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Nike Air Max LeBron VII

October 24, $160.

Each day this week on Kick of the Day, we’ll feature one of Foot Locker’s greatest releases for this fall. To celebrate the release of KICKS 2009, our friends at Foot Locker have given us some gift cards to give away. Who wouldn’t want a $100 gift card? Exactly. All you have to do is tell us about your favorite shoe purchase of all time and why it meant so much to you. Please limit your answer to 100 words. And yes, an entry with 101 words will not be counted. At the end of each day, we’ll pick a winner from the entries. Five days, five $100 gift cards. Get writing.Nike Air Max LeBron VIIbanner-bottom6

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  • Samuel

    these r tight

  • Pic

    Reebok Shaq Attaq. It was 1993, I was in 5th grade. I had size 7.5 feet. Unfortunately, I could only find the Shaq Attaqs in 6.5′s so I still got em – the white/metallic blue/black colorway. After 16 years, I’m still the biggest Shaq fan. I also got the Shaq IV Instapumps, but this jumpstarted everything. I still got calluses to prove it.

  • TS

    a bit chunky but still its alright
    not as good as the kobe’s though

  • TheSplitter

    hurache 2k5′s – Played my first year of high school ball and the shoes were perfect. they were sleek, light and looked real nice. They were important to me because they were my first basketball shoe as well as my first purchase with my own cash. i always used to rock adidas running shoes or nike trainers to play ball as soon as i got the basketball shoes i was set. still have em today in pretty good condition.

  • TMT

    My all time fav that I picked up was the Reebok Kamakazie I’m a six foot eight kid who salivated every time the lister blister was shown. A big man that could dunk like Nique… Shawn made it Reign and the kamakazie made big men believe.

  • http://www.slamonline.com 24 Karat Gold

    My first Jordans. The Jordan IV’s were my first J’s. I remember growing up in Stockton evrybody who had Jordans were “cool”. My family did’nt have the money to get me the best shoes. So i got a job at the age of 11 picking cherries with them. Yes i was 11 but the farmer did’nt know that. I made enough to give to my fam. and get me a white/varsity/red jordan 4′s. I remember putting them back in the box evry night for like a year until i grew out of them. Never have looked back. Jordans since 2002.

  • ben hunter

    Nike Zoom Kobe Strength 2. I started playing basketball in grade 9 so, as a freshman, I needed to earn respect from my teamates. Before I got my Kobe’s I was using ugly black TMAC 6′s, which wore out very quickly. On the day I wore my new shoes to practice, everybody noticed, commented and complimented, my teamates even started passing to me more. Great style, comfort and support and most importantly it gave me confidence to play the game. I finshed that season winning MIP, most improved player. Best shoe purchase of all time.

  • http://nba.com t.dot

    The dwyane wade 1.3 all star edition shoes. they were white, with some blue, and pictures of roses. I got them 2 years ago, when i was 11 years old, at a foot locker in toronto. I then brought them with me when i moved to israel. I wore those shoes to shchool, and i obviously balled with them, mostly on the outdoor courts in my school. Those shoes were certainly tough. This was in sixth grade, and i was a size 12 by then, so everyone had a clear view of the kicks. They ended up not living up to their full potential, because they were stolen from my doorstep when I was airing them out overnight. I was obviously very depressed, and it was even worse because the shoes were still in good condition. I still don’t know who stole them, but I do know one thing, that whoever stole them got a real nice pair of kicks.

  • rog123

    Never have I spent $150 on a pair of shoes before my zoom lebron 4s. I will admit that looking in my wallet the next couple of days was filling my head with regret. But the day I played my first game I knew it was my best investment. My teamates didn’t like them, but I didn’t care. I felt like those shoes made my season. My coach didn’t want me to wear them because they weren’t my teams colors but when I went back to my blue huaraches, my coach loved my LeBrons “almost” as much as me.

  • ablaze

    favorite shoe purchase of all time is no doubt the kg bounce allstar edition 07. fell in love with the all white colorway when it first hit the philippines. it retailed for the equivalent of about $160. that is an insane amount for a pair of shoes considering the average daily spending there. then adidas released the all star edition packs. (kg,gil,td,tmac,chauncey). hands down kg’s were the finest. about 6 months later my girlfriend found an outlet store where they had size 12.5s (i wear 13s which are a extremely hard to find) which were on sale for about $70. she got em for me as my 2nd year anniversary present. to this day she says the look on my face was priceless; full of glee and just couldn’t believe i got em. i still remember that day when i got em; and it brings me right back there to that point in time. just unbelieveably happy. i still rock em to this day. that would end up being the last purchase we’d ever make at that store because about 3 weeks later that building of the mall exploded from a gas leak. sorta became immortalized in a weird way.

