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Special Edition Gatorade ‘Win From Within’ Bottles (PHOTOS)

New bottles honor great sports moments.

Today, the SLAM Dome received a shipment of new, special edition Gatorade bottles. These bottles feature various sports moments, not just basketball. And while we love all sports, we’re partial to the hoops one (I mean, come on, it’s MJ). We’ll let Gatorade tell you more about it:

In sport, there are moments that capture the attention of the world and fire up the imagination of the athletes of tomorrow. This summer, nationwide, Gatorade is commemorating five iconic moments in history with special, limited-edition bottles depicting remarkable Win From Within sports moments.

As part of this, Gatorade is bringing athletes and fans into the celebration by allowing them to upload their own Win From Within moment and create a custom Gatorade label and poster at www.gatorade.com.

For reference, the five iconic moments are:

Usain Bolt’s 100 Meter Dash World Record; August 16, 2008
Mia Hamm’s International Scoring Record; May 22, 1999
Michael Jordan’s Foul Line Slam Dunk; February 15, 1988
Dwight Clark’s The Catch; January 10, 1982
Franco Harris’ The Immaculate Reception; December 23, 1972


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  • Enigmatic

    Feel like they could’ve used a much better moment for Michael Jordan than a dunk contest dunk.

  • logues

    I think its cuz of the image itself, not necessarily the moment. that photo of mj flying thru the air from the foul line is pretty famous