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Shawn Kemp: Confirms Rumors

SLAM talks to Shawn Kemp about kids, drugs, Italy and making it reign!


It really wasn’t too long ago that Shawn Kemp was one of the most dominant and popular players in the NBA. A tall and lanky leaper, Kemp came into the NBA at 19-years-old and captivated arena audiences with his “supernatural” athleticism. At 6-10, few players of Kemp’s size had ever played the game as hard he did at the speed that he did. After 14 years in The League, Kemp’s career was both highly decorated and filled with peaks and valleys.

Today, Kemp is planning on returning to the court by playing pro ball in Italy next year. He’s living around Seattle and working on various small business ventures with his wife, as well as staying in shape to make some kind of court comeback. His son, Shawn Kemp Jr., will be a senior in high school this fall and on the D1 basketball radar. At age 38, Kemp is slimmed down and in good shape. His hard partying days seem to be over.

On a recent trip out to the West Coast, SLAM caught up with Kemp at the Rose Garden. Kemp was in Portland to serve as an Assistant Coach of the Seattle 3BA team in the league’s “pilot” game and lend his support to the new league. After the game, Kemp shared a few moments with SLAM to look back on his life and career.

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  • http://www.ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    great vid. Also, i didn’t know his kid was going to U dub. Great stuff Matt!

  • blackjack

    Why would anyone want Shawn Kemp on their team?

  • B. Long

    @blackjack: He’s a name.

  • Ken


  • http://slamonline.com Khalid Salaam

    shawn kemp has a college aged kid? wow

  • ciolkstar

    Man, Shawn Kemp was my all time favorite athelete growing up. Then he fell off, hard, (b/c of drugs, alcohol and weight issues) after the lockout year. I’m happy to see he’s getting his life together and even playing again. Props to his kid for making it to major college level ball. Stop hating on Kemp, the man is a legend. All the respect in the world to the Reignman.

  • geoff

    @Khalid: i think dude has like 15 college-aged kids, haha.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ RV

    nice, i wouldn’t talk about my kids either if i had so many i’d risk forgetting names..

  • Tom

    Great job Matt……..he looks really slim now, hope he does well in italy.

  • http://www.shawnkemp.com iLL wiLL

    Damn, a trip down memory lane. The Reign Man was downright nasty with GP. The Lister Blister dunk was and is still crazy to me.

  • Tom

    and my fav Kemp moment is probably from the 96 finals, when he spun baseline on Rodman, and reversed it…..and then just hung there, teabaggin rodman

  • gordon

    the man is a legend!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    Shawn Kemp did what i wish i could do in the NBA. Dunk on people on the court, take advantage of female fans off the court. Being king of the jungle must be great.

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    chris gatling! ha!

  • bill

    I could understand why someone would want Kemp on their team. Maybe he is to basketball in Italy what David Hasselhoff is to music in Germany.

    Great video.

  • http://www.emptythebench.com Andrew Thell

    Great video, seems like a nice dude these days. Not sure that was always the impression I had of him.

    I would pay to see Shawn Kemp dunk on a few heads, and I’m sure plenty of others would too. That’s a reason to have him on a team.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Cheryl, TAD, Tariq and Izzo, how did we not get this opportunity? Nice work Matt. The Reign Man was a Category 5 tornado in Reeboks. Loved the hell out of the dude.

  • Solito

    Best Kemp high light: 96 Finals – Rain came from the weak side to block a layup by MJ cutting back door. Rain jumped from clear across the other side of the zone and was already on his way down, when he tagged MJ who was in full elevation.

  • http://DCtoBC.com modi of DCtoBC.com

    WOW. this is crucial. thank you slam for finding a man i’ve been looking for man. he’s on his grind, and i’m happy to see that. wasn’t too long ago when he was chunky, pushing dusty SUV’s full of drugs and guns.

    i mean that in the nicest way possible. i love kemp, and i think he’s the man. well spoken, focused, and a family man.

  • http://www.mybleedingfingertips.blogspot.com/ Myles Brown

    Shawn was always one of my Fav 5, good to see him doing well. And as much as his mistakes in life are mocked and publicized, I wish there were more work like this to show how he has owned up to them. Nice job Caputo.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    This is tremendous.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Quick, someone unfreeze Gary Payton’s corpse!

