Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 at 6:24 pm  |  23 responses

The Hightlight Reel 01

SLAM and INSIDE STREETBALL present “The Hightlight Reel” — video featuring the hottest NY/NJ streetballers!

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  • jason

    Podcast version coming soon…

  • Allen

    I love the segue: “Let me kick it to … myself, out at King Dome …”

  • http://SLAMonline.com Ticalion Stallion

    I love the long akward pause that occurs after X-Rated states that the one dude is “in the buildin’”… then he realizes they’re playing outdoors.

  • Tunez

    the rushing the court after the crossover to jumpshot was a little too much, i’ve seen better than that not get people hyped up

  • Clyde Smith

    The highlight reel is wrecked when you don’t score on the play after you break some ankles. Unless you broke an ankle then dished off to someone who botched the play. Know what I mean?

  • http://benchrenaldo.blogspot.com mutoni

    dope video.

    agreed with Tunez; absolutely no need to rush the court after that cross. This whole rushing the court thing needs to be stopped. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  • Sesa

    Yo fellas,

    You don’t understand how it is at Dyckman when the Dominicans play. I was out there that night and 2 Hard 2 Guard crossed him up, he’s one of our own from our hood and he’s Nike player of the week in NYC. We were just proud of him you know?

  • Glen

    Can we get a YouTube version of this? Maybe it’s just for me but I’m just getting sound, no picture…..

  • bja

    I know streetball has ‘taken over the world’ etc, but I’m finding myself disliking it more and more. Not to get all Bill Walton on everyone but I think it is damaging the way kids learn the game.

    I’m currently living in London and the standard of ball here is pretty low but every single kid has the flashiest ‘And 1′ cross-over. They just can’t dribble with their left hand (let alone finish going left), cut, box out, screen, move without the ball … You get the idea. I hate watching someone take 10 seconds dribbling on the wing trying to embarass somebody (with actually scoring being waaay down the priority list). Give me Rip Hamilton curling round a double screen for an open 15 footer over Jamal Crawford doing three ‘ankle breaking’ crossovers and launching a fade away three any day of the week.

  • FLUD

    How many carries did you spot?
    How many of them finished the play?
    Very irritating. Floundering around the court like a fish with spastic tentacles is a joke. I like to see a guy run by or over people like a train. And if someone’s into the whole ‘embarassing’ ethos…A nice firm 80′s hammer sorts ‘em out. or just wait for the rebound coz they’ll miss their shot.

  • S.C.D

    The quality of ball is low in London? It’s damn
    near an epidemic here in the States as well! I agree with dude who took issue with the over celebration on a cross-up with no finish! You don’t how many runs I’ve been in with the crowd getting hype on some kid with mad handle who can’t make a lay-up! Ridiculous!

    I’m an “Old Head” by streat ball standards, that means in my 30′s, and I still kill these kids with all the handles and mad hops because when comes to straught game, they don’t know what that means!!!

    Making an extra pass, setting the table for someone else to score an easy bucket, help defense, driving the lane a kicking it out, throwing the ball into the post, making the “simple” play, moving without the ball, passing the ball up the court on the break as oppose to running it all the way up the court which kills the break, playing hard man to man defense, playing with some heart, etc, etc! Those are all foriegn concepts to todays baller!

    Peace! “That Man S.C.D”

  • http://none WeS

    I like the concept… The artists werent bad either.

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  • Big DS of InsideStreetball

    Viewers-real NYC streetball is about competion and winning and not just crossovers and falls. I know that when you see AND1 & the EBC on TV it gives the impression that New York ball players are all about flash. InsideStreetball has been filming New York Tournament games for the last 8 years. The highlights that you will see on “The Highlight Reel” are the best moves from those years. We film at Dyckman Park, the Kingdome and other NYC tournaments. We have footage of NBA and college players. These games are not staged like the “milkshake tour”. If you watched the AND1 show this year from Denver they got killed by one of the top NYC streetball players, “Homicide”. He’s a strong player that plays hard and doesn’t have any tricks.
    I hope the true fans enjoy this footage.

  • gioforeal

    Most of those crossovers are carries and a perimeter player taking a post player off the dribble ain’t really that impressive.Ever wonder why you never see highlights of a player shooting the lights out?That’s because most of them can’t.

  • irv

    Ok this is a streetball tournament not an NBA game or something like that the aim is to entertain the crowd and have fun not show how great you are at running the baseline and coming off picks,this is what the fans want to see. And 1 isn’t fake because the same stuff your seeing on tv now is what they have been doing their entire lives.Now i’m out there playing ball in NYC everyday and most the players out here can play regular ball and get flashy, it depends on what the situation calls for.

  • kdubb

    Not to mention it’s hard to get an open look with ball hogs wasting possessions with stupid tricks and passes that don’t work half the time. It’s so individualistic. I think any decent high school team could beat these teams in a “real” basketball game. I say, if you wanna do little tricks – try skateboarding or something. Ok, you crossed someone up, but you lost by 20 points. I think Rafer Alston and a few others are cool, but they should be the exception, not the rule.

  • Pic

    shermanator looked mad uncomfy doin adlibs!

  • Big DS of InsideStreetball

    What’s funny is that all of you “basketball purists” that are hatin’ on streetball forget that the NBA lets the stars carry the ball on a regular basis. Or how many times has an NBA player traveled while doing a highligh dunk? The shot that Michael Jordan made to beat Utah in the NBA finals was a blatant push-off, an offensive foul. Doesn’t Iverson carry the ball on his crossovers? Do you remember Tim Hardaway and didn’t he carry the ball? One writer talked about “…a perimeter player taking a post player off the dribble ain’t really that impressive”. Well, isn’t that what Dwayne Wade did to lead the Heat to the NBA finals? Isn’t most of LeBron’s layups walks?
    The whole idea with streetball is for guys to compete hard against each other in an effort to win the game. By the way, one of the players that you will see footage of in the Highlight Reel in the future is Kedran “Wet Those” Clark. He played at St. Peter’s College and was the leading scorer in college for two years straight and if you know college ball he wasn’t shooting lay-ups.

  • ðMª®

    Man tis video waz §0oO dope>>>
    man I used some of da moves in dis video On da court made urbody look foolish


    hmmmmmmmm i wish i could see it. it just says loading.. while the audio is playing wtf?

  • playmaker1

    I have to chime in and say this… with respects to streetball, it is exactly that. Streetball. Its about crackin’ cats, shakin’ shorts off and such. Does it adversely impact how kids learn the game, of course. But you cannot compare an unregulated, “entertainment” based tournament, with the NBA. Its like comparing a tricycle, to a Lamborghini. The pros are bred in the best camps form grade school, go to the best and most competive high schools, play in the best NCAA sanctioned AAU leagues, play in mid-major, to major D1 colleges. (you do have your exceptions, KG Lebron, Kobe etc) But for the most part, these are the types of atheletes the pros are made of. Streetball, not likely. Half those cats cant run a simple motion offense, let alone run a play on the fly. As for my man who said Tim Hardaway carried, on the contrary. Tim was th eonly guy who did not carry. He went left to right. Check it out, you’ll see.

  • somekidfromCT

    Let them play damnit, just let them play.