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Under Armour, NBA Establish Multi-Year Partnership

Under the agreement, Under Armour can use NBA jerseys and marks to feature its endorsers—Brandon Jennings, Derrick Williams, Kemba Walker and Greivis Vasquez—in promotions, advertising and in-store executions. UA will also work with the NBA to refurbish five basketball courts in 2012.

Here’s more from Under Armour:

NEW YORK and BALTIMORE, Dec. 13, 2011 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) and Under Armour, Inc., a leading developer of branded performance apparel, footwear and accessories, today announced a multiyear partnership.

As part of this partnership, Under Armour will be able to feature its endorsers – which include Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks, Derrick Williams of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kemba Walker of the Charlotte Bobcats, and Greivis Vasquez of the Memphis Grizzlies – in official NBA uniforms to promote its basketball footwear in promotional campaigns, brand advertising, and at retail. Additionally, Under Armour and the NBA will team up to refurbish community basketball courts throughout the US.

“Partnering with the NBA allows us to showcase our innovative basketball footwear and roster of young, talented players through a platform that represents the pinnacle of the sport,” said Matt Mirchin, Senior Vice President, Global Sports Marketing, Under Armour. “We share a passion with the NBA to help young basketball players get better, and our joint court refurbishment program will create more access to functional basketball courts where the next generation can hone their skills.”

“Under Armour is a dynamic performance brand that is adept at capturing the imagination of athletes and sports fans alike,” said Mark Tatum, NBA Executive Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships. “With its dedication to enhancing the athlete experience, Under Armour is an ideal fit to help us expand access to the game in a variety of communities through the refurbishment of basketball courts.”


An additional aspect of this new multiyear partnership is Under Armour’s commitment to refurbish five basketball courts in local communities. Through this refurbishment initiative, Under Armour will be able to reach the broad and passionate fan base of the NBA by supporting the game of basketball at a grassroots level. The court refurbishments will be undertaken with NBA FIT as part of the NBA Cares Community Caravan. Under Armour plans to refurbish an additional five basketball courts throughout the year.

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  • http://www.aol.com wagers

    Feel bad for the guys who end up wearing Under Armour basketball shoes, sucks for them.

  • anthony y

    UA is making big moves this year. First shoes for the president, now a deal with the league. God lol for them.

  • anthony y


  • Red

    They suck

  • robb

    @wagers why is that?

  • Ldub20

    Under Armour is tbe most comfortable basketball shoe I have ever worn. From Adidas, to Reebok, to Converse to Jordan and all in between.

    @wagers—–sucks for them meaning what?

  • http://SLAMonline.com GotHandles?

    i like UA kicks. UA Bball Kicks > Jordan Bball Kicks

  • http://www.aol.com wagers

    They look nappy bro..

  • LA Huey

    Not a fan of UA style but they are definitely blowing up.

  • Ldub20

    Nappy? Thats your definition of why it would suck for Jennings and co.? I guess everyone has their own opinion. They have to start somewhere. And it starts with whom you bring in. Brandon Jennings is a great start. Walker and Williams will be just as good. They obviously dont have the street cred of Jordan but since they have incorporated comfort,movement,style and grip into a bball shoe. Im on board. Peep the Brandon Jennings “double nickel, bloodlines, and micro g series” and if you cant find at least 2 shoes that catch your eye (regardless of the UA emblem), you just dont know bball! Or kicks for that matter.

  • robb

    They’re not bad. Reeboks are way worse

  • Jono

    On the up!

  • IDOT

    Thats what up. People are badmouthing UA and have never even wore a pair. Life is about change.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003283181574 Gametimeweezy

    Def got the best hoodies too UA coming up!

  • http://www.slamonline.com megatron

    yeah I love their ball shoes.. got like 3 pairs, so comfortable

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    @wagers, im sure Young money is feeling pretty bad right now.

  • http://www.t-mac.com/tmac/index unf*ckwitable

    UA is dope.

  • Bimmer

    Baby steps. When does that adidas jersey deal run out?

  • T-Money

    UA just need a big star. They shouldnt have let JWall go to Reebok.

  • T-Money

    UA just need a big star. They shouldnt have let JWall go to Reebok.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    They did just get Derrick Williams. If he pans out in Minny he should achieve star status.

  • MF

    I know Under Armor is a Maryland thing but Greivis Vasquez….For Real?

  • http://www.slamonline.com spit hot fiyah

    @metal face(?) maybe going after the south american market

  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max

    And I really need to get a Kemba Walker jersey.

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    Can you pus$ies stop hating on something for one second, this is a great deal for them – UA shoes look tight too.

  • http://aol.com The Iron Lung

    Get out of here… Under Armor shoes suck. No i havent owed a pair. And you know why? BECAUSE THEY SUCK!!! They look cheap as hell and have some ugly ass designs. They remind me of generic ass And 1′s. They should stick to making sports gear and leave the shoes up to the big boys.

  • http://www.twitter.com/_dfrance dfrance21

    UA is a performance based brand. The shoes probably “suck” to some of yall because they’re not necessarily the most fashionable designs to wear with your jeans but that’s not what they’re designed for. UA shoes and sportswear are very comfortable and while you’re PLAYING sports, that’s all that matters. As they continue to grow maybe they’ll attract some better designers that can match style with performance, but even if they don’t, they’ll continue to be successful.

  • ab40

    this is about the players wearing their jerseys in commercials like paul did in those jordan ads a few years back. No big deal. I can’t say I love their shoes but some look okay.

  • Ldub20

    cosign dfrance21.