Saturday, December 24th, 2011 at 3:03 pm  |  12 responses

Kicks: Jason Terry’s Reebok ‘JET Champ’

The Jet’s Zig Pro Future PE for Opening Day.

Images via Reebok

Jason Terry is not shy about being an NBA Champion. After all, he tatted the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his arm before the Mavs finished off the Heat in the Finals. So it should come as no surprise that Terry and Reebok teamed up to create the Reebok Zig Pro Future “JET Champ” PE, the kicks the veteran guard will have on for Opening Day tomorrow. The shoe was designed by Terry and a team of Reebok designers to celebrate the Mavs’ title, featuring a trophy-inspired gold tint and the JET’s personal logo. Unfortunately for his fans, the shoes won’t be available for retail purchase.

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  • Ends

    Looks like the Brazilian Jesus on the toung

  • Wray

    Zigtechs are ugly on general principal, but that colorway is fresh.

  • blaziny

    i like reeboks from the 90′ REEBOK RAGIN and all that stuff but this are garbage!

  • Jono

    Going to throw up soon

  • Jono

    These are really great….if you’re colour-blind.

  • DS44

    real subtle Jet!

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    The only thing uglier than these shoes is the way Dallas actually played on opening day.

  • marco44

    Need these. Hot as hell

  • http://slamonline.com justine bacnis

    these are dope

  • LA Huey

    Perfect for JET but not for general consumption.

  • dbzl

    These are ugly, with the gaudiest of color schemes I have ever seen. When I see these I say coming to an overstock, Winners, or bargain store near you real fast.
    These shoes may just go to Europe, or the island of the MISFIT shoes.

  • dbzl

    Come to think of it because I have been around for longer than a minute but isn’t this the basic Reebok aerobic shoe with some rubber tossed around it and a ugly paint job?