of my on-court game, where I would get that instant boost of vertical, the shoes would also improve my off-court game. It never gets old hearing the phrase “Dude, where’d you get those?”

  • Jay Forget

    I have high ceilings and lots of cobwebs so if i had these shoes it would save me from buying an expensive broom.

  • TJ9rnbsinga

    I go hard in the paint with the APL Concours i will go harder in the paint

  • Big M.D.W

    I need those shoes because i need to increase my vertical leap to get more offensive boards. I get decent grades, i go to a good high school, i play for the best AAU team in my area, i have lots of my community service hours, and if this can raise my vertical leap even a little it will help me get to MSU which has been my life goal.

  • Emily

    Being only 5’4, these kicks would transform my game soooo much! I’d finally be able to jump higher so I could pull down more rebounds, and maybe even get a block in sometimes. I always work on trying to jump higher, but these APLs would help me out so much more!

  • Tobi

    I am so close to dunking. I know dunking is not everything, but it would so escalate my game to the next level.

  • OmegaShogun

    Winning a pair of APL’s would give me another method to work on my legs. As I add more inches to my vert I’ll be able to be more aggressive in the paint and finish stronger at the hole.

  • Karim

    These shoes would change so much ofnthe game, from rising up for a devastating block, to getting a key late game rebound, to dunking over someone, to shooting the game winning jumper over someone, these APL shoes would not only change my game but the whole game.

  • ed

    Im five ten and need another inch to be able to dunk. it would help my be quicker defensively( they improve quickness to) and would help my elvate on blocks rebounds and shots

  • António

    In My Feet The APl’s Would Not Just Change My Game.

    They Would Change The Game Itself.

  • joey

    Well not very original but over here i am literally one to two inches off dunking so having these shoes which claim to increase your vertical by 1-2 inches would be amazing.

    pretty sure everybody has said this though cheers for the opportunity

  • Rick Nowland

    Im goin on 53 & still tryin to jam.. Shoot free throws & when i miss i try to dunk.. Best ever is 98 in a row shootin out side.. & in the gym 73 straight.. This year 23 in a row.. Would love to win the shoes to elevate this old mans game!!

  • Daan

    People could/would say: “Damn, it’s gotta be the shoes.”
    And be exactly on point.


  • Psycho-T

    Winning a pair of APL kicks would really help me over the hump. Currently I’m trying to make the selection of my local team in the netherlands and I want it real bad. I’m 5 foot 9 and I can barely dunk. I’ve tried all sorts of jump programs and I’m really looking for something to give me that extra boost so I can finish hard at the rim. I am primarily a shooter so the D usually sticks to me after hitting a couple of shots, it would really help if I had a couple of extra inches on my vertical so I could attack the rim a little more.

  • Justalittlemore

    With these I could throw it down on my co-workers; particularly a 6’3 thorn in my side with close to zero hops but a big mouth. Oh ladies love dunks.

  • Andy

    Not only would I be able to dunk, but i’ll have to be chasing the ladies away in these fly kicks!

  • PR

    I wanna make some suckas look like Shawn Bradley out there on court.

  • joe

    I’m not sure if I can clear a phone book, so these will definitely help…also, I can shoot, but I’m slow so I can get around people without throwing the inevitable elbow…so if I have em, other people end up safer too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tennenJin hojin kim

    I will jump like MJ Shoot like Kobe get a Reb like Sir Charles Blk like Alonzo Steal like Gp pass the rock like Rondo. Never been dunked or got dunked on haha I need need I’m pretty sure these shoe gonna make errone fly lol thanks SLAM

  • Mike F.

    It would make be both a better basketball player and a better jumper. Winning these shoes would be one of the best things to happen to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com German

    I want this pair of shoes so I can increase my vertical and take over the competition with these great shoes.

  • Greg

    I’m a Blake Griffin stuck in a JJ Barea, tho I love my floaters and high pick and roles (and dating a former Miss Universe). Nothing would make me reach nirvana than to give you guys a slamadamonth! Give me my Space Jam moment!

  • tvon

    Free kicks and free hops….sounds too good to be true!

  • Andre

    Winning APL shoes would be great to add to my vertical game and I’ll be able to dunk because I’m very close to doing so.

  • Steve

    Basketball and life…it’s all the same to me.
    Born in 59. Grew up with the jones from West,Pistol,
    Black Jesus,Tiny,Iceman the Doctor ,magic,Bird,zeke,MJ
    To the players of today. At 52 still have some hops just
    Not enough.Last time I dunked was 10 years ago at 42
    Belive your kicks could get this 5’11″ up in the
    Air again.
    Happy trails peace.