  • http://www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    I loved watching Kemp in the 96 Finals, and thought he should have won the MVP. He was the only Sonic who was playing like, “Hey, I might not get another chance on this stage.”

  • The Promise

    I like that 180 reverse he done on the Knicks one time… what made it cool was, he done that in traffic, not in the open court. I still love watchin highlights of him, even the ones Ive watched a thousand times. They never seem to get old…

  • http://www.shawnkempsoffspring.com Tariq

    I remember I had 3 posters on my wall as a kid: A Penny Hardaway one, a Slam-Up of Hakeem schooling David Robinson, and one of my man Shawn Kemp. I was crushed in 96. Also, he was friggin robbed in that dunk contest that Dee Brown won.

  • http://talkaboutsport.blogspot.com TalkAboutSport

    Shawn Kemp was the coolest cat from the Sonics back in the days. He was a great player and now he’s going back into the game! Awesome…

    VISIT MY BLOG AT: talkaboutsport.blogspot.com

  • http://www.shawnkempsoffspring.com Tariq

    Great work, Matt. I just realized something: The poster I had on my wall is the exact same one SLAM used for the cover, which is surprising because SLAM rarely use action shots.

  • B. Long

    I can’t play the video. 8(

  • Rico

    @B. Long….don’t ever doubt me again sucka! I told you bout kemp months ago and you couldn’t except it

  • Tom

    Tariq:from what i can remember the first 10 issues or so of slam were all action shot covers…….The LJ cover from issue #1 is sick too

  • Tuomas

    Great interview Matt, Kemp always seems to be candid. The latest on-court vid of him is probably from the Rip the Cut tournament in Seattle, where he balled (and held his own) against the likes of Spencer Hawes. Easily found via youtube, mad carries and such, but he looks gazillion times better than when he was with the Magic. The thing is, Kemp was my absolute favorite player growing up. Because of that I often neglected his troubles off the court, and along with many fans didn’t quite realize what a mess he actually was. It was only when he went to rehab during his stay in Portland that people got full disclosure about his problems. Once I learned about the difficulties NBA players easily face if their heads aren’t straight and they can’t resist temptations (Walter Davis, David Thompson, Roy Tarpley, Eddie Griffin etc.), I gave up believing on the comeback thing and just wished he got his life back in order. Power to him, I appreciate seeing a guy try to stand up for his mistakes and to finally get it right. And I don’t know about an older joke than the one about Kemp’s kids, go harass Calvin Murphy or Evander Holyfield about that for a change.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ RV

    and i sure wish i had that slam issue, by the way, looking back at some of the covers, i realize someone’s either has been stealing some of my issues or SLAM is trippin

  • http://www.slamonline Jake Appleman


  • Tuomas

    Oh, and the #2 Shawn Kemp issue? Still have it, although in worn condition. But that’s how they should be. Btw, if and when the storyline refers to the Curtis Mayfield soundtrack + better-than-its-reputation blacksploitation film, it sadly turned out to be more appropriate than intended.

  • b55

    shawn kemp in his prime – one of the coolest-moving players ever.

  • http://go2page3.blogspot.com Steven L.

    Glad to see he is still alive and seems to be in good shape. Here is hoping he can continue to play and do well.

  • Eric

    Probably the coolest nickname of all-time

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Shawn seems to be doing really, *really* well! He’s back in the game, is on top of his finances, and has SLAM in his gasp! :-)

  • Tuomas

    Yes b55, and there’s a reason youtube is flooded with his highlights. Filled with peaks and valleys Kemp’s career indeed was. From the highest of highs (no pun intended, seriously) of NBA finals and six All star games to the lowest of lows. In 2003 there wasn’t much else to celebrate other than the amazing fact that a man looking like a balloon was able to average a shade under 7 and 6 in limited minutes. Today he looks nothing like that, and even apparently has a goal to run the New York marathon. But the next generation is also coming along nicely. Kemp’s son is a top 100 high school prospect in the class of 2009 and – wouldn’t have it any other way – loaded with the word “upside”. 6’9 and skinny (215lbs), but apparently still growing.

