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Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Rock Announce Lil’ Penny Comeback

You remember Lil’ Penny, right? The loud-mouth mini-sidekick who hawked Penny sneakers alongside Anfernee Hardaway back in the day? Well, sounds like he might be making a comeback. The Bottom Line Sports Show got the details straight from the two Penny voices themselves: “Penny Hardaway and Chris Rock reunited last night on The Bottom Line Sports Show where they revealed the potential comeback of Lil’ Penny for the release of Hardaway’s Nike Air Penny 5 sneakers. When asked about his interest in working with Hardaway and Nike to bring the hilarious puppet back to life, Rock responded with “let’s do it!” Rock and Hardaway made history with the rambunctious Lil’ Penny character in a series of Nike shoe commercials from 1994-1998. In addition to their momentous announcement they shared with listeners how Lil’ Penny came about and the influence it had on sneaker culture. “I am extremely grateful that Penny approved my participation in the commercials. He is a quiet and cool guy so Lil’ Penny was the perfect alter ego.” said Rock. “We just had fun with it and people really loved what we did with the character.”…“I knew Lil’ Penny was going to be a hit when they said Chris Rock would be the voice. He is a genius at what he does and people love comedy.” states Hardaway. “Lil’ Penny cannot be duplicated. We were apart of some of the best commercials in sports history.” Hardaway and Rock reunited on The Bottom Line Sports Show after approximately 20 years.”

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  • misso

    hopefully it happens, cause we need good neater commercials again

  • misso

    sneaker not neater sorry

  • capostat

    Give Lil Penny his own twitter.

  • Ash

    I would love to see this

  • dee

    MJ’s probably saying “You’re Welcome” Retro sneakers making a comeback! Swiss Beats and A.I are bringing back the original Answer sneaker too!

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Man,I hope this means the re rerelease of the Nike air Penny 1s (the black,blue,and white).. The most comfortable sneak I’ve EVER owned, and nice looking.. I know they brought them back a few years ago(in lime green :/ ), but not in my neck of the woods (Portland metro area) they are on Ebay and Amazon, for about $250 per pair…

  • LA Huey

    I don’t even understand how misso managed that typo. Haha.
    co-sign BossTerry. Penny I, IV, and Foamposite are my favorite all-time.

  • abaci

    people do love comedy

  • 23

    bossterry i believe they just released the orlando penny 1s last year…..

  • bdogg

    cant wait for new LIL penny commercials! i am not feelin the penny5 but count me in for the penny2 sprite and most definitely the flight one all black. nike make sure it is nubuck/suede and the tongue is pinstripe and we all good!

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    dee is that true?

  • http://www.yahoo.com berkamore

    Lil’Penny. For some reason, that character stayed with me. Oh wait, I know why, I was a huge fan of Hardaway back in the day and I love Chris Rock. So there. LOL.

  • JoeJoe

    Now they need to bring back the fun police!

  • j-nuggz

    ” Hardaway and Rock reunited on The Bottom Line Sports Show after approximately 20 years.” how? if they stopped making the commercials in 98, thats 14 years. the
    first comercial was 18 years ago.

  • j-nuggz

    ^ besides, they didnt announce they were gonna do more commercials, a comedian just agreed with a show host and said “ok, lets do it” that doesnt at all mean theyre gonna actually do it. not a news story

  • Justin G.

    I hope it happens. Those and the Be Like Mike commercials were the best

  • Tempest

    Lil Penny vs the lebron muppet

  • lakernation


  • http://hotmail moses

    Lil Penny would kill the Lebron muppet.