  • Nick

    Those kicks are sick!
    My old sneakers are actually pretty worn out; I have the D-Rose Adizero 1.0, but they have holes in them, and I’ve had to switch the laces a couple of times. These kicks would definitely add more power, speed and explosiveness to my game, which is just what I need, since I play Small Forward / Power Forward.

    But you know, It’s a sneaker thing. Y’all might not understand.


  • Jvaz818

    Winning a pair of these sneaks would help me put my nipples on the rim like Marques Johnson, t-bag opponents like the cyclops Blake Griffin, and take dudes baseline with a spin and finish strong like MJ on starks, oakley and ewing!

  • Juan s

    If i won these i would win more games, simple as that , its all about wininng at
    The end of the day

  • Dre

    Really? all you “true ballers” want the quick fix? you aint a real baller if you don’t put in the hard work. But hey fck it if I win a pair I don’t care!!! hahaha

  • Chris Marsch

    Ahhh, the possibilities if I won the pair of APL’s….. I would use the extra pep-in-my-step in all sorts of intangeable ways. Diving over sidelines for loose balls, using the extra few inches to swipe away a layup attempt or hell, maybe even win a few more jump balls! Not to mention they do turn heads.

    p.s Imagine if Elho had a pair back in the day against the Bulls, maybe we wouldn’t have to mimick the fist pumping MJ when we win a game… But we wouldn’t want that!!!

  • Chan Zhen Hui

    I’m asian and I’ve never touched the rim my whole life!!!
    I’m working out so hard everyday just to gain that extra inches so i need the APL’s bad man.

  • Tim Lee

    These things will give me serious bragging rights. I’ll be lookin’ fly whether they’re lookin’ at my shoes, or… My hops.

  • Armzilla40

    Getting my hands on a pair of these would elevate my game without having to put a code in the “tonight’s match up” screen of NBA JAM.

  • Donnie Cole

    If these shoes are BANNED in the NBA. They have got to be an advantage to anyone. Need I say more?

  • Komotion

    I am 5’8″ and white, winning these shoes would make me play a little closer to dudes taller than me!

  • Dominic

    Those shoes are sick. How bout tossing me some

  • harbrow

    I can only touch the rim now but with these i would be able to dunk PLEASE

  • Nick

    Winning these shoes is the only way I’ll look respectable wearing my Stephon Marbury jersey.

  • http://twitter.com/jefftagle Jeff

    i’m strictly a jump shooter due to my height. with these, i’ll now be able to fly and it’ll definitely surprise my opponents

  • SMills

    So next time I wake up dreaming I was V.C in the dunk contest I could lace up these kicks and make it a reality!

  • trotsky182

    If I had a pair of APLs then I would be able to finally beat all those 13 year old kids in the park that show me up for being the unfit lazy student I am.

    That would teach those damn kids a lesson in whos boss, with performance enhancing trainers!

  • troy boy


  • Erik

    I’ve just turned 25 and am lacing up my sneakers to play competitive ball for the first time in 7 years. I have been pursued several times to play college or university ball but none of those worked out until now. I have been known as a real leaper but, though I have stayed in shape and am still lean and strong, I’ve been mostly running medium distances and staying in the weight room; getting that explosiveness back and that confidence in finishing over the rim is taking a little adjusting. It would be a huge blessing to get a little extra spring in there. I often watch TFB youtube videos and have noticed the APLs but, since I am a student and moved out of my parents’ house at 15, I can’t afford to shell out for them: if I could, I would. Thanks guys, I hope this will strike a chord with you.

  • 704

    It wouldnt change my game at all.. i havent balled in 4 yrs.. but i’d rock em so when punks jump up to get beat down, i can out jump em LOL.. the kicks look dope tho.

  • Q

    I need these shoes like Lebron needs a ring, Like Bosh needs a tissue, like the Tennessee Titans need Chris Johnson, like Barkley needs a golf coach, like the fans need an NBA season. I used to be able to expload and dunk on people at will. Nowadays i am just a layup king. At 27 I think these shoes would get me back where i need to be(above the rim). Meet you at the Rim!

  • Phillip

    I dont even the best comment because my vertical is so low they will
    send me them

  • Tom

    You’ve seen black people dunking, you’ve seen white people dunking.
    wouldn’t it be great to see a CHINESE guy dunk?

  • Matt

    How would they change my game? Well I’d be playing my game and looking mighty fine doing it

  • Max

    I’m not going to lie like many others clearly have done and I’m not going to say i’ll go straight to the point and then write a novel. Simply I can almost dunk (jump to 10’4) and with the shoes I could get there.