  • underdog

    I loved Kemp back in the day. It’s good to see, he’s managed to get over his bad period. It’s seems like, he’s in good shape. Great video. Thanks.

  • fluxland

    Wondering when SLAM is breaking the story on the 5 year old getting buckets with a softball behind Shawn during parts of the interview. Good stuff, Caputo.

  • http://www.ballerblogger.com Brandon Hoffman

    As crazy as this sounds, Shawn Kemp was the best player in the 1996 NBA Finals. MJ won Finals MVP, but Jordan shot just 41% from the field. Kemp averaged 23 points, 10 rebounds, and shot 55% from the field. Even more impressive is the fact that Kemp was defended by Dennis Rodman — the best defensive power forward of all-time.

  • Penny Hardaway

    I’d definately get a trip to Italy to watch him dunk again.
    And I’d definately move to Italy, if Penny played there with him

  • MikeD

    Rainman!!! Kemp is O.G., 90s babies: google him. Caputo should get nominated for an Oscar for this masterpiece!

  • Young Chris MP3

    That has never been arguable or disputed, Brandon…

  • Young Chris MP3

    argued* (Sorry, I just woke up from a nap)

  • dawg

    Shawn Kemp Jr is not a freshman at Washington. He’s class of 2009 and has not announced where he will play. Lorenzo Romar has not made a scholarship offer to Kemp, yet, but is considering it. Washington only has two scholarships left and are looking at several others currently ranked a couple of notches higher (for whatever that’s worth.) They will probably take one additional big (Garcia 6′ 9.5″ has already committed) and one small…Gaddy and Bradley are on the wish list.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    “I’m 38 years old and I still like dunkin’ on people.” Love it.

  • Ted_Frost

    Word up! a blast from the past… hopefully he keeps it up, and maybe even play on Italy’s team in Beijing! haha but seriously good stuff caputo and to kempo!

  • http://joel.ongutoronto.ca Joel O’s

    Wow. He looks legitimately in pretty good shape, too. Wish him all the best in Italy, would be great to see him play again.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP aka D.Polo

    great history lesson, matt. I’m bout to look at his highlights on youtube right now.

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  • http://www.garrettelliott.com Garrett

    Shawn Kemp Jr., banging on some tiny white kids:


    And I have so many favourite Kemp dunks it’s hard to list them. This one doesn’t get a lot of props, but I always thought it was pretty awesome:


  • http://www.slamonline.com Earl “E.Sneed” Sneed

    Man, it is soooooo good to see him cleaned up. Very inspirational! Great job MC

  • http://DCtoBC.com modi of DCtoBC.com

    you all need to make these slam clips embeddable!

  • http://slamonline.com Chris O’Leary

    One of my favorites growing up. I miss this guy.

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Yeah Shawn Kemp was amazingly athletic…turned it over like 6 times a game though…
    he was good for 18 and 9 most nights add 2 blocks for good measure…

    He was always on my custom teams along with Alonzo and Penny Hardaway, glen Rice and Scottie Pippen.

  • http://www.garrettelliott.com Garrett

    I once scored over 500 points (on 250 dunks, naturally) with a team of all Shawn Kemps in NBA Live 95 on the Sega Genesis. Good times.

  • Andy

    It’s a shame that his last NBA game was at age 33
    Shaq’s 36 and still making his way up and down the court

  • http://SLAMONLINE.com Konate

    this is great Matt!

  • The Wizard

    Please SK come back to play!
    I really hope to see you in Italy…just for some training…..but come!!i think it could be a good traning before a big back in the NBA!!!
    Come on man here you have a lot of fun and we would like to see your wonderful DUNK!!

  • http://www.dwhs.net dwhs

    I loved that guy! Great player

  • FL1P

    ok, so where in Italy will he play?I would definitly try to see him play. I saw him in 1997 in Berlin, when the Sonics played the Pacers, and he was the coolest dude.

  • chintao

    Reignman is now as smooth off the court as he once was (may still be?) on the court. It’s cool that he takes time to let the youngsters know how invaluable veteran insight can be. Also, few people have been where he’s gone and not filed for bankruptcy. Respect.

