Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 5:51 pm  |  24 responses

Dwyane Wade Li-Ning Way Of Wade ‘Chicago’ PE (KICKS)

“I’m so CHI you thought I was bashful.”

Tonight, Miami is in Chicago to take on the Bulls in primetime. For the occasion, Li-Ning did up some special edition kicks for Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, a Chicago native. These Way of Wade “Chicago” PEs have a black base with Chi-Town inspired details. The inside of the tongue reads, “I’m so CHI you thought I was bashful” (word to Kanye) and has the date of tonight’s game. Plus, according to the brand, “Designer Eric Miller took the Chicago skyline from the apparel collection, “The Black Collection”, giving the sole and collar lining images of the Chicago skyline.”

Photos via Li-Ning/Bob Metelus

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  • Jourdstve

    That’s sick

  • Iggi Vasquez

    D. Wade my favorite player, but this kicks are a bit pricy, so I’m gonna have to wait till they go on sale.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michał-Kowalski/100002687198677 Michał Kowalski

    Dude in comparison with what nike asks these are a steal considering the materials that are used. Apart from realy nice high grade leather they use REAL PATENT LEATHER, when was the last time u have seen real patent leather on a sneaker ?

  • tomtom

    ..but this bas****s flow will bash your skull.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Nothing wrong with waiting for shoes to go on sale… Something tells me you work for Li Ning, lol.

  • jeremy

    li ing is paying 24 million a year to wear those shoes and li ing is paying the chinese basketball association 720 million us dollars a year for every player in the league to wear li ning

  • jeremy

    he has a percentage of ownership in the company

  • jeremy

    or finical stake

  • RayJr

    $300 is WAY too much for basketball shoes. Who cares if they are real leather or whatever. I’ve never met a baller that cared about that. You can buy 2 pairs of signature Nike’s for almost what Li Ning is selling 1 of Wade’s shoes for. I’ll wait for these to go on sale too. Li Ning has to drop the price on these if they want to break into the US market. Also, if people thought Jordan prices were getting ridiculous Li Ning has stepped up ridiculousness to a whole new level.

  • Redd

    Nice only for the Chicago theme. What’s with the Community tv show logo from the flag tho? lol

  • z

    Nike and Li Ning are out of their minds for their prices, considering the shoes cost a fraction of the price to manufacture; materials and labor included.

  • Comment_System

    I bet you anything that if you saw these same sneakers in payless, you would not even look twice at them.

  • Happy

    Glad someone is being honest. They’re nice for Li-Ning but I wouldn’t rock them. And whoever priced them must’ve literally been smoking crack.

  • jaycee

    Sell the shoes for a little less. Pay the athletes a little less. Pay the executives a little less. Pay the factories a little more. Everyone winning.

  • jaycee

    They have nicer lines than any wade, cp or melo shoe from the last 5 years.

  • jaycee

    I don’t see the need for leather anyway. The quality synthetics they use makes the use of leather and the need for more animal suffering obsolete.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maurice.hudge Maurice Corleone

    where can you buy them?

  • RayJr

    Li Ning website but they don’t go on sale until Winter 2013.

  • NoStomachLiNingFromThe Vomit.

    It appears after years of research China have perfected what it takes to make a sneaker have that official “Knock Off” look about it.
    They are as Fugly as sin. I hope D-Wade is getting an advance on these.

  • Ammo

    Yo I checked the website at least 417 times in the past couple of months, could you give me the exact link please?

  • RayJr


    ^More info for you. From the article, they are trying to build hype in the US before slowly releasing them in the next month then Li-Ning will release all around US in the 4th quarter which means Oct-Dec.

  • GetReal

    Shut-up! if they had a jordon sign people would spend hundreds for them. i like them they new and simpliy looke better than Jordons.

  • Iggi Vasquez

    Totally agree…..

  • #Sneakerhead007

    If anyone who has never actually held a pair would stop with the cheap comments, there put together better then any NIKE hence the price difference. Quality over quantity with Li Ning.