  • http://purpandgold.tumblr.com Michael

    Winning a pair of ATL’s would change my game by allowing me the peace of mind when I’m on the court to not have to worry about suffering any injury from the pair of beaten down Starburys that I’ve been sporting for years. I love the game and I love to play and a pair of free kicks would be awesome.

  • Dale

    I am a 5″7 guard who weights approximatly 175 pounds. i can barley touch back board but i have managed to make my college basketball team, mind you I see approximatly 1 minute per game if averaged out. I know where my spot on the floor is (when i get to touch it) and that is a foot off the three point line to get a shot off. These shouse could change that for me. I have tried things like air alert and just straight up working out and working hard… but i have seen little to no gaines in my verticle please help me in my mission to score a basket inside the three point line…even if it is in practice.

  • http://twitter.com/riffraffxtc Zac Garcia

    it would change the nba because thats where i’d be headed… in 3 years..

  • Corey

    Winning a pair of ATL’s would make it possible for me to have hops like Vinsanity back in the day with the Raptors!

  • Jacko

    If I won a pair of concours I would be able to dominate the local rec league I play in. That may not mean much to some people, but since I’m no longer in high school my hoops glory days have passed me by. I haven’t lost anything off my jumper and these shoes would help me get back my explosiveness and blow by all the former high school stars

  • http://tempdog1 stephen

    I need APLs so I can dunk with different coloured laces every week. The shoes soul will give me A Proper Launchpad to mesmerize everyone with my Team Flight Brother type hops! (Im white, 5’10 and can dunk already but I want to go higher)

  • bks_sizzle

    Uhhh! This Kicks are fresh!! Hope win! Really works?? Gonna try it if I win! Peace

  • tonyknorr

    well there are few ways that owning a pair of apl’s would transform not just my game but my life in general. firstly, it would allow me to finally get a pair because the last time I looked to ordering them the company told me that they did not ship to canada yet. Secondly, it would allow me to bang on cats during games, I can already dunk during warm ups and after games (although not every attempt goes down) but I would LOVE to be able really smash on dudes during games (trust me these would make it happen I already have the style of play that allows me ample opportunities to do so i just need the extra few inches of vert to make me confident in doing so). lastly, because I coach at a local highschool and I have a 15 year old phenom that is starting to come very close to beating me in our dunk competitions but a couple of extra inches would help me complete the alleyoop windmill and 360 Im so close on, which would in turn keep him humble for a little while longer.

  • Omar

    Winning a pair of APLs would help my game and take it to the next level. I need the these to increase my vertical leap. Not only that Id be able to promote these to my whole community after I show them off and how amazing I play in them. Plus these are the flyest shoes I have ever set my eyes on.

  • Heals

    They’d make my style even fresher when heads thought it couldn’t be done (size 12.5)…

  • Patrick G.

    having these shows will surely make an impact on my game. i own a pair. i wouldn’t mine owning another one. It helps me have a quick 2nd jump. increases my speed and vertical. what’s better than hearing from personal experience

  • Ken

    Ninjas have been chasing me for about a week now. I’m alive only because I’ve been lucky so far. Have you ever tried outrunning a ninja? Or jumping over people’s backyard fences while dodging shurikens? It’s not easy. I’m not gonna lie; having a pair of APL’s would help me stay alive. I’m one fast ninja/tall picket fence away from being sashimi. These kicks would help. The fact that they’re black is an added bonus, as it’d make me harder to track if the ninjas ambush me at night.

  • http://www.twitter.com/aceiznice Anthony

    I would love to own a pair of APL’s just to be able to at least jump a little bit more. I got in a car wreck when I was 17 and every since then I can’t jump for nothing. Before the wreck I was able to jump very high for my size (5’8). I played almost every single day and would actually be able to throw a dunk down on a good day. I still play pick-up games every now and then but I’ve developed my game to be mostly just a 3-point shooter now. But still to this day I love the game of basketball and would do anything to get my jumping ability back.

  • IDOT

    Please, Please, Please hook me up with a pair of Concours. Basketball is part of my life and its my getway from my life problems. I used to be able to throw down but I got injuried playing ball and the knee hasn’t been the same. I just want a taste of hanging off the rim again. That would be the closest thing toward heaven to me.

  • Sneakerhead22

    Winning the APL shoes would gratify my love for sneakers, since i can not afford 1… I just have to take my chances here… From you guys.. Im a 5’6″ ( 9 US) guy who dreams a lot of being able to dunk.. I mean literally dream.. Hoping to have these shoes.. Id be one of the many to testify that it really improves vertical leap.. In no seconds to waste.. Id be posting a thank you message to Slam and APL through youtube.. More power to you guys.. God bless.

