Friday, September 15th, 2006 at 12:52 pm  |  11 responses

SLAM Radio: Bill Walton Interviewed!

Throw it down big man! Strange things happened when Bill Walton showed up during SLAM Radio. (Or maybe he didn’t.)

by Lang Whitaker

We were about thirty minutes in to the latest SLAM Radio show on Wednesday night, when somehow the topic of international basketball morphed into a discussion between Khalid, Sam and I into a talk about basketball purists, which of course led us to Bill Walton.

And suddenly, Sam began channelling The Big Redhead…

By the way, if you want to download the entire show you can go to the Toney Blare show page and sign up for the podcast to download the most recent show. If you want to listen to streaming audio of the show, go to the same page and click on the most recent show link. Or, if you want to hear our actual special guest, NBA Rookie of the Year Chris Paul, who really did call in, check this out.

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  • http://thebasketballjones.net J.E. Skeets

    Amazingly, Deron Williams had a (1) following his name for the ROY voting…

  • Tim Dogg

    That was some funny ish…. All I can say is “Wow, simply horrible. Trying to choose between Tracy McGrady and Jason Kidd is like trying to choose between Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. You just can’t do it.” (actual Walton quote). You have to wonder what happened. Former hippie, now as corporate as it gets. Btw, my impression is better. Although Sam had his syntax down cold.

  • Drolfe

    All this 90s Bulls teams talk made me put my Ultimate Jordan dvd in and i watched the ’38 points while ill’ game from the 97 Finals. Back in those days Bill Walton was excellent. Way less over the top than he is now, and he came up with some real interesting and funny shit. Something happened over the years where he seemed to have just fed off his own image and become the melodramic weirdo he is now. Also in that game, Marv Albert used the infamous ‘flu like symptoms’ in lieu of ‘the flu’ about 30 times. Great game though.

  • shane

    ROFLMAO!!! good stuff!!!

  • A_B

    haha the portland trail blazers. hahahahaha man Never ever thought to hear that again even if it was fake. Maybe they can get 15 to 20 wins this year. They’re the only team in the western confrence that doesn’t have a shot at making the playoffs

  • Teddy-the-bear

    whoa, bill walton looks like Dirk Nowitzki on that picture. Its like his identical twin..

  • LordGefroh

    “When I played men were men.”



  • Dan Ronson

    Been a subscriber to Slam for 3 years. loved your Bill Walton interview. Do you have an address that I can email Bill at? Would appreciate it.
    Dan Ronson

  • http://slamonline.com/online/2006/09/slam-radio-bill-walton-interviewed/ Mike Archer

    As a Vietnam Veteran I have one question for Bill Walton. Why have you not spoke out against the war in Iraq? Vietnam War Veteran, Mike Archer

  • J. Thomas Hoban

    Do you have an email for Bill Walton. I’d love to send him some thoughts.

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