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Video: A Finish to Remember – Sixers at Nets

Defining drama.

Last night’s amazing finish couldn’t be complete without a MaxaMillion recap. In what most fans and media are already calling the season’s best buzzer-beating shot, Max chronicles the game’s final plays, one amazing half-court heave and the ensuing celebration in the Meadowlands. But the best part of this short mix is how well Max captures the purest moment in sports–juxtaposing anticipatory silence with relief and ebullience. In Max’s words, “What a crazy finish to the Nets/Sixers game last night. Truly an unbelievable shot. I stayed up and made this vid just now. Hope you enjoy it!”

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  • Scott


  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com/ RV

    is that just a bad video/angle or was the ball still in his hand when the clock ran out??

  • http://www.alllooksame.com Tarzan Cooper

    rv, it was clearly out, the angle must be bad, iggy’s hand was in there too. i saw it live and lost my mind.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    It’s not the best idea to go to YouTube to check whether the ball was out of Harris’ hands or not. Tarzan’s right, the shot was good, but it was as close as can be.

  • http://www.slamonline.com GotHandles?


  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi T

    Good video and an even greater play.

  • http://trulyhoops.blogspot.com Collin


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  • Joseph Ansu

    This IS one of the best buzzer beaters this season!!
    Somebody tell me otherwise…

  • sab

    i’m a sixer fan, but what can you say? that was plain AMAZING

  • Sam

    Iggy looked so pissed off

  • j-smoov 5

    sweet but not as sweet as the vc dunk to win against the raptors.

  • doyouwantmore

    You’re way wrong J-smoove. This was cool because it was a guy taking a winning shot against tight defense. VC got an easy basket. Harris won this game. The Raptors just lost that other one.

  • AiRjOrDaN1

    Its kind of funny how they play this dramatic music like its the last game of the season, really this is about the fith buzzer beater the Sixers has lossed to in the past 2 months.

  • whooo!

    the ball is clearly out of his hand. BUT… i still dunno how all that was even possible in 1.8 seconds… dribble the ball, get it stripped, catch it again, and shoot, while running…

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    In the regular video, you guys got to see Kareem Rush’s face. priceless

  • jufu

    as a netz fan, finally something in a long time to really cheer for. NETS NETS NETS NETS!

  • man

    haha i watched this game until 4 quarter and changed the channel because i thought it was boring…..my biggest fail of the week so far

  • ka

    thats no a travel? did he get hacked?