Thursday, August 8th, 2013 at 3:15 pm  |  26 responses

Foot Locker is Bringing Back the Starter Jacket (PHOTOS)

Coming Labor Day Weekend.

You remember the satin Starter Jacket, right? Of course you do. It’s back, as of Labor Day Weekend, when Foot Locker will be releasing a limited edition “Old School/New School” pack on August 31. Some of the teams included are the NBA’s Bulls, Nets and Thunder (also pictured are the Oakland Raiders of the NFL). There will be a very limited number of jackets available for $150 each.

And for more info on the return of Starter, keep an eye on our homies over at TDdaily this week!

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  • LakeShow

    The Thunder one just doesn’t look right.

  • pposse

    before Starter there was Pro Player

  • spit hot fiyah

    my little pony colors

  • LP @ThisisEther

    $150???? shattttttt…..where’s the black bulls joint…?

  • luv2ball

    Are triple fat gooses coming back as well?

  • JibbsIsBallin

    $150 for this? Thats just greedy.

  • MarylandPride410

    No. Foot Locker is selling a jacket that says Starter on it. A true Starter jacket is brightly colored and oversized with a quarter zip and a huge pocket in the front. Go home Foot Locker. You’re drunk.

  • robb

    Smurf colors, my little pony logo

  • Dedrick

    That was actually the jv starter. The TRUE Starter was big and bulky with the hood on it. Like a mini Triple Fat Goose jacket.

  • The Philosopher

    This version is better.

  • Da Real

    FYI, starter is a Walmart brand. Footlocker is taking a big risk with these. I say they’ll be on clearance by turkey day.

  • Will Lee

    looks wack

  • JB

    i had my St. John’s Starter jacket back in 1985. They were big back then in NYC.

  • The Fury

    I’m still waiting for the caricature shirts to come back…

  • Marvis Irwin

    them jackets are ok, i would like to see the pull overs come back for winter time instead. Not feeling that price, $150 for a jacket, naw maybe $89.99

  • Dfrance

    I thought the same thing. People didn’t even really rock the satin one. It was the one you described, made out of windbreaker material. This is bullcrap.

  • Dfrance

    The real.

  • MarylandPride410

    Good call. I was a kid and had the JV. They must have “gone out of style” by the time I was big enough to have a TRUE Starter jacket. Either way, FL still has it wrong.

  • MarylandPride410

    Yes! The windbreaker material. Sinbad would be proud..

  • Anthony

    The “overpricedness” of this item automatcially makes it a status symbol..if they get one on one of the following individuals and in sed person heavily rotated music video…sales will be through the roof….those ppl are: Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Rhianna, Jay-Z, Ye (Kanye to the), 2Chainz and/or potentially on shows like “The Game”, “Wild’n Out”, and Guy/Girl Code….FootLocker please CTC (cut the check) for this marketing plan to ANTHONY….(lol)

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Now a Sonics one….

  • Roy

    wats next Logo 7 jackets lol

  • Nick Mordowanec

    LA Gear

  • davidR

    damn, hit us with the sinbad! that gave me a huge flashback

  • The Iron Lung

    We called them starter pull overs… but the ones above are starter jackets

  • Zpl

    Laughable to charge $150 for a brand that’s sold at Wal-Marts. Plus you can easily get those original jackets on eBay.

    I remember having a “satin” Raiders jacket as a kid, as did probably countless others…it was a prized possession.