Wednesday, June 13th, 2012 at 3:53 pm  |  11 responses

adizero Crazy Light 2 ‘Glow’ (KICKS)

Perfect for after-hours ballin’.

The new adizero Crazy Light 2 keeps pumping out new colorways, and this version is definitely the most interesting. The “Glow in the Dark” issue is perfect for those late night outdoor summer hoop sessions. The sneaker itself is all black, while the laces, patented Three Stripes, and outsole all illuminate the scene once the lights go out. They are available for both purchase and customization at miadidas.com.

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  • don the GSW fan

    will it be more expensive than the regular cws? it’s interesting but def not needed on regular daylight courts

  • tpathi1

    maaaan d rose needa switch shoe brands! he tore his acl in these! i wonder if any of those thoughts cross his mind..and if for some reason he does believe it to be the shoes..does he just walk away from the $200 million contract he has??

  • http://www.nba.com Redd

    You’re an idiot tpath..do you even play basketball? Don’t answer you’re an idiot.

  • chillout

    hahaha!! ^^

  • fruizm

    @Redd hahaha….Im looking for new bball shoes and Ive heard good things about these Crazy Light shoes, but Im not a big fan of the shoe itself. Has anybody tried these?

  • http://www.nba.com Redd

    It seems that feedback sways towards the Adizero 2 as a better shoe because they say it’s light but has good support. I wear $30 dollar ASIC running shoes for hooping, I’m a college student lol.

  • brandon

    no way can it glow that good

  • tpathi1

    Hey Redd…i do play ball and i was very appreciative when the I3′s from Reebok came out back in like 1998…they were super light..light shoes probably help with your quickness…but Iman Shumpert and D Rose both were wearing adidas and tore their ACL…whether its the shoe or not is really not the point..its about d rose’s mentality..and i mean these shoemakers scan the athletes feet and make all of these specifications to cater to their stars..so it can very well be a mental thing with d rose and his shoes..dont be mad bro

  • LA Huey

    Rubio was wearing Nikes when he tore his ACL…just saying.

  • north

    I have a pair of the Crazy Light 2′s. Obviously not these but they’re great. I’ve been using them in league play 3 times a week for a month now and they still feel tight. I also have the shadows and ghosts… depending on what and how you play I’d try them all before you buy.

    By the way tpath, D Rose doesn’t wear Crazy Light’s, Jrue Holiday did, Rose has his own shoe… look it up, it’s actually pretty sick but very different. And by your logic, Wade’s knees, CP3′s ankles are all because of their shoes? Does this mean that Li-Ning is amazing because since Nash switched from Nike he’s been able to stay healthier?

  • tpathi1

    @north, i dont know..its a possibility!! I am no way an elite level athlete, but when people get injured in general, they blame something, thats human nature. I have nothing against Adidas, but I do know this..Kobe started with Adidas but left for Nike…most likely it was a money thing, but could it have possibly been the shoes?? Duncan used to be adidas (i thought) but wore nikes in 2012… KG switched from Nike’s to Adidas…but on the real, i was thinking that light shoes are great especially for guards, but now i am wondering about the cushioning and if its enough for elite athletes especially who cut and do crazy moves the way d rose does