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Greg Oden cover shoot video

Behind the scenes with the #1(?) pick

SLAM 110, featuring Kevin Durant and Greg Oden on the cover is out there being read RIGHT NOW. Our photo editor Monique Perreault had a video camera with her for the Oden shoot, and filmed some of the behind the scenes action that goes into a 7 foot soon-to-be NBA franchise player big man acting like a boxer. Enjoy, and if for some reason you haven’t copped an issue, then COP!

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  • BigWalt206

    So can we rest assured that there is another 96′ draft class fold out cover in the works after draft day?

  • http://espn.com Reggie Evans

    Thanks for not using the boxing shots.

  • http://www.myspace.com/aydreeyun Esco

    Hey…Lupe in the background!

  • http://slam q

    pretty cool i need to get money for it because i just got the streetball slam issue

  • http://www.nba.com Both Teams Played Hard

    funny how you got julian wright in the mag, along with florida guys and durant. cuz ku beat florida this past season and twice beat durant, one being in the big 12 championship.

  • Asbat

    Thank God For Not Puttin The Spurs All Up On Da Cover…Iz Why I Buy Yer Mags

  • slim

    another ’03 season..Durant, Oden, Noah, Horford, Brewer, Hibbert, Green, Afflalo, Wright, Chinaman YJL, Conley Jr. and A.C….one of them will choke prolly (my bets on wright) but otherwise…seems to be a great draft class…Durant for R.O.Y!

  • G-Rock

    yo yo yo lets not forget about alando tucker here-Wisconsin-Big ten player of the year, he’s gunna be a solid pick regardless of where he goes

  • BBaller

    I’ve read that if(when) Portland pick Oden,they might try to trade Z.Randolph plus Miles for Mike Conley and extra(s).What wil happen to ROY ROY?

  • BBaller

    Leave the boxing out

  • Stuie

    I know Portland will draft GO but i dont want them to. He would fit better in Seattle. The sonics would be so good. If they draft KD they most likely wont re-sign Rashard Lewis and loose some talent rather then gain some. If they do get GO that would be a better fit with Allen and lewis. Finaly it would give them a big man for the wild west.

  • JackAce

    If that is the cover I’m never buying a SLAM again… it’s too busy.

  • Holiday

    Well they could still sign and trade Lewis for something of value, maybe a deal that bring’s in Gasol, or KG depending on what there willing to give up!

  • fresh

    yo durant is man

  • Holiday

    Hey, does this Ish give any love to Milsap, or just clown everybody for passing him up? he’s gonna be a moster in a year or two, and if not a super star at least one of those hard working guy’s every coach want’s an there team!

  • bigmike407

    Oden definently has the outgoing personality that will be marketable once he blows up. I noticed in the mag that he had on some AF1′s. Doesn’t dude wear like a size 16 or something? Where do you find size 16 white/whites? Truly an accomplishment. To Slim: I feel you, but I think the Asian dude will choke. He’s 36! He’s already worn out with his best years behind him. But this draft is deeper than people realize. Quit hating! Holla back in three years when Oden and Durant are beasts, Horford, Conley, Law, and Wright are putting in work, and Rodney Carney is posterizing people left and right.

  • AB_40

    I believe it when I see it. Don’t y’all remember the ’01 draft which was suposed to be the deepest draft ever with all these great bigs coming out. I don’t believe the hype no mo.

  • Noam Kamin

    looks like a nice mag… too bad that the backround was not that creative. hey do me a favore-next month pretty tony gets the cover, so what about T-Mac(or Kidd, KG, Deron Willi)!?!

  • slim

    haha rodney arney just outta there…but yea great draft class…

    LeBron, CB4, Melo, Wade, Josh Howard, Hinrich and Ford, Barbosa, heck just add Darko for size vs. Oden, Durant, Wright, Hibbert, Green, Law, Conley, 3 Floridians

    07 > 03 because of the size..03 has more point guards but Law and Conely are prolly biting on Barbosa’s ankles…

  • Matt

    Responding to BBaller:

    If the Blazers trade Zach for Conley, which I have some very serious doubts about, Roy is a 6’6″ shooting guard, how does drafting Conley put him out of the equation? I have to admit, a lineup of Conley, Roy, Webster, Aldridge, Oden would be pretty ill.

  • fresh

    dats a hot cover. they both are real

  • Cory Guinn

    Good lookin cover guys!! I am a huge Texas fan and i open my mailbox to see the future Rookie of the Year staring at me from the cover of my favorite mag. Seattle is probably sittin back and chillin right now just because they know that whoever gets taken number 1, they will still get a player of great caliber. I am hoping that my boy KD gets to go to the Sonics so Ray Allen can help him better develop his outside game(scary thought huh?) Both of these guys are gonna be championship contenders sooner or later but they have to get through each other to do it(same conference!!) I just wish that the whole nation would see them more. Stupid west coast. Anyway, I’m out like Britney’s hair. Peace and ya’ll keep doin your thing.

  • Lupe Fiasco

    We just might be okay, after all, sun gon shine, on this day! :)

  • JesusLoera

    Finally someone that can match up to Shaq!!!…to bad The Diesel doesn’t have a full tank anymore…In a few years Oden will be dominating the L…watch out Lebron!

  • Ryan

    Slam is number one

  • TINA

    hey wasup im from aus and haven’t heard alot about them from what i’ve heard they are pretty amazing like next shaq almost The Wilt of old nut hey i might be totally wrong. I want this in the mag

  • james arnold b.

    Oden, Oden, Oden. . . the offseason is all about Oden. . . Oden, Oden. . . even if i Hate you . . . you had a got shoot. . .somehow. . nice work. .

  • baller_4

    what can i say for oden…i whached him a long time ago..and from the begining you could see that you looking in new nba star…just the quastion was which team would pick this guy….and time show on Portland! thank you..

  • http://scottcouncil.com Scott

    that photographer looks so buff and delicious.

  • http://slamonline mike deezy

    yo yo yo i love that mag it a very good ish but i still think you should a lebron james poster he ******* tight

  • mac10

    g-o should dominate n if we c sum ov that boxing it shud b an interesting season!!

  • john

    is he the next ali