  • Ryan

    The question isn’t how will these kicks change my game but how will my playing in them change the way they’re perceived and the answer is positively. People will be shook when they see an old dude making cats half his age look like fools and then they’ll ask me what kinda shoes I’m wearing and I’ll say…

  • Zoom

    Dang lots of comments already ): Even though I doubt they will read mine a pair of those shoes would help me get closer to that rim! Haha also my fav word is in it… FREE!

  • Ansonpanson

    I would dunk all over the opposition

  • Cody

    If i got a pair of the APL sneaks it would improve my game a ton. It would help me get my boards and buckets, and help my team bring home the W.But the biggest part would be that i could dunk on my friends down at the Y… SNAPP SNAPP FLASH……POSTERIZE

  • Michael

    Im 5’9 and can almost grab the rim, with these shoes, ill be dunking for sure.

  • Naefy

    Average 3 blocks a game instead of 1 in the under 21 league (I’m 14 and 5’7)

  • http://www.ballislife.com/profiles/blogs/kobetop10moments nbk

    Ive been hoopin 20 years, have never dunked, but can touch the rim. You tell me how it will improve my game.

  • Valdo

    It´s simple, I want get high :)

  • http://www.csmhusi.ro Mihai

    I own a basketball club and all the guys over here are skeptikal about these shoes , so if you send one pair and they really work it would be like a slap in the face and also it could turn them into potential buyers (because this is what you want to do with this campaign – reach out to more people so more can buy it). Regarding the aspect of the game , i am a two foot jumper , so from what i have seen on other clips the shoes will help me more at rebounding , up and under shots , things that i usually do as a post player.
    Anyway , thank youa and good luck with your campaign

  • Henry Roberts

    APL Shoes would change the way I ball entirely. That extra leaps got to help in every aspect of hoops. Rebounding, Jumo Shot Dunking, APL would change me from Shaq To Nate Rob. Pleaassee

  • Nathan

    ive been constantly dunked on for years, and you know what? im sick of it. Just once id like to be able to dunk on somebody else. hell if i could even jump a bit higher and get a few more rebounds id be happy. Having that pair of apl’s would give my game the confidence i want.

  • Sadler

    World Domination.

  • XxJakexX

    APL shoes could change my game in many ways. I would be able to rebound over my competition, get the first step on my defender, score any way I wanted to and break ankles in the process. I would be the best on the court. Thats how APL shoes would change my game.

  • Redon

    i can finally get the rebound over my friends and i can cet some ill blocks!

  • http://slamonline.com kiwi_intheUK

    I would get mad ladies because of my increased swagger care of my increased vertical – right?

  • Sky Scrap

    Really; these shoes Need Me! I Fly and Us Together makes Music in the Air; Nuff Said!

  • logan

    hey SLAM thanks for such an awesome opportunity :D How would winning a pair of APL’s change my game? Winning these Concours would effect my skill level by so much. I am almost 13 and I am really short. I am only 4″8 and while I know I’ll grow eventually, I play in a league of 15 year old 6″5 monsters. I always wanted to have one thing to distiguish me from the other players other than my height and these shoes would be it. I already have a pretty good vertical but still can’t out jump all of those big guys. These shoes might be the final step for me to be able to contribute to my teams success. :D

  • Dave

    Might actually be able to jump again after ligament damage in my knee has held me back.

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    I have a job that sometimes requires me to work over 100 hrs. a week sometimes and a 4 yr. old at home. That means there isn’t a lot of time to workout anymore and my hops have became the victim of my inability to do anything other than be in front of the computer or play with transformers all day. So on the rare occasion I actually get to hoop, I could use a little help with the lift off. It’s either this or get back in the lab and try to get this “Flubber” formula right.

  • cecil

    How would these shoes enhance my game? One word: Authority. Instead of finishing off the glass in the lane, I would hopefully get that extra lift to dunk in the lane, versus only getting dunks on the break.

  • T Ibikunle

    Winning a pair of APL Concours would help improve my game a lot. I am 5’7 and if I have a pair of APL Concours will help me attack the basket and get high up so defenders can’t block me

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    These shoes would allow me to travel the world in mere leaps and bounds instead of flying, therefore I would be able to play all over the world and play with the best international talents.

  • Domeschnik

    I wonder when these kicks come to Germany. APL would take my Jump to dirks’ eyelevel.
    Eurobasket 2011…go Germany!

