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Contest: Win a $100 Champs Sports Gift Card

In honor of these adidas Originals.

To celebrate the launch of this latest adicolor collection inspired by Oklahoma City and South Beach, two favorites to win the 2014 Championship, Champs Sports and adidas Originals are giving away a $100 gift card to a SLAMonline reader.

The cool kit pictured above includes the adidas Originals Hard Court Hi IIGraphic T-shirt, and Geometric Crew Sock. The kit itself is not available for purchase, but no worries—the individual items are.

Entering is easy. Leave a comment on this post, explaining why you support OKC or Miami. Keep your response under 100 words, and you’ll be eligible for the prize. A winner will be announced early next week, so get to commenting.

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  • joe

    im a laker fan but man i luv me sum kd and westbrook!!!!


    Im goin with Miami cause they have Lebron who is the best all around player in the game today!

  • LT

    I like em both but i support the Heat because it’s usually them vs the world, going aganist angry fans and loud boo’s and still winning… i expect a 3peat

  • jessnjones

    I support the Thunder. I enjoy small market teams because it takes a lot more to keep players like Durant in OKC. They don’t have the money to pay the luxury tax. When a guy is as dedicated to his city as Durant is, it’s fun to watch. The Thunder has some thrilling young talent which is always fun to watch.

  • Mazaradii

    Support OKC because they put on a show during games and after what happen out there it with the tornado it would be good to see them win (this coming from someone in ny) Plus witnessed KD drop 66 and met him that night , Real humble dude took the moment to talk with me great dude off the court too

  • Rosalie236

    LeBron has been my favorite player since I was 13 years old. I’m now 24. I support the Heat because they all came together so fast but still managed to be so good and work together efficiently to make it to the finals 3 years in a row. They’re all like family now, brothers.

  • Guest

    I support OKC because the way they’ve came together is what every real fan base hopes for. They’re leaving the NBA equivalent of the American dream. Start from nothing and reach towards the top for persevering struggling seasons. They represent what every real fan base hopes for from their team. It’s also admirable that stars like KD and Westbrook have chosen to stay in a non-major market like OKC instead of leaving for glitz and glamor of L.A or South Beach. Ibaka has worked hard to develop from just raw talent to key rotation player and Nick Collison does the little things that don’t show up in that box score, but show up in the win column. That’s why I support OKC and what they represent as a team. Hard work, loyalty, and toughness. Isn’t that what the game is supposed to be about?

  • Griffin

    As a die hard Pacers fan, I’m voting
    OKC all day. Similarly, they built this team from the ground up and have
    great fans. The Hasheem Thabeet/Greg
    Oden matchup could be interesting! GO #Cers

  • Young Doppler Radar

    I support OKC because they represent the basketball equivalent of the American dream. They started from the bottom and now they’re contending at the top. KD and Westbrook persevered through struggles early on and were loyal to their team and are sitting near the top of the game. Every real fan of a team wishes their team would follow the Thunder’s blueprint to success. Create their own stars and watch them blossom to what KD, Westbrook, and Ibaka are today. That’s what being a fan is all about.


    I support Miami because of their team dynamic. They are a tight knit group that have 1 goal and 1 goal only: WIN!

  • tealish

    I support OKC because of their youthful energy. Before Harden left, it was amazing to watch that trio of him, Westbrook, and KD tearing up the league, with none of them older than the age of 23. That’s crazy. Now that it’s down to just Russ and Kevin, the doubters still remain. He shoots too much! They need a true PG!……Ah shut it, and watch these talented mofos play!

  • Brian ¯(ツ)/¯9/11

    I support OKC bcuz they are a small market team that seriously started from the bottom and have done a lot of growing up these past years

  • Dfrance

    Here come all the “regulars” lol

  • prettyontop

    My daughter’s been living in Oklahoma, and is die hard OKC Thunder fan. After 4 years she is now living with me. It’s so great to have her with me, and she would love to show her support for OKC Thunder. She has convinced me to be an OKC Thunder; so I to will be supporting OKC Thunder.

  • nick brainiac


  • Allen Sands

    I support MIAMI because they represent sacrificing personal success for one team goal, Lebron is a key role model showing you can still dominate and be unselfish, and wade is a superstar, but also gives back so much to the community. They are the perfect example of teamwork and chemistry GO HEAT!