  • http://yahoo.com Angel Moran

    My favorite shoe purchase of all time had to be the Air Jordan Spizike. This purchase meant alot to me because i bought it with my own money. I showed my parents i didnt need them to buy me things that i would be fine on my own. Plus the design was a master piece. At school evry body gave me mad props and all the girls couldnt keep their eyes of me i became a whole diffrent player. Myy cousins were so jealous when they saw me with these shoes but but i couldnt blame them.

  • http://yahoo.com Angel Moran

    How do we know if we have won?

  • http://www.myappsource.blogspot.com/ MyKal

    A pair of Quai 54 limited edition Air Jordan I’s. Why? Because it was love at first sight. I saw them and I needed them, not wanted, needed. They weren’t cheap and I’ve only wore them twice, and probably wont get many more chances to wear them, but all that doesn’t matter. These shoes are the jewel of my collection and whenever I see them I realise that it’s the little things that make life special.

  • Agent 87

    I was like 12 years old. I just started basketball and it was my first pair of basketball shoes. One of those new shop with a half court inside to try them. I only wanted a pair of (expensive) airmax, any model. Not my father. I ended with a pair of Karl Malone’s LA Gear. I hated them at first, Malone is not Jordan, LA Gear is not Nike, but finally loved them, all black, being the only one in my team having them.
    And they were my firsts …

  • Twinparadox

    My favorite pick-ups have to be the TMac 3.5′s. I know they stopped making these because, well, they sucked, but these were my first pair of kicks i ever played in. I had to hound my mother every second to finally have her change her mind and buy me a pair. I had to make a shoe report on how good it is. These kicks are special not because of how good they look or how good they are, but about how much it cost to get it.

  • Ryan

    Its just like the Hyperizer

  • AJM

    I was in the 6th grade when I got my Zoom LeBron IVs. I had the black/red/white colorway. I loved those shoes to death and wore them on and off the court whenever I could. I was like the only kid in school who had them shoes.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    Funny how Lebron is now copying Kobe’s shoes cause his suck balls!!

  • kevin

    My favorite purchase has to be the Air Jordan 1, released in 1985 kicking off not only the greatest legacy in sneakers, but also the greatest legacy in basketball history. These groundbreaking shoes caused the NBA to ban them because they violated NBA color rules naming them “devil shoes”. When I bought these shoes, I felt like I had bought a piece of history. They were the first kicks that started me to become the sneakerhead that I’ am today. To me, it is the holy grail of shoes that marked the beginning of a new generation of shoes.

  • Fredrick Bennett

    I must admit that the most sentimental, first and greatest shoe purchase was in 1991-92, the Air Jordan VI black/ infrared. I loved them shoes, I really thought that I had made it. During that time, drug dealers, rich kids and “super hoopers” rocked those and could afford them. I on the other hand, I was not that well to do and used to rock other people kicks, yes, like that. So when I got my first paycheck from my first paying job I ran to Footlocker and copped a size 9 1/2 or 10 to allow my feet to grow, my feet stopped at 9. I have been a sneaker head since.

  • Joe

    My favorite shoe purchase wasn’t even of a basketball shoe. I’ve always grown up off Payless and Costco shoes because my family couldn’t afford anything nicer. So when I got my first job in high school and finally got enough money, the first thing I bought was a nice pair of Puma suedes. I loved them and was extra careful with them. I don’t indulge in shoes, and $65 is still the max I’ve ever spent on shoes, but I still remember those Pumas being the first pair of shoes that I bought on my own.

  • http://slamonline.com/ niQ

    These are sick! my entry has been posted before so please check it!

  • http://www.alwaysbball.blogspot.com einstein

    Nike Hyperdunk.
    The first shoe to be really more light than every other shoe, new style and new performance. Everyone knew which would be the next sneaker to buy. And everyone loves it, and everyone hates it, because it’s so hard to get them on.

  • http://slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    Air Jordan 11′s, sky blue. I worked in a sneaker store at the time, and we got exclusive sneakers about 3 weeks before their release date. I worked my @$$ off to save so I get the Mikes and eat for 2 more weeks. However, all of my fellow employees seemed as cool as the breeze about getting their’s. Come to find out, they pulled a Oceans 11 heist for all of their sizes a week before they came out. I paid for mines like a jack@$$… I still have my pair; You appreciate what you pay for.