  • Kiff

    I will no longer need to defer in the clutch

  • madterps

    I’d like to have the ability to dunk and improve my lateral quickness, so that would help my game tremendously.

  • Filip

    Hmmm, it’s really hard to describe. Just give them to me and You will probably have a chance to see it all over the internet with our own eyes!!!

  • P Greenwood III

    I need these kicks to produce the 1.21 gigawatts my game needs

  • P Greenwood III

    I need these kicks to produce the 1.21 gigawatts my game needs to take it back to the future

  • Vic P

    Winning a pair of APL Concours will easily boost my game. Im a 5’6″, quick point guard & an extra boost underneath my jump would add that extra elevation to create. Never tried any APL kicks before, but I trust they work….

  • CS21

    I was all state twice in High School and as a 5’10 white guy could put one down off the bounce here and there. I’m now 25 and coaching a local inner city high school team. One of the ways I teach is to play with them. I haven’t lost much of my quickness but I have lost an inch or so off my vertical. Off a high school coaching salary, I certainly couldn’t normally afford sneaks like this. Most of the guys don’t believe that I could dunk, being able to get those extra couple inches will get me the respect of everyone on the team and help a small guy fly.

  • Glenn L.

    I am about 6′ even and white, I can just barely touch the rim and with some help from these kicks maybe I can grab the rim with ease and at least fake the appearance that I would be able to throw down. Plus the colors look good on me.

  • Niko Vrionis

    I’m 28 & somehow after years of hard living & good times, I seem to have fallen off the dunk wagon… I still love the game of basketball & I try and hoop 3-4x’s a week. You can still find me at the park or gym here in H-town. Simply put I just want to go baseline rise up over a defender and dunkuverymuch 1 good time. That and I want my son and nefew to know I still got it…

  • nicky j

    i literally dream of dunking the ball in game, but as of right now am a few inches short…little help?

  • http://slamonline.com marquis s

    Man if I had these shoes I will probably be dunking like Michael Jordan,Lebron jamesx ,Vince Carter(when he was good)Dwight Howard,and Blake Griffin.Since my height is 6’4′ I can touch the rim but these shoes will give more air time to get me a highlight reel and a basketball scholarship to a university.That is why I like APL They are the best basketball shoe in the game( If they weren’t band by the NBA).

  • Omar


  • James (N.Z)

    It would give me that mental confidence knowing I have a couple more inches in me so instead of just going for a tap back I would try and throw it down on people. People would even get more nervous attacking me on defense knowing already I lead the league in steal and blocked shots by a guard and they would settle for jumpers all game long. Plus they shoes style would definitely make me stand out a the only pair in New Zealand. I want these shoes bad

  • HSingh

    well…..to be completely honest i hope it doesn’t change my game, you know, i am pretty fond of basketball.

    But on a serious note………i really don’t know, you would have to give me a pair to see what kind of miraculous change it brings to my “game”.


  • http://www.DreAllDay.com Dre Baldwin

    APLs will enhance my skills. I’m already nice.

  • MrMoonMan

    Im 15 years old and a 5’11″ “post” from Edmonton (In Alberta, Canada). I’ve never been the most athletic player so as a result, I’ve never been able to earn the freedom and respect of my coaches to do all that I’m capable on the court. I believe I am a good shooter and dribbler and have actually played point on numerous occasions – not on my highschool team – despite never being the fastest or highest jumper. For as long as I’ve played, I have relied on my skill and basketball IQ, modeling my game after players like Paul Pierce and Joe
    Johnson who are keen on exploiting their mismatches and opponents weaknesses to strive rather than fill the highlight reels with dunks. If I were to get the APLs, I believe that it would allow me to add another dimension to my game. I dont believe they are the be all and end all of my game, but it would serve as building blocks to finally gaining that athletic edge and helping me become a better player.

  • Soondooboo

    APL = Asian Spud Webb


  • Kilo

    APls will make more confident on the floor! I feel like I can get into the lane, but can I finsh? Or am a gonna dish off? That will take my game to a new level.

  • Abulkarim

    Lets just say “beam me up Scotty” will be the new catch phrase

  • K- Fizzle

    Well, I’d love to have these because I am a 14 year old girl going into high school. I have made the Varsity squad for basketball and by my senior year I am hoping to go to a Division 1 college. If these actually improved my game I could definitely make a name for myself as a freshman girl. I’m trying to bring girls basketball back in my school and we have a good chance of going far this season, I’d love to have these kicks to improve my own game and have others notice also. Thanks!

