Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 at 10:20 am  |  10 responses

Dada Priest

Foot Locker bannerDada PriestFoot Locker banner

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  • riggs

    this brand aint dead yet? it should go out with FUBU and Parasucos

  • Lem

    To be honest it’s really not a bad looking shoe. Especially compared to the nonsense that has been releasing lately.

  • Kashdef

    This shoes mad tight, no reason to not show it love, it’ll look fresh and clean in jeans too.

  • s

    wow that midsole looks just like the one from the Adidas TS lightning creator…

  • lexluther703

    Dada kill yourself twice

  • WolfNast


  • fruity4rudy

    a mash up of whatevers made for the trailer park gangsters

  • Ian

    wow had no idea Dada was still around

  • Justin

    Sign me up for purple and yellow!

  • León

    i like it maybe a litle bit lower ant thats it
    F.U.C.K N.I.K.E 160$ SHOES who you think the people are???