  • Parkside701

    Man I remember being a huge fan of his. Good to know he is doing good. He sounds good and god knows he looks good.

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  • German Reignman

    @ FL1P: you are a liar and you know

    NBA Europe Live Tour 96, Seattle vs Indiana in my hometown, sitting there with my media credentials …. and then SK stays in Seattle due to Brikowski/Contract issues …. man, that was a heartbreaker … he is the one that brought bball to the heads in europe, because about that time bball blew up in the “old world” so he is even more of an icon here than in the US

  • reignman

    shawn kemp jr is not going to be a freshman at The U of Washington this year! He is only a Senior at Cherokee High School in Canton, GA. Also, what kind if answer was that about parenthood????????? “I don’t talk about my kids”

  • Lz – Cphfinest3

    This is GREAT WORK guys. Absolutely love Shawn Kemp – great player, always seemed candid (although troubled)imo – remember him throwing bass at the fishmarket with GP, good stuff. I am the proud owner of that old white/green Sonics jersey, and along with a similar GP one, and MJ’s red Bulls jersey those are the only jersey I as an adult continue to wear when balling. Side note; my first SLAM issue ever was that Kemp one he holds up in the end of the interview (No. 3 if I remember correctly) so I have to give Shawn some kind of credit for me getting started with this whole SLAM-experience. Here’s to hoping that the Reignman will make it pour in Italy.

  • alexrows

    great interview. shawn looks in great shape. good to hear he’s doing well on and off the court
    @garrett: that dunk on antoine carr was sick. it was the #1 dunk of 1995-96 on the nba action top 10 dunks of that season

  • Roky Maghbal

    Euro effect?

  • andrew

    that’s my first copy of Slam…make it reign!!

  • http://vax-pensierieparole.blogspot.com/ Vax

    You really tink that Shawn Kemp come back to play basket in Italy?

    I think that is possible that Jason Kidd will come in Italy next year with MPS Siena.

  • http://maggiecoughlan.com Maggie

    Great video, love the black & white to color switch. Time to get a youtube channel and some partner sites poppin.

  • underdog

    Payton should go to Italy too. Anyway, I will certainly visit Italy and check out Kemp.

  • Norimike

    Don’t underestimate the impact Kemp could still have in Italy. In Australia there are a couple of guys who have played that late to a high level. Leroy Loggins, and one of the best dunkers of all time James Crawford.
    Kemp could still average double doubles without a doubt.

    Best power forward ever in my opinion. Yeah not in stats and rings etc, but in his prime he was athletically and skill wise at a higher level than any before or since. I never get tired of watching highlight reels of him, Kevin Calabro wailing….those were the days.

  • BigWalt206

    any positive news about Kemp is good news!

  • ohio

    just bring in the dunks man-dats all we nid

  • Tommy Patron

    I’m curious to see how NBATV will handle their “international” coverage now that some recognizable names are overseas. One would hope for updates on these guys. I wouldn’t be surprised to see nothing at all, though.

  • ciolkstar

    Man! That SLAM ish Kemp is reading in the pic was one of the best things that happened to me when I was like 12 yrs old. …memories…

  • tike

    Nice work SLAM…Kemp was a beast i mean the guy took advantage of people on the hoop court just NASTY!!…and im anxious too see how his kid fare at UW.

  • jello

    at least he’s doing something, instead of bitching about another persons affairs. while sitting on his ass. And i think he actually has two grand kids..

  • bc

    I’ve met Kemp a few times, and he’s a good dude. He’s right that you’ll never hear about him not taking care of one of his kids. I know the mom of one of them, and those two are set. She isn’t allowed to disclose what the deal is, but she’s got a nice house, nice car, and doesn’t have to work. The kid is set with college money and a trust fund, and talks to his dad all the time.

  • Big Marv

    reignman, one of my all time favorites

  • http://www.slamsquad.com Ben Tifa

    he was the man in the NBA back in the 90′s. Didn’t he have trouble palming the ball though or something?

  • Jarrod Malloy

    Thas a real good look for him. You can really tell that he has grown alot in his life.