  • ronak

    living in melbourne australia, i fiend for basketball and without much coverage of the game over here i try and live through constant internet updates and playing of the actual game itself. we dont get much variety of shoes down here and winning these APL’s wouldnt just result in me having an increased vertical(which as an indian 5’7″ point guard, is always appreciated) but would also result in me having some kicks that no one else down in australia would be wearing!

  • Luis

    Wow, where do I start? I have been doing so much research on this shoe and watched a few videos of them in action that I feel confident in there ability. Winning a pair of APL’s would change my game in many ways. For starters I would be able to rebound like a monster!, rebounding means more points, more points means MVP, and MVP means GLORY! haha. I would love a pair of these APL’s and I have my camera ready for my before and after shots to go on youtube to show the world that these kicks DO work. Do you want me to beg for them?……………Pwease, pwease, pretty pwease with a APL on top? :)

  • Karley

    I’m coming down to that point in my game where I feel I am no longer improving. Basketball is my passion. I have a career ahead of me in basketball( I’m hoping) and id love to just get an extra inch on my hop and a little quickness to my step. This is a real deal. I’ve been looking for that right shoe and I need exactly what this has. Believe me I have a bit of a game,,, not to toot my own horn but id love a pair and I’m really hoping I can get these. I am no Dunker so it won’t be to dunk but its different aspects of the game that I’m looking to improve, most importantly my rebounding. I hope I can get these but if not Id love to know where to buy a pair if possible

  • playa

    They would make me Benny Rodriguez.

  • Bean

    I’m white and can almost dunk. These shoes would probably get me over the hump plus they look good. Instawin

  • Fred

    To be quite honest with you, these shoes would turn heads. These shoes possibly would be a comfortable fit on my feet. These shoes would even make people envy me, but improving my game? That’s on me! APL, improve the game.

  • SimonSays

    Hmm, ,many germans can t jump that high. If I d get those shoes, i d dunk the wohle time. Greetings from Germany Simon

  • Matt

    I would have Dee Brown-like hops and could dunk blindfolded.


    What else can I say? It’s Destiny
    Ever since I watched movies like “Space Jam”, ” Like Mike” and ” Like Mike 2″and fell in love with Basketball, I always had a dream of having a pair of shoes that really meant something to me. To those people who watched these movies, remember how you felt when Calvin got his white MJs? Remember how His Airness made the last second lay up with the whole Monstars team holding him back? Remember how Jerome used to send his Lucky Shoes a kiss with his fingers before starting to play with them? I have a special place for these memories in my heart. But back then there weren’t these kind of shoes.(At least I never heard of them). Then after all these years, the APLs came out. A pair of shoes that brings me back to those memories. :o
    I am part of my high school Junior Varsity team year. I can only watch the main team play the real games and root for them. The only games I play are the scrimmages with other schools my coach finds us (JV team). Honestly, a pair of APLs is not going to change my game a lot. However, with APLs and hard work, I believe I will make the main team next year. Thank you SLAM and APL for giving us such an opportunity. PEACE!

  • idrees

    I’m 13 and in my school no one’s ever heard about SLAM magazine, when SLAM magazine is the BEST basketball magazine ever. When they see my hops with the APLs, i’ll tell them SLAM magazine, the best basketball magazine ever gave me these. And when they search up SLAM magazine, they’ll be instantly hooked. Plus, I am a bit tall, but I am horrible when it comes to jumping. APLs can help me on my blocks and rebounding

  • idrees

    I’m 13 and in my school no one’s ever heard about SLAM magazine, when SLAM magazine is the BEST basketball magazine ever. When they see my hops with the APLs, i’ll tell them SLAM magazine, the best basketball magazine ever gave me these. And when they search up SLAM magazine, they’ll be instantly hooked. Plus, I am a bit tall, but I am horrible when it comes to jumping. APLs can help me on my blocks and rebounding.


    I was gonna go to class but then APL got me high
    I was gonna go lift weights but then APL got me high
    Now I can dunk on the competition and I know why
    Cause APL got me High, APL got me High, APL got me HIGH!!!!

  • Ryan Levine

    The APLs will improve my game because just that i got game, im a hardcore baller in the streets of NJ. My basketball shoes are ripping and well im too cheap to buy a new pair.( jk jk.) I hope that made you laugh because i really want these shoes i love shoes and cant get enough i play basketball and really do need new shoes.

    P.S. SLAM MAGAZINE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • donovan nernberg

    these shoes would transform my game even better by higher vertical get over the post to grab important rebounds in late game situations. when shooting a pull up i will be able to get higher up over my defender to shoot and hit game winners. i was born to wear apl concours!

