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Intelligent Design

Darius Morris is the point guard Michigan needs.

by Justin Walsh

A criticism of college basketball is a lack of true, intelligent point guards. Darius Morris is set on ending that trend.

Darius grew up tagging along with his brother Dewayne Morris Jr. who’s currently playing professionally in Germany. That, coupled with the playing for the AAU dynasty Belmont Shore (recent alumni include Demar Derozan and Brandon Jennings), definitely helped shape Morris’ basketball IQ. A 3.7 GPA doesn’t hurt either. Darius Morris has the whole package.

Michigan is in for the real deal. An intelligent point guard dedicated to staying in school and receiving his degree, with a work ethic on the court to rival any blue-chipper has found his home. Manny Harris will finally get some backcourt help, and with the recent signed recruits Jordan Morgan and Blake McLimans, Darius feels he can put Michigan back on the map.

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  • niQ

    let’s see this.

  • http://www.ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    niQ-Peep that pistol pete windmill pass he rocks.

  • http://google.com scott397

    i miss when michigan was important…the fab five was the last time anyone gave a crap about them. Hopefully this cat can bring some long needed W’s for the program.

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  • http://www.ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    I’d say people gave a crap about michigan in the NIT and when joey crawford was swervin’ guards up in the big 10. Oh, and the dunk contests when brent petway would float and do just mindblowing dunks

  • http://www.umhoops.com Dylan

    As a Michigan fan, just to clarify :-)

    When Jamal Crawford was here Michigan made some noise until his season got cut short by the NCAA and he jumped to the league.

    Daniel Horton was the one who took us to the NIT title.

  • http://www.ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    Of course Horton was…That guy deserves to be getting decent time in the L. and I wasnt trying to say crawford was on that NIT team, i phrased it poorly, i meant that they were relevant WITH crawford…THEN when they were in the NIT! I need sleep, this brain of mine is fried!

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