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Win a Pair of Reebok Shaqnosis ‘Heat’ (GIVE-AWAY)

One loud sneaker, one lucky winner.

The Reebok Shaqnosis “Heat” colorway is dropping on Friday, and is coming to set your kick game on fire for the tail-end of the summer. And we have a pair of size 12s ready to give away right now—for free.

Our friends at Reebok Classics have generously allowed us to give away one pair of 12s to a lucky SLAMonline reader.

What do you have to do? It’s simple: All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Say something about Shaq. Say something about the sneaker. Say hi. Whatever. Twenty-four hours from now, one lucky person who comments on this post will be selected at random and awarded the sneakers. Remember—these are size 12s!

If you don’t win, you can always head to select retailers Friday (Foot Locker, Jimmy Jazz, Finish Line, Champs, Reebok.com) and pick up your own pair of the Miami-inspired iteration of Shaq’s signature shoe for $115.

UPDATE: A winner has been contacted. Thanks to all those who entered and left a comment!

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  • CCT

    That’s actually a pretty awesome looking shoe. Shaq in his time as a Heat player was also great.

  • Sorell

    Good that you retired as a Celtic!

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    Shaq is cool dude and I respect the things he has done. I’m also hoping he is getting closer to bringing back a team to New Jersey after he sets up his hospital for children.

  • retrokidbk83

    WaT Up? So Is That Simple, Huh? Shaq Fu Is That Dude.

  • Darius Hawkins

    Shaq, the greatest M.F scorer in NBA history. Know what M.F stands for? Most Frequent

  • uNIKKOijo

    Shaq is the best duo for Kobe my Idol. Shaqnosis is my DREAM SHOES since I was 7 and now I am 25. I hope i can get my hands with this pair. PS. I’m a size12 :)

  • Dwight Jones

    2006 champs lets go #shaqnosis

  • ryan doherty

    Shaq daddy .. your raw and destroy people.up

  • Eric

    hey… that’s better than hi

  • J Sanders

    Most dominant charismatic big man ever. Hypnotize em’ in the Shaqnosis…. Heat 🔥

  • DeMarcus Lee Jun Yi

    i’m glad you came to celtics, cos i could wear both my fav team and player tgt! :D

  • Kevin O’Brien

    When i was 3 it was 10;30 way past my bedtime but I was up and the TV was on. it was on TNT and the laker game was on. I vividly remember watching and instantly saying i want to be like that guy. Just so happened it was the game where he dropped 50 against the nets. This guy has been my idol ever since that day. I bought all the jerseys, everything haha i literally would pretend i was him when i was fooling in the gym some times. Today I am an 18 year old dreamer from Miami. Headed to Santa Fe on a full basketball scholarship. I even wear 33 because it was his LSU number. But I just figured I’d explain how i got my love for the game, which is when i first saw The Real (And ONLY) Superman.

  • Jesimiel Anahaw

    My favorite Center of all-time, the back board wrecking machine! One of the most talented player to play the game. Dunk on people, pass, hOok shot, act, rap and da = The Big Diesel! Looking beautiful, the “Reebok Shaqnosis”. I wanna use that on the real hard court!

  • Moez


  • @sach_al

    Shaq is the most dominant center of all time period. This sneaker is beyond dope & I’m probably the biggest Shaq fan on here. I picked Shaq’s over Jordans & Nikes my entire childhood. I’m a knicks fan now.. But I’ll always be a member of the #Shaqnation.

  • s.dot

    Can you dig it!? I certainly can! MDE! GOAT!

  • Dan Jafari

    I want this shaq be my uncle

  • Brandon

    Shaq is the greatest center of all time

  • Cory Ridgley

    Shaq is a role model on and off the court. Having being in the public eye since his days at LSU, to his movie roles in movies like “Shazamm” and one of my favorites “Blue Chips”, Shaq has been putting a smile on people’s faces since day 1. But when he got on that court, the smile was gone and it was all business and that’s what made Shaq the most dominant big man to ever play the game. From breaking backboards to catching alley oops to winning championships, Shaq is the perfect role model for anyone who is looking to make something with their life. Shaqs drive, passion, heart, humor and intelligence lead him to be everyone’s favorite player, including my own and I can’t wait to see what he will do next.