  • alex

    these really work!! i was absolutley surprised to see these thing in action at the local YMCA. we did a comparison with some new J’s and the APL concept and we were all amazed by the results. Almost THREE INCHES, that would be an amazing increase in the leaping dept. for me. these would be an amazing help to my game. they would help me fly. im a skinny kid who has tried other methods and they have little results but not what im looking for. and im hoping that these would help out my game.

  • http://facebook.com sam walter

    apls would give me the extra 3in i need to dunk. and would look sick while doing it.

  • ceasar paciotti

    I need these so I can start dunking on these young dudes out here. The younger generation is lost,without direction and an older head like me can serve society by putting them back in their place when “pops” takes off on em from the circle. Not to mention if I had my 22 year old athleticism back i would bust their _______ and its time for them to acknowledge this. Pay homage to the ones that came before.

  • Ferris Bueller

    If i win these shoes I will be able to APL: Advance Performance Levels.

  • Ferd

    I have been constantly working on my game and committed to take my game to another level. I have also been trying plyometrics to increase my vertical and my quickness. Unfortunately, I am not born with freakish athletic abilities so I had to get by with hard work. Although hard work gets you far, you still have to succumb to some players born with tremendous athleticism but do not work on their game as much. I would love to have this to level out the playing field. It would be great to prove to them that hard work does wonders for your game and hopefully inspire other players to work hard on their games also.

  • James

    If i win these shoes ill end the lockout…. promise

  • Allen White

    Hey, I’m a 6’2″ basketball player in high school and it is my junior year i am trying very hard to impress scouters. I do work outs and everything to improve my vertical but i am still barely dunking with one hand. Alot of my teammates can get up without a problem but i am struggling. I would appreciate it if I won these shoes because I know it would help me get into a division one school. The only problem is my parents and myself cannot afford these nice shoes, so this is absolutely my last resort. Just think, by giving me these shoes you will have helped me get into college & i will continue to improve & i will be sure to thank you for what you have done for me.
    - No Days Off

  • Steph

    Winning a pair of these unique and vertile shoes would change my ability towards playing basketball. It can help my game by far and extend the limits of what I can do on the court.

  • http://slamonline.com chris Santos

    Winning these apls will change my game for the better this will help me achive to dunk the ball.To help my teammates in a time of need and yes I’m a liitle guy 5’10. I’m trying to prove that you don’t have to be tall to dunk and I am close to get it up there and these shoes will help me.

  • ai come back

    Winning these kicks would get me to dunk i only need about 2 inches of vert to dunk and rockin these would get me to go higher than I couldve imagined. These shoes would elevate my entire game because i have a problem finishing over guys sometimes because im a 5 6 kid starting pt for my varsity! Honestly even if i dont win these though ive still been training every day 10 hours a day to work on my game till im the best player i can be.

  • Tetsuro Miyatake

    I’m Asian, short (5’5), skinny (115 pounds), wear glasses, and am not athletic. But I want to dunk.

  • Kenny

    I need to enhance my vertical. I’m 5’6″ and I cannot dunk on a 7’5″ rim. It is completely humiliating when I see my friends doing windmills on a 7’5″ rim and touching backboard on 10 feet. These shoes would make my game 1 step closer to becoming complete.

  • Evan McDonald

    Winning these shoes would do more for me then just allowing me to get high enough to dunk. They would also help my jumpshot, rebounding, and blocks. They would provide those vital inches every player needs in tough situations. They could be a complete game changer. The difference between winning and losing. Plus they’d look pretty sick as I was running down the court.

  • Alex Platt

    It would change my game from Mike Bibby to Jason Williams.

  • Taylor

    If I got these shoes I would be able to block more shots and quit hearing people running their mouth because it would be busted up from all the shots i rejected into their face

  • tg1524

    taking my game from steve blake to blake griffin = winning like charlie

  • 5987

    Dunking > below the rim playing, ‘nuf said.

  • Chris Mullin

    Honestly, if I got the Concours I still won’t be able to dunk, but it would give me the extra vertical I need to perfect my signature jumper.

  • http://www.youtube.com/realrudeboy93 Reece Smith

    Hi I’m Reece Smith and I’m from the UK I want these shoes because they will make my game better I will be able to dunk because I can already get to the rim but because I’m 5,6 I’m struggling to beak the boundary but the crowd loves to see the little guys FLY. And my speed/endurance will go up even more than it is and I will be a contender to go against Usain Bolt ;D. PLUS LETS NOT FORGET THAT I WILL LOOK FLY IN THEM!

    And lets not forget they are little pricey for a 17 year old boy.