  • Ryan Seavey

    I support OKC because they did it the right way. All their players are homegrown. My personal basketball trainer also works as their shooting coach. KD works as hard as anybody in the league, & to win as much as they do as such a young team(including their head coach) is remarkable. Really Inspires me to work harder. I love how Russ Westbrook feeds off of his criticism & elevates his game to it as well.

  • RKJ92

    hahahaha you made me laugh so hard :)

  • curtis206

    Miami. I was a fan of Ray and Rashard when they were Sonics and I want to see them succeed.

  • Clint Ainsworth

    As a 6’3″ dunker I am a big fan of Russell Westbrook and his explosive leaping ability! It’s cool seeing someone my height do the things he does. #GoThunder!

  • RKJ92

    I support Miami because LeBron is changing the culture of basketball as we know it.
    The skill between the match ups between OKC and Miami is incredible witnessing LeBron and Kevin Durant go head to head is like watching Magic and Bird go at it, (even though we all know Durant is the Ice-man 2.0).
    I support Miami because of the courage they have to press through the playoffs even with all the injuries they have.
    I support Miami because of the Clutch wins that make a team to remember (Ray).
    I support Miami because of the sacrifices everybody makes to play as a team, its incredible.
    I support Miami for a three-peat, a dynasty of their own.
    Miami is the future of this league, even today.

  • initbruv

    I don’t support Miami or OKC. You should give me the give card because I’m different from the others.

  • Hoopsforever

    Heat is prime for a 3 peat and we haven’t seen one since the Lakers 00-03′ run.

  • Ryan

    I love watching the Thunder. They play with so much energy and speed. It’s amazing how you can see how these players grow. KD definitely improved his game since he was in Seattle. Also I love how our fans come and support this team every game! 2014 CHAMPS LETS GO I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE THUNDERRR

  • Brandon

    I support OKC because they are my hometown team and they built their team the right way, drafting KD and Russ and then building around the 2 stars.

  • Ted

    I support OKC, because as a Rockets fan I can’t thank them enough for giving us James Harden, and allowing him and Dwight Howard to take their talents to Houston.

  • Travis Damon Thomas

    I support OKC because I can’t stand the Miami flopping

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Ive been a supporter since the Rafer Alston cover, give me the card. Now.

  • Dfrance

    Its just amazing how many lurkers there are on the site. Regular stories are posted and the same 20 guys comment. Contests pops up and all hell breaks loose. lol

  • CzechMate

    I support both teams, they both are doing good for the league’s rise and there players are staying out of trouble being good idols. basketball is growing so fast and its a beautiful ting to watch maan.

  • initbruv

    That’s because the same 20 guys are enthusiastic about commenting about every story while most “lurkers” are more interested in just reading the stories. But free stuff? Shiiiiiit, everyone’s enthusiastic about that.

  • RKJ92

    It’s true though.. lmao the contest should just be for the people on the site with at LEAST 700 comments on the board, and that’s me reaching to be nice. It should really be everybody with 1000 comments makes the cut though..

  • Dfrance

    Lol. I actually think a lot of them have bots set up. I looked at one guys comment history and it was all contests from various sites. lol. I gave up on trying to win stuff from Slam after I “won” an MJ Gatorade bottle and it was never sent to me. Still bitter.

  • aj

    The reason why I support OKC is because I believe in Legends having championships. Lebron proved himself in high school as one of the best, and I was proud when he won his two championships. Now, KD proved himself at Rucker Park, and going to many summer league pick up games. He is very talented and hungry. I liked that about him, and I would love to see him get a championship this year.

  • pposse

    I support Miami because there is nothing more i want than to have Lebron James’ head get a little bigger. Some think this is cause of PED’s but I know its cause of the hot air champs and everyone other organization is blowing him with. I would be glad to be a part of this then one day spike that hot air with a boiled down pin

  • initbruv

    Lol I didn’t even know that was possible. The things people will do for some schwag

  • initbruv

    lol you hating son of a gun.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I’ve received everything I’ve ever won. You should just email Ryne when that happens. He’s a really good dude

  • Dfrance

    Well this was like 3 years ago. lol

  • Chris Rodriguez

    Have to go with OKC. They’ve built the type of team that will succeed the Spurs as the championship caliber team, built from the ground up, with draft picks and smart signings. Ibaka is set for a breakout year with more offensive touches next year. Hopefully KD stays past the end of his contract.