  • Gerald

    Great interview. Shawn Kemp is a good guy and Im always rooting for him

  • Josh

    anybody got a link to the gatling dunk he is talking about? I can’t seem to find it on youtube

  • http://www.garrettelliott.com Garrett

    Josh: If you check this video, it’s #5 on the countdown.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=627550406 KA

    this is pure gold. thx slam.

  • Tuomas

    Josh, it’s only in about every Kemp mix, and number 5 on NBATV’s top ten Kemp Dunks. First Gatling blocks the hell out of one Sonic (can’t remember who), then Kemp gets the ball and dunks all over Gatling, who stares at Shawn for a second and then gives him a pound. It’s the one and only time I’ve seen an opposing player openly congratulate the guy who dunked on him. Funny thing is, SK himself has switched from “Lister Blister” to this one as his favorite dunk. Only fitting that the man himself has trouble deciding.

  • stokesey

    yooooooooo that was the best video i seen in a long time, and for him to be so frank with his answers that was awesome always wondered wat he was up to these days, good to see him healthy big ups slam, once again providing mr with answers to my questions :)

  • holmestc

    Shawn Kemp Jr. is in da class of 09 for high school. So he is not n college yet.

  • KA

    kemp is totally fronting there with the reading slam bit. he looks totally disinterested.

  • kfkegel

    No better play off rivalry than Barkley Vs. Kemp back in the 90′s when it was all about Perkins, Mcmillan, Detlef, Kemp and Gary. Kemp one of the first to come basically straight out of highschool.
    He surprised the NBA with his pump fake slams during the Slam dunk contests and was a team player. He is the reason I joined the Basket ball team in Middle school. I hope He can show everyone that he’s still got it.


  • B. Long

    Great Vid. Finally got to see it. Thanx Ryne.

  • GodBless

    Glad to see the reign man doing well was and still is one of my favorite ballplayers and to the dum dums on here it doesn’t matter how many kids he has as long as he is TAKING CARE of them. if he doesn’t want to talk about his kid that’s his right. Just because he’s a professional ball player some people still want to keep some parts of their lives out of the media.

  • reignman

    Kemp Jr. keeping an eye on Huskies
    The feeling’s mutual, but Washington has yet to offer a scholarship

    Shawn Kemp Jr. visits Seattle every so often. Whether he makes it his college basketball home will be determined soon.

    The son of the former Sonics forward returned to class this week as a senior at Cherokee High School in the Atlanta suburbs, hoping to settle on a college choice within a couple of weeks.

    As of Thursday night, Kemp said he had received solid scholarship offers from West Virginia and Nevada, with Washington, Georgia and Kentucky showing significant recruiting interest.

    “Good coach, good team, good environment,” Kemp said of the UW. “The Huskies are a good choice. They’re a good team and they work hard. That’s where I was born. My family is there. I don’t think they’ve given me a full offer, but they’ve shown a lot of interest.”

    The 6-foot-9 big man met with UW coach Lorenzo Romar for the first time at his school last year and worked out in front of him. He speaks frequently with Huskies assistant Paul Fortier.

    The drawback in coming to Seattle would be the fact his father played here, which he says might be more hindrance than help.

    “It would be kind of weird,” he said. “I’d have a lot of attention. But I would deal with it.”

    The younger Kemp is an intriguing basketball prospect. He already has the wingspan of a 7-1 player and the potential to grow 3 to 5 more inches, which would surpass his 6-11 father.

    He didn’t play basketball until the eighth grade, encouraged by other classmates. He wasn’t too thrilled by the reaction of others, expecting him to emulate his famous and absent father almost immediately. Yet he liked the game and stuck with it.

    A year ago, Kemp averaged 11 points and 7 rebounds for a Cherokee Warriors team that advanced to the second round of the state playoffs. With a handful of key teammates having graduated, he’ll have to shoulder a bigger load.

    “My strengths are being in the post, just post moves and hook shots,” he said, crediting his high school coach, Roger Kvam, with teaching him the game.

    Kemp, who asked that he not be quizzed about his father, actually has serious basketball genes on both sides of his family. His mother’s brother is Harold Doyal, a 6-9 forward who has played professionally overseas for several years, lately in Spain. Doyal was a Seattle P-I honorable mention all-state selection for Bellevue’s Interlake High School in 1991 and led Western Washington in scoring (17.8) and rebounding (8.3) in 1995.

