Monday, April 13th, 2009 at 12:01 am  |  24 responses

Protege Aspire

Out now, $34.99.

Protege Aspirebanner-bottom5

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  • angelino

    For 35 bucks….sweet.

  • 123uknowme

    these are a rippoff of the zoom lebron 3

  • 123uknowme

    these are a zoom lebron 3 ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 123uknowme

    maybe thats why i kinda like em…

  • Te AuripoI reckon his nickname shpo

    somebody knows their shoes..

  • niQ

    they look like the sharkleys :P

  • http://sjsu.edu davidR

    not bad for $35

  • Andrew

    123 it’s the IV, not the III. They look like a $35 shoe.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    the toe reminds me of Jordans. The shoe looks like Lebron. If we put a swoosh/$135 pricetag and slapped the lable ‘hybrid’ on it, everyone would cop. But it is true, these did take a lot of ideas. It samples more than Kanye West.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    and are those grass stains on the bottom right hand corner of the sole? They are to the right of the little indent thingys on the white bottom part of the shoe.

  • http://pizzaburek.blogspot.com SchW


  • queazy

    My only problem with these is that it has 4 velcro straps that go right over the laces. While I have no problem with velcro in general, I think it would have been a better idea to either have one giant strap over the laces like on Al’s shoe or coupled straps like on the Sharkleys.

  • RBGdUP

    yeah they do look like the sharkleys, kinda like a fusion of the Zoom 3′s, The Sharkleys, and the Jordan XI’s but they are nice, way better looking than those dirty Starburys. lol

  • O.R Paperstacks

    Not bad… until you try them on.Cardboard for cushioning. No way that they play in the same shoe that is sold.

  • DanMan

    they look l1ke the cheaper version of the Air Jordan 11 Concords

  • http://finishline.com aaron12

    They look pretty nice like my sharkleys maybe i mite get em for $35

  • Roemello Golden

    nice they look like lebrons i really like

  • crossover18

    you can’t beat it for 35, at least it’s a pair you could pay ball in.

  • unknown

    these cheap ass ugly shoes.

  • Eazy E

    just ordered mine online, and guess what?! They got my size 14′s!!! Went and tried on a couple of pairs in 13′s at the big K tonight. I originally wanted to get some black stack jacks and white a3h’s. But I realized I couldn’t rock the a3h, it’s more of like a guard shoe, good materials felt nice, looked good, felt good, and felt normal basketball shoe weight, but it was too low, for my bad ankles, and I just don’t dig on the orange..I also tried on the all black, and they have a jordan look, but are a litttle to dark for me, I like my shoes bright and flashy, I tried on the Stackjacks in both colorways, the black looks beautiful, and the shoe seems alright.. it’s not as nice as the a3h but more comfortable, and a lot lighter. They felt a little cheap, material seemed cheap too, but a good shoe for $35. The blue ones with the gumsole have a slightly better grip. Reccomend gumsole for indoor hooping, and black one’s for street but, a pretty decent indoor grip. They did not have the Porotege 2′s which remind me a lot of a nike team series similar to huaraches or shox, with it’s toe pattern and straps. The shoe I found to be the best of the three was The Aspire. It has that lebron 4/sharkley look to it with the straps throughout the whole shoe. It comes in one colorway, which is plain but kool, black and white, with a gold logo. When I first looked at the shoe I shook my head, the straps were thinner then a half inch. I thought there’s no way this shoe looks good with these little girly straps. I tried them on, and in my opinion felt just as good as the sharklys, same as a3h normal weight, and you get used to the straps, they actually look and feel pretty good. the grip is good and they look great! The aspires definately do not feel cheap! These feel like great shoes to hoop up in!!! I give the Aspires 5 stars especially for being $35 they feel like good $100 nike quality. The slides were also very nice, very light and cheapish (cheap material) but when worn, they feel as comfortable as jordan hydros!! Both looked good. Overall I was very impressed with the 3 pairs of sneaks, and two slides I found. The comfort level ranges on what you like, I’m feeling good, considering I hoop up in dunks, and chucks. To some they might feel like cardboard on your feet, if your that spoiled with your shoes, for the price, you have enough to pick up some dr. scholls inserts so you can be gellin on court. Harrington is true to his word in my opinion, Way better quality then cheap Starburys. They all had a good nike feel to me. As soon as I got home I ordered The stackjacks and aspires, and the shoes are on sale buy one, get one 50% off!!! Now you can’t go wrong with that!!! In my opinion, The aspires were better made then my soldier 2′s! I ill post more after I hoop up in both sneakers

  • jack

    these do NOT look like sharkleys, sharkleys are a lot sicker than that ugly crap

  • http://slamonline ddaniels

    yeah you’re right aspires don’t look nutton like dem ugly a$$ sharkleys or lebrons they have their own style to me if anything they resemble the jordan 11s personally i think the aspires are best lookin shoe from protege every time i wear my aspires on or off court they get attention.The only reason the people who made negative comments about this shoe is because it doesn’t have a swoosh or a jumpman logo on it but if they did everybody say their clean.last but not least some black on black aspires wit a patent leather toe box an nubuc straps an also some thicker mid an insoles would be good to.

  • dbging

    wow just get them at kmart.like 10 bucks when theyre on sale.

  • http://adidasbasketball.com dc

    nice design for the price… but y do they have grass stains on them?