  • initbruv

    Lawyer up

  • ari

    i like okc because kd and westbrook work so well and they got ibaka kevin martin and sefalosha and the team can shout threes for days

  • BReal

    I’m torn between the two however, I would have to go with Miami because I believe them to be the new dynasty… A three-peat is something that we haven’t seen in a long time and I think it would be great for basketball, and NBA fans period. Plus the simple fact that Lebron’s game only appears to get better and better….

    GO MIAMI 3-PEAT!!!

  • Dash Jones

    Ever since D-Wade entered the League I’ve always been a Heat fan. Being a Florida native & a 2nd grader around the the time I became a fan, my love for the game grew while watching my favorite player’s game develop. I’ve witnessed him go from an under-rated rookie to a Finals MVP & 3 time World Champ. I’ll forever love basketball & forever love the Miami Heat.

  • pposse

    i had to do it, i hope i win with tho


    Go Lakers!

  • DHodge30

    My main reason for supporting the OKC Thunder is the fact they drafted a lot of players from my hometown area. Kevin Durant, Jeff Green (at one point) and Eric Maynor (from NC, but played at VCU) all were players that grew up or played in the DMV. I was also a huge fan of James Harden his first two years at ASU before joining the Thunder.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    If I had to choose between OKC or
    Miami I’d say OKC. Been a fan of Durant since reading about him in SLAM. He
    seemed like cool, down to earth dude. Things didn’t change when he struggled
    his first season or 2 in Seattle. If I remember correctly, they even played him
    at the SG early on in his career! When he really blew up in OKC, winning
    scoring titles like nothing, it was refreshing to see such a humble guy do it.
    I love that he contributes back to the city and that is why I support OKC.

  • Anthony

    I do NOT support Miami…being 37 y/o..I wanted Timmy to win one more. And I cannot stand Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka (took a nut shot at Blake) …Perkins is a fugazi bully that plays mad to amp himself up! I do however support Addidas! Been a fan of the 3 stripes for a min & the Pro Models are/were a great shoe!

  • Dfrance

    *Calls Jackie Childs*

  • initbruv

    You: “I didn’t do anything about this for 3 years. Is that going to be a problem?”

    Him: “Yeah it’s gonna be a problem. It’s gonna be a problem for them. It’s an infringement on your constitutional rights. It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous.”

  • W3

    I definitely back okc. KD will NOT finish second this year

  • Btown93

    OKC, just because KD has to step up his game, to become as close as to lebron level. And who doesn’t KD!!!

  • Dfrance

    Glad you caught the reference! lol

  • kevin

    I support OKC for the many reasons why people support their
    neighborhood teams. Their main stars KD and Westbrook were drafted by the
    Sonics/Thunder and we witnessed their progression into the players they are
    today. It is like watching Little Johnny start out with the JV squad and then
    make Varsity. They’re in a small market and Chesapeake Energy Arena epitomizes this
    neighborhood theme as it is constantly likened to that of a college atmosphere.
    It helps that they play exciting ball and Durant is arguably, one of the top 3
    players in the league.

  • Lover for the game

    I support OKC because they have come a long way.They had many winning seasons and some losing seasons as well, but every year they come back stronger and better as a team.I support OKC because they not only support their fans by winning ,but they also go out in the community and give back to the fans.They also have a dope duo who when healthy can beat any team any night of the week.

  • bike

    I support MIA because they reflect diversity and trends in contemporary society:
    Receding hairlines caused by global warming (LeBron),

    androgyny (Bosh),

    and men now feeling comfortable wearing lip gloss (Wade).

  • Abram D. Figures Jr

    I support Miami because they rock my favorite colors red and black while Miami is one of favorite vacation spots i would like to live there one day to see what it’s like…Lebron/Dwade are two players in my top 10 of favorite players so that’s part of it and the other part is there the WORLD CHAMPS! SO WHY NOT SUPPORT MIAMI??!!

  • jay chau

    I cheer for the Miami Heat because our fellow Canadian guy Joel Anthony puts in the blood, sweat and tears. Major contributor, got the heart of a warrior.