    Should he choose Washington, Kemp would become the fifth son of a former Sonics player to enter the program, joining Donald Watts (Slick), Bryan Brown (Fred), Marlon Shelton (Lonnie) and Michael Westphal (Paul). Spencer Hawes was the nephew of a former Sonic (Steve).

    Kemp moved to Georgia with his mother when he was 5. He made his most recent visit to the Seattle area last February, spending a week and visiting with his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.

    He was supposed to check out the UW, but didn’t make it to the campus. Maybe he knew something then. Still, he insists the Huskies have his interest, though he didn’t say how much.

    “I’m going to know pretty soon,” he said.

  • Penny Hardaway

    Best all-time PF? Malone or Duncan….
    No way would anyone love their play like we love Kemp’s

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  • jelle

    it would be awesome if he started playing again and then in europe let’s all move to italy its not euroe’s best competition but he will be the best player in europe ever i think
    welcome back

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  • sampson

    Kemp keep it real, as a fan and a friend i think this a good move for you,and you will do well. if italy has ben in a drought, then you are what they have ben waiting for, make it reign brotha, make it reign!!!
    P.S. slam on hit me up when you come back to visit.

  • Jimbo

    Take it from someone that watched him play in High school. This guy has a gift. Go for it Reign Man. Concord High school Minute Men

  • Daui C.

    Be happy for him.Hes back.I would like to see him back in the NBA.

  • http://Slam Cook

    He deserves a chance if he has gotten his life together.

  • Tha Hogg

    Its good 2 see my boy bacc in the mix. Cuzz I remember those years when it was Kemp, gary payton(the glove) and detlef shremph. They was kinda vicious.

  • Hope

    Anyone that has the fortitude, to step-up and change the way their action has hurt their life as well as others. Then (God) bless him and his efforts good luck (Mr. Kemp).

  • ol’ BV


  • http://myspace.com/hootie26 hootie26

    Kemp was the Manchild of the NBA. That year when Seatle played Chicago (4-2 Bulls) Kemp ruled. He had no help, not even from the Glove. Reign man carried them! Let it Reign again!!! 40 rules 4ever

  • Ben Anderson

    I hope Shawn has a great time in Italy. The guy made a lot of mistakes towards the end of his career in the NBA, but I wish him the best in his return. As a former Sonics fan we’ll be keeping up on you since the David Stern let Clay Bennett steal our team and move them to Oklahoma City. One day your number and Gary Payton’s number will be retired in Key Arena. Hopefully together. You two and the rest of the crew brought a lot of joy to the fans of the Sonics.

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  • steve

    The HEAT should sign him up to play center this year for 15 minutes a game. Have him play 15 minutes, Zo play 15 minutes, and Blount get the other 15.

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  • Scott W. Sexton

    Kemp just needs money for all his child support. He is washed up.

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  • Q

    I don’t think there will ever be a player like him. Not even close. The man had such swagger and finesse in his moves and – obviously – the dunks.. There are some guys playing right now that may have a few elements from him in their games (ricky davis?) but nobody really looks like him..

  • http://reignman.com Kemp fan

    There is no better finisher on the alley-oop than Shawn Kemp. He is also one of the top three dunkers in NBA history. Vince Carter and Dominique Wilkins are the other two. I’ll let you put them in order. My favorite Kemp dunk was when the Sonics and the Warriors were playing in the playoffs. It came down to the last play of the game and the Sonics needed a basket to win. Kemp jumped into the air and threw down a thunderous dunk with reckless abandon to win the game. I like to call this the helicopter dunk because his body spun around like a propeller after he slammed the ball through the basket. I’ll never forget how excited I use to get when I watched the Reignman play. He did something great every game! Remember: Steady on the game is the man who make it reign.

  • Kyemira

    Yo’ll need to stop talking about my cousin Shawn KEMP. His kids ,and him are not on drugs.

  • Tony

    Man, I miss watching him play, he is one of my idol when i grow up, i think he’s the best dunking of all time.I just want to wish him well and enjoy life. We need Shawn and Gary back to seattle to built up the new team. We miss the sonics man.