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NBA Partners with Court Grip Creators ‘Mission’

Today, the NBA announced a multiyear partnership with Mission—creators of products like Court Grip—as the “Official Athletecare” of the League. Court Grip and Power Grip, developed with input from NBAers like Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony, will be used by players beginning with Christmas Day’s tip-off games. Mission Athletecare is the first and only line of Athlete-Engineered products. More details from the NBA and Mission:

Developed in conjunction with Miami Heat All-Star Dwyane Wade, Court Grip features a patent-pending technology that helps combat court slippage and was tested extensively by Wade as well as the NBA Trainers Association (NBATA) where it was unanimously approved.

“My game is all about change of direction, speed and quickness and I am constantly looking for ways to get added traction,” said Wade. “I wanted to develop a product that truly helps players at all levels improve their performance. Court Grip helps me focus on my game and make my moves confidently without worrying about court conditions.”

Power Grip features a unique and proprietary formula designed as a liquid-chalk technology, that instantly dries hands to provide a more secure and confident grip on the basketball. True to the MISSION athlete-engineered process, Power Grip was jointly developed and tested with New York Knicks All-Star Carmelo Anthony who uses it as a “go-to” product to keep his hands dry and improve his grip on the ball.

Already considered one of the most successful sports accessory launches in sporting goods history, MISSION debuted Court Grip and Power Grip at the end of September exclusively at Foot Locker stores nationwide and online at Eastbay.com and will be available soon at Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Sports Authority, Hibbett Sports, Modell’s and at MISSIONathletecare.com.

Co-founded by some of the world’s elite athletes, including NBA superstars Wade, Anthony, Brandon Jennings, and Steve Nash, MISSION is focused on solving problems unique to athletes. The company has over two dozen product innovations that cover Muscle Care, Foot Care, Grip Enhancement, Anti-Chafe and Sunscreen.

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  • Heals

    Yeah cause Bird and Magic could’ve been so much better if only they had some court grip…

  • ripslam

    ^Yeah, so let’s just stay in the Stone Age of technology, because hey, people 50 years ago did alright for themselves.

  • Heals

    Fine buy all the court grip, shooting sleeves, 150$ kicks, power bracelets and other bullshht you need. I’ll be chilling with the heads that rock black socks, put in hours of practice and call it a day…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Alf

    I used this court grip and it sucks…don’t work.
    Followed the instructions to the letter of the word and it runs out so fast.

    Had a couple of other buddies try it and same crappy result.

  • Ldub20

    ^^^cosign. it works fantastic for about 2 minutes (if that). If they can make it last more than 120 seconds then im all in for it. It really is a great idea and good product. However before i was able to get into the flow of the game i was still somewhat slipping. I will stick to the old way and sweep then mop the floor before i play.

    I didnt even read this, i just wanted to comment on court grip not working!!!

  • Ldub20

    added to it…the NBA players have the luxury of playing on some of the best courts in the world. cleaned, smooth, lint free, dirt free etc. so if its tested on a floor like that, then im sure the results would vary. come to riverside county in between temecula and corona and we will see if court grip works on the gyms i play at