  • keyon dooling

    they did what the right way? lose to the Heat in the Finals the right way or bow out in the second round of the playoffs in ’13 the right way?

  • Rohan

    lol I don’t even want the pack

  • Rob Stewart

    I support OKC cause they grassroots like Obama, familiar like my momma, and go to war like Osama. Plus KD rocks all the fly shoes, only rolls in tight crews, and there jersey are my color blue. When I watch them play I get amped, I’ll be watching training camp, hopefully me and them will both be connected to CHAMPS!

  • Joey

    Hate them both. Keep your money.

  • VanCityBBall

    Im an OKC guy because KD is a role model off and on the court… nothing but respect for Miami though…

  • dannyb

    As a Portland Trailblazers fan, I hope Greg Oden stays healthy all year, makes it to the Finals, and loses to OKC. Sorry Greg, can’t help it, I just hate Miami.

  • Finn Christie

    I support Miami. I’m from Australia and when I was younger I saw my big bro watching the 2006 NBA finals. It was the first game I ever saw in my life and I decided that that would be my team for the rest of my life

  • Paris shirley

    I root for OKC because I cannot. I cannot recall the countless nights a stringbean spent tickling the nets in seat pleasant. I cannot feel the loss of not just a trey-droppin, FT-cashin, well-bearded teammate, but a brother. I cannot feel the pain in KD’s tears as the red and white confetti rained upon him, as the popping of champagne in Miami’s locker room surely reverberated back to him. I root for OKC because I cannot wait to see Russ donning a backwards cap, serge giddily slipping on a destined tee, and those same tears reappear in Kevin’s gleaming eyes as he raises the O’Brien.

  • Paris shirley
  • nj25

    I support OKC because they are humble and still hungry for a championship. The team has a great star in Durant that is able to shoot from distance and take his defender to the basket. His role players are team oriented and the less selfishness, the better for the team as a whole. OKC’s coach has used his expertise to organize a well rounded starting line up along with efficient and productive bench players to come in the game and contribute. OKC is an exciting and fast pace team. I have to admit that I enjoy their fast breaks and high flying abilities. Those fast breaks would be nothing without good defense and rebounding which Perkins, Collison and Ibaka are professionals at. I am an athlete as well and I like to scrap for everything. My determination is mirrored in the determination that I see how hard OKC plays every game. I am looking forward to this season and hopefully my guy Westbrook can heal up one hundred percent.

  • Shaun-N-Ron

    If Jeremy Lamb can put it all together this year and actually get 20 minutes a game to relieve pressure along with Jackson at pg/SG I think OKC has a real shot at something special for a few years. P-Jones could be a limited threat stretching the floor as well. DETHRONE THE HEAT OKC

  • John

    I support Miami because almost everyone hates Miami and I can relate to that

  • JmaynH

    I was a Miami fan before and after “The Decision.” It’s all about that class act, Mr Wade.

  • Cole

    I support the Heat because it’s just incredible to watch LeBron put on performances like in game 6 at Boston in 2012. He’s the best player in the world, and with the supporting cast they have in Miami it’s hard not to want them to succeed.

  • ZenGarden

    I usually go for the underdog.. but u cant not like miami..james is unselfish ..can score on anyone..plays tremendous d ..pppssshhh get out outta here

  • Robbie

    OKC because of K. Durant. He is an all around player and he is younger than Labron. He will get even better! Believe that! I just wish he played for the Lakers instead.

  • Guest

    I support OKC because I am from and still live there. What people may not see from the outside is how much of an impact the whole organization has impacted the state. The Thunder is the only pro team in OKC yet they represent the state. Every year the they have been here, we have supported them 100% and they continue to reach higher. People from the outside understand the thunder- young, humble, and talented. Kevin and Russel have done wonders for the community as well as dominate on the court. The sky’s the limit for this crew. The have experience and the drive to make to compete for a trophy for years to come. KD is a NBA legend in progress, Russ is unstoppable at times, and Serge is growing more as a force, and the organization is all class- “Why Not” support OKC!

