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Introducing ISlide Premium Custom Athletic Sandals (KICKS)

Last week, we were invited to check out the launch party of ISlide, a brand new custom slides brand that’s hoping to change the athletic sandal game. How? By letting consumers—more like, players—design the slides themselves. That means you can put your name, logo, or even your own face on a pair of comfy, premium sandals. Imagine slipping into a customized pair of slides post-game that have your name and number on them, or hey, maybe even your favorite basketball magazine’s logo? Check out the launch video and some photos above, and read on for more info straight from our friends at ISlide:

ISlide, Inc. has announced the launch of its new, premium, custom athletic sandal company that emotionally connects with a wide variety of consumers in a creative, personal way.

The company founded by Justin Kittredge, a 13 year footwear industry veteran, enables consumers to create their own design on high quality, athletic sandals enabling individual expression and self-representation with peers, family, and friends.

Each sandal offers the newly designed Relief Pro Lining [pronounced ripple] technology – a wave-like, antimicrobial foam footbed designed to help feet recover after workouts. Each pair also includes the highest quality midsole EVA foam cushion, a signature sneaker inspired outsole and an ultra-soft, lyrca adjustable strap to ensure a smooth, comfortable fit.

With big and small box retailers already buying into the product, ISlide sandals are entirely customizable via an online, fully responsive website enabling all consumers to choose from 3 color strap options, upload and position logos and personal Ids, add graphics, and choose from 20 different color options for font.

“We live in a world where fashion and sports merge at every axis. Consumers, especially athletes, want to be different and expressive, all while wearing a premium product,” said Justin Kittredge, Founder and President of ISlide, Inc. “Our sandals provide the solution for consumers and gets them excited and engaged, allowing them to feel proud to stand in what they stand for. “

ISlide, Inc. is also giving back with their newly created program called ISlide4Good – IS4G will highlight one sports charity for one week on the company’s website. For that week only, the ISlide design team will create an exclusive sandal and apparel line for the featured charity of the week. $4 from every purchase for that charity’s product line will be donated back to the featured charity’s cause. Example charities such as Harlem RBI and Grassroots Soccer are eagerly in line for this program’s launch.

For more from ISlide, follow @ISlideUSA on Twitter and Instagram, check them out on Facebook or at ISlideUSA.com.

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  • Janson_Jared

    Love the Boston Strong slides. Could definitely see myself rocking a pair of these real soon.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Make sure you get a pair that fits unlike the person in the commercial.

  • The Seed

    Really, not trying to be mean, but this is a great hustle. There were some people on shark tank doing the same thing, but they had women sandals with interchangeable areas. They need to get on shark tank the show on abc, they would make money just by going on the show, even if they do not accept a shark’s offer. Great hustle, appeal to people’s mind and mouth thru design, to be different in how you step out. American’s are gullible, this should work.

  • Ugh

    So when you say ‘athletic’ I envision playing basketball in them.
    And when I say playing basketball, I don’t mean in a beanbag on the XBox.

    These are flip-flops. ‘Athletic’ my arse.

  • danpowers

    nobody ever “rocked” sandals lol

  • RKJ92

    Cosign, it’s these punk ass kids “rocking” them..

  • UZ

    Great video. Cool product. They look comfortable and are customizable. Cant really beat that.

  • EA

    I think this is an awesome idea. No one else in the slide business is doing something like this. Its pretty innovative. The commercial is also pretty sick.

  • KA

    Yea, I agree with ‘EA’, this is a great idea. Definitely gotta get myself a pair of Boston Strong Slides too.

  • Jimmer

    How could you ever play basketball in flip-flops? They’re athletic in the sense that everyone who has ever played basketball has worn them to a game.

    You can have a pair of athletic socks, for example, that you can’t play in without wearing shoes. That doesn’t make them any less athletic

  • Janson_Jared

    No you’re definitely right. That’s why Jordan and Nike spend so much money making them….just for people to look at.

  • RKJ92

    So your 12..

  • Jimmer

    12 year olds know how to use contractions…

  • RKJ92

    They also “rock” sandals “Gayyyyy”

  • MO$

    These sandals are sick!!! I’m ordering my pair online now

  • Janson_Jared

    I’d expect a troll like you would have better comebacks than that….

  • Janson_Jared

    Hate is just ignorance.

  • RKJ92

    I’m not hating, It’s the truth.. any grown man will tell you that as well. One day when you grow up you will understand it, but it won’t be right now your too young.

  • RKJ92

    I don’t troll, I have been on this site longer then you were born.