  • Matt

    Caaaannn yooouuuu diiiggg itttttt?!
    It would be too awesome to win these classics. Especially with 12 being my actual size!!

  • Mazaradii

    Most dom. Center of all time and now one of the funniest dudes on tv , Still saying birdman birdman everyday glad to see shaqnosis come back around being a fan of sneakers and basketball , yall remember when shaq killed it wit the jabbawockeez or danced wit lebron and dwight safe to say I sure do miss shaq being in the nba especially when he was with penny but glad we got to watch him play in our lifetime these youngins have no idea

  • iDavidAMGoliath

    It would’ve been sick if he wore these when he played with Miami. #respect

  • Heat shoes

    I’ve wanted a pair of these sense middle school; now in Heat colors!!!! Even better. Hook it up Dr.Shaq

  • Yehudis Lewis

    My son would go crazy if I won these sneakers!

  • Ryan

    I would love to win a pair of Shaqnosis sneakers! I’m in need of new basketball shoes and size 12 is perfect.

  • logues

    easily most dominant player ever down low… just imagine trying to guard a 7’1 300+ pound man who is athletic and strong as an ox… their will never be anyone like shaq ever again

  • KP


  • peter

    Is there going to be a laker colorway?

  • peter

    Is there going to be a laker colorway?

  • RipCity

    Kobe tell me how my *ss tastes!

  • RipCity

    Kobe tell me how my *ss tastes!

  • anthony


  • W3

    I got 2 get these send 2 me SLAM!!!!!

  • jean

    I cant resist im under the spell of the backboard breaker Timber!! Shaqnosis O’neal the almighty rim-bender. @Jeanknowsy

  • jean

    Jeanknows. Lol

  • Joe Palagonia

    Love Shaq, Love shoes, Love basketball. PUT ME UNDER SHAQNOSIS!!!

  • jay chau

    SLAM always looking out for their readers and fans. It’s only right to continue subscribing to your magazines every time it expires. This is my entry, wishing myself luck.

  • Mariano

    Love me some Shaqnosis

  • Jordan Gibbs

    Those shoes are awesome, like Shaq.

  • Joshua C

    Shaq is a big ass gorilla. But I respect his game. Now gimme his gorilla shoes!

  • Maciej

    Hi :D

  • jscole12

    Sick shoes, but I’m hesitant about anything having to do with “Heat”

  • Justin Dib

    Shaq is the Greatest Center to Play the Game. Funniest Guy on & off the Court.

    P.s I want those Shoes :)

  • Dragoş Şerban Pop

    how cool would be the Shaqnosis with cleats for american football :D

  • jorge vela

    shaq most dominating center ever!

  • Ali Saadat

    I remember as kid my dad encouraged me to model myself after Shaq and thats what I did. He was my favorite player, I hated him for going to Miami but in the end I realized how much influence he had on how I see basketball.

  • Jay TakeFlight

    The diesel, shaqtus, The Big Aristotle,
    The Big Maravich the greatest center of all time.

  • sammyb96

    I just bought the Shaq Hardwood Classic Magic jersey when I went to the NBA store in New York! The jersey is pure GANGSTA!

  • BDdOOM

    dammit these are the dopest Reebok has ever released!

  • Waylan Runsafter

    What up Shaq! Really dope sneakers! We need to chill and play some NBA 2K again like the good ol’ days.

  • Edmund

    I’m white

  • Latrell


  • Khaizer Makiling

    Shaq, got these very nice shoes, and won a ring,, can i have one pair of these shoes?

  • APHX10

    My feet may be big, but I’ll make them fit in them 12′s.

  • orlarkman

    I want these!i need some new shoes

  • Jordan M.

    I need these shoes bad… I need these for basketball season, they my size and everything!

  • Cody Reed

    Shaquille O’neal (Shaq) is my favorite player of all time. When he played with the Heat he he second best season of his career.I don’t have money for these shoes and they are really really nice and I would love to have them. Plus they will fit me; and if they don’t they will look good on my shelf.

  • Jackson Tomich

    Yo Shaq, first of all, love your game and your shoes! you were the glue to put together all the teams you played with (even celtics lol). Theses Shaqnosis’ make me nauseous! I need ‘em and they are my size!