  • adbphilly

    Answer IV’s. I’m 15. I was 11, didn’t care about what I had on my feet. These helped me become a sneakerhead. Idolizing Iverson my whole life, these were extra special. My first Iverson kicks. Absolutely beautiful. Rocked them everywhere. That’s what’s special about them. Still have them and everytime I look at them, I remember a special moment, like when I wore them to a football game. stepped in mud. Like I lost my best friend. Was up all night with wipes scrubbing the mud out. The 4’s were my babies. Introduced me into the sneakergame. Thanks Answer 4’s.

  • derik house

    i remember it was 1997, final four and all i kept seein was these royal blue shoes mike bibby was rockin. i kept trying to figure out what the heck he had on his feet. then they interviewed him and i saw them up close and knew immediately that i had to have’em. keep in mind i just graduated high school and had no money. i went to the mall one day on the humble and right before my eyes in a glass case was the FOAMPOSITE 1′s! i scraped up money from everywhere and copped them joints!

  • omar

    the lebron 4, i lived in suriname(south america) at the time and we only sell the most basic b ball sneakers theyre.was about to be playoff time and with a WHOLE lotta hardwork and luck i got my pair to arrive right before the first game. we was ranked number 1 so all eyes were on us. the first game i played in my lebrons, it was like people were looking at his airness himself, they were whispering and constantly looking at my sneaker,that was a great feeling.even though i had the dopest sneaker on the court we eventually lost in the first round.

  • Diego

    My favorite purchase would be the air jordan 3 retro. That was my first pair I bought with my own money. My parents couldn’t afford $100 shoes when i was growing up. When i got my first paycheck that was right around the time they came out and I stood in line with everyone else at 4 am to cop them. I wore them out of the store and still have them to this day. Ever since that day my shoe collection grew, but that pair of jordans will have a sentimental value and still wearable to this day.

  • http://www.infamousklav.blogspot.com Klav

    my favorite was the Jordan 3’s. wanted them since i was in 6th grade when i saw true blues at Footaction in 01. i didnt get a chance to get them until last year when the CDP dropped. i pulled a lot of strings cause i didn’t have the money for it, but managed to get the black/cements for $115. i got my favorite pair, and for a steal of a price, they continue to create great memories for me.

  • http://slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    And those LeBrons look like they weigh around 9 pounds.

  • Taranvir Sandhu

    MY favourite shoe purchase was back in 2006 when i bought the new And 1 Tai Chi’s. These shoes very beautiful, from head to toe. Very comfortable to wear. They were given to me by my Grandma when i couldn’t afford them, and i wore them to every game. That year we went to a tournament, and i wore these shoes. I played really well and was named captain of my team. We went on to win it and and i got MVP award. This was a great purchase cause it helped me ball with style.

  • Mason11

    My favorite shoe purchase was when i bought the black/grey/white nike hyperdunks. I was so happy when i got them just in time for basketball season. I remember wearing them for our first game and thinking about how light they were. Sometimes I forgot i was even wearing shoes. They were so light and comfortable. Making cuts and sharp turns were a breeze. Even though we didn’t win the first game at least my feet felt great afterwards. I’ll never forget them.

  • B. Edwards

    Being a South Florida resident, my all-time favorite shoe purchase was the Team Jordan featuring Eddie Jones, then a Laker, as the logo. When you follow someone’s b-ball career from high school to the professional level, you get a sense of pride to see them achieve All-Star status. I can still remember the billboard on 27th Ave & 167th St in Miami. As a shoe collector, those are a pair of sneaks I wish I still owned. Damn, Kobe ran him outta town.

  • Marcus

    The Flightposite in all black, I had just moved from NY to Fl & was having trouble finding size 15 shoes. Most stores here only go up to a 13, or only carried one size 15, which was usually a tennis shoe. I missed out on the eggplant and all blue colorways but finally found a pair in all black. I bought them & took better care of them than Buggin’ Out took care of his Jordans in Do the Right Thing. When the sole finally came off I knew it was time to let go.

  • Thunder Dan

    Screenplay— Mall: teen with dirty, tattered clothes is sitting on a bench with despair slowly creeping into his eyes, but he sees shoes in a store window, and his face lights up. He runs to the window only to find the price of these HUARACHE ELITES II to be $125, out of his price range. So he mows lawns, pulls weeds, and holds “fundraisers for charity” (comic relief). He finally raises enough money , but at the mall, (plot twist) his size cannot be found. Yet, upon leaving, the manager runs out with the last pair in size 13.