  • Aviator

    Winning a pair of the APL concours will give me an edge in the concours d’elegance—that is competition of elegance—that is basketball.
    The 3.5-inch gain in vertical that everyone yearns for will definitely assist me at both ends of the court—be it airborne jumpers, chasedown blocks, or dozens of rebounds. Plus, the decreased leg fatigue offered by load ‘n launch technology will allow me to load and launch a poster on an unwary defender late in the 4th.
    On the aesthetic side of things, the Concours’ luxurious look will make sure that the elegance of my airborne game is matched only by the elegance on my feet.

  • Leesi Komi

    Winning these shoes would change my entire gaming style. Im a 5’8 sophmore fighting for a spot on varsity. Ive always been a good jumper for my size ( out of 10 tries i can dunk once on average) but on in game situations against guys 6ft, my height is a disadvantage because it takes longer for me to get up on my opponents. With these shoes I would no longer be afraid to jump over 6ft guys because I’d know I’ll be able to finish over them, which would help my ability to drive and hopefully impress the varsity coach.

  • Nicole

    Winning a pair of APL Concours will help my game significantly. I am a 5’5″ sophomore in high school fighting to get off the bench. I feel that these shoes would give me the edge I need to make this happen. I have always been pretty good of a jumper for my height, but not great. These shoes would take me to the next level and help me succeed.

  • http://slamonline.com j.wheeler

    WITH THESE SHOES i could stop wearing my Ewing sneaks and have a decent pair of kicks to ball in

  • Justin

    These shoes would help me elevate my game enough to play ball in an overseas league. This would allow me to provide for my family and be the responsible father/husband I know I can be.

  • http://www.mscd.edu Paul Adams

    I want to be that “White-Man that CAN jump!!!” Please give me that extra 2-3 inches that I need!!

  • Peter Zuccarelli

    These Shoes would help improve my game helping me achieve my main goal of dunking. Im 5’11″ and have been able to rip rim for a couple months now, ive also been playing at least 2 hrs a day as my form of stress relief from 40hrs of work and 15hrs of college a week. My goal for the past 5 years has been to dunk and i do believe these shoes could seriously help me attain my goal.

  • Alex

    I would love to get a pair of these kicks. Its always been a dream of mine to dunk a basketball and I’m super close to doing it. I know these
    APL’s will get me that dream and I’m sure they’re a lot better then my normal $20 “Ross dress for less” kicks I normally sport.

  • Charles

    I’m a father, husband and student so these shoes are a little out of my price range. I’m no college athlete or up and coming high school player. I’m a 22 year old man who loves to play the game. I’m a rec baller at heart but I still get after it. as it stands now I can dunk every once and a while I know if I could get a pair of these APL’s and improve my vert by just a couple inches I would be able to throw down with some authority.

  • tuutu

    i hate one of my teamate because he thinks he is better than evryone else but he is not so mayby i could dunk on him whit those kikcs

  • Gibber

    As a former ‘SC swimmer, I didn’t take up hoops until after college and it is now part of my daily life. Playing 4-5 times per week with guy from 18 and above, I’m now in my 40′s and any extra edge to stay one step ahead of those younger is a must. Sporting a part of APL’s would break me from all the other kicks on the court (mainly NIKE) and allow me to overnight take my game to another level (literally). The extra few inches will empower me to rebound, defend and score in ways that will have people asking … How?

  • reed

    ive been playin ball since i was 3 years old and fell in love with the game immediately. i remember watching games on tv when i was younger and seeing guys effortlessly fly through the air and always wished i could do the same. unfortunately i was always the little guy standing 4’10 entering high school and now stand 5’10 at 19 years old. being the little guy made me develop my ball handling and shooting so that comes easy for me now. I feel like these shoes would add explosiveness and quickness taking my game to a whole nother level i have dreamed about since i was a kid playing on my fisher price basketball hoop.

  • Ariel Ortiz

    The question: How would winning a pair of APL’s change your game?

    One word…Transcendence

    What would it finally be like?

    To join those who’ve broken the bond painfully imposed by gravity. To shatter the association with “just another pick-up baller”.

    What would it be like?

    To accomplish what only seems possible in dreams. To control time and space. To tear through air with no regard, while it caresses my assent. To feel the earth tremble in my wake after a devastating attack on the sky.

    What would it be like?

    To strike fear. To make those weary of becoming another notch on the sole while helplessly bearing witness.

    What would THAT be like?

    What would a pair of APL’s do for me?

    One answer : TRANSCEND.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Adam Figman

    Thanks to all who commented! The winner was logues, who will be contacted via email. We appreciate all the responses…stay tuned for more SLAMonline contests.