  • Rob Stewart

    My first girlfriend had a smooth, dark, chocolate complexion that caught my eye immediately. But when she wore her Orlando home and road Shaq jerseys to school on back to back days, I knew I had to make her mine. We went well together as I wore my Penny jersey too. Junior High back in 93 !

  • VanCityBBall

    I could always personally relate to Shaq on a personal level. We both grew up on the rather larger side except I was not nearly as healthy as he was (with his body). Growing up watching Shaq showed me that big guys have a place in sports, not only just being “good” at it but also being dominate. Eventually I toned down into my body but i would not be living the healthier lifestyle I am today without watching Shaq. CAN YOU DIG IITTTTTT?!?!?!?!

  • Marcus Harris

    Shaq, you were one of the most unstoppable forces to ever play in the NBA. You were athletic, strong, and had great size. Out of all the greats that I would be scared to check most in the paint is you. Adding on to that your also funny and talented.I love all of your movies: Steel, Shazaam, Blue Chips. I need these shoes man. I don’t have many shoes to start off, these are exactly my size, and I wear a lot of red and yellow. Come on man I need these shoes in my life.

  • Brian Ivan Cusuanto

    Shaq is the most ‘ridiculous’ guy that I ever seen in my life. Though there’s many player like Shaq but I love him mostly! He is funny guy, when practce with team, even in shaqtin fool LOL. What I know about sneaker is shoes. Love the reebok shaqnosis too. I have fallen in love with it. I just wanna share my opinions about shaq and sneakers especially Shaqnosis.

  • Nick

    I am forever grateful for shaq coming to miami to help my team win their 1st nba title. In his prime shaq was unstoppable on the block. I really hope the Heat retire shaq’s jersey

  • mefink

    Shaq is the MAN.

  • JDOGG80

    Shaq was and is the one and only SUPERMAN!!!!

  • Blessie Nelson

    Shaq has gracefully grown with his fame and age! Not everyone can pull it off!

  • Bks1358

    I want these since I have in 3rd grade! I need those!

  • reneeg

    These look great for back to school.

  • Lukas

    hi! I want shoes…

  • Andrew F Jones

    These kicks are hot

  • Langston

    The Shaqnosis is maybe in my opinion the best big man shoe

  • mitchel Johnson

    I can definitely dig some Shaq shoes…especially in my size 12 :)

  • Jake Huber

    shaq one of the top 3 centers to ever play and those are top 10 shoes to ever be out

  • Anastasia

    Shaq was always awesome to me, as a kid :) And those shoes are awesome to me as an adult! :)

  • tumor20

    i played the crap out of saqfu, this are much better

  • SpankMe

    Kobe Bryant

  • feka

    Shaq was the most dominant center ever

  • richard

    i came for kazaam

  • hask

    shaq <3

  • Craig Smith

    Shaq, always a hero

  • Zally

    It would be funny if I wore those size 12 shoes and I’m just a size 7. Haha And btw Shaq is my fav center of all time.

  • Richard Keirl

    The TORNADO – Nuff said.

  • Deezy Jay

    Do you want me 2 shoot it? No! Do you want me to pass it? No!
    Do you want me to SLAM? Yeahhh! Rack em uP/Shaq em up!

  • thegfunk


  • MikeP

    I wear size 12′s. Love Shaq when he was on the Lakers. He will always be a memory from my youth.

  • curtis206

    When are they releasing shaq fu 2?

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Free shoes??

  • Sincere Davinci

    Id die over these Reebok U.O.E.NO (Ross Voice)

  • Chris J

    hello! from canada

  • Shaq attaq

    These are cool and a nice alternate color way! Glad they brought them back

  • Taras

    Very nice kicks, would love to have them

  • Thomas Moran

    Let’s go

  • Tyler Jordan

    The price of the shoes are higher than Shaq’s free throw percentage!

  • http://reverbnation.com/ends1 ENDS

    Keep em

  • Dfrance

    These giveaways really expose how many 👀 lurkers there are on this site. Lol

  • Jalen Edwards

    These need to be in my lifeee

  • Eileen

    Miss Shaq here in So. Florida and those are great looking sneakers!

  • Me

    Those would be awesome

  • CFrye

    Shaq Fu!!!! Can You DIGGGITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! These are classic!