  • Alex Esquilin

    My favorite pair of shoes have to be the Nike Battlegrounds. After Hurricane Katrina hit my home, I was left with nothing but the clothes on my body. I lost touch with all of my friends and my most family. I was a freshman at a new school in MD, and they had JV tryouts, but I wasn’t going to them because I had nothing to wear. But my new friend lend me clothes, and gave me his new pair of shoes. Even though I didn’t make the team, I left with a new friend and new shoes.

  • Fernando S

    can we write on all days??

  • amrit

    or even better

  • JoNaBo

    Nike Shox VC – They looked so sleek and I felt great in them. I loved the way they zipped up over the laces and in black and red, they looked so clean. Also they had great advertisements- boing.

  • Heatboy311

    Nike Air Max Bizness- I play for a blue club team. The color was perfect. They looked sweeet. I had been looking for nice shoes with the right color for about 4 months. I laced up for the first time and hit a fadeaway 3 against one of the best teams in my league, the Wildcats. We lost big but it was a big moment in my season. Love from then on.

  • Rusty

    for a minute i thought these were spidermans shoes.

  • http://nba.com tealish

    The Questions were my first purchase and they’ve remained my favourite. Metallic blue tip, soft foam sole, and a bee-hive cushion — the kicks were just insane. But much like the man himself, it took time to appreciate. With Ivy, his disregard for the established greats, namely Jordan, gave me reservations. With the Questions, it was the metallic tip that seemed too out of place at first. I bought them anyways and eventually, the brashness (of the blue tip) became my favourite part about the shoe — not unlike the living icon himself.

  • Carter Whyte

    Jordan work ems I was in the 6th grade and my mom bought them even though they were expensive and we were having a hard time I wore them all the time not just to hoop I mean all the time they meant so much to me

  • Moid

    My favorite sneaker has to be the Air Jordan XI. My grandfather once wore that sneaker, and would take care of his pair like it was a piece of gold. Before he died, he gave his prized possession to me, and it meant the world to me. It was his way of showing his love. When the Air Jordan 11/12 Pack released earlier this year, I went to purchase them with my father. While waiting in line, he told me that I was just like my grandfather when it came to sneakers. I shed a tear that day.

  • http://KennethCarino HKSPINOY23

    My most favorite shoe of all time that I purchased were the Nike Hurache 95. It was in the white, blue and black colorway. Those were the first shoes I ever worked and saved for. They are a beautiful pair of shoes, and when I went overseas to the Philippines, I found them again, and I felt like when I slipped them on, the shoes played by themselves……!

  • Heatboy311

    Any ideas on the best blue kicks out right now?

  • Tre

    @heatboy31 air jordan III true blue

  • Isaac Shin

    My favorite shoe purchase was back a few years back when I bought my LeBron 2′s from footlocker and I was ecstatic to have them. They were the most amazing shoes I have ever seen. I wore them in my room all the time until basketball season and when they werent on my feet, they were kept safely in the box. First night I got them I slept with them.

  • kobe s

    The jordan 3′s were my first pair of real bball shoes before that I was rocking Ventures. My brother had a paper route when I was a kid and instead of buying himself some shoes he bought me some. That meant alot to me, maybe not at the time because I was young but I realize now he sacrificed for me. If I were to win I would like to in a way re-pay my brother with the $100 gift card for always putting his little brother (me) ahead of himself.

  • Devin Dixon

    My first pair of Jordan basketball shoes were very important to me. Because I had to always use my brothers old worn out hand me down shoes to play in on Sundays where all the older tougher guys played I was always the guy who was picked to stay on the bench first to start the game. And the older guys would always disrespect me and laugh at me because of my shoes. They would say you are as good as your shoes. I told myself that the next summer I was going to buy some shoes that would impress the guys. So the next summer came around and I had secretly bought a pair of jordans that costed me 100.00 dollars . So when Sunday came around I knew that I was going to open some eyes. I did just that. My first jordans were the best 100 dollars ever spent

  • http://www.slamonline.com 24 Karat Gold

    Whoa…jus checked my post and i made the limit of words at exactly 100 words…check for urself

  • Marco

    My favorite shoe of all time is the Zoom Kobe IV. Kobe Bryant has been one of my favorite player but not his sneakers until his 4th signature shoe. It’s an amazing shoe in both performance and look wise and considered top selling sneaker in 2009. What makes it my favorite is the history kobe made with it, he defeated 2009 MVP Lebron James on MLK day, surpass Charles Barkley on the all-time scoring list, scored 61 points at Madison Square Garden, won the 2009 NBA finals, and last but not least crowned as the 2009 NBA Finals MVP.