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adidas, McDonald’s All American Games Unveil New Uniforms (PHOTOS)

Check out the new eye-catching camos.

For the first time in McDonald’s Game history, players will be wearing short sleeve uniforms at this year’s All American game in Chicago. Made from 60 percent recycled materials, the adizero short sleeve uniform system features adidas’ quick drying Revolution 30 technology found in current NBA uniforms and the same short sleeve design concept debuted earlier this week by the Golden State Warriors. The East will wear the black impact camo while West players will suit up in a red edition. Player names and numbers are done up in a chrome finish inspired by the sheen and glow of championship trophies and MVP accolades.

Stay tuned to the adidas Basketball Facebook page and @adidasHoops for the latest on the adizero short sleeve uniform system.

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  • http://twitter.com/theHomieNvte Nate

    Adidas, makers of the shooting shirt jersey


    I hate to say this but I not a big fan of these uniforms looks like they going to the woods to hunt in camo gear.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shooting.guard.319 Shooting Guard

    just pull the shorts abit above the knee and you get a soccer uniform. overall super ugly…

  • blitz

    i was gonna say the same, please no soccer uniforms, we get enough of that in europe…

  • speedy

    I ain’t going to the gym wearing this style.
    I hope that adidas starts developing some normal unis now.

  • Gregg Shorthand

    Those jerseys they wore back in the early and mid-90′s were classic, sharp, and unmistakable. What crap is this? I guess one dude thought it was ugly and then other people were like, “well, this is the generation of pastels, pink, and skinny jeans. Remember, a lot of these kids think LMFAO, Lil’ Stain and Nikki Garbage are hip hop. They don’t even KNOW that hip hop officially died over a decade ago. Trust me, these guys like tight stuff. Why? Who knows? They also wear pads and body armor to play basketball like they are going in to find Christopher Dorner. You see Nerlens Noel? Dude looked like the Michelin Tire doll wrapped in bubble wrap when they carried him off the court. Trust me, I know they are ugly as all get-out, but these kids today, they like ugly, tight stuff. Just wait til they complain about how the warm-ups aren’t form-fitting.”