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James Harden Introduces Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Crew Socks (VIDEO)

Harden & Nneka Ogwumike’s Nike sock etiquette guide.

James Harden is doing hilarious James Harden things, this time with the new Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Crew Socks alongside Nneka Ogwumike. More, from our friends at the Swoosh:

The earliest socks can be traced back to the 8th century with the word sock derived from the Latin wordsoccus, meaning “a light, low-heeled shoe”. Socks have come a long way since the 8th century, and in particular, basketball socks have evolved tremendously since the game of basketball was first introduced in 1891. Today, socks are used as self-expression both on and off the court. From pick-up games to press conferences, today’s basketball players make sure their sock game is as fresh as their kicks.

To celebrate the new Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Crew Socks, basketball stars James Harden and Nneka Ogwumike discuss why proper sock etiquette is paramount to success on the court in the first 2 videos in the sock etiquette series. The 3 additional sock etiquette videos will be revealed Tuesday, October 22 through Thursday, October 24.

via Nike

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  • ballislife


  • melvo

    Definitely worth the $45 price. Everyone should buy these.

  • M chapel

    Such gimmicky crap. I love rocking up to my local courts in my old beat ups and schooling these young kids who spend 500 dollar s on new lebrons and hypercrap socks thinking it ll improve your game, or get them respect on the courts…..bloody joke. I know grew up In the age of jordan and I love kicks as much anyone, but this is ridiculous for a pair of socks

  • Dfrance

    If you actually play basketball, the Nike Elite socks are really not a bad investment. They provide more cushioning than regular socks, they’re anotomically correct to the kind of mold to your foot and they fit snuggly without keeping your feet too hot.

    I’m cheap, so I scoffed at the idea of paying nearly $20 for a pair of socks, but I caught some on sale and that’s all I play in now. I still only buy them when they are on sale tho, and Eastbay has some for $10 right now if you’re looking.

    These commercials stink btw…

  • Anthony

    $20 for socks?!? I can’t…I’d have to get some as a gift…the colors alone are against my now official “Old Head” ethos. (LOLing and SMH at the same time…)

  • Dfrance

    That’s why I wait for them to be on sale and get “last years” model. Lol. That sounds really crazy talking about some socks but they perform really well. I got a couple pairs that I got about 3 years ago that I hoop in religiously and they haven’t worn out at all.

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