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adidas Unveils McDonald’s All American Edition ‘Crazyquick’ (PHOTOS)

Coming to Chicago April 3.

Today, adidas unveils the McDonald’s All American edition colorway of the Crazyquick for the  36th Annual McDonald’s All American Games in Chicago on April 3. Per the three stripes, the special edition colorway features “a multi-colored TECHFIT upper that fades from red in the toe box to black in the heel. The SPRINTFRAME is polished black while the flex outsole is black with red highlights for a bold on-court style. Laces are done-up in red while the white three stripes feature golden flecks inspired by McDonald’s iconic arches. The tongue and sockliner display the Games’ logo and “2013” is called out inside the tongue and on the heel to honor this year’s McDonald’s All American class.”

The adidas Crazyquick is releasing May 1 in five colorways at Foot Locker, Eastbay and adidas.com and is available for pre-order beginning April 17. For more info, hit up adidas Basketball’s Facebook page and follow @adidasHoops on Twitter with the hashtag #crazyquick.

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  • Rashaad

    This game crushed itself by staying in Chicago every year. I was fortunate enough to play in the McD’s game back in 2001 when it was at Duke. A great experience, a great cause, and a great opportunity for kids to get a chance to be seen on T.V. before they head off to their one-stop shop b/s college experience. Nevertheless, good times and great stories for life. Good luck kids, enjoy it as much as you can, before you know it 12 years will have passed and you will be 30 years old!

  • Redd

    Yea because the Nike Summit really sucks after being in Portland for much longer? The Jordan brand has been in Madison Sq. much longer as well.

    McDonald’s has been in Chicago for 3 years so far only so what are you even talking about? Chicago is an amazing city & it’s where McDonald’s began, it’s a perfect fit genius.

  • nhm

    those are awesome looking shoes…

  • roscoe

    you have a point redd…

    but your MCDs history needs a refresher.

    Cali claims MCDs not CHI for place of origin.

  • Rashaad

    Damn man is it that serious? Is life really that hard on you? Wow. Ok, well you completely missed the point. Congratulations young buck, you have no idea what you are talking about. Life is about more than marketing and money. But I’ll let you live in your world, and I’ll live in mine.

  • Redd

    McDonald’s claims Chicago as it’s beginnings because that’s where the man who made McDonald’s big was from.

  • Redd

    No, life is good for me old head, but it seems I do know what I’m talking about.

    Since when was a corporation about life? Lol, in this particular instance it is about marketing & money.

    If you want to talk about life, Chicago needs more big corporations supporting the youth than anywhere else. You tried to act like it being in Chicago was such a bad thing & that’s what upset me. I realize I sounded rude, my apologies for that. Get used to it cause it’s there until 2015 at this point. Chicago is a great city which I love & am passionate for, especially with regards to it’s inner city youth.

  • JL

    Agreed, I don’t see why being in Chicago crushes it, since it’s still nationally televised. But still it must have been pretty cool to have played in that game!

  • roscoe

    Come on Redd!

    Please inform all the fine citizens of CHI they’ve been duped.

  • Redd

    How dare you..

  • S0ul0nIc3

    I hope you have straighten up your life for the better Rashaad. You had so much talent mate but was gone just like that. You could have made it but life turned for the worst on you. Best of luck with your life from here on now. God bless!