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Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Game Royal’ (KICKS)

Summertime foams.

As the warm weather season continues to take form, Nike persists with more summertime heat for the court and street. Today we see a new iteration of the Foamposite One fittingly dubbed “Game Royal.” Steering clear of traditional foamposite makeup, this new variation rest in a class of its own with a release slated for this weekend.

Sporting a Game Royal blue foam upper, the sneaker moves to a suede wolf grey collar with matching laces making for the perfect contrast. A translucent outer aids the bottom just above a carbon fiber shank plate in black. Priced at $160, look for the Nike Air Foamposite One “Game Royal” Saturday, June 29 at select retailers, including Foot Locker.

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  • Jamar

    will these be online at 1200 midnight or just stores?????

  • trent

    Just once I’d like Nike to stop making foamposits and certain Jordan’s limited edition. Money isn’t necessarily the problem but unlike some of these people, I’ve got better things to do other than wait 2 days on a line. Oh well, supply and demand and all that crap.

  • Dfrance

    You can get them online in the morning you know? But I feel what you’re saying, its out of hand nowadays.

  • RayJr

    It sucks for the consumer because you really have to be lucky now to get a pair of a limited release Jordan or in this case Foamposite. But, it’s brilliant marketing by Nike. They limit shoes and release new ones every week just to keep people interested and to build up hype. If people miss out on a shoe they are going to keep looking for the next best release to try to get their hands on a pair. Also, it’s kind of rush when you get that pair you have been wanting all year.

  • RayJr

    You gonna try to get em? Also, I see foams getting to around $250 next year. Hope retro re-releases of Js don’t get over $200.

  • Dfrance

    Nah I don’t like the grey/blue combo. Actually gonna try for those 8s this weekend. The $200 price point is coming. Those ’88 3s were $200. They charged $180 for the Bred 11s this past Christmas. It’s coming. lol

  • RayJr

    Yeah I don’t like this colorway either. I think the 8s should be easy to get this weekend. I got those Bred 11s and thought for $180 they were worth it. I can see the 11s this Xmas being priced at $200 and more retros next year going for $180. Hope not or else I’m gonna have to ask for a raise lol

  • Dfrance

    Yeah I’m hoping people aren’t looking for all black kicks in the summer time. They were supposed to charge $180 for the Dred 4s and $200 for the Bred 11s, but they fell back once the backlash came. They will probably try again this holiday season.

    I feel old saying this, but those Bred 4s sat on the shelf the first time they retroed them. I copped on a random weekday afternoon. lol

  • RayJr

    I got those Bred 4s online and won a raffle to get the Bred 11s. Times have changed. Almost every retro J now is hard to get. I got the retro 11 lows a couple of weeks ago and it took me 2 hours of trying online on all sites. I got lucky on the grapes and was able to get a pair from my mall but had to get there at 7am to get in line.

    I wish they would sit on shelves now. I’d say about half of the people buying Js, Lebrons, or Kobe’s are resellers which sucks bc its taking away a chance for a true collector like myself to get a pair.

  • RayJr

    Footaction just called me that I won the reservation for a size 12 lol. $230 is way too much though so idk

  • Dfrance

    What’d you end up doing? You were right about the 8s. I work an overnight gig on Fridays and got off around 8am, I figured I’d swing past the mall on the way home and I was able to stroll right in and get a pair. It helps wearing a size 13 sometimes. lol

  • RayJr

    I gave up my spot. I called Footaction and just told them to sell em. Thought about buying then reselling but people weren’t really crazy about these foams so I didn’t want to sit on them. I would’ve only made about $20 through eBay so it wasn’t worth it.
    Congrats on the 8s. Yeah it does help having a bigger size. I wear a 13 also so usually I grab that pair in my mall when something I like comes around.