  • Marvis Irwin

    I support OKC because I am from and still live here. What people are not seeing is how much of an impact the whole organization
    has made. The Thunder is the only pro team in OKC yet
    they represent the state. Fans from the
    outside understand the thunder- young, humble, and talented. Kevin and
    Russel have done wonders for the community and dominate on the
    court. The sky’s the limit. They have experience to compete for a years to come. Kevin is a NBA
    legend in progress, Russ is unstoppable at times, and the organization is all class- “Why Not” support

  • Edmund

    I support OKC because Westbrook is fucking dope and Reggie Jackson is one of my favorite players

  • Pok Chow

    We’re witnessing history and a legacy being written in that of Lebron James. I’ve followed him since his Cleveland years and have seen the ridiculous high level he plays at, above everyone else. There is no doubt I’m a big fan of his action both on and off the court. I’m happy that he’s a champion at Miami. I will continue to support him and his team! Miami!

  • The Seed

    I like Russell Westbrooks game and he is the catalyst for OKC. When Russell got hurt, Kevin played like a man who needed fire. Russell game has progressed so much, that he is the leader of OKC. Kevin has stated Russell is the emotional leader and the team feeds off of that. Kevin needs this season to defer to Russell more and not the other way around. Kevin had his chance to be a one man show and Memphis showed them whats up. I like Russells game and thats WHY A LOT OF PEOPLE SUPPORT OKC. Kevin needs to improve in defense, rebounding and passing. Westbrook is better than Kevin in all those areas and slashing to the rim. Kevin is a better shooter. Russell has my support, who happens to play for OKC, but can’t wait for him to go to the Lakers.

  • aa4

    Big fan of KD’s game, smoothest offensive player the nba’s seen in a while, i’d love to see him elevate his game and win a ‘ship

  • Mike Gilbert

    I support OKC because as a Bulls fan, the Heat…yea

  • shutup

    I support tits because I’m a bra……..

  • Forward42

    I support OKC. They’ve been through a lot. Cool shoes.

  • ATL dynamite

    I am a die-hard Hawks fan but i’ll go with OKC on this one. Have been a fan of Perry Jones for quite a while. Hope to see this kid shine in a couple years.

  • ATL dynamite

    You deserve the prize just for the pic lol

  • Isaiah B.

    I support Miami because dynasties are a special thing in sports. They are a rarity and watching them form can be magical. I didn’t get to see MJ in his prime, but i support Miami because watching the best player in basketball, LeBron, is fun to watch and dynasties aren’t something you see everyday.

  • Abram D. Figures Jr

    thanx bro appreciate that I was jus thinkin bout that until u said it so now i know thanx for the luv bro

  • sammyb96

    I support Miami simply because I support Lebron. People can say all they want about him, but I think he’s a really nice guy. He’s never in any off-court incidents, and his media image is now squeaky clean. He supports lots of charities and always remains more or less humble. He has also improved his game every year, which really amazes me.

  • Aarush Tripathi

    Die hard OKC fan. Been following Durants career since he was playing at Texas. The Thunder are in my opinion going to win the championship next year with a healthy Westbrook, adding a high ceiling center Steven Adams from Pitt, and Durant vastly improving over the summer working out with Kevin Love and Derrick Rose. Westbrook and Durant are one of the best if not the best 1-2 punch in the league. I believe I am one of the most dedicated Thunder fan only missing one game all of last year. Which was January seventh a loss to the Wizards. Next year is our year and please take me into consideration for the out diehard Oklahoma City Thunder fan.

  • FuTangClan

    miami cuz lebrn jamz

  • Dandre

    cool sure love to have it.

  • JCastellanos15

    We have a winner! ” miami cuz lebrn jamz” -FuTangClan

  • jay jay

    I support okc because they were drafted not bought like Miami was..

  • FuTangClan

    is this a joke? lol

  • grgeblck

    I support Pat Riley, as simple as that.

  • aaronnnn

    I support neither.. OKC should be playing in Seattle right now and Miami should have lost in the Finals.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    Congrats to “Dash Jones”, as he is the winner and will get his prize in the mail. Now closing the comments. Thanks everyone for participating!

  • Tim

    I am a die hard Indy fan! But I support OKC! They are my favorite West team. I believe Ibaka is going to have to turn into an offensive threat in the post to make up for some lost play making from Harden. I love Westbrook`s game and his playmaking ability`s. He is the best 2-way PG in the NBA. I think KD is only going to add more weapons to his offense and get better